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Recently out of FemDom College comes Miss Charise who is filling in today at the Gloucestershire Institute of Feminine Discipline where new French resident Antoine has gotten himself in serious trouble! He may have thought his cheuvanistic remarks would be as acceptable in matriarchical England as they are in France but he is soon put right by new Spanking Centre Assistant Miss Charise as she de-masculates him by forcing him to wear a frilly sunday frock before putting him across her knee with his pants pulled down for a very sound bare bottom spanking!

Laughed at and mocked for his new uniform at the Institute Antoine is completely humiliated as Miss Charise asserts her authority by commanding him to bend over her knee to be punished!

This is a movie everybody featuring some really powerful Female Domination!

And i have some of the spanking pics for you all from the Institute of Feminine Discipline!

IFD066-089 IFD066-085 IFD066-063

Don’t miss this one guys! Be sure to go see it now exclusively at Institute of Feminine Discipline!

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When Adam was summoned before Goddess Miss Kelly he knew he was in trouble!  Often his instructions were left in written form as she considers herself too busy to be checking on him all day but being called before his Mistress in person this week it was clear that there was something Goddess Miss Kelly was unhappy about.  And when Miss Kelly is unhappy with a guy he learns the hard way to buck his ideas up!  For Miss Kelly rarely allows mistakes by her lackies to slide without soundly spanking their bottoms!  And today is no exception!

Summoned to explain himself Adam even makes the mistake of back chatting Miss Kelly for which his rebuke is instantly slapped down!  Before he knows it Adam is put over Miss Kelly’s knee and spanked and paddled.  She is determined that this is a lesson he will surely learn!

And i have some of the spanking pics :)

Be sure to check this latest awesome video out from Miss Kelly.  Don’t dawdle boys, you can see what happens above if you do!:)

Also don’t forget that Strict Women have their own Clips 4 Sale store too!

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Miss Selina (Of Strict Mistress Zoe fame) as an Executive member of the Board of Corrective Women was always an elusive character of legend in 2051 UK.  Like Miss Acacia, her reputation preceded her amongst male creatures registered as property of the local governments Spanking Centres.  Miss Selina rarely these days takes the time to put a naughty boy over her knee, preferring instead to have one of the many women employed in the Spanking Centres across the country as Remedial Behavioural Therapists and Spanking Centre Assistants BUT there are of course exceptions!

Miss Selina is known to be one of the harshest and strictest members of the Board of Corrective Women when she DOES take it upon herself to spank and the videos that are published at the Institute of Feminine Discipline illustrate this very well!   But sometimes when Miss Selina either thinks that a boy needs her own brand of hard spanking or else she is simply in the mood to spank a naughty boy (which is more often than we are lead to believe she actually does by the way) these are the only times that she is believed to pick up a paddle or hairbrush or indeed cane to discipline a male creature!

The Male Liberation Front for their part have been arguing for some time that Miss Selina spanks far more often than those that she records in the punishment book as she does not want to be contained by what she considers to be the over lenient nature of the Board of Corrective Women and she is known for her links with the Campaign for Stricter Discipline.  Perhaps this is true?  Who knows.  But we do know that Miss Selina certainly gave a very soundly spanked bare bottom to this MLF activist before packing him off to the Institute of Feminine Discipline for corrective behaviour modification!

Anyway here are a few pics from this weeks update :)


And you can see more now exclusively at the Institute of Feminine Discipline!

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Something for everybody this week at the Institute of Feminine Discipline as Miss Amy experiments a little with different ways to punish the boys under her supervision!  Ear tugging, strapping and mouth soaping are the order of the day!

Alexis and Dodgy Dave have been disobedient.  The Board of Corrective Women 10 Commandments clearly state that male creatures are forbidden to talk to eachother and yet there they are when Miss Amy enters yapping away like two old folk who bitching about a perceived bad neighbour!  And worse than that, the bad neighbour is Female!  Totally unacceptable!

But Miss Amy knows exactly how to deal with them as she tugs them by the ear and puts each of them over her knee for a bare bottom spanking before strapping and caning both of them in turn.

Dodgy Dave as usual can not keep his mouth shut or his eyes off of Miss Amy’s breast line and so gets the special privilege of a bar of soap put in his mouth to wash away his dirty thoughts!  Oh and in case you are wondering, yes that actually IS a real bar of soap.  Dodgy did threaten once or twice to get a marzipan one but i think he wanted me to buy it.  But of course with me having an allergy to soap powder I got special dispensation from Miss Acacia from having soap put in my mouth and so I wasn’t too bothered about how it tasted LOL 🙂  So it doesn’t taste nice or of sugar?  Oh dear me 🙂   Well maybe he should have treated Miss Amy with more respect!  LOL 🙂

Anyway I have gone in the site for this the concluding update to this awesome movie called Disobedience Earns A Whupping and grabbed some of the FemDom Fm domestic spanking pics 🙂


Yep something for everybody as i say 🙂  By the way I don’t know if i told you guys but I too felt that strap in in the top pic one or two movies when i was spanked by Miss Amy.  It is brutal 🙂  Very thick and when administered with skill as Miss Amy always did you sure feel it!  But as is so often the case with life as a submissive male, there are rainbows in even the stormiest of clouds 🙂   For though it may surprise you to know this, i was never really one for pain.  Im a submissive not a masochist.  Now Dodgy is a masochist when he explores his victim side but I’m not.  My pleasure comes from being trodden into the ground and submitting to a powerful woman 🙂  And if there is pleasure in pain it comes from that and knowing each time I sit that the reason I have a sore backside is because She (whoever She is) took control and spanked me.  And so the rainbow?  Well if you ever heard of the term a good leathering (?) in the domme / sub world it refers to the strapping with leather strap that you get before you are caned.  It raises the skin on your butt to prevent it being so searing and sharply painful.   The intensity of the strapping lowers the intensity of the caning.  And that strap is so punishing that I did not even really feel the caning Miss Amy gave me!  Hardly at all.  And yet looking at the movie it was a pretty hard caning!  I don’t know, perhaps Miss Amy understood why I was not giving the reaction I had in the past to one of her canings and so she hit harder?   All i know is that after this shoot she never wanted to use that strap again!  Miss Amy always did love caning the boys!  That and tawsing our hands I think was her favourite.  But anyway, something to think about boys if you, like me, really don’t like bending for the cane when your Mistress commands it!  Get her a big thick strap!  It hurts but its less punishing in the long run and very few Mistresses will know that!  🙂  Very few after all have felt it!  Women don’t get spanked in our world, they only spank the boys! 🙂  Miss Amy’s history just gives her that slightly rounder understanding which makes her that tad more intimidating because she knows how to spank for every effect she wants you to feel…

Anyway, you can see more now exclusively at the Institute of Feminine Discipline!

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