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Stealing Miss Joannes money or any strict woman’s money is never a good idea when you are a male!  You learn quickly as does She that it only takes a few minutes to iron out the creases in your character over her knee when she has a hairbrush in her hand!  And that is a lesson that Dodgy Dave now learns once more!

But Dodgy Dave does not even have the pleasure of spending the money himself!  For it is a fact that those erectile dysfunction tablets that he has been taking also block the receptors in the brain and he has given it all to a Nigerian scammer who needed some funds to prove that Dodgy is who he says he is before he transfers 200 million US dollars to Miss Joannes bank account.  Except that Miss Joannes bank account was raided (surprise surprise) and that 200 million simply did not come!

Now Miss Joanne was not consulted because Dodgy Dave wanted this to be a surprise for her which it certainly was!  And now she has a surprise for him just as pleasant as the money disappearing from her account was!  And i have some domestic FemDom Fm Spanking pics to show you for that surprise 🙂

sw86-058 sw86-075 sw86-076

Be sure you do not miss this one guys!  See this now at Strict Women!!!

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Domination Theater

Lined up waiting for discipline are 3 male creatures who have been sent to report to Miss Antscha and Miss Viktoria of the Board of Corrective Women this week!  Each of the boys is there for a different reason but they all go through the same humiliating treatment as they are told to bend over the knees of two sexy dominant women half their age! But the ladies do not care, they are having so much fun!  Its the boys who are getting sore bottoms and thats not the girls problem right?  After all if they had behaved they would not be there being spanked!  Except of course they WOULD because at the Institute of Feminine Discipline ALL males are given AT LEAST 2 spankings per day to keep them in line and knowing their place!


And i have a couple of the domestic Fm spanking pics from the movie update!

IFD064-154 IFD064-159 IFD064-169

Check Miss Antscha & Miss Viktoria’s latest movie out now exclusively at Institute of Feminine Discipline Members Club


Domination Theater

Couple of weeks ago i contacted the guys at Strand Media about maybe posting some of their pics here on FemDom Spanking Blog as they do have an Fm spanking site 🙂  Of course most are Mf/Ff but given there is the one Fm site I thought i would take a little look 🙂   Its called Sarah Spanks Men. There are a few ladies there that dish out the discipline to errant males who misbehave and put them over their knee and of course the Boss at the site, Miss Sarah leads them all 🙂

This week Tim who serves Miss Sarah and her friends at house of discipline is caught stealing money!  He should know better than to touch anything without permission but you can be sure he will learn the lesson this week if he hasn’t learned it before!   Because a bare butt spanking always puts a male right!  Right?

Check out these domestic FemDom Fm spanking pics from the video 🙂

ssm-090008 ssm-090020 ssm-090021

A good skippering over a woman’s knee always does the trick!


We all know that grabbing a ladies bottom is going to land you in trouble! If you are lucky and she is dominant you will be spanked!  If you are not lucky and she is not dominant you will be arrested!  So when this bad boy began grabbing Miss Jasmines bottom the discipline he would receive was inevitable and came swiftly over her knee!

And i have some of the domestic spanking pics for you all 😉

002 012 014

You can see more of these pics by the way on the gallery    Don’t forget to visit Clare Spanks Men!  They have some really wonderful videos there!

Clare Spanks Men

Those who have been lobbying the Strict Women team to put back their old archives with beloved old favourites like Miss Amanda, Miss Samantha, Miss Katelyn Furst and others will be pleased to know that their wishes have been granted by Miss Anna of Strict Women this week!

Of course many of you will remember those sexy Women who spanked the boys so well but when the videos were being posted, video technology was very old.  Computers were considerably slower, encoding technologies were much older and formats available were somewhat confused.  For example nobody really knew whether real video format would be the big standard or wmv. Consequently a number of those videos were released on the real player format, the screen size was small (very small compared with today) and the video quality needed improvement.   Consequently when the members area was converted to using a major CMS engine as its back end the videos were quietly dropped with an intention of slowly adding them over time.   Sorry about that but there are just SO MANY hours involved in moving a site that size from html pages to CMS!

But a few years have passed and the technology has moved on considerably.   And after a number of emails Miss Anna has pulled out the old tapes, dusted them off and the first of them was published this week!  This week was Miss Debbie in Mow The Lawn!  And you will absolutely LOVE the improvement in both size  and quality!  The video size is 960×540.  Im running a 27 inch iMac and the video at normal size is taking up about 70% width and 85% height on my screen.

Ugh…I was in so many of the Strict Women movies but i would have loved to have been spanked by some of those beauties in Chicago too!  LOL 🙂   Who wouldn’t have given their back teeth to go over Miss Amanda or Miss Katelyn’s knee? 🙂   Anyway its so great to see some of those old classics coming back 🙂  Check out these pics from Strict Women for Miss Debbie 🙂


SW-LM-Debbie10-016 SW-LM-Debbie10-062 SW-LM-Debbie10-009

Also don’t forget that Strict Women have their own Clips 4 Sale store too!

strictwomen-bannerfdssDomination Theater