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All hail to the beautiful Miss Accacia Bryson Lovesgrove, owner of the Ass that enslaves any male creature that crosses its path! ¬†ūüôā ¬† And today at the¬†Institute of Feminine Discipline¬†She has caught and enslaved male liberation front leader dodgy dave who will henceforth be Her spy in the organisation as well as Her proxie. ¬†That is to say he will do as he is told by his Mistress and lead the rest of you boys to do the same! ¬†Check mate guys! Just accept it now, the Goddess has outplayed you all and you now report to Her! ¬†ūüôā

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Domination Theater

Miss Amrita who has returned to Strict Women this week has a rule for her husband.  Well, actually she has many rules for him but one of them is that he is not allowed to gamble.   Many of you might think that it is not allowed to gamble without Her permission but he is not even allowed to ask for that permission!  It is a blanket ban on gambling.  But mike can not help himself and when his strict wife discovers his disobedience the smacked bottom he is going to receive is inevitable!  Check out Strict Women for the new remastered large sized video!

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strictwomen-bannerfdssDomination Theater

Head tutor Miss Bobenshaw rules her college with a rod of iron!  Or should we say ratton?  Because males must learn their place and Females very quickly learn their place too and how they are there to rule over males!  So when a male is found by Miss Robenshaw with a board marker shoved up his butt it is of course considered HIS fault! The real culprits, of course, Ashley and Nicole watch on as his hands and bare bottom are soundly spanked by the tutor and giggle throughout!  He of course, has no say!  IF he dared to complain he would face further punishment from the other gals also!!!

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How would you like to face the humiliating discipline like this?  To be stripped and spanked in front of other women for their amusement?  Daring not to complain lest you end up over their knee too!

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Starring this week in Institute of Feminine Discipline this week is the beautiful Miss Zoe aka Miss Selina who is putting a new male creature through his paces to test whether he is ready yet to be released back to society as a useful obedient male.  Will She decide his level of obedience is sufficient?  Watch and see now exclusively at the Institute of Feminine Discipline!

Check out these awesome Femdom Fm Spanking pics!

ifd076-57 ifd076-58

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Domination Theater