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News is just in that Ms Dana Specht and her bad girl Sarah Gregory have just released a new video at Domination Theater and FemDom Spanking Store.  Red Badger, creators ofInstitute of Feminine Discipline & Strict Mistress Zoe and video suppliers to Strict Women have also released 2 new videos from Miss Lina Birch and Miss Charise. :)

Miss Dana Specht and Sarah Gregory


Punishment doesn’t necessarily bring on tears, sobs, and screams unless it’s Dana Specht punishing her naughty girl Sarah Gregory. Like our first 2 punishment videos, this one is a real punishment brought on by Sarah’s selfish behavior by neglecting to send thank you’s and emails to those who send her special cards and buy her gifts. Momma Dana was also disappointed in her lack of compassion for those less fortunate than Sarah and realized she had to be taught a lesson.

Scolding her like never before and putting her in a secure leg-lock, Momma spanked her merclessly with her hand, leather strap, and hairbrush; then put her on the bed for a severe strapping followed by the wooden paddle and lickin’ stick.

Real tears, real sobs, real punishment

See Video as DVD or Digital Download at FemDom Spanking Store
See Video at Domination Theater.

Miss Charise  – Stocking Fetish


This naughty boy has an uncontrollable desire for women in stockings.  He simply can not help himself!  It is Miss Charise’s job as the Overseer and professional disciplinarian in charge at the Gloucesrshire IFD and Spanking Centre to ensure that he is taught to keep his desires under control and moreover his hands to himself!

Note: This video is in High Definition (HD) Format.

See Video as DVD or Digital Download at FemDom Spanking Store
See Video at Domination Theater.

Miss Lina Birch – The Naughty Boy That Didn’t Call Home


Failing to call home as instructed will get you into trouble with ANY woman! But failing to call home when your wife or girlfriend is Miss Lina means that trouble has consequences you may not have bargained for! Because Miss Lina is known as a Goddess that takes no nonsense from the boys that belong to her and is not only a strong believer in corporal punishment for ALL males, but she is also one that practices that which she preaches! And her husband learns this very well when he is put across her knee in this movie for a very sound bare bottom spanking!

See Video as DVD or Digital Download at FemDom Spanking Store
See Video at Domination Theater.

FemDom Spanking Store

Domination Theater

Miss Zoe returns to Strict Women this week with her new friend Miss Jenna J in a new update as cheating hubby Alexis is caught making passes at new girlfriend to be Jenna on Miss Zoe’s couch of all places!   Could it get any worse than this?  Well maybe it could but the betrayal and bad treatment does not come in degrees in Miss Zoe’s eyes and being an expert in humiliating her dumb husband, Miss Zoe decides that a sound bare bottom spanking is in order!  Alexis appears to submissively accept his fate knowing that he has no say in whether Miss Zoe spanks him or not and makes moves to say his farewell’s to Jenna but Miss Zoe is having none of it!  He has afterall betrayed Jenna also so why should she not join in the discipline and put him over her knee for a good hard spanking?   Of course Alexis does not really like this idea but it makes no difference in Miss Zoe’s eyes whether he like it or not.  He belongs to her, is her property and She can have whoever the hell She wants to spank him!  He has no say whatsoever in how Miss Zoe chooses to discipline him!

And I have a video preview from this movie for you all 🙂  Awesome FemDom control and action from Miss Zoe in this movie just as we always grow to expect from Her 🙂

[sWF]flash/SW223ZoeJennaCheater_02.swf, 480, 305[/SWF]

Don’t forget though that Strict Women have their own Clips 4 Sale store as well! See some great clips from the beautiful Miss Jodie Karnell, Miss Rebekah and others! As well as some of the older favorites like Miss Amanda, Miss Samantha and so many other Goddesses of yesteryear at their site

Strict Women Spanking Naughty BoysfdssDomination Theater

Always a pleasure to peek over whats going on in the new age FemDom world of Institute of Feminine Discipline 🙂   The very sexy Miss Siobahn is back this week and dishes out some pretty hard hitting discipline to a recently located Male Liberation Front activist thought to be the link between the Male Liberation Front twixt those held in the custody of the Surrey Institute of Feminine Discipline and those undetected in the wider society!  Drew apparently has been tracked with specialist tracking equipment to his home in possession of banned CB radio equipment tuned in to the same airwave frequency as that detected on the inside of the IFD!  It goes without saying that even if Drew was under the direct supervision of his girlfriend or wife, the Board of Corrective Women would be unlikely to leave the matter entirely with his Female Overseer but in any event it seems that Drew is not currently the registered property of any Female in the land and therefore is expected in any event to report regularly to the local Spanking Centre in Chelsea where he and a number of other unregistered males is under the direct supervision of Miss Siobahn.

When the matter is brought to Miss Siobahns attention with a personal memo from Miss Overseer Supreme Acacia it goes without saying that she is not pleased that one of Her boys was under the direct spotlight of the Board of Corrective Women’s Executive as this directly reflected on Her supervision and discipline!  To say he would end up with a very red and sore bottom upon his visit would be an under statement to say the least!  And Drew really struggles with this spanking as you see throughout the movie as his body contorts with every spank Miss Siobahn administers!

And I have gotten my hands on a FemDom Fm Spanking video preview for y’all 🙂

[sWF]flash/IFD058SiobahnRebel_01.swf, 480, 305[/SWF]

And you can see from that why Miss Siobahn is such a big hit (if you will excuse the pun) with the guys at the Institute of Feminine Discipline!  There is just something about Miss Siobahn that hits the mark every time!  But can you sympathise with Drew?   Im really not sure i can! 🙂

And you can see this video now exclusively at the Institute of Feminine Discipline Members Club!

And dont forget the IFD’s Clips 4 Sale store either! Awesome Fm Spanking at Awesome value!

fdssDomination Theater

Harry was a petty clerk in Government Sales Tax department.  He worked honestly and sincerely and never accepted bribe which is unusual. All went well. But ultimately temptation spares nobody.

Peter was a big sales tax payer. He was impressed with Harry. He would often compliment Harry for his honesty and sincerity.  One day, he said to Peter: “I want a very sincere person like you in my firm.”.  But Harry was satisfied with government job and so he did not heed to the suggestion.  But Peter really needed an honest man. So, he repeatedly offered for job in his firm. One day, Peter told him that he would get top post in taxation department of his entire group of companies and he would be getting salary about three times that government gave him.

Ultimately, Peter accepted the offer. He resigned his post. some of his colleagues even said that what ever glitters is not always gold. Moreover, no private job can equal the prestige and dignity that a government job gives.  But now Harry was too much lured by Peter’s offer. He listened to none and submitted his resignation from government job.

For some time, all was well in Peter’s firm. Harry got good salary. But in the course of day to day work, Harry came to know that the firm indulged in gross irregularities. There were tax evasions. Harry had been employed only to influence the sales tax department and other government organizations. Peter had not fully understood the character of Harry. Harry did not cooperate in tax evasion. The firm began defaulting in payment of salary and other remuneration to Harry.

One day Harry resigned. He was now on street. He soon became penniless. He could not join government service again. He wandered from street to street to get a job. He even looked for small typing jobs.  Somehow, he managed to survive.

One day, he went to see Mr. Vijay, one of his friends who worked in a law firm. As he was unemployed, he would go to his friend often. One day, his friend was  absent from his work. Mr. Prakash, advocate- proprietor of the law firm- asked Harry what he was doing. Harry said that he was ex sales tax employee and presently, he was jobless. Mr. Prakash asked Harry if he could type. Harry typed some papers for him. The advocate asked Harry to visit his office whenever he liked even if his friend was not there.  Harry began frequently visiting the advocate  Meanwhile, Vijay’s mother died and he stopped coming to office. One day, Mr. Prakash gave some money to Harry . He was reluctant but Mr. Prakash persuaded him to accept the money. He also requested Harry to regularly visit the firm.

Harry would frequently visit the law firm of Prakash Taxation advocate. As Vijay stopped coming, he was removed from the job. Prakash requested Harry to regularly visit his office. Harry said that there was not enough work for him in his office. But the advocate stressed that it was better to sit in his office even without work rather than wasting time at residence or streets. Moreover, if he regularly came, there would definitely be work for him.

Very soon Harry got proficiency in the work. The advocate was happy. He did not fix salary but would give handsome amount to Harry frequently. Harry would finish every job in short time but he had addiction to liqueur and internet. even during business hours, he would often visit pub. In office, he would spend more time on adult sites on the internet.

One day, Prakash, Advocate found Harry in inebriated state.   He said nothing that day but next day mildly advised Harry to refrain drink during business hours. Further, even during business hours, if he at all went to pub, he need not appear in office in drunken state as this would give a bad impression on clients.

Harry was cautious after that. But he would often leave office early and go to pub. Also in office he would spend more time in visiting adult sites on internet. Some clients and other advocates also noticed this. But Mr. Prakash ignored as he had some sympathy for Harry. Prakash liked the merits of Harry in legal drafting and preparing briefs for legal cases. He did not want Harry to leave his office despite any demerits.

But Harry could not be so fortunate for ever. Prakash had two children. The children were growing up.  The day arrived when both children were sent to another city to stay in school hostel.  Now Prakash and his wife, Rita were alone. Rita felt lonely at home. So she also began visiting office.  She noticed that Harry would indulge in drinking at pub during business hours and visiting adult sites on internet. She talked to Prakash but got the reply that Harry had to be tolerated.

Rita could not easily allow indiscipline in her husband’s office. One day she asked Prakash as to what Harry actually was expected to do in office. Harry replied- ‘Drafting of legal correspondence and appeals etc.’

Rita- “He does not deal with clients”

Prakash- Of course, he does not deal with any clients or department.

Then Rita said that there was no need for Harry to work in the office. Instead he could do the job even in their residence that had a room equipped with with computer and books.

Prakash agreed. Harry would work in residence of Prakash. There, he would work all day. Rita would not allow him to leave early or use internet during business hours. Prakash tolerated Harry but Rita would not. She could not remove Harry but could correct him.

One day, she noticed that Harry was busy with adult sites on internet. She scolded Harry- How do you dare watch such dirty sites?’  Harry just murmured- Ma’am I have just visited this for five minutes.

Rita said- Do not fool me.

She searched history of sites visited and found many adult links. She shouted- Harry. Not only you make such blunders. You also tell lie. You are really a very bad boy.

Rita slapped Harry hard. Then she ordered him to remove his shirt and vest. He obeyed. Then she asked him to remove pant and underwear also. He hesitated. Then she tied his hands to a hook on the ceiling of the room and removed his trousers and underwear herself. He was stark naked before a lady and unable to move even. She spanking Harry. She spanked him with hands for some time. Then she fetched a hair brush and spanked Harry very hard.

Harry began crying with pain. So far, he had never been spanked.  He remembered that last time he was caned when he was just in school. But as an adult spanking was unthinkable. Harry pleaded with Rita to spare his behinds that were simmering.

There was a knock on the door. Harry requested that she may see the visitor in another room as he would be put to shame before strangers.

But Rita laughed and said- Do you not put us to shame when you are in inebriated state. You are just a grown up bad boy. You must be corrected. There is no way better than hard spanking on your bare bottoms.

Rita went to the door to receive the guest.  In came, Mary, next door neighbor.  She was curious to see spanked bottoms of Harry. Rita explained- He is in my husband’s employment. He likes him. In fact, he is very good worker. But he is also a bad boy. He is used to drinks and adult internet sites. Mary said- That is why you are spanking him.

Mary said- You have spanked him enough. Now sit in sofa and let me warm Harry’s bottoms.

Mary began spanking Harry while Rita looked on. She enjoyed spanking sitting comfortably in sofa. Mary seemed expert in spanking. She would raise her hands up and then forcefully spank the nude behinds of Harry. Now Harry faced the shame of standing nude before two ladies and getting spanked so hard. But soon he forgot shame as spanking became harsher. He was crying like a small child.

There was another knock on the door. Then came Mr. Prakash. He was astonished to watch his assistant being spanked by the neighbor woman in presence of his wife.

Prakash- What is this?  Has he misbehaved or molested any girl? I know that he drinks and also visits dirty sites on internet. But why put him to shame and spank him this way.

Mary said- Mr. Prakash! Harry is innocent. He is well behaved. He is also good worker as you know. But he spends time on adult sites Is drunkenness not bad enough. Do you think such habits can be corrected by mere lecture. Rita is quite intelligent. she knows how to tackle such bad boys.  It is my pleasure to help her in correcting Harry.

There was pause.  The maid servant entered with snacks and tea. Prakash, Rita and Mary began taking tea. The maid servant was leaving but Rita asked her to feed snacks and tea to Harry as his hands were tied. The maid servant fed snacks and tea to Harry with her hands. Harry was feeling very embarrassed in his miserable condition.

When snacks were over, maid servant left. Mary said- I am coming with a leather flogger within a few minutes.

Mary reentered the room with a fierce leather flogger. She began spanking Harry. This was very unbearable.  He squirmed and gasped on each spank. His bottoms jiggled with pain.  Red blue welts were visible on his behinds. He gasped  He cried bitterly.

Rita saw blood on Harry’s buttocks. Then she said- This is enough. Stop.

The maid servant untied Harry. Unable to stand, Harry fell to the floor.

Rita decided that Harry would stay that night there only.

Harry learnt his lesson the hard way. He was chastened.


Well Miss Amy is not one of the members favourites at the sites in which she stars for no reason.   Strict Women may have been intending to update with her this week in any event but it was only by member intervention asking for more from Miss Amy that she was published at the IFD!  I don’t know…the guys ask for more faces and when they get them then others ask to see the older faces!  How can a website win?  But when you see her in action with her awesome Femdom control and authority you can see why!  So this week Miss Amy is starring in both sites!  And that means Im going to do one update for the two sites and talk about the two!  🙂   Otherwise you might all think i somehow have a thing for Miss Amy publishing 2 updates about her on the trot which is honestly not the case!  🙂   It will also give me a chance to talk a little more perhaps later in the week about Miss Zoe’s update!  Something i haven’t really been able to do lately 🙂

Anyway, for Strict Women we see the beautiful Miss Amy pre hair do 🙂  As we all know Miss Amy changed her hair colour a few years ago (which is what i mean about pre hair do) from blonde to brunette.   She did tell me the reason why but Im not sure I quite buy it and not entirely sure whether or not it was a joke so i wont reproduce it here 🙂  Which looks the better is something I will leave to you guys to decide but…  Anyway, this was a sequel to the very popular Budget Spanking movie.  There were actually 4 Budget Spanking movies filmed, the end 3 all on the same day!  And this movie is the 3rd in that series of 4 🙂   Thankfully it wasn’t my butt that was getting spanked in this one so happy to show it in video!  LOL 🙂  Not that i am shy in showing it when it is of course 🙂

Anyway here is a video preview of poor dodgy dave getting his bottom spanked in this great Miss Amy movie 🙂

[sWF]flash/SW146AmyFathBlog04.swf, 480, 305[/SWF]

Moving now to the Institute of Feminine Discipline where women rule and quite literally own men Those that are chronically ill behaved it is deemed lack sufficient discipline and the supreme Women in their lives are given the additional help that they need in training and taming their males by the expert assistance of professional disciplinarians who have the professional expertise to know how best to keep them in line!  Usually that is done with the humiliation that goes with a soundly spanked bare bottom!  But not always!  The point is after all in making them know and understand their place is beneath the supremacy of sovereign Feminimity.  And like dogs, to remain submissive and obedient to their Overseer in charge of supervising them.   Miss Amy as you all know is in charge of the Surrey Institute of Feminine Discipline but the rise in Male Liberation Front activity together with her known support for the breakaway group from the Board of Corrective Women, that of the ‘Campaign For Stricter Discipline’ has put her on a political colission course with the Supreme Sovereign of the nation, Miss Overseer Supreme Acacia who leads the Executive of the Board of Corrective Women.   In order to maintain her job, Miss Amy therefore has to maintain a spotless record in all other areas as the Grand Overseer of the Surrey Institute of Feminine Discipline!  And the recent attempt by the Male Liberation Front to undermine her authority and make her look poor at her job is something that Miss Amy is determined to stamp on very hard indeed!

Mike and Alexis had been caught the night before in ski masks attempting to steal the Board of Corrective Women’s official Punishment Book in order to embarrass the Institute and challenge what the Male Liberation Front feel is the over use of corporal punishment and the complete denial of orgasm at the monthly group wank sessions!  Its believed that this may come from Miss Amy’s own personal instructions contrary to those of Miss Acacia at the Board of Corrective Women as Miss Amy feels that such is simply a waste of time that could be better used putting the boys to work!  In fact this is the crux of the entire strain between the two opposing factions within the Board of Corrective Women which the Male Liberation Front are trying to exploit in the hope that it will inevitably lead to the downfall of matriarchic society and the return of male dominated government!  Will it happen?  Unlikely.   But there may be a few scalps along the way!  Miss Amy is determined as this video shows that Hers will not be one of them!  And to do that She must maintain her authority and quite literally implant the fear of Goddess into the boys with the use of very sound bare bottom spanking to ensure they tow the line! Something that as we all know does not come naturally to males in general or Mike or Alexis in particular!

Anyway, without further ado (because I am never quite sure whether any of you actually read what im saying here anyway or just watch the video previews? (LOL) i will cut this short and show you the preview of the latest update to Institute of Feminine Discipline!  You will see in it why Miss Amy is so popular there and in other sites that She is getting the personal requests for more 🙂   But then you probably knew that anyway…Institute of Feminine Discipline when it first started was only meant to be the very best of the Strict Women that we did shoots with after all! And Miss Amy’s name was one of the first out of the bag when consideration was given as to who went in the site!  The requests for more Overseers at the site has lead to more faces being introduced, some better than others but the original 3 names that were drawn out of the bag will always I guess be the favourites for different reasons.   And Miss Shay and Miss Rebekah believe me get just as much praise from the members as Miss Amy.

[sWF]flash/IFDAmyPunBookBlkMail_04.swf, 480, 305[/SWF]

And you can see these awesome videos on Miss Amy’s personal video pages at Strict Women and Institute of Feminine Discipline!  Dont forget Miss Amy also has many of her videos available on DVD or as a full length digital download at the FemDom Spanking Store and streaming as full length videos at Domination Theater!

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys
fdssDomination Theater

Miss Selina (for which read Miss Zoe of Strict Mistress Zoe) has returned this week in lingerie, stockings and suspenders complete with paddle and cane as she leads this months group masturbation session for all male creatures who have been able to behave throughout the month!  Seems Miss Amy’s new discipline regime must have been working better than usual as there are more males allowed to take part!  But the question will always remain…will She, whoever She is, allow them to squirt!  So far Miss Rebekah has taken a pride in pushing all males to the very limits and then right on the point of ejaculation withdrawing permission simply for her own amusement and spanking them instead!  Miss Shay has allowed the boys to squirt only once but out of her sight for which She got into trouble with her boss Miss Amy.  So with Miss Selina now outranking Miss Amy as more and more Male Liberation Front plots are uncovered, will Miss Selina allow this?

Well its hard to say for sure BUT we do know this much!  if she DOES allow it, they will be wanking with sore hands and sore bottoms regardless because she is not putting up with ANY misbehaviour during this session!

And I have a video preview for you all 🙂

[sWF]flash/IFD053SelinaWank_02.swf, 480, 305[/SWF]

And you can see this video now exclusively at the Institute of Feminine Discipline Members Club!

And dont forget the IFD’s Clips 4 Sale store either! Awesome Fm Spanking at Awesome value!

fdssDomination Theater

Laying down the law to males in her life has certainly never been a foreign principle to Miss Viktoria but it is only in recent years that Miss Viktoria has started to see that males behave better when that strong female figure in their lives becomes more dominant or strict if you will.  And the more that she began to keep order and set rules for Adam in the house the more she saw that treating him like a subordinate lackey subject to her discipline, the better life became.  So it was inevitable that it would not be long before he was over her knees as she discovers that spanking guys bare bottoms works perfectly to get them back in line!

And to this background imagine the scene!   Adam has been doing his usual chores, one of which is to tidy Miss Viktoria’s room.  But from her room she finds he has taken several of her pairs of panties!  And as she walks in on on him in his room finding him masturbating with those panties to his face the bare bottom spanking he is about to get is inevitable!

And i have managed to get my paws on a video preview from todays update 🙂

[sWF]flash/SW231ViktoriaPantySniffer_03.swf, 480, 305[/SWF]

Awesome as always :)  And you can see it now exclusively at Strict Women:-)

Don’t forget though that Strict Women have their own Clips 4 Sale store as well! See some great clips from the beautiful Miss Jodie Karnell, Miss Rebekah and others! As well as some of the older favorites like Miss Amanda, Miss Samantha and so many other Goddesses of yesteryear at their site

Strict Women Spanking Naughty BoysfdssDomination Theater

Mike has been subjected to quite a shock at the new Gloucestershire IFD this week as he is informed by Miss Marnette Kelly that though Miss Acacia has only sent him there to help out with the set up of that institute, he is not going to be allowed to return to the much feared Surrey IFD!  You would think that he would not want to but the strain in relations between the Board of Corrective Women and the newly formed Campaign For Stricter Discipline (CSD) from which Miss Marnette Kelly originates is such that the two organisations do not quite see eye to eye!  One believes that the other allows too many rewards for the boys for simply doing what they should be doing in any event (as they are told and following the rules) and the other believes more in effective use of sexual frustration and mixing discipline with motivating reward for good behaviour.   Miss Acacia and the Board of Corrective Women are in the second camp but the new Gloucestershire IFD and Spanking Centre is very much in the first!  And Miss Marnette Kelly is determined to topple the reputation of the Surrey IFD as the most feared in favour of her own Institute!

Mike had been lead to believe he was only going to be at the new IFD for a day or perhaps two whilst he assisted Miss Marnette Kelly in setting up the new location but when it is announced that possession is 9 / 10’s of the law (which it isn’t by the way but no male would dare to argue…not even Mike!) And when he is told he is going to be there indefinitely it is like a bolt from hell out of the blue!

And I have a video preview 🙂

[sWF]flash/IFD059GMKNewIFD_03.swf, 480, 305[/SWF]

And you can see this video now exclusively at the Institute of Feminine Discipline Members Club! And also many others besides.

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Miss Rose returns this week to the awesome Institute of Feminine Discipline where naughty boy Drew reports for discipline!   Drew like so many of us has a bottom fetish but unlike many guys he is unable to keep his hands to himself!  They just seem to wander to every ladies bottom that he sees!  And he has today been sent for a short sharp shock at the Institute of Feminine Discipline!  He will spend a week there but before he does he must pass firstly through the Chelsea Spanking Centre! And that means a sore spanked bottom for him!

Miss Rose decides that the best way to deal with him is a course of aversion therapy where she walks sexily around the room flaunting her femininity and then if she catches him ogling her or trying to touch her he gets a sound bare bottom spanking!  Will this work?   Well you will have to watch the movie to find out!  🙂

[sWF]flash/IFD047RoseOrentation05.swf, 480, 305[/SWF]

And you can see this video now exclusively at the Institute of Feminine Discipline Members Club! And also many others besides. The video is also available as a full length digital download at the FemDom Spanking Store and for streaming to your tv or computer at Domination Theater!

And dont forget the IFD’s Clips 4 Sale store either! Awesome Fm Spanking at Awesome value!


Domination Theater

Hello everybody and welcome back to this my favourite home blog now very nearly 6 whole years of age 🙂  And today at the FemDom Spanking Blog i want to talk to you all about the latest update from Miss Acacia aka Miss Elizabeth aka Miss Overseer Supreme Acacia of the Board of Corrective Women!  For today at Strict Women, members get to see the sensual sexy side of this incredible Dominatrix as she explains life as it is going to become to newly wed husband Dodgy Dave who has been expecting sex on his wedding night!  But no, instead life is explained as Miss Acacia laying down rules and regulations and where there will be rewards for good behaviour and corporal punishment for bad behaviour!

Sex is out of the window for poor dave unless it is Christmas or his birthday or for some reason perhaps Miss Acacia wants it but it will always be on Her terms and She may decide to get it elsewhere!  Dodgy Dave is informed that even masturbation will be prohibited without first obtaining Her permission and only then when supervised!  Otherwise as they say at the Board of Corrective Women, he needs to remember that ‘wanking rhymes with spanking’!

Not only does Dodgy Dave not get sex but he also is not allowed to sleep in the bed anymore!  Only Miss Acacia is allowed to sleep there!  Dodgy’s place is on the floor next to the dogs bed!  The dog gets a bed of course.  Dodgy does not!

And I have a couple of pics from todays awesome Femdom Fm spanking video 🙂


You can see more from Miss Acacia in the full update now online at Strict Women! Alternatively you can see the full length video as a digital download or as a DVD at FemDom Spanking Store or have it streaming to your computer or internet tv at Domination Theater! And dont forget the IFD’s Clips 4 Sale store either!  Awesome Fm Spanking at Awesome value!  :)

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys
 fdss Domination Theater