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George has been bossing his wife around and has for some time wanted to spank her.  Unknown to him however she has a dominant side and when she talks about this problem with her friend Sarah the two decide to put him in his place!  That place is at her feet in submission or over her knee!   You can see the video at Sarah Spanks Men

Check out these domestic FemDom Fm spanking pics from the video 🙂

And report for YOUR discipline to Miss Sarah and the others at this site now!


Hands up who remembers Miss Melissa below!  Not many of you i would wager!  But she was one of the hot Dommes that came from the same photographer that brought you all Miss Amanda and Miss Katelyn!  And now her tapes have been dusted off, recaptured and remastered so that y’all can see one of the beauties that made Strict Women so famous as the nets premiere FemDom Fm spanking site do Her thing!  Her victim of course many were so sure was on the Jerry Springer show but I dont think so LOL.

This time its a drunk husband that gets the spanking and strapping treatment!

So check it out 🙂  Miss Melissa in her strict mode!  🙂

Be sure you do not miss this one guys!  See this now at Strict Women!!!


Bad boys need care and the best form of care they can get is discipline of a strict woman!  And thats what they get this week at Vixen Ladies where this hot blonde soundly spanks her naughty boys bare bottom!  She is determined to teach him with a sore smarting bottom that she is boss and he should do as he is told by her and all women!

And i have some of the domestic Fm spanking pics!

To see more from this great little site go visit Vixen Ladies now on this URL

Vixen Ladies - FemDom Spanking For Naughty Boys

So Clips 4 Sale is the new home for Strict Women!  The clips are longer and the quality is better and y’all can pick and choose which you want or don’t want!  Expect to see more of the old classics coming real soon over there!  But for now check out this classic!  The incredibly sexy Miss Carmen 🙂  Miss Anna isn’t a fan of short hair on women but for me I think she looks hot as hell!  It was a real honour for me to be put over her knee that day!  And those spanks she delivered trust me hurt every bit as much as Miss Karnell or Jodie Karnell that day!  Yep we shot with the two together 🙂  Miss Carmen came down with her to keep her company on the train ride I guess or car ride and so whilst she was there I figured hey lets get some more value out of the day!  6 videos shot that day instead of the usual 4 and though my butt was on fire driving home Miss Anna assured me it was doing me good when i got back!  LOL 🙂  That spade paddle really makes its mark 🙂

So check it out 🙂  Miss Carmen in her strict mode!  🙂

Be sure you do not miss this one guys!  See this now at Strict Women!!!


Well things have been kinda busy here dear readers.   Ive been under a lot of real life baggage with my mom gradually getting worse with Alzheimers disease so please forgive my absence.

In the meantime, with various pressures on folk over at Strict Women it seems that the organisation there has been restructured.   Gone are the members sites and now its Clips 4 Sale only.  I could go into the reasons why but lets just say with all the downward pressures on adult entertainment these days mixed with family illnesses and the like, the old model was becoming unsustainable.  If I go into more detail it will only sound like I’m moaning and looking for scapegoats and to be honest, its a mixture of things and most centrally in the mix is real life issues that have turned the lives of those working in this particular organisation upside down now and for the foreseeable future.  So things may change later 🙂  But for now we are restructured and we look forward to getting our breath back and rebuilding one step at a time 🙂

Anyway I hope to get back to the regular schedule of updates here dear readers as I was before 🙂   I apologise for my absence!  Don’t abandon me, Im back and here to stay! 🙂

In the meantime its time for coffee!  I will be back again in about half an hour to an hour with a proper update!  🙂