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Mike is in trouble again at the Institute of Feminine Discipline where he has gotten in trouble with Miss Amy and ended up over her knee getting a hairbrush spanking.  So what did he do wrong?  Was he disobedient?  Well the simple answer for a male in thee new matriarchic kingdom is yes and no.  For he obeyed an instruction and rule laid down by Miss Rebekah which contradicted one already laid down by Miss Amy!  You can’t win for losing. Spanked if you do and spanked if you don’t!  The only question is what would have happened if he had obeyed Miss Amy instead of Miss Rebekah?  Well obviously Miss Rebekah would have spanked him but would Miss Amy have spanked him also for disobeying Miss Rebekah and not coming to her for advice first?   Or some other reason? The possibilities are endless but far too overstretched for poor mikes male brain so he simply does as he is told, bends over Miss Amy’s knee and takes the spanking she has decided to give him!  Check it out now at Institute of Feminine Discipline.

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