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New this week at the Domination Theater and FemDom Spanking Store are 3 brand spanking new Femdom Fm spanking videos from the Red Badger Productions who produce my favourite material ūüôā

See details of the movies below!

Miss Acacia : BCW Husband


Arjun is having trouble adjusting to life in the matriarchical world of 2051 England. He believes that women are there to serve his needs and not the other way around! His wife who is a ranking member of the Board of Corrective Women is at her wits end with him and his behaviour and has asked Miss Acacia to train and discipline her husband for her.

Miss Acacia of course is only too happy to do so and this is going to mean a sound spanking for Arjun!

Note:   This video is in High Definition (HD) Format.

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Miss Joanne: Internet Scam


Miss Joanne has been checking her bank statement and discovers that her life savings have been removed without her knowledge. Quizzing her husband Dodgy Dave on this she discovers that he has somewhat foolishly been taken in by a Nigerian internet scammer who promised to repay him many fold for her money! Now Miss Joanne will claim the interest from hubby’s bare backside with a wooden brush!

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Miss Shay: Internal Betrayal


Poltical betrayal is stepped up a gear this week as Miss Shay teams up with Miss Acacia to discuss Miss Amy’s future at the Institute of Feminine Disciplne. Miss Shay, a long time supporter and alli to Miss Acacia devises a plan to leapfrog Miss Selina Rothschild to the post of Grand Overseer at the Surrey Institute of Feminine Discipline should the Executive of the Board of Corrective Women approve Miss Amy’s dismissal or retirement.

To this end Miss Shay begins plotting with known terrorist Dodgy Dave of the Male Liberation Front as to what they can expect should they help her to secure her appointment as the nations third highest political appointment!

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Tall blonde Goddess Miss Gigi Allens has been busy training her husband to serve her to her high standards!  She had believed she had him trained until he tried to serve her burned food and so it was straight back over her knee for a very sound spanking indeed both with her hand and her hairbrush!

And i have some of the domestic spanking pics for you all¬†😉

016 011 015

You can see more of these pics by the way on the gallery    Don’t forget to visit Clare Spanks Men!  They have some really wonderful videos there!

Clare Spanks Men

Just learned today that a very good friend DA of Deadly Females passed away recently ūüôĀ

I always felt appreciative for and indebted to him given that he was the one that got us started at Strict Women doing our own UK shoots. ¬† He provided us with a shoot location, subs to be spanked, lighting, camera’s, photographic knowhow and introduced us to many of our first Domes including Miss Joanne, Miss Samantha, Miss Lucy and others not to mention Miss Rebekah, none of whom would have been likely to ever have made FemDom Spanking movies were it not for the part he played in introducing us to them.

You will never see his picture anywhere but you may hear some of the grunts from time to time in Strict Women movies and bumps as faces were sat on in other rooms¬†at the same time as our subs were spanked! ¬†And maybe you hear the spanking going on in his shoots! ¬†Never actually listened but I will miss him greatly. ¬†He was so helpful and giving that he once spent an entire day setting up one of our servers for us when we moved away from Rackspace without a second thought. ¬† Problems we had with camera’s he advised us on and explained how we could capture the video from cameras where it seemed like all was lost.

So sorry he has gone. ¬†May he rest in peace ūüôĀ

Escape plot at the Institute of Feminine Discipline has left mike in very hot water with senior Overseer Miss Rebekah this week as she deals firmly with his misbehaviour!

All male creatures in this new age matriarchal society know their place and should never dare to step out of it!  Most boys know this but there are a few who struggle with the concept of Feminine authority and supervision and mike who you may have guessed is one of them which is why he is under intense feminine supervision and discipline with the others at the Surrey Institute.  But an escape plot being uncovered was bound to end up in a well spanked butt for Mike and thats just what happens!

And i have a few femdom Fm spanking pics from the picture set!


IFD33-076 IFD33-084 IFD33-088

Get your butts over to the Surrey Institute of Feminine Discipline now guys!   Lateness is a spankable offence!

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Domination Theater

There is a split down the middle of the Executive Council of the Board of Corrective Women as Miss Overseer Supreme Acacia tires of those senior members who do not share Her more liberal view of male control.

In several IFD’s including the prestigious Surrey Institute supervised masturbation has been cancelled at any slightest whim of misbehaviour and male creatures have gone 6 months without relief. ¬†Or permitted relief in any event! ¬†Male Liberation Front activity is through the roof and Miss Amy has been summoned to Board of Corrective Women HQ to explain the large spike in this activity. ¬† There is a rumour that she may be moving on to pastures new and to that end the Overseers at the Surrey Institute are ALL positioning themselves to take over the role. ¬†Bookies favourite is of course Miss Selina (aka Miss Zoe) who is positioned as Archon of the nations Spanking Centres but she too is believed to be a rival to Miss Acacia’s position taking as she does a far stricter position on male discipline than Miss Acacia.

And so the talks begin.   Miss Shay it seems has, at the suggestion of Miss Acacia, begun to discuss a compromise with Male Liberation Front activist Dodgy Dave as to what might change should She become the new IFD Archon.


Of course the boys should have no misconceptions as to who is in charge! ¬†Should Miss Shay take over, she MAY permit supervised masturbation again as per Miss Acacia’s policy where male creatures behave. ¬†But the boys should know they will most certainly get spanked bottoms if they misbehave! ¬†And this is made very clear in this latest movie from our beautiful strict Goddess Miss Shay!

What will happen?  Only time will tell!

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Domination Theater

Imagine a world where sexy dominant women rule.  Males are expected to do as they are told and are kept well and truly under the thumb not to mention over the knee by Females who simply have no doubts in their Heads that THEY are the ones in control, that THEY make the decisions and confident in their authority enough to spank the boys at any time they choose.   And the males haven o say in this whatsoever except to say yes Miss and thank You Miss.  Well that is the world of 2051 England under the rule of the Board of Corrective Women!

In each village, town and city are located spanking centres where any woman can send any male at their whim for discipline.  The boys then face a soundly spanked bottom when they arrive!  This latest video from the Institute of Feminine Discipline features one fly on the wall look into one of those spanking centres in Chelsea Surrey staffed by Spanking Centre Assistant Miss Antscha and Remedial Behavioural Therapist Miss Viktoria!

And i have some of the domestic FemDom Fm spanking pics!


IFD064-051 IFD064-048 IFD064-183

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