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Awesome news in everybody as Red Badger has released three new videos featuring MissSiobhan, Miss Mia and Goddess Miss Kelly to to both Domination Theater and FemDom Spanking store.

Miss Siobahn: (Institute of Feminine Discipline):  Sacred Punishment Book


Whilst cleaning the Overseers Comunal Room at the Gloucestershire Spanking Centre where Miss Siobahn has been sent to work for the week Simon was caught disrespecting and mistreating the official Board of Corrective Women Punishment Book which was sent to the Corrective facility to record all spankings and other punishments for male creatures that have had to be administered by the superior Females in charge.

To mistreat official Board of Corrective Women property in this way s a mere male is not only disrespectful of the authority held by the Board itself but is seen as directly challenging it! Such misbehaviour can never be tolerated and certainly is not tolerated as Miss Siobahn administers a hard spanking to correct simon of his ways!

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Miss Mia (Institute of Feminine Discipline) HRM Competition


Newly appointed to the rank of Advanced Behavioural Therapist Miss Mia takes charge below Miss Marnette Kelly as Advanced Behavioural Therapist at the Gloucestershire IFD and Spanking Centre.

As a politically acceptable choice holding the trust of both the Board of Corrective Women AND the Campaign for Stricter Discipline Miss Mia was the natural choic to take over day to day discipline at the Institute because of her speciality in tease and denial and in spanking and discipline.

Miss Mia’s first task is to appoint her own Higher Regarded Male Creature to serve as her lackie at the Instiute but given there are so many treats such as dressing and undressing the Goddess, hand washing Her panties and more there is very stiff competition (no pun intended) and so after shortlisting just two individuals for the job Miss Mia decides to set up an assessment day where the two boys will compete to show which is the better of the two at the various tasks Miss Mia will require them to perform.

Of course both boys simply can not keep their minds off of her beautiful body so there is a lot of discipline this day too! But as Miss Acacia always says with regards to the spankings she administers to the boys and the sore bottoms they then have for the week “not My problem”

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Goddess Miss Kelly (Strict Women): Strict Sister In Law


Coming home after an exhuasting day golfing Mike finds his strict sister in law Miss Kelly waiting for him on the living room sofa.

Mike has disobeyed his wife and gone out to play golf not only without his wifes permission but after he had been grounded! Knowingh is wife would be away all day mike thought he would be ok disobeying her disciplinary decisions but little did he know that his wife had asaked her similarly strict sister Miss Kelly to come round to spank his bottom for this behaviour whilst she was away!

And now it is time to pay the piper

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See Video at Domination Theater.

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Domination Theater

Miss Lina Birch, the Chief of Staff to Miss Overseer Supreme Acacia has returned to the Institute of Feminine Discipline once more to continue in her intervention into Adams masturbation habits.  Wanking rhymes with spanking is printed up on every wall in the Institute and there is no excuse for the number of times that Adam has been caught!  It seems that Adam, after Dodgy Dave of course is the most prolific wanker in the IFD and is always getting his butt spanked for it!  Well today Miss Lina is carrying out an intervention.  I understand they have given up on dave and are instead making him wear a chastity belt and a bag for…well…you get the idea 🙂

And I have a few pics from this weeks update over there at the IFD!   Be sure to check the video out at the site!




Be suer to check this latest update out now exclusively at Institute of Feminine Discipline!

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Miss Rebekah Spanks In Basque

Miss Rebekah Spanks In Basque

What could be sexiest than a Goddess like Miss Rebekah spanking you might ask?  And the answer there cometh back Miss Rebekah spanking dressed in stockings and basque!  🙂   and wow does she ever dress to impress in this one 🙂   I can sense all you out there in reader land drooling as I speak!  Except of course i know you are looking at the pic and watching the video rather than listening to me talking about how the lady spanks so hard right? LOL 🙂

So whats this spanking all about i hear you ask?  Well it seems that Dodgy Dave has managed to get himself appointed as Miss Rebekah’s higher regarded male creature and she is not very happy with the standard of his work!  When you disappoint Miss Rebekah you get spanked in the Institute of Feminine Discipline and thats what happens to the poor guy today!  And good and hard on bare butt too!  Normally of course we don’t get to see Miss Rebekah’s bare butt which is a real shame BUT we get fairly close to it this times you can see!   And its always a pleasure to look at Her bottom of course!  🙂

As always with Miss Rebekah this is an awesome hard core FemDom Fm spanking video that will leave you in awe at this completely natural Dominatrix s she totally dominates the entire room and keeps her lackie well and truly under her thumb!

And i have a preview video for you all to see 🙂  Miss Rebekah has never been so hot and neither has the butt of her lay lackie man servant either!

[SWF]flash/IFD035RebFailingHisDuties_02.swf, 360, 288[/SWF]

And you can see more now exclusively at the Institute of Feminine Discipline!

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Domination Theater

Another week has passed everybody 🙂  Im writing this on Monday because Im trying to get up to date with everything before a shoot.  The lovely Miss Zoe is coming down to my home town to shoot for the best kick (spank?) ass FemDom websites on earth and Im right slap in the middle of it all 🙂   The cameras are ready, there is a new whiteboard and easel to shoot the first of a series of movies dealing with concept in the new matriarchic society – FemDom College outlined at the Board of Corrective Womens website so that should be good fun 🙂  But anyway enough about tomorrow.  Hey if you are all good though I will bring back some candy and a fan sign to show y’all? 🙂

Anyway, whats been going on at Strict Women you might ask?  And if you aren’t asking then you damned well should be!  🙂  But don’t worry cos Im going to tell you whether you wanted to know or not!  LOL 🙂  This week none other than thee very popular spanking model Leia Ann Woods has returned.  She plays the part of the spoiled rich daughter of a stable owner who gets annoyed at the stable hand for losing her horse!

You can not of course lose with a gal as purdy as Miss Leia and if they are strict and spank then all the better right?  So what could I say about her?  Well She has her own unique style of spanking.  Ive not seen it anywhere else.  Hey I told you all about how Miss Antscha can spank with her foot didn’t I?  And even Miss Zoe can in her own different way (though Miss Zoe isn’t double jointed like Miss Antscha seems to be) but with Miss Leia its very different.

When a lady orders you to bend over so she can spank you quite often they will put their hand on their hip as they raise the paddle or cane. Sometimes they will use it to help themselves balance as they really swing the wood as it is sometimes said to be in the deep Southern parts of the USA, but Miss Leia puts one hand behind her back.  No idea why.  Not sure what I think if Im completely honest exempt to say that its completely different? 🙂   Some will like it and some will not I guess but if nothing else then by watching the movie that these pics below relate to you will have a genuinely new experience!  🙂

SW167-071 SW167-075

Yes she can spank your bottom with one hand tied behind her back and there is the proof!  LOL 🙂   No looking at her bottom in those jodhpurs by the way!!!   Not allowed under the Board of Corrective Womens 10 Commandments!  🙂

Heres’s another 🙂


And you can see the video now exclusively at Strict Women!  🙂

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strictwomen-bannerfdssDomination Theater

Miss Amy is back at the Institute of Feminine Discipline this week after being summoned to the Board of Corrective Women headquarters to explain the increase in Male Liberation Front (MLF) activity.   And no sooner is Miss Amy back than she must deal with an apparent case of blackmail from the suspected MLF terrorist leader at the Institute, none other than Dodgy Dave.

Of course terrorists seeking to overthrow Female rule in the land never look so ridiculous as when they are bent over a ladies knee with their pants down getting a bare bottom spanking!  And thats how it ends up for Dodgy Dave!  And pleading doesn’t help his case!

And I have a video preview for you all 🙂

[SWF]flash/IFD018AmyBlackmailJustice_01.swf, 360, 288[/SWF]

Be suer to check this latest update out now exclusively at Institute of Feminine Discipline!

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