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Institute of Feminine Discipline is a site based in the future whenWomen rule the world.  Males are kept in their place and must follow the rules set down by women referred to at this site as Overseer’s.    Rebelling against this superior Female order are a small number of brave but very misguided males calling themselves the male liberation front and they for their part try to make life better for men and to lead the male fight back against feminine authority.

Membership of the Male Liberation Front is illegal and males who break the laws of the Board of Corrective Women may be sent to an IFD (Institute of Feminine Discipline).  And with Dodgy Dave being through to be a leader in the MLF it follows that he would be spending his time being spanked at the Institute of Feminine Discipline!

Of course all of this you know but what you may not know is that an email insulting the nations illustrious leader Miss Overseer Supreme Acacia was sent from Miss Amy’s computer.  It seems that a male hacked in and sent an offensive poison pen letter to Miss Acacia from Miss Amy’s email in the hope that she would be fired as Grand Overseer and replaced with somebody who believes less in spanking bad boys bottoms!  Trouble is the camera’s in the office pick up one dodgy dave hacking into Miss Amy’s account and so he is in trouble!

This week the spanking that Miss Amy administers takes on an even stricter tone as she administers a very sound caning!

And i have some of the domestic spanking pics for you

IFD20-049 IFD20-060

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Domination Theater


Just released today everybody and looking better than ever!  FemDom Spanking Video Store opens its doors to its renovated store front and invites you all to visit!  Fm and F/f spanking here and recently updated with several new videos!!!

FemDom Spanking Store Where Every Naughty Adult Gets A Spanking!

Where Every Naughty Adult Gets A Spanking!

When you visit be sure to open a new account.  Why?  Well, you can of course check out using the guest checkout as always BUT to registered customers discounts and coupons will be given at various intervals.  So having your own account on the store will save you money which of course you can use to buy your Mistress something nice!  Or that hairbrush Miss Rebekah is holding might be used on you over her knee!

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At Strict Women there is a look back at the day that Miss Joanne teamed up with Miss Zoe and dealt out one of the more legendary Miss Zoe style spankings that had been given out in some time.

Now many of you may not know this but this was a video that was made in order to help Miss Zoe release pent up irritation and anger at a work colleague who had gotten her into trouble at work.  And with work rules and of course the law of the land not allowing her to extract the sort of retribution she wished to exact this movie was made!  And it is one of several that were made allowing Miss Zoe to release pent up anger at different males in the land.   And Miss Joanne?  Well…she just enjoys spanking men I guess and doesn’t much need any excuses but thats another story 😉  Truth is neither does Miss Zoe but there was a definite edge in this movie as a result of this Im sure you will see when you join Strict Women to watch it!

The movie starts with the two ladies spotting employee spy dave in a park, attacking him and bundling him into the back of a transit van to take him back to Miss Zoe’s abode where he will now spend out his days serving the two ladies and getting his bottom spanked if he ever steps out of line or fails to come up to their expectations!

This is one truly awesome video as I’m sure you will agree as you see it published 🙂

SMZ027-070 SMZ027-058 SMZ027-053

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Domination Theater

Welcome back to the Femdom spanking blog everybody where this week we take a look at the Institute of Feminine Discipline latest addition featuring the very beautiful Miss Shay as she takes up the temporary job she hopes will become permanent…that of Grand Overseer of the Surrey IFD.   That is Miss Amy’s current job as Miss Amy has been summoned away to the Board of Corrective Women’s Executive Council meeting to explain why there has been so much misbehaviour and activity from the Male Liberation Front in recent months at her establishment.

Miss Acacia has already visited in recent weeks and heard a complaint raised by residents about the group masturbation sessions where they have not been allowed to squirt and though she dismissed this complain and spanked the boys who submitted it, Miss Acacia felt that the fact it was submitted showed a distinct lack of respect for the current Female authority in the Institute and this was completely unacceptable. We will have to see how the Executive Council takes Miss Amy’s explanation but in the meantime an angry Miss Shay has been asked as the relief Grand Overseer to spank the boys bottoms for submitting the grievance once more.  And given that the complaint was about HER in the first place it seems that Miss Shay is very happy to do so!

And i have some of the domestic spanking pics for you

IFD43-011 IFD43-066 IFD43-060

See Miss Shay spank now in this latest new movie exclusively at Institute of Feminine Discipline Members Club


Domination Theater

Males must always remember their place when they serve a strict woman.  When SHE humiliates you by sending a photo of you with your pants down standing in the corner displaying your red stinging butt it is discipline.  If YOU dare to do that it is a betrayal.   You might think of it as giving her a taste of her own medicine but she is entitled to discipline you however and whenever she deems it appropriate!  Always remember that!   And  this is the lesson of the day for poor Adam who is put over Miss Ambers knee today when he sends a photoshopped image of his strict wife in a sexually compromised position to her work colleagues!  That photo she sent to his buddies at work cuts no ice in her eyes and little does he realise as he sits chuckling to himself on the sofa that she is on her way home considering just how hard and how long to spank his bottom for this time!

But cutting to the chase at this awesome new video at Strict Women we get to be flies on the wall of that confrontation and punishment that Adam now endures for is behaviour!


SW246-152 SW246-123 SW246-148

Be sure you do not miss this one guys!  This gal is awesome   You can see the video now exclusively at Strict Women!!!

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