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At the Institute of Feminine Discipline all males have already shown that they are so badly behaved that they need constant feminine supervision and discipline   That is true of all males of course but especially those who have been assessed as chronically ill behaved by the Board of Corrective Women.  And few even at the Institute of Feminine Discipline are as chronically ill behaved as mike is!

For mike has reported to Miss Rebekah for one of his twice daily scheduled spankings that all males receive there chewing gum!   And then spitting it out on the carpet when commanded to stop chewing!

In this re-edited and remastered video Miss Rebekah truly excels!  Check her out now at Institute of Feminine Discipline!  And i have some of the FemDom Fm spanking pics!

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Domination Theater

Mike has forgotten that priorities and honesty really matter in life when he reports to Miss Amrita and having gambled away HER money and then trying to deny and trivialise this he quickly finds himself put over Miss Amritas knee!  The lesson her needs to learn is that his wants and needs are not material but rather HERS are and making his Mistress happy should be his first priority.  But mike just can’t get anything right!  Thats why he is always being spanked right?   Check this awesome movie from Miss Amrita out now at Strict Women!

And i have some of the awesome FemDom Fm spanking pic 🙂

Awesome as always :)  And you can see it now exclusively at Strict Women:-)

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