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Returning to the Institute of Feminine Discipline this week is Miss Zoe aka Miss Selina who ponders with a male creature whether he should be released back into society to behave like any responsible male should…that is as a servant to Woman kind!  For that is the norm these days in matriarchical England in 2056.  The male for his part believed that release was a foregone conclusion!  Its almost like he has jumped into a time machine back in 2016 or 2017 and visited the new style of governance believing that the standards of that days criminal justice system remain the same in these new days!  That a man who has served his time in prison is entitled at the end of his sentance to be released!  Well he is not and those of you who complain about this new system of governance can blame the labour party theory of indeterminate sentences!  Yep yall who believe in civil liberties thought the Iraq war was the worst part of Tony Blairs legacy well it wasn’t!  That civil liberty and principle has gone bye bye and now the argument is whether you are allowed to wank without permission from the woman who owns your life!  But males are happy (sort of anyway…well some of them…well who cares whether they are or not, but Women are happy and thats what matters) and Women are kept busy micro managing all in their minions lives 🙂

So where was i?  Oh yes, this male creature who has been locked up for 6 years undergoing short sharp shock treatment of twice daily spankings in addition to punishment spankings and a regime of tease and denial is about to end his sentance.   And it is Miss Zoe’s job to consider whether he has learned his place during these 6 years and is ready to return to society!  Or does he need more discipline incarsorated in the Gloucestershire Institute of Feminine Discipline!  What will she decide?  Well lets put it this way, this boys sudden attitude problem to the concept that SHE will be deciding despite the fact he has gone through the last 6 years thinking he only had to do 6 years is not helping him!  And most of this hearing is being spent with the male creature bent over a desk with his trousers and pants round his ankles getting spanked!

Check out these awesome Femdom Fm Spanking pics!

ifd076-71 ifd076-72 ifd076-78

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Domination Theater

We all know not to misbehave under the control of a strict woman but from time to time I guess it escapes everybody!  But if you wonder what is going to hurt more than being caned well it is being birched!  For a birch rod is not one stick but 3 or 4!  Check this out from Sarah Spanks Men this week!

ssm-107003 ssm-107008 ssm-107019

Nothing applies a guy to his task more than a sore backside!


Its a great new day!  3 brand spanking new movies have been released on to Domination Theater and FemDom Spanking Store.   One is a new remastered version of a movie from Miss Samantha of yesteryear at Strict Women.  You will remember her for sure when you see her!  She was hot as heck!  And 2 new movies from Institute of Feminine Discipline also!  Miss Zoe in Day of His Release and Miss Amy in Bloggers Spanking!

Anyway here are the 3 movies that you can get your mitts on! 🙂

Miss Amy: Bloggers Spanking


A letter arrives at Amy’s centre informing her of the actions around Mike’s blogging which lead to Bryanna of Spanking Bare Butts getting punished after he had suggested in an email that this happen to Lance her partner.  Internet access is a privilege he had been granted in order to promote the good name of the disciplinary centre that the women at SW run and not to promote or facilitate the spanking of women and the matter has been elevated to a disciplinary matter by the board of the centre and forwarded on to Amy for “consideration and correction”.  The matter is made even worse by the fact that he had created a poll to push for an additional punishment for Bryanna for complaining about her paddling!

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See Video at Domination Theater.

Miss Samantha: Garage Spanking


The gorgeous Samantha administers a face-slapping bottom smacking correction to her disobedient husband who is sluffing off in the garage, not doing the chores she assigned him

See Video as DVD or Digital Download at FemDom Spanking Store
See Video at Domination Theater.

Miss Zoe: Day of His Release


On the day of his release from the Gloucestershire IFD Michael reports to Miss Selina for debriefing.  His arrogance that he was sent to the IFD for however is something that he simply can not avoid letting out!  It is only minutes before he is arguing with Miss Selina and throwing a male tantrum and Miss Selina is forced (as if She needs to be forced) to pull his trousers down, bend him over her desk and spank his bottom!

The question now is whether Miss Selina will consider him fit for release to the public and his registered Owner at home given this lapse in behavior.

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See Video at Domination Theater.

FemDom Spanking Store

Domination Theater

Submissive males the world over know that there are consequences for disobeying women!  Actually all males do but for submissive males the consequences are instantly recognisable as your backside is set alight by Her paddle or cane or hairbrush!  A burning backside brings results Miss Koko will always tell you and thats just what Dodgy Dave gets this week at Strict Women when he disobeys strict wife Miss Koko Li!

And i have some of the awesome FemDom Fm spanking pic 🙂

sw129-025 sw129-040 sw129-013

Awesome as always :)  And you can see it now exclusively at Strict Women:-)

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