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Yes the sexy young Dominatrix ruling the nation of the United Kingdom in 2055 and maintaining the discipline and ensuring the best behaviour of male creatures in the land at that time. Yes the boys get smacked bottoms very regularly (twice a day whether they misbehave or not!) but well disciplined males kept permanently in their naturally submissive state are happier in the long run! For as the saying goes, only when woman is happy can man be happy too! And never is this more true than life for male creatures in 2055 England under the governance of the Board of Corrective Women!

For those who do not know, all women upon attaining the age of 18 officially become Overseers. They are of course brought up to believe in their own supremacy over males but at age 18 they are sent to a special educational college known as FemDom College where they are taught how to handle the males that they take ownership of over their lifetimes. Whether it be sexual frustration and orgasm control and teasing or it be discipline methods ranging from corner time to writing punishment lines, labour or the usual standard spanked bottom and hands, the ladies certainly maintain their authority extremely well!

At the head of the governing authority, the Board of Corrective Women is the leader. Think of Her as a mix between the Queen and The Prime Minister or a mix of the President and Secretary of State in the case of the USA. She runs the nation with almost feudal style powers. The Board of Corrective Women Executive Council may be able to overrule Her but the courts certainly can not! Miss Acacia is that Woman and she is known as Miss Overseer Supreme.

From time to time Miss Acacia may visit the nations correctional centres known as Institutes of Feminine Discipline and Spanking Centres but to meet or even be in the presence of Miss Acacia for a male creature is a huge honour! But to make a complain to Miss Acacia about another superior Woman is a very serious business. She is known to genuinely sympathies with the male plight but boys that try to take advantage of such sympathy soon find how red a spanked bottom can be when they are put across her knee!

And it is a complaint that Miss Acacia has received that has caused Miss Acacia’s time to be wasted this week at the Institute of Feminine Discipline! For complaining about withdraw of masturbation sessions when the boys have been misbehaving does not find sympathetic ears! And i have a couple of pics from the update to prove it!



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Awesome update over at Strict Women this week as Miss Zoe returns in this great little movie called Promoted to Boyfriend.   In this movie has decided that she is promoting her lack servant Adam to the title of boyfriend.   He is overjoyed of course.   She has put a lot of extra trust and confidence in him.  Of course she still expects him to be on his best behaviour!  Better than usual in fact!  He must still be obedient and do as he is told!  And of course he is still subject to spanked bottoms any time Miss Zoe deems that it is appropriate!   But now there are 3 types of spanking.   Girlfriend spanking, lady spanking and Mistress spanking.   Mistress spanking is reserved for his worst behaviour whilst girlfriend spanking is just for Miss Zoe’s own pleasure and pass time where she has decided to schedule at least one spanking per day simply to remind him of his place!

And i have a couple of the domestic Fm spanking pics or you all 🙂

SW251-054 SW251-060

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A beautiful blonde bombshell of yesteryear, Miss Amy returns to Strict Women this week in the conclusion of the 4th movie in the Budget Spanking series to conclude one of the most loved soap opera’s in Fm spanking history.   The sister of Mike and daughter of Dodgy Dave spanks the pair of them and as she finishes up the spectacular with a sound thrashing with her cane!

After failing due to return the new tv to the store as per Miss Amy’s instructions Mike was already in trouble but when she discovered that her father Dodgy Dave was responsible as he told Mike to ignore her (I think the actual words were “stuff her” it was clear this was going to be a double spanking!  And so the two boys are summoned into the punishment room where each will be spanked in front of the other one by one.   And right now as Dodgy had tried to overrule Miss Amy he is facing a very sound and painful caning!  Well its the only way to put him back in his place beneath women right!

And i have a couple of the femdom fm spanking pics :)

SW147-016 SW147-013

And for you, you can watch this movie now exclusively at Strict Women!  :)

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strictwomen-bannerfdssDomination Theater