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Always one of the sexiest gals ive seen take a hairbrush to any guys backside is none other than Miss Katelyn.  Miss Katelyn also known as Katelyn Furst, a major model in the modelling scene across America at the time had a real dominant and feisty streak as she took to the video at Strict Women like a duck to water.  So much so it just had to be real!  And this week at Strict Women, her tapes have been dusted off and one of the best ones has been re-edited and published in the archives section.  Now so much better quality!

Wanna see Miss Katelyn smack a naughty boys bottom again?  Go see it in its ever better glory now at Strict Women!

Check out these oldie but goldie pics of the beautiful Miss Katelyn below!

Be sure you do not miss this one guys!  See this now at Strict Women!!!

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Domination Theater

It may be moving towards valentines day but whatever the day one thing remains a constant and that is the need for strict women to spank naughty adult boys bottoms day in day out!  They just can’t help being disobedient as mike demonstrates when he disobeys his strict Asian Wife who has forbidden him from gambling!  Sure it may only be the lottery and sure it may only cost £1 a ticket but rules is rules and naughty boys who disobey them get red stinging backsides as Miss Amrita demonstrates at Strict Women!

And i have some of the awesome FemDom Fm spanking pic 🙂

Awesome as always :)  And you can see it now exclusively at Strict Women:-)

strictwomen-bannerfdssDomination Theater

Mike is in trouble again at the Institute of Feminine Discipline where he has gotten in trouble with Miss Amy and ended up over her knee getting a hairbrush spanking.  So what did he do wrong?  Was he disobedient?  Well the simple answer for a male in thee new matriarchic kingdom is yes and no.  For he obeyed an instruction and rule laid down by Miss Rebekah which contradicted one already laid down by Miss Amy!  You can’t win for losing. Spanked if you do and spanked if you don’t!  The only question is what would have happened if he had obeyed Miss Amy instead of Miss Rebekah?  Well obviously Miss Rebekah would have spanked him but would Miss Amy have spanked him also for disobeying Miss Rebekah and not coming to her for advice first?   Or some other reason? The possibilities are endless but far too overstretched for poor mikes male brain so he simply does as he is told, bends over Miss Amy’s knee and takes the spanking she has decided to give him!  Check it out now at Institute of Feminine Discipline.

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Domination Theater