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Two builders that requested sex from Miss Lola Marie have already been paddled but this week they will be facing the cane from Miss Sarah.  Check out the video at Sarah Spanks Men.

Check out these domestic FemDom Fm spanking pics from the video 🙂

DSC_0459 DSC_0446 DSC_0451

Is that strapping hard enough?  Not quite sure Miss Sarah says.   Spank him harder to be sure!  That always does the trick!


Miss Selina aka Miss Zoe is back at the Institute of Feminine Discipline this week where a male creature who is being assessed prior to release begins giving her back chat and disrespect.  Now NO male creature EVER gets away with such with Miss Selina just as they never did with her great grand mother Miss Zoe

The question now is whether he is likely to ever be released again!  But before that decision is made Miss Selina must punish him for his insubordination to put him back in his place!

Check out these awe some Femdom Fm Spanking pics!

IFD076-21 IFD076-33 IFD076-22

Check Miss Rebekah’s latest movie out now exclusively at Institute of Feminine Discipline Members Club


Domination Theater

Strict new Manageress Miss Charise is sorting out her male employees this week at Strict Women!  Failing to wash and attend work on time is no way to treat the boss in a job you want to keep!  But Miss Charise has a way to ‘encourage’ better behaviour at work and that is to humiliate the boys with a bare bottom spanking from their strict young manageress!

And i have some of the awesome FemDom Fm spanking pics 🙂



Awesome as always :)  And you can see it now exclusively at Strict Women:-)

strictwomen-bannerfdssDomination Theater

A holiday should be a restful time where you should be able to be pampered and come away feeling completely refreshed.  At least it should if you are a woman!  If you are not feeling that way then you are not spanking your man enough!  But of course you need to rest from that too!  And that is where Miss Courtney comes in!  The strict travel agent that will spank your man for you!  Because as all ladies know a male with a red stinging bottom freshly spanked over your knee is an obedient male!  So choose your estate agent well!

And i have some of the domestic spanking pics for you all 😉

006 011 013

You can see more of these pics by the way on the gallery    Don’t forget to visit Clare Spanks Men!  They have some really wonderful videos there!

Clare Spanks Men