All posts for the day March 20th, 2017

Mike who has a slight virus giving him a runny nose gets in trouble this week when he allows his virus to give him a runny mouth!  Lying to any woman is bad news but when you lie to a strict woman AND you lie to avoid a spanking as mike does is doubly worse!

Mike has told Miss Shay that Miss Amy has given him permission to forego any spankings until after he is well again.   But when Miss Shay checks this out mikes butt becomes vulnerable now to paddling from both Miss Shay AND Miss Amy!  Today he will get that daily spanking he was supposed to get PLUS a punishment spanking from Miss Shay!  And he has yet to report to Miss Amy to explain his dishonesty!  You can be sure he will be getting more of the same from her!  Check it out now at Institute of Feminine Discipline.

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