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Forever a Queen of FemDom Fm Spanking, Miss Zoe comes forward today to conclude this classic Female Domination movie entitled Devilicious!  Miss Zoe is perhaps one of the leading talents at humiliating males in FemDom history and this movie really underscores this!  I mentioned this in my previous note on the movie here maybe a month or two ago and Josh commented that he could not see the level of humiliation in the clip that I showed in that post as opposed to others.  Well, unfortunately without showing you all the entire movie, it is impossible to really demonstrate what I mean.  But trust me, this particular movie as it develops leads into being perhaps Miss Zoe’s hardest core humiliation films to date.  I may not be able to show you everything here today but if you do not want to take my word for it, maybe give the site at Strict Mistress Zoe a visit and see it there 🙂

Forced to wear a strap on dildo on his head and rub it up and down whilst singing ‘i like playing with my cock’ is none other than Dodgy Dave who grits his teeth and through a contorted face wishing for the earth to swallow him up, he can not quite escape from the realisation that should the earth actually do just that, he would simply sink into a heated pit of brimstone and fire where his Goddess, Miss Zoe would actually be at home dishing out all the same humiliation as she does in this film!  Only now, the gloves would be off and there would be no legal framework of human rights legislation to protect him (if indeed it ever did!!!) 🙂  This is the life of the hapless male my friends.  So before you wish for a life serving a dominant Goddess like Miss Zoe, be careful what you wish for!  Because these two boys did just that and then in a puff of smoke, Miss Zoe appeared to make their nightmares come true!  Good laugh for me though on the cameras that day!  😉

And i have a v ideo preview in which Dodgy Dave and Drew leave the room holding hands…just because Miss Zoe wanted it on film just how easily dave falls into this routine at her command!  🙂

A really great update from one of the best Mistress’s I have seen :-)  For some of the best FemDom Fm spanking action you really need to go visit Miss Zoe at her site at Strict Mistress Zoe!  There is so much great material there to see :-)

Anyway you can see more of Miss Zoe in this fantastic video now exclusively at Strict Mistress Zoe!  Or you can buy this video on DVD or as a digital download at FemDom Spanking Store or see this video streaming at Domination Theater.

Strict Mistress Zoe

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News has just come in of more new FemDom Fm and Ff spanking videos just released on the FemDom Spanking Store as DVD and digital downloadable files and also streaming to your computer or internet tv from Domination Theater!

The videos are from 2 of the most awesome names in spanking today – Ms Dana Spect and Sarah Gregory.

Here are the details ;-)

Ms Dana Specht & Sarah Gregory:  Sarah’s Strict Mommy

Sarah’s Mom (Dana Specht) is at her wits end with her bad behavior and announces she is being sent to a private boarding school, where punished girls receive bare bottom spankings. To show her what’s in store for her, her Mom turns her over her knee and gives her a hand spanking then sends her to bed. When she comes in to check on her, Sarah sasses Mom and gets her mouth washed out with soap. Next morning she is hauled out of the bathtub and given another spanking on her wet behind. When Sarah returns home for a weekend break, Mom learns she was spanked at school and gives her a caning and finishes it off with a sound bare bottom spanking with the hairbrush. Lots of action in this newest video with Sarah Gregory.

See Video as DVD or Digital Download at FemDom Spanking Store
See Video at Domination Theater.

Ms Dana Specht & Sarah Gregory:  Sarah’s Real Punishment

Sarah confessed to me she was texting while driving and knew she deserved to be punished for this. She wanted a real off-camera punishment because of the seriousness of such careless behavior. We did end up filming it because I wanted her to have a copy of her punishment to remind her if she ever did something so foolish again. I set aside the last day of her visit with me for her punishment and in the morning I told her to go to her room and wait for me. She was wearing her pajamas and was sitting on her bed when I walked in with just the basic implements I was going to use – my wide leather strap, my double strap, and my short Spencer paddle. I gave her a long lecture about the dangers of texting and cell phone use while driving and told her I was very disappointed in her, that she should know better. She began to cry then and I knew now was the time to take action. I turned her over my knee and spanked her bare bottom very hard. I made her lie on the bed and I strapped her with both straps while she cried her eyes out. Finally I sat on the bed and put her in a tight leg lock and paddled her red bottom with my short Spencer paddle. After her punishment, I sat her on my knee and forgave her, kissing away her tears and calming her down. This video is 21 minutes long but a very real punishment.

See Video as DVD or Digital Download at FemDom Spanking Store
See Video at Domination Theater.

Ms Dana Specht & Sarah Gregory:  Over Her Boss’ Knee


Ms Dana Specht is a strict no-nonsense boss and believes in corporal punishment in the work place. When her secretary Sarah Gregory misses an important deadline Ms Specht turns her over her knee for a bare bottom spanking then stands her in the corner with her panties pulled down to think about her poor work performance.

See Video at Domination Theater.

Anyway, as outlined above, there are 3 (three) brand new movies available on DVD or high quality digital downloadable files at FemDom Spanking Store or else you can stream them straight to your computers or internet tv via Domination Theater :-)

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Wow it only seems like yesterday when i was telling you all about the latest updates over at FemDom and Spanking Sites and yet here they are again (early by a few days) announcing 6 more sites added to their list!   And keeping too to their promise that every site will be available to you with the most basic Net Verifier membership!  And Net Verifier as an adult verification service charge approximately for 1 – 2 years membership what some sites charge for a month!

This latest update includes 2 FemDom Fm spanking sites, 1 lezdom F/f spanking site, 1 Maledom M/f spanking site and 2 face sitting sites.

The Fm sites are called Miss Wong Spanks David and the other Miss Lani Spanks Cowboy both of which are dedicated to the great site Strict Women!   :)

On the Maledom M/f spanking front you can see another site from friends at Spanked at Home called Home Spanking and the F/f Spanking Site is called  Strict Southern Spanking!
There are also two new FemDom face sitting sites there entitled Russian Face Sitting and Competitive Squashing 2 – Mistress Zoe (of Miss Zoe fame as at Strict Mistress Zoe for our friend Andy at Deadly Females with a second site called Smothered Under Pussy from our friends at Brutal Face Sitting :-)
All of the sites listed at FemDom And Spanking Sites to any of you with a basic net verifier pass.

So if you enjoy this blog, please go visit my site at FemDom And Spanking Sites:-)

And by the way, a years membership to this site costs about the same as many sites charge for a month  🙂

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Miss Shay may be young and drop dead beautiful!  But behind that stunning beauty lies a very strict and uncompromising individual indeed!   Miss Shay has been on a fast track since leaving FemDom Training College several years ago when she turned 18 and has now risen to the rank of Advanced Behavioural Therapist!  In fact, as Male Liberation Front activity increases, Miss Acacia of the Board of Corrective Women has even toyed with the idea of placing her in direct charge of the Surrey Institute of Feminine Discipline from time to time!  So it is clear that Miss Shay has a very bright future leading the world of Female Supremacy as the world moves from the year 2051 and onwards towards the 22nd century!

But do not let Miss Shay’s obvious beauty lull you into a false sense of security.  Miss Shay is a very determined young Woman who knows her own mind, her authority and moreover is comfortable with exercising that authority over male creatures to keep them in their place!  And what is that place?  Once asked this question, our Welsh Goddess simply curtly replied, wherever the hell I tell them it is!  So your place can be face down in the mud for the next 6 weeks boys if Miss Shay says so!  But more likely than not, it will be over her knees or under her bottom!  🙂  Or perhaps just an extra piece of furniture that She can put her Feet up on after administering this stinging bare bottom spanking on mike this week!

So why is mike in trouble this week?  Well he has left his bed without permission in the evening, absconded (once again) from the IFD and has been seen drinking at the local bar.  Now by today’s standards you might think this is a little extreme to spank him for such?  Well put those views out of your head!  Because in every household in the land where a male answers to a dominant Female partner, every one of us submissive males knows that we are subject to being spanked if he we disobey the rules laid down for us!  But this is not the year 2012, it is the year 2051!  The country is now a matriarchy under strict female rule where males are spanked twice a day, every day, simply to keep them in their place!  And then they can expect further corporal punishment if they misbehave or slack beyond such!   Perhaps it is little wonder Miss Shay has taken to this world like a duck to water?

You must remember that the world is now run by the Board of Corrective Women who have laid out 10 simple rules for all males.  These are known as the Board of Corrective Women 10 Commandments!  And mike has broken 2 of those commandments!  Firstly he has consumed alcohol contrary to commandment 7 and secondly he has been seen out of bed after 9pm which is laid down by the Board of Corrective Women as bed time for all males!  And by the way he has probably broken Commandment 9 about maintaining monolithic silence unless spoken to also knowing him!  He can not even bend over Miss Shay’s knee without having a moan or asking her if she is sure!  🙂   So given all of this it should not be any surprise to you that mike is in trouble today!

And I have a video preview for you all 🙂

And you can see this video featuring Miss Shay along with many others spanking the boys exclusively now at the Institute of Feminine Discipline!  🙂  Its a really great site to see and its little Female Supremacy twist with the great domestic FemDom Fm spanking action makes it totally perfect in my view :) Alteratively if you wish, you can get the DVD or full length high quality digital download of the full movie at the Femdom Fm Spanking Video Store or watch it streaming from the internet at Domination Theater:-)

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Hi again everybody and welcome back to my FemDom Fm Spanking blog.  Before i start, a big thank you goes out to those of you who wrote get well messages through last week.  Your wishes seem to have worked thankfully as my chest infection seems to be now under control.  Though not before getting in the way of and killing off the first of the shoots for this year with two brand new Hungarian women who were due to come into Strict Women this year 🙁   Oh well…there will be other times i guess.

Anyway, enough about me!   Its time to look at what is going on in the FemDom spanking world out there!  And it seems to that end, that one of the sexiest Goddesses at Strict Women has returned and is busy delivering a blistering hot bare bottom spanking to mike after he fails to “learn your lesson” (as the movie is called).  Miss Sandra for those of you who have not seen her before, has one of the sexiest bottoms I have seen on any site anywhere!  And she has driven so many of the boys (myself included) nuts at Strict Women with those tight denim shorts and black stockings that she has been wearing!  But poor mike does not get to spend a lot of time looking at his strict young Mistresses bottom as he spends most of the day today across those firm thighs getting his butt roasted by her paddle and hairbrush!  Well…if he had done as he was told, he would not be getting spanked right now would he?   And perhaps he could be looking at her bottom with the rest of the world if he dares!  🙂

Anyway i have a video preview taken from today’s update!  🙂

Ouch!  🙂   And you can see this brand new movie now exclusively at Strict Women!!!  Or if you prefer to get the DVD or full length digital download you can get that from the FemDom Spanking Store or watch the video streaming from the internet servers onto your computers or tv screen over at Female Domination Theater :-)

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

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News has just come in that leading FemDom Fm Spanking Video producer Miss Cassie of The Hunteress has updated her streaming video theatre at Domination Theater with 4 really hot hard core corporal punishment videos starring herself and her friend Miss Chi!

Here are the details of these great new FemDom Fm Spanking Movies!;-)

Miss Cassie:  Airforce Strapping!

Flying Officer Hunter is very cross with her insubordinate, gives him a verbal dressing down before a physical one, he is strapped to the punishment bench and thoroughly strapped.

See Video at Domination Theater.

Miss Cassie & Miss Chi:  Financial Slave Pt 1


Miss Chi’s financial slave presents the monthly accounts to Her, and it appears that £100 is missing…. She is dismayed as he is not letting on where the money is so she takes a strap to his behind and still no confession….. then She has an idea…..

See Video at Domination Theater.

Miss Cassie & Miss Chi:  Financial Slave Pt 2


Miss Chi brings her slave to Miss Hunter, to see if She can find out where the missing money is…. Miss Hunter interrogates him and uses Her extra heavy strap and dragon cane to assist! He blurts out his confession and is reduced to a quivering wreck. Miss Hunter also gives him two strokes with the tawse on the hands, that will help to remind him to keep his filthy trotters out of Mistress’ money! The 2 Dommes inspect the marks on his bottom and he is forced to do some shoe worship to prove how sorry he is.


See Video at Domination Theater.

Miss Cassie:  Uniform Caning


Flying Officer Hunter restrains and canes her insubordinate.

See Video at Domination Theater.

Some really great FemDom Fm Spanking action to be found there everybody…be sure to check it out!  Be there or be spanked! :-)

Domination Theater

Ok this comes to you all a day early I’m afraid!  And for 2 reasons!  The first is that Miss Acacia and I have our birthday today (Yay!  Start band…. happy birthday to us…) 🙂   And the second is that I’m spending my birthday with a chest infection!  So I am actually writing all of this on Sunday night!  You of course are now reading it on Monday afternoon.   But as I do not really know how my condition is going to be through the week I am trying to get as much done sooner rather than later  🙂   So please forgive the short posts those of you who actually read what I say!  🙂   But Miss Acacia HAS been informed and is considering disciplinary action as we speak so I may not get away with it!  🙂

So whats going on today at the Institute of Feminine Discipline I hear you ask!  Well I have just received one of the harshest bare bottom spankings I have ever received off of anybody!  Miss Rebekah has probably always been the hardest spanker I have faced as well as the strictest and this movie is perhaps several stages further in just how hard a spanking she can give and just how bitchy and strict she really can be!   And all whilst teasing the heck out of me as she walks around the room in her lingeries, high heeled shoes and stockings!   Any signs of erection of course are dealt with very sternly indeed as they are unauthorised!

And just for a change i thought i would show you all a couple of pics from the update today 🙂  These two of course being about a third of the size of the pics in the members area 🙂


And you can see this video featuring Miss Rebekah along with many others spanking the boys exclusively now at the Institute of Feminine Discipline!  🙂  Its a really great site to see and its little Female Supremacy twist with the great domestic FemDom Fm spanking action makes it totally perfect in my view :) Or see them now at the FemDom Spanking Store and Domination Theater!

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Roshan was posted in an export company in Ahmedabad as Finance Head.  He was to visit his company  branch at Mathura and stay there for about one month.   His parents advised him to stay with his uncle there.

Roshan reached his uncle’s residence at Mathura two days later.  He was given a hearty welcome. Apart from his uncle, his cousin and sister in law were also there.  Everything was normal for a few days until one day, his uncle chided him for buying some article from an unapproved shop. He failed to understand. His sister in law, Sarita, explained that they were devotees of   ‘Huzoor Maharaj’  and living in the community of the sect headed by him.  They could neither buy anything from others nor play loud music. They could also not eat non veg food or drink.

However, Roshan did not take this seriously.  Roshan was only intending to stay for a month he decided and so there was little point in paying any heed to the advice he had been given.

Two days, later, his cousin left on a business tour and so he was left with his uncle and sister in law Sarita whom he believed to be but a simple Hindu housewife there to take care of his poorly uncle who was in need of personal care even for going to the bathroom.  Roshan was particularly surprised when one day his uncle became sick with fever how Sarita helped her father in law to move to the bathroom where she could wash him without any of the shyness he had expected from his uncles Hindu daughter in law.

One evening Roshan came home drunk and was rebuked severely the following morning by Sarita for his breaking of the rules by which he was bound by customs of the sect.   Roshan however trivialised the complain by stating the sect consisted of fools and that their leader Huzmoor Maharj was a cheat.   This sufficed to anger Sarita who told him to behave himself or quit.   As her point was made Sarita left the house to pick up needed supplies .  Roshans uncle had told him not to underestimate Sarita and that any disobedience of the rules or disrespect would cause trouble but Roshan was determined to behave as he wished regardless.

As time went on, Roshan continued to disobey all rules.  Constantly returning home drunk and aggressive the situation came to a head when a complaint was received by a neighbour.  Sarita was extremely annoyed.  She had decided to punish and publicly humiliate Roshan for his behaviour. Inviting some of her friends, all of which were young women in their thirties to her home, she asked Roshan to remove his clothes. Roshan was excited at the prospect of  exposing  his nudity to the ladies but soon found himself tied.   Roshan was standing nude to the waist with his hands tied when Sarita asked one of her friends to remove Roshans trousers. Roshan was anxious.  So far, this had been but a joke to him but now he was helpless.   His trousers removed, he stood nude before the ladies who abusively mocked, teased and insulted him.   Sarita decided that he should be spanked and so spanked him with her bare hands before her friends each took a turn spanking his bottom.    One woman had brought a wooden paddle from her home and Roshan realised he was now going to be spanked with a wooden paddle.

For every offence, Sarita told Roshan, he would be receiving a spanking.   The offences were listed and began to stack up ranging from insulting Huzoor Maharaj, buying from unauthorized shops, drinking and other misconduct.  They would never spare anyone who insulted their religion.  Sarita bagan spanking with paddle stopping only when tired to hand the paddle on to the next lady in the line.   Roshan’s bottom became swollen and crimson red but his cries were in vain.  The women were in no mood to spare him.

There were drops of blood on Roshan;’s buttocks when Sarita decided to stop spanking. But his requests for clothes were refused.   He was instead to lie nude and would wear clothes only when called upon to fulfil his duty.  Sarita also refused him permission to  leave their house or to stay elsewhere. She would not let him off so easily.

Roshan had not yet understood his predicament.   The next day when he left the house arranging to stay at a local hotel, he had not realised that this would cause him yet more trouble.  He had still one week more at Mathura and had not been given permission to leave early.

Roshan had made some local friends. They all drank.  Whilst drunk one evening, Roshan boasted that Huzoor Maharaj Sect was a corrupt cheat, that his sister in law, Sarita was an unchaste woman  and that all in that sect fools.   Unfortunately for Roshan however, an employee at the hotel who had overheard him was a member of the sect and reported his whereabouts and behaviour to his strict sister in law.

The sect was very powerful and the next morning,  Roshan was still in an inebriated state.   A few young persons appeared and asked him to accompany them.  Who the hell are you he asked aggressively but received a hard slap to his face for his insolence.  Soon he would meet the leader who simply greeted him with the words “Bastard! you will know” and he was dragged and forced into a vehicle which would carry him to the Huzoor Mahraj sect community hall.   Soon, his uncle and sister in law also came.  Sarita rebuked- Did I not tell you to mend your way?  your blasphemy, misconduct and insult to his holiness Huzoor Maharaj  will be severely punished. I cannot help even if I wish.  Now you are culprit of the Community.

Roshan was captivated in a dark room.  Next day,  he was taken to a big hall. The head priest narrated misdeeds and sins of Roshan.  He also announced that Roshan was to be spanked severely.  The rule of the sect were that spanking and whipping would be administered by family members of  the culprit.  His uncle was sickly. His cousin was away and even if present would hesitate.  Sarita came forward  and said-  I will spank Roshan and teach him lesson.  Normally, only men could whip another man but Sarita was determined to use the whip herself.   She also said that she wanted to teach the lesson as best as she could.  There could be no way other than to  spank his bare bottom in the room now filling with more men and women.  The community head agreed.  Roshan was made to undress fully. He was tied to a pillar.   Sarita spanked his bottom with leather strap.  When she was tired, next person spanked Roshan.  Roshan cried bitterly but nobody sympathised.  Even teenager girls spanked him.  The gathering would laugh at his screams.  His bottom was swollen and crimson red. The gathering were happy to give him an  exemplary  punishment.

Naughty photographer david finds himself on the wrong end of Miss Zoe’s paddle today at Strict Mistress Zoe when he tries to push her further than she is prepared to go at a local photo shoot!   It seems that not only does he believe he should be able to get her to show way more flesh (and panty line) than she is prepared to but also that he should have the right to get ‘extras’.

Well it will not come as any surprise to hear that Miss Zoe has her own definition of what is meant by ‘extra’s’ that is somewhat different to dodgy dave’s OR his assistant!

And i have a video preview for you all!  🙂

Absolutely awesome FemDom Fm spanking video!  Never lose your touch Miss Zoe!  There are just too many boys out there in need of a 5 minute spell over your knee!

And you can see this video now exclusively at Miss Zoe’s site at Strict Mistress Zoe!  Or you can buy this video on DVD or as a digital download at FemDom Spanking Store or see this video streaming at Domination Theater.

Happy St Patricks Day everybody!  🙂

Strict Mistress Zoe

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Well it is always a pleasure to write about what is going on with one of the strictest women on the net!  Not to mention one of the hardest spanking women!  That is Miss Cassie!  And she is starring in a brand new Fm spanking video today at Strict Women in which she plays the part of an increasingly fed up sales executive!  She has been forced out on the street knocking doors to sign up new customers and not one so far has agreed to take out the contract!  And when she knocks on mikes door and is snubbed once again, something snaps in her head and poor mike takes the brunt of every ounce of her frustration from all his neighbours through the day!   Something by the way he is not very happy about!  He does not even LIKE his neighbours and yet he must take their punishment!  As always of course, he has no say and quicker than a flash, he finds he is bent over Miss Cassie’s knee with his pants down!

And I have a video sample for you all 🙂

And you can see this brand new movie now exclusively at Strict Women!  Or if you prefer to get the DVD or full length digital download you can get that from the FemDom Spanking Store or watch the video streaming from the internet servers onto your computers or tv screen over at Female Domination Theater :-)

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

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