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Uggg its just occurred to me that after my week of getting things done and all the weeks I’ve been talking here i haven’t actually spoken about the Institute of Feminine Discipline!  Well thats about to change!  Cos I miss Miss Shay! 🙂   Was just over there and thought i would take a look and could i resist posting a few pics of this?  My 2 favourite sights?  A sexy woman and dodgy dave getting beaten up! LOL 🙂   Well….one favourite sight anyway 🙂

These are pics i grabbed from the site where Miss Shay looks incredible 🙂  Seems she is looking for a new Higher Regarded Male Creature (HRM) but nothing coming forward on that.

IFD29-109 IFD29-049 IFD29-059

One very strict lady that loves to spank!  But you don’t see mouth soaping very often these days?  I wonder why that is?  Maybe we need to do more of that?  What do you all think?   Think i will go grab a survey app to run on the site and get some feedback later 🙂   But mean whilst maybe comment? 🙂

Be sure to check Miss Shay and others out now on Institute of Feminine Discipline everybody!  And you can find her movies too at Domination Theater and Femdom Spanking Store!!!

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Domination Theater

Sorry I’ve been a little quiet of late but had Simon and Paul with me the last 3 days or so as we were shooting in the new Bristol studio with a new face 🙂  Shoots tire me out and it took me all of yesterday to reestablish my sleep patterns!  🙂   Sleeping in a chair is more punishing than the cane at times!  But its all worth it because its really very great fun 🙂

Anyway this shoot was with a new face that will be appearing in the Strict Women and Institute of Feminine Discipline site soon called Miss Mia 🙂  This is a gal with an hourglass figure, long legs and a truly intoxicating Eastern European accent 🙂   Spanking and discipline wise I think you would say she is on the more sensual side.   Well…certainly if you compare her to Miss Antscha anyway!  But then so are most people!  But she is certainly one who has no doubt in her head that she is in charge or how to control males in her charge and thats what we really want 🙂

I grabbed a new pic to show you all on the day and thought I would just quickly put it up here :)Just basically because I can 🙂  This of course is the main Overseers office in the Gloucestershire IFD and Spanking Centre and it was only right that Miss Mia take up her spot there given the shoot was with her for the day 🙂



Those of you in the South West of England or even beyond that want to set up individual personal sessions with Miss Mia at the Gloucestershire IFD and Spanking Centre behind can do so via Miss Mia’s own personal website 🙂

For us however we look forward to showing you more of this Goddess at right here at this site soon!  🙂   And you will be able to see yet more from her at Strict Women and Institute of Feminine Discipline!

Another awesome update at Strict Women this week as Miss Danielle Hunt takes on the role of the strict woman spanking her male charge!   Adam has been lazing and ignoring his chores but his please

Ive gotten my hands on a couple of the spanking pics from the

SW224-065 SW224-052

This was a great FemDom Fm spanking movie and well worth seeing :)  Miss Danielle sure showed another side to her in this film and I’m sure you will love seeing it as much as we all loved making it!  🙂

Anyway see the video now over at Strict Women 🙂  And if you like you can also see it streaming over at Domination Theater or buy the DVD or full length digital downloadable file at FemDom Spanking Store!  :-)

Don’t forget that Strict Women have their own Clips 4 Sale store as well! See some great clips from the beautiful Miss Jodie Karnell, Miss Rebekah and others! As well as some of the older favorites like Miss Amanda, Miss Samantha and so many other Goddesses of yesteryear at their site

strictwomen-bannerfdssDomination Theater

Special treat is in store for Strict Women members this week at the Strict Women members club as Leia Ann Woods shows her dominant side to the world 🙂  Lovers of beautiful women’s bottoms will especially like this one as it features Miss Leia in jodhpurs.  Yep I made a promise to Dodgy Dave to allow him to have his spanking from Leia Ann Woods whilst she was wearing jodhpurs and I could hardly go back on my word could I?  Well i guess i could have but there would havoc been no point really because I love to see tight fitting clothes on the women too!  LOL 🙂  And I had a far better view from my angle on the cameras than he did bent over a chair or over her knee!  I am sure he must have regretted refusing to spend that money on a glass spanking chair for the gals when we came to shoot THIS video!  🙂

And i have some great FemDom Fm spanking pics for y’all 🙂

SW167-098 SW167-096 SW167-065Yes I know you don’t get to see Leias bottom in these shots and only URRGGHHHHH  🙂  But at least its her in Jodhpurs and her spanking the guys right?  And there are not that many of those around!  🙂

This is a movie about how the spoilt daughter of the stable owner comes back to find her horse is not ready or properly cared for so takes her irritation out on the stable boy!  Though of course Dodgy is not really a boy anymore as he knows!  He passed that day long before the rheumatoid arthritis set in!  But at least with the spanking he knows to keep out of Miss Leia’s way in the supermarket as he hobbles around with his zimmerframe 🙂

Anyway, don’t forget that Strict Women have their own Clips 4 Sale store as well! See some great clips from the beautiful Miss Jodie Karnell, Miss Rebekah and others! As well as some of the older favorites like Miss Amanda, Miss Samantha and so many other Goddesses of yesteryear at their site

strictwomen-bannerfdssDomination Theater

News has just come in that FemDom And Spanking Sites has just released no fewer than 6 brand spanking new Net Verifier AVS sites to preview some of the best kick ass Female Domination and maledom sites on the net.   Course this is the FemDom Spanking Blog so I’m not going to go into the ones where the gals get spanked (just not right!!!) but for those of you who dare to disobey the edict put out by the beautiful Miss Acacia of the Board of Corrective Women you can follow the banned links at your peril!  Just know that if you get caught looking at them you get spanked right!  🙂   Hey I’m even taking a risk of that by posting them here but there ya go 🙂  There are sites previewing our friends at Strict Women, Bad Tushy and Girls Boarding School as well as an art site so be sure to check them out ok? 🙂

asia-bends-for-her-spanking-frontpage fm-spanking-artform-frontpage spanked-by-her-governess-frontpage spanked-by-miss-viktoria-frontpage bedroom-spanking-discipline-frontpage spanked-by-sir-frontpage




Sooooo  be sure to check these great FemDom spanking sites out over at FemDom And Spanking Sites ok? 🙂  You can get all of them and so many more on one basic Net Verifier pass that lasts like a year or two not just a month!

So if you enjoy this blog, please go visit my site at FemDom And Spanking Sites:-)

And by the way, a years membership to this site containing over 100 sites like the above together with an additional 50 or so links directly into their older discontinued Cyberage sites costs about the same as many sites charge for a month  🙂


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b2ap3_thumbnail_IFD056-111-blogA new face has appeared at the Institute of Feminine discipline this week together with the sexy Miss Selina (aka Miss Zoe) who is mentoring her for the day! That is none other than Miss Jenna who you may have seen in one or two sites before though doing other things shall we say that will remain nameless 🙂

In this video Miss Jenna is reporting fresh out of FemDom College to start work taking over the Surrey Spanking Centre as the Remedial Behavioural Therapist in charge of the Spanking Centre there as well as lower duties helping out Miss Amy, Shay and Rebekah in the Institute of Feminine Discipline itself.

Arjun for his part has been sent along to the Spanking Centre by his girlfriend who is fed up with his attitude.   Miss Selina is awesome in this movie as she calmly explains to rebellious Arjun who seems to think that women are or should be subordinate to him that it simply does not matter once he is registered as a woman’s personal property at the Board of Corrective Women’s head quarters!  The woman takes ownership of him and all that he owns including the bottom she is entitled to spank any time she feels like it and he has no say in the matter except to say yes Miss and thank You Miss.   Miss Selina is really awesome as she explains poor Arjuns new life to him and then proceeds to spank the message home!

And i have a video preview for you all 🙂

[SWF]flash/IFD056SelinaJennaCheckIn_01.swf, 480, 305[/SWF]

Awesome video!  :)

Anyway, as I say, this is a new movie now exclusively at Institute of Feminine Discipline!  Its not even yet up at the Domination Theater or FemDom Spanking Store this is so new so be sure to check it out soon ok!

See you all later for another update to this blog :-)


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