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After a long hard day of pounding the streets searching for new customers, Miss Cassie faces rude and arogant mike as the final household and decides to instead pound his bare backside for a change!   In this ‘hard hitting’ update to the Femdom Fm spankings being administered left and centre at Strict Women, Miss Cassie demonstrates ably just why she is one of the most feared and revered of Goddesses out there in FemDom Land!  A very sound bare bottom spanking and caning not to mention paddling and strapping leaves mike running to the corner when Miss Cassie does finally allow it!

And i have a video preview for you all :)

[SWF]flash/SW143CassieKnockTwice_04.swf, 360, 325[/SWF]

One way or another strict Miss Cassie is determined that young mike is going to learn a lesson about feminine discipline and supremacy!  And there is no better way to do that than to tan his backside for him!

And you can see this brand new movie now exclusively at Strict Women!  Or if you prefer to get the DVD or full length digital download you can get that from the FemDom Spanking Store or watch the video streaming from the internet servers onto your computers or tv screen over at Female Domination Theater :-)

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Perhaps one of Miss Zoe’s very best movies has just been released at Strict Mistress Zoe!  Now Miss Zoe even on a bad day is known to be perhaps one of the best strict women around but when she is on a good day and excelling (as she was this day) she is hot as hell and is known to lead her boys to that very spot in hell before lifting them to heaven and dropping them hard back on the floor in hell once more!

In this particular movie, seasoned victim and bad boy Alexis has his limits both physical and mental, tested by our strict Goddess and struggles to come out the other side!   But happily i can report that he does just about make it 🙂   And why is he being punished today?  Well to quote Miss Zoe, for his ‘behaviour of cleaning’.   Alexis pokes fun at this slip of the tongue for a moment but soon receives a hard smack across the face for his attitude in huffing and puffing at the scolding that she is giving him.  And though he is soon brought back down to earth and put in his place by that face slap, Miss Zoe he finds himself bent over Miss Zoe’s knee with his pants down!  And from there Alexis will be given a long hard bare bottom hand spanking from this Goddess!

And i have a video preview from today’s update 🙂

[SWF]flash/SMZ052Janitor_01.swf, 360, 325[/SWF]

Believe me I was there when this movie was made and this is probably one of the hottest FemDom Fm spanking videos I have ever seen made.  if this movie does not do it for you then you are dead below the waist quite frankly 🙂   And you can see it now exclusively at Strict Mistress Zoe 🙂

Or if you wish, is also available on DVD or as a digital download at FemDom Spanking Store or if you wish you can watch it streaming on your PC (or mac if you have one of those) at Domination Theater where it has recently been published! :-)

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As i update you all about my favourite members sites out there in spanking and discipline land I always like to cover some of what is going on in an area which was always very popular not so long ago but which sometimes get missed amongst the endless stream of TGP’s and the like and that is AVS sites.  Or Adult Verification Sites to be precise where you pay an annual or bi-annual fee for access to thousands of sites on their network made by numerous web-masters out there.   My own favourite amongst these is FemDom and Spanking Sites as everything they have been doing for around 10 years is all linked up from within one site including all of the sites they made for another AVS some years ago.  This site is like a huge members site in itself, it updates regularly and it has loads of Fm, Ff and Mf spanking sites within it.  Not to mention Female Supremacy, Face Sitting and Foot Domination!   Each of those sites inside is only meant to give you a taste of what to expect in their sponsor sites but with nearly a hundred sites within its main protected area and another 50 sites that were created for cyberage some time ago it is really an excellent site to look at 🙂  And unlike the TGP’s and so on every single gallery held there is in a light box gallery, it is nicely presented and easy to navigate.  You will NOT end up going anywhere that you did not expect to go (sometimes referred to as blind links) and you can forget about risks like pop up hell, dialers that phone out from your computer to premium rate numbers and viruses and such like that are fairly common on TGP’s.  All of this can be a thing of the past with this site.  And there are so many other sites not listed on this one that are part of the network also coming free with the same pass.

And my reason for this post today is that they have just updated with another 7 new sites!  Actually it was updated a week ago but this is the first chance i have had to put pen to paper so to speak and let you all know about them 🙂   And their update is really a very good and interesting one 🙂

This latest update includes 2 FemDom Fm spanking sites, 1 lezdom F/f spanking site, 1 Maledom M/f spanking site and 1 face sitting site and 2 foot domination sites indicating an expansion of their foot domination area.

The Fm sites are called Spanked By Miss Jessica (with Miss Jessica Wood) and Spanked by Miss Leia (with Leia Ann Woods) both of which are dedicated to the great site Strict Women!   :)

On the LezDom F/f and maledom M/f spanking side you can see another site from friends at Hand Spanking called Bend Over My Knee and another from Girls Boarding School called Spanked Naughty Girl.
Then there are 2 foot domination sites from FootDom United called Know your Place and Foot Worship Boy and a face sitting site from Deadly Females called Smothered Boyfriend.
All of the sites listed at FemDom And Spanking Sites to any of you with a basic net verifier pass.

So if you enjoy this blog, please go visit my site at FemDom And Spanking Sites:-)

And by the way, a years membership to this site containing over 100 sites like the above together with an additional 50 or so links directly into their older discontinued Cyberage sites costs about the same as many sites charge for a month  🙂

Click Here to visit FemDom And Spanking Sites

News is just coming in of a brand new update from sexy Miss Zoe, Czech Goddess Miss Viktoria and the awesome FemDom video producer Retrobution FemDom Fm Spanking Productions have just released 3 brand new videos at Domination Theater and FemDom Spanking Store!  :-)

Here are the details ;-)

Strict Miss Zoe:  Janitors Inquisition

When Miss Zoe’s janitor fails to do as he was instructed at Miss Zoe’s house he is in deep trouble! This is a time for a sound bare bottom hand spanking over Miss Zoe’s knee but Miss Zoe is not satisfied with this! And before he knows it, new slave Alexis is a very sorry naughty boy indeed!

Expect to see LOTS of OTK hand spanking in this movie with awesome domination from Miss Zoe at strictest!

See Video as DVD or Digital Download at FemDom Spanking Store
See Video at Domination Theater.

Miss Viktoria:  Passport To A Spanking

Speaking fluent English, with a sexy Eastern European accent, the gorgeous and strict Miss Viktoria takes her male to task regarding her passport.

She cannot find it, and knows he either lost it, or deliberately hid it, so she could not leave him home alone

With some very hard over the knee spanking, along with severe paddling as he lie on the bed, or she sat upon his back, she FINALLY gets the truth from him.

Hard spanking, sexy scolding and teasing. Miss Viktoria is a delight!

See Video as DVD or Digital Download at FemDom Spanking Store
See Video at Domination Theater.

Retrobution FemDom Fm Spanking Productions:  The Bully & Frau Kruger

Head Mistress Frau Kruger invites Lilly Gerlach, the Head Girl from the Akademie next door to witness the correction of an English exchange student who has been bullying her and her freinds.

Frau Kruger delights Lilly as she methodically humiliates the young man, then subjects him to a bare bottom caning.

Early minutes are in German with sub titles, however most of the video is in the English language.

See Video as DVD or Digital Download at FemDom Spanking Store
See Video at Domination Theater.

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Sick boy mike soon wishes he had not been sick at all when he reports to Miss Amy to explain why he had told new Goddess Miss Shay that Miss Amy had given him special dispensation from his daily spankings!   Though lying may not be prohibited in the Board of Corrective Women’s 10 commandments, honesty is something that is expected regardless of all boys and if one uses dishonesty to avoid a punishment then he is in deep trouble!  And the caning and paddling that Miss Amy gives mike today is nothing compared to the caning and paddling he will face from an angry Miss Shay tomorrow when he reports to her once more and has to explain why he thought She would not question the decision!!!

As you would expect from any video featuring Miss Amy you will see real hot FemDom Fm spanking, caning, paddling, strapping and tawsing in this video both of mikes bare bottom and of his hands!

And I have a video preview of today’s clip!

[SWF]flash/IFD019AmySickBoy_Blog05.swf, 360, 325[/SWF]

And you can see this video now exclusively at the Institute of Feminine Discipline Members Club!  And also many others besides.  Or if you wish, you can get the DVD or full length digital download at FemDom Spanking Store or if you wish to see it streaming to your computer or internet tv then you can see it now at Domination Theater.  And dont forget the IFD’s Clips 4 Sale store either!  Awesome Fm Spanking at Awesome value!  :)

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Dave Dodgy of Dodgy Enterprises is in trouble today at Strict Women as he reports to his strict younger manageress to explain errors in the accounts.   And being the chauvinist that he is he  takes it for granted that it will be easy to pull the wool over Miss Jade’s eyes!  But our strict young Goddess is having none of it and before dave knows it he is put over her knee with his pants down for a well deserved hard bare bottom FemDom Fm spanking!   And good job too!  Maybe he will learn from this but one doubts it 🙂

And i have a video preview for you all 🙂

[SWF]flash/SW198JadeLostAcct_01.swf, 360, 325[/SWF]

Do not miss this excellent Female Domination and Corporal Punishment video featuring one of the nets sexiest and best looking Mistresses now exclusively at Strict Women:-) Or if you wish, is also available on DVD or as a digital download at FemDom Spanking Store or if you wish you can watch it streaming on your PC (or mac if you have one of those) at Domination Theater where it has recently been published! :-)

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Miss Viktoria and Antscha have returned this week at the Institute of Feminine Discipline to well and truly lay the law down on two naughty boys who blame Female cheerleaders spanking the legs of the English soccer team for the teams failure to win the world cup!   Such sedision is a criminal offence in this new age world of Female Domination.  For any male to criticise any Female is punishable with a soundly spanked bottom and Peter and Alan are therefore summoned to the local Spanking Centre in Chelsea to pay for their crimes!

Whilst you are reading this by the way I am actually filming with the lovely Miss Acacia of the Institute of , the Boss at the Institute of Feminine Discipline who is doing some quite exciting work including several FemDom public service announcements which will outline some news about things to come!   So watching the spanking below remember to keep us poor boys with sore bottoms in mind!  🙂

Here are a few pics from the latest update 🙂


And you can see this video now exclusively at the Institute of Feminine Discipline Members Club!  And also many others besides.  Or if you wish, you can get the DVD or full length digital download at FemDom Spanking Store or if you wish to see it streaming to your computer or internet tv then you can see it now at Domination Theater.  And dont forget the IFD’s Clips 4 Sale store either!  Awesome Fm Spanking at Awesome value!  :)

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This week at Strict Women, Miss Carmen K is back and paddle handed she sets about instilling some much needed discipline into an over inflated self absorbed football team!   You know the sort?  They think they are hte only ones that matter…screw the fans, screw the poor cheerleaders who struggle to defend them and lead the cheering, they are the one and only team and worth more than everybody and anybody.   A bit like the pros?   Well that is what this college team is like and Miss Carmen K is not putting up with it!   She has decided that the team is in need of new management to instil some discipline and there is no better management than her with her trustee hairbrush!

And I have a video preview for you all 🙂

This is an excellent little movie and you can see it now exclusively at Strict Women:-) Or if you wish, is also available on DVD or as a digital download at FemDom Spanking Store or if you wish you can watch it streaming on your PC (or mac if you have one of those) at Domination Theater where it has recently been published! :-)

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Roshan promoted and transferred 

Roshan was manager in a reputed Insurance company.   One day the  boss called him to her chamber and told that he had been promoted as Senior Manager.  He  was joyed.  At  age of twenty six  promotion to such a senior post  was indeed creditable.

The Boss further  said:  You are  posted to Silent Valley Branch.   You have to take charge just next week.

She suddenly asked:   Are you married?  There is no official information in the bank.

Roshan said:  Ma’am.  I’m yet unmarried.

Boss: then. There is one problem.  Only a married person can be posted in that branch.  Can you get married just within a week?

Roshan:  How Ma’am.  Then better defer my promotion.

Boss:  No.  This is not our policy.  Just  accept promotion and join after marrying.  Otherwise  quit.

Roshan:  Ma’am.  Getting married is not so simple. This needs a lot of planning and preparation.

Marry or join singles club- Roshan joins 

The boss thought for a few minutes.  Then said:  Okay. there is a way.  There is a Singles Club at Silent Valley.  You may join there as Senior Manager even if you are single if  you  join the Singles Club.  There were many complaints about bad behavior by  single staff and officers.  The singles are considered irresponsible and undisciplined.  They indulge in  drunkenness and also misbehave.    There have been many cases of molestation  also.  In a case, a bank employee was named  in a rape case.  We do not like  bad name for our bank.   The Singles Club undertakes responsibility for good behavior of male members.

Roshan:  Thank you ma’am. I shall join the Singles Club.

Roshan was relieved of his charge and issued promotion order with direction to report at silent Valley Branch.

Roshan reached Silent Valley within a week and  joined Singles Club.   The Club director,  Smitha,  gave a copy of club rules.  The members were required to reach the club in evening after close of office hours.  They were not allowed to eat or drink outside.  If a member had to stay away for longer hours or meet some body, he must give advance  information.  Any breach of rules of club would be seriously dealt with.   The male members were only five.   All other were lady members.

Male Club member spanked for indiscipline 

All was okay for a few days.  Just on first Saturday,  the club secretary told the gathering that Mathew, a club member had  gone to Noisy Valley, a nearby town  last day and returned late.  Thus he failed to  come to club immediately after office and went to another city without proper permission and reason.   He availed  leave for a day from his office on false pretext of  head ache.  He visited the red light area.

The secretary further announced:  After dinner is over,  all members will gather in the club hall.

After finishing meals, all went to the hall.  Mathew was asked to remove all his clothes and place his both hands on a table.  Mathew obeyed dutifully.

The secretary said:  Possibly some of our members have not seen punishment session so far.  We hold such session every week just after dinner.  All acts of indiscipline, in business place, office, road or elsewhere that come to notice lead to spanking.   Mathew availed leave on false pretext,  went to other town without information and permission,  drank there and went to red light area.  The offences are very serious.  Hence, the punishment is also extraordinarily severe. Mathew will be spanked very hard one hundred times.

The Secretary spanked Mathew very hard on his butts.  After a few spanks, Mathew began crying.  The secretary laughed:  This is just trailer. The movie will start later.

The Secretary requested Lily,  another  member,  to spank Mathew.  Lily first gave a few hand spanks.  Meanwhile the club maid fetched a paddle.   Lily spanked  the fleshy butts of Mathew.  After each spank, she counted.  One,  two, three….

Mathew’s butts were swollen.  He cried begging:  Please stop.  I’ll not again..

Lily scorned:  You will not again…..   I’ll also not again.

Lily would pause for five minutes after every ten spanks.  This was to prolong spanking.  The last spank would be harshest.   Mathew would cry aloud but this only amused the gathering. His crimson red butts were really very exciting.   Roshan and other male members were  scared.  They could also get such spanking some day.

Smitha  interrupted after ninety spanks.  She said:  Just pause. I shall deliver the last ten.

Smitha used dragon cane on butts and back of Mathew.   This was harshest ever spanking.  She also tongue  lashed.  She scornfully said- Again go to whores’  and fuck.  bastard. ”    Blood also appeared on butts of  Mathew.   She used the cane on back, butts, thighs very mercilessly.

Mathew almost fainted after receiving full spanking.

A few months passed. Mathew had also forgotten all about the dreadful spanking that he had received.

Wedding ceremony of Club Secretary’s brother 

One day,  Smitha  announced that  her brother would  be married next Monday.  All club members were to attend the marriage.  The club kitchen would be closed for a week. All club members were her guests for the marriage ceremony. All were to attend the wedding.

The male members visit call girl and avoid ceremony  

Mathew saw an opportunity in this.  He was feeling suffocated in strict environment of the Singles Club.  He said to Roshan and other male members:   We have an opportunity to enjoy.  Let us go to nearby town  for a day or so.

Roshan said: This is risky.  If  caught,  very harsh spanking awaits us. This will kill me.

Others also feared. But Mathew said: Such opportunity is rare. Last time, the club was not closed.  This time all are busy with wedding ceremony and we have a chance.

All the five male members gave intimation of going outstation to attend some private work.   They gave this intimation in their offices also.

Roshan, Mathew and others left the station and  enjoyed to their full.  They roamed during the day.  In the evening, Mathew guided all friends to a posh colony.   They arrived in a flat. A very glamorous woman in her early thirties welcomed them.  Mathew introduced all his companions to her.  She  ordered her maid to serve whiskey and snacks to the guests.  She said: Mathew!  well done! Nice to see all your friends here. This is the nicest place to enjoy.

Mrs.  Rosy, the apartment owner went to the adjoining room.  She came back and told:  All is arranged.  Mathew gave an advance of Rs. 25,000/- and said : Thanks Rosy Darling.  I hope my friends will have  all fun tonight.

Mathew stayed with Rosy and others were guided to some other rooms.  Rosy said that four girls would be entertaining others.   She was most favorite of Mathew and would be whole night with him.  Roshan went to another room as guided.  A young teen aged girl soon came to his room.  Roshan enjoyed sex with her throughout night. He had never such a nice time.

All friends enjoyed sex the whole night.  Next day, they came back to Silent valley.

As usual, they attended their job.  They returned to the Singles Club as usual as if nothing had happened.

Secretary hosts party 

Next morning, Mrs.  Smitha  said:  Friends.  Wedding ceremony of my brother is over.  Some of our club members failed to attend the ceremony. This is a matter of regret.  I am going to host a party to welcome the newly wedded couple.  All members of Singles club are esteemed guests.  I request all to take leave from their job for three days.  I shall also tell your employers to grant leave for this.

Mathew,   Roshan and other male members were very joyous. They would get another round of wine, free time and dinner.   Smitha had  arranged a  luxury bus to take all of them to a resort owned and managed by her.

They all reached at noon at the resort.   All lazed throughout day.  At 5 P.M., all  gathered in the resort garden.  First, the drinks.  The five males  could  expect nothing better.

After dinner, Smitha  announced:  Friends!  I thank you all for the valuable time you spent here to bless the couple.  Now, I am leaving this party along with my brother.  The  newly wedded sister in law, Sheila and others will remain here for rest of function.  Now is the time for all to rest and sleep. Good night and best wishes.

Smitha  left leaving behind the newly wedded sister  in law, handing her over all charge of the function.   Sheila announced that she was very happy to be in function.  She said- let us go to bed and gather here again at 10 A.M. tomorrow.

Roshan wondered what Sheila really intended. After the feast,  all should have dispersed.  But there was no way.  They retired to bed as usual.

The newly wedded bride takes  spanking assignment  

They all gathered in the big garden as usual.   Sheila announced: Friends!  I am very thankful for the grand reception.  But I am disgusted that five male members of the Singles Club chose to wander away and visit  prostitutes  instead of joining my wedding ceremony.  I am personally not bothered about this but my sister in law is very strict.  The Singles  Club aims at disciplining  male members.   I am told that Mathew was given exemplary spanking for vising red light area.  Yet he and others chose to take leave from their work, avoid the wedding ceremony for enjoying sex.  I am concerned because my sister in law has authorized me to discipline these erring members.

Roshan and others were stunned. They could not utter even a single word.  Sheila said:  Now the punishment will be in this garden. I hope spanking on nude behinds in open will have some affect.

Sheila ordered Mathew,  Roshan and three others to remove all their clothes and stand in this position.  They removed their clothes and stood in utter shame.  There were only lady members  and the newly wedded wife’s lady friends  to witness.  The only other male were gardener and some security staff. This was amusing to all.

The  five were made to stand nude for an hour.  Thereafter,   Sheila announced:  The offence committed by these five truants and vagabond members is inexcusable.  They need at least 200 cuts of  whip on their behinds. But as this is occasion of  merry making,  I reduce the punishment only to ten spanks each.

Sheila brought a leather slipper.  She first used the slipper on their palms.  This was not counted towards punishment.  She spanked every one ten times  on their butts. They all cried with pain.

Spanking game after punishment

But the game was not yet over.  Sheila said:  They had their punishment. Now is the gift.  One of these five will get an opportunity to sleep with my prettiest friend, Pinki.  She agrees to sleep with one who  gets  maximum spanking.  She asked:  Mathew ! Are you ready.  Mathew said: yes ma’am.  Roshan and others also agreed.

Sheila said: There are rules of the game.  All will have to accept spanking in lot of ten each.  Nobody can refuse to quit before receiving ten spanks. If you accept another round, next ten meaning total twenty is compulsory.  Ultimately, one who remains in the game till end will get the opportunity to bed Pinki.  Also every one will be spanked in a separate place and will not be told how much spanking others have suffered.

All five were tied to the five whipping posts in different rooms.    Five lady members of club were assigned the spanking job.

Roshan was sent to a room.  Elizabeth, a club member,   spanked  Roshan.  She tied Roshan to a whipping post. She used a paddle to spank him.  She gave him very harsh spanks. Roshan was almost in tears. After ten spanks, Elizabeth asked:  Will you continue?

Roshan said:  Yes.   So another round of ten strokes of the paddle. She spanked him very harsh and paused for a minute after every stroke. This would prolong the spanking session and pain.   After twenty spanks, Elizabeth asked if he would continue.

Roshan said- Ma’am. How much  Mathew and others got?

Elizabeth rebuked- Bastard. Secrecy  is the fun of game. If you want to share bed with Pinki,   get  maximum  spanking.  This is an opportunity for free fucking. No cost. Only pain.

Roshan got  sixty strokes.  He could  bear no more spanking after the sixth round.

Then  Roshan was brought to the garden where all were gathered.  The other five were also there.  Roshan had got maximum spanking. Mathew had taken forty cuts. The others had exhausted after twenty strokes each. Thus Roshan was the winner.

Roshan wins and beds Pinki 

Roshan  was satisfied that he would get opportunity to sleep with such pretty girl.  The painful spanking had been so rewarding.

Sheila said:  Congratulation Roshan!  Sleep with Pinki tonight.  Spanking does not end.  Pinky loves to spank your fleshy rounded butts.

Pinki spanks and beds Roshan 

Pinky arrived with a whippy cane and spanked Roshan twenty times in presence of all.

Then she said-  Let us go to bed.

Roshan and Pinki enjoyed throughout the night.   Pinki loved  spanking Roshan’s fleshy butts.  She did not spare his behinds even in the bed.

Roshan and Pinki marry 

Pinki stayed in the Singles Club for a few days more.  She developed a liking for Roshan.  A few days later, they decided to marry.  Their wedding was held in the same resort with pomp and show.  The newly wedded couple were given a hearty welcome.  Later Roshan was given a send off.  Roshan and Pinki left to live in a separate apartment.  Now Pinki had absolute monopoly on Roshan. His lovely butts could be spanked only by Pinki.

This week at the Institute of Feminine Discipline Miss Selina (aka Miss Zoe) is back and poor dodgy dave is in trouble once more!  Miss Zoe has already put mike over her knee and now, for no other reason than to stamp down her authority at the Institute and remind the boys that they are well and truly below her level, she has decided to spank both of their bottoms!   This time it is dodgy dave that is getting his in this fantastic FemDom Fm spanking video.

Usually I show a video preview at this point but I think this week I will make an exception 🙂  Do something a little different and publish a few pics from the gallery instead!  🙂  Simply cos I can and because I like them 🙂  And as always, it is HERE that you saw them first!  Well…unless you are a member of the Institute of Feminine Discipline Members Club that is!  🙂    And as FemDom Fm spanking fans you really should be!

Great shot here taken by yours truly 😉   I like to get the angles and you get to see a lot there…see the spanking between Miss Selina’s legs and even a hint of a look up her skirt if you really want some time over her knee getting YOUR butt spanked!  🙂

Its a really excellent video even by Miss Zoe’s standards 🙂  And it seals Miss Selina’s place as one of the top strict women at the site.   And actually I am set to be doing another shoot with Miss Zoe in a few weeks 🙂    Its going to be real fun 🙂

And you can see this video now exclusively at the Institute of Feminine Discipline Members Club!  And also many others besides.  Or if you wish, you can get the DVD or full length digital download at FemDom Spanking Store or if you wish to see it streaming to your computer or internet tv then you can see it now at Domination Theater.  And dont forget the IFD’s Clips 4 Sale store either!  Awesome Fm Spanking at Awesome value!  :)

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Domination Theater