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There is a Spanking taking place today at the Institute of Feminine Discipline where Miss Amy has decided to make sure once and for all that Dodgy Dave learns respect for the superior sex and the difference between right and wrong!  Julian Assange take note!  In feminine run society in 2057 this is how Female rule will deal with naughty boys who think they can challenge the authority of women!  For when hacker dave hacks into Miss Amy’s email to send an abusive email to Miss Overseer Supreme Acacia he finds himself busted by the CCTV camera’s installed in the walls and is placed by the microchip implanted in his brain (such that it is of course being male) and from that point on spanking is inevitable!

And i have some of the domestic spanking pics for you
IFD20-079 IFD20-076

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Poor Dodgy Dave is in trouble again at the Institute of Feminine Discipline where Miss Rebekah has learned that his deceit towards her has resulted in damage to her personal record as one of the most successful and efficient Overseer’s in the land!

Miss Rebekah’s mistake was to not look into the punishment book to find out whether Dodgy Dave had been punished for ogling the Overseer’s when she decided to spank his bottom for ogling her!  For had she done so she would have discovered a similar spanking by Miss Shay only 12 hours earlier!

Of course under the official Board of Corrective Women bye laws all males are required to disclose to the Overseer’s when they are summoned for discipline if they have been punished for any similar offences recently but Dodgy Dave decided not to do this knowing that it would result in a far harsher spanking!  And indeed when the Executive Council of the Board of Corrective Women picked up on this non disclosure an Executive order was sent down to the Surrey Institute of Feminine Discipline that the Grand Overseer Miss Amy should spank his bottom for this.  And of course this Executive Command was most certainly carried out by Miss Amy!   But Miss Rebekah is furious that her excellent reputation has been tarnished by Dodgy Dave and has herself decided to spank!  And that spanking will today include a caning!

And i have some of the domestic spanking pics for you

IFD016-073 IFD016-075

See Miss Rebekah spank now in this latest new movie exclusively at Institute of Feminine Discipline Members Club


Domination Theater

Bringing a new twist to the Femdom Fm spanking scene comes the beautiful East European Goddess that is Miss Antscha!  And today at Strict Women she demonstrates some of her ingenuity by doing something that is so rarely seen in FemDom spanking movies and which any of you who are foot domination lovers are going to love!  She spanks with her feet!  I have personally shot videos with around a hundred different women and have never seen or experienced this before so when a new face comes along that brings out new ideas like this its always a treat to sit back and watch their mind go to work!  🙂

This is the major difference I think with Strict Women videos over all of their rivals or certainly the male run rivals because at Strict Women the women actually ARE in charge.   Sure the boys may feed them ideas and keep them going with comments and so on if they happen to dry up but the women are following their own scripts and not the boys!  Some producers you could simply run the video, insert a new face and voice and run the same script but for a few words.   The benefit is that you actually get to experience an idea of what it really would be like to be owned and spanked by the woman in the video when it comes from these guys!  This is the benefit of a Woman run video production studio as Strict Women is!

So enter Miss Antscha who this week takes Arjun to task and spanks not only with her paddle but with her feet!  This was a theme from Miss Antscha in several movies and real effective.  And if you think Miss Antscha can not spank you over her knee with her feet you would be dead wrong for I have seen that too!  This gal is practically double jointed!

Here are a few domestic FemDom Fm spanking pics from this weeks update!

SW220-052 SW220-044

The first pic by the way is for a guy who mailed the site a few weeks ago asking for pics of the women giving the guy a good swift kick up the butt!  Again completely unscripted comes Miss Antscha to please 😉

Be sure you do not miss this one guys!  See this now at Strict Women!!!

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Domination Theater

Hot off the press comes news of 3 brand new Female Supremacy and FemDom Fm spanking videos from Red Badger just today released as streaming video to Domination Theater and as downloadable video file or DVD at the brand new overhauled FemDom Spanking Store with its new lower prices!

See details of the movies below!

Miss Antscha : Photoshopped & Spanked


Miss Antscha is angry with her boyfriend. Whilst looking through Arjuns private things she finds a photo of him with several lady friends hugging and kissing.

Despite Arjuns constant protestations and assurances that the image is fake Miss Antscha is sure that he has been cheating on her and has decided that she will now punish him in her usual manner which is to bare and spank his bare butt!

Arjun knows he is in trouble but an intimidating Miss Antscha is not a woman to disobey no matter how fearful he may be of the stinging spanking that he knows is coming his way!

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Miss Lina: Reward Or Punishment 2


Part of the mystique and awe that surrounds Miss Overseer Supreme Acacia is her practice of choosing two male creatures at random on her visits to corrective establishments like IFD’s when she visits, one of which is given a reward and the other given a sound spanking. There is no reason for either, and no males know in advance when called which will be punished and which will be rewarded. The fear however and anticipation goes on for weeks before the visit and has had male creatures in tears days before Miss Acacia even arrives as they fear the possible spanking that may be administered! The reputation in this regard travels around the IFD’s and Spanking Centres spreading the fear amongst all males of what a visit to the Overseer Supreme might entail for them.

In this the sequel to Miss Lina’s first Reward or Punishment video she chooses this time to allow Paul a reward whilst she spanks Adam.

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Miss Shay: Residents Complaint


Irritated by the refusal to give permission to squirt during a group masturbation sessions at the Surrey Institute of Feminine Discipline the boys get together and write a complain about how their rights have been trampled upon by the superior Goddess’s at the Institute, most notably Miss Shay. Miss Acacia has passed the complaint down the line to Miss Shay for comments and intends to visit the Institute to hear the complaint first hand but a very cross Miss Shay first summons the boys to Her office to explain themselves. As mike digs them even further into a hole Miss Shay decides that the best thing to do is to spank the pair of them!

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