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Alexis had been a very lucky boy.   After much good behaviour and six months of hard FemDom Fm spanking and discipline over the knees of the strict Overseers at the Institute of Feminine Discipline he has been released from the Surrey IFD.  Miss Amy had given her personal authority that he was now a well behaved and well adjusted disciplined young man.  Indeed she had said in her report to the Board of Corrective Women’s Male Creature Release Authority that he was now polite and submissive in female presence and that he could now make an acceptable lackie male creature for his Overseer or in the case that She were to pass him on to another superior Female then to that Woman also.

Alexis however has let Miss Amy down very badly.   When approached by the Male Liberation Front to smuggle evidence of severe fm spanking from the institute in the hope of discrediting the Institute in a highly publicised scandal, Alexis has accepted and indeed carried out the haneous act in the name of the Male Liberation Front and found himself slap back over the knees of the Institute of Feminine Disciplines most senior disciplinarian Miss Amy.

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[SWF]flash/IFD003AmyReturn_04.swf, 480, 305[/SWF]

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