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News has just come in of more new videos just released featuring Miss Dana Specht (and in one video Countess Wolfsong) onto DVD, digital downloadable files at the FemDom Spanking Store and of course streaming video at the best video theaters for Female Domination out there at Domination Theater.  One of the videos is an Ff spanking video and features the hotter than hell Sarah Gregory who I have no doubt anybody who loves general spanking videos will know already 😉

Here are the details ;-)

Miss Dana:  Behaviour Therapy

(Description from Miss Dana herself)

In this video Lee and I are in a vanilla marriage and I find out he spent our money seeing a behavior therapist who specializes in spanking. I had never heard of such therapy before and was curious to try it myself. I begin with an over-the-pants hand spanking then over the underwear and finally bare bottom. My next implement of choice is Lee’s belt and he gets a thorough licking while I discover how much fun it is to spank and strap my husband. I send him upstairs to fetch my wooden hairbrush and the fun continues over my lap until he is red, raw and swollen and I am ready for him to make wild passionate love to me. This is our best video yet and an entirely different Dana Specht than the strict, no-nonsense, unsmiling woman I usually portray!

See Video as DVD or Digital Download at FemDom Spanking Store
See Video at Domination Theater.

Miss Dana & Countess Wolfsong:  Cry Baby Cry

Dana Specht and Countess Wolfsong team up against Lee and give him the whipping of all whippings. No scenario or plot, not a lot of scolding, just plenty of OTK spankings, paddlings, strappings and of course merciless canings. The ladies turn him over both their knees for a harsh hairbrush spanking and at the end of the video they finish him off with an OTK caning, which you won’t see in a lot of spanking videos. The strapping scenes are long and severe with one Domme administering the strap, followed by the other then both ladies stand on either side and give Lee a thorough whipping. This is the first video with Dana and Wolfsong but it won’t be the last. What a dance! A great FemDom Fm Spanking Classic!

See Video as DVD or Digital Download at FemDom Spanking Store
See Video at Domination Theater.

Miss Dana & Sarah Gregory: Panty Punishment

Sarah Gregory returns to my home for another visit and video shoot. In this custom video I play Jill, her mother-in-law, who catches Sarah cheating on my son. From now on she is under my control and I punish her daily with spankings and humiliating panty punishment. This includes panty inspections, pining her skirt up to expose her panties in public, and making sure she is shaved down there. Lots of up and down panties and OTK spankings with my hand and hairbrush.

See Video as DVD or Digital Download at FemDom Spanking Store
See Video at Domination Theater.

Anyway, as outlined above, there are 4 (four) brand new movies from this site now released ahead of the members site launch so you can see just what you are currently missing from the new site!  The movies are currently available on DVD or high quality digital downloadable files at FemDom Spanking Store or else you can stream them straight to your computers or internet tv via Domination Theater :-)

FemDom Spanking Store

Domination Theater

Can you imagine the scene?  Last night  Alexis together with Mike broke into Miss Amy’s office in the middle of the night and past bedtime as stipulated by the Board of Corrective Women’s 10 Commandments, in a misguided attempt to steal the official Board of Corrective Women’s Punishment Book from Miss Amy’s drawer!  Then all of a sudden their dastardly Male Liberation Front plot comes to a crashing end as horror upon horror, Miss Rebekah walks through the door and confronts them!

Now Alexis managed to quickly escape out the door!  But mike is left alone to face the music and suffers the indignity, not to mention the pain of the sort of spankings that Miss Rebekah is famous for handing out!  One wonders why she never seem’s to show any empathy towards the poor boys?  But yet she NEVER EVER does!

The next day for Alexis is spent on his usual duties being supervised by a sexy young Goddess in the garden as he weeds around the flower beds when a note comes to summon him to report to Miss Rebekah in the Supreme Behavioural Therapists office.  By the way, the Supreme Behavioural Therapist is an extremely highly ranking official of the Board of Corrective Women.  There are in fact only 7 in the entire land and this particular  Supreme Behavioural Therapist (Miss Amy) is 4th in line to the throne of Miss Overseer Supreme (effectively head of state!).

Now to be summoned to a Supreme Behavioural Therapists office is INTIMIDATING!   Males are only ever summoned there when they have been VERY naughty indeed!  Naughty enough to be given the sort of spanking that make all outside the office cringe with fear and trepidation!  So when Alexis walks the long green mile to report to the Surrey IFD’s legendary Miss Rebekah, you will perhaps understand why his pulse was thumping ever harder to the extent he could hear and feel every speeding beat of his heart!  Mike has been in isolation since he was caught last nigth and Alexis has no idea whether he has blabbed under the pressure of the spanking that Miss Rebekah and any other woman who will have been interviewing him about the Male Liberation Front’s activities since!

Anyway when Alexis arrives in Miss Rebekah’s temporary office he is shocked when Miss Rebekah decides that she is going to do one of her regular spot checks on his underwear to make sure there are no tell tale signs of masturbation!  But of course there  ARE such signs and with ‘unsupervised’ masturbation being a spankable offence in this new Matriarchal world, Alexis knows just what to expect!  And sure enough, it comes hard and fast!  WHACK!  Sheer seering agony of Miss Rebekah’s paddles!

And as usual i have a video sample for you all 🙂

And you can see this video featuring Miss Rebekah along with many others spanking the boys exclusively now at the Institute of Feminine Discipline!  🙂  Its a really great site to see and its little Female Supremacy twist with the great domestic FemDom Fm spanking action makes it totally perfect in my view :) Alteratively if you wish, you can get the DVD or full length high quality digital download of the full movie at the Femdom Spanking Fm Store or watch it streaming from the internet at Domination Theater! :-)

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Hi Everybody!  This is just a quick public service announcement!  Oh hear ye!  oh here ye, Oh hear ye!  🙂  Mike Smith (thats me) was proved to be too controversial and too hot for facebook recently when they closed me down because they didn’t like my photos 😉  Lost lots of friends there when they did it!  They did not even warn me!  🙁

So anyway, i thought i would just give a quick public service announcement because if we were friends on facebook (you and I) before and suddenly we were not then i wanted to tell you all how this was not my fault.  Please do come send your friend requests.  And even if you were not my friend on facebook, then I would welcome you all as friends there in any event 🙂

Not only that but my own Goddesss…She who commands me, has recently set up Her Own page there too and has instructed me to invite you all to join Her as friends there too!  So obediently given i know how much  Her Hairbrush hurts (you better believe it!) i am doing so now 🙂

Here are our pages…Hers first obviously!  😉  Please do join us on facebook everybody 🙂 (Miss Acacia) (Me – Mike Smith)

Thought i would pop over to Strict Women to see what is going on over there today after the weekend and glad i did! Because Czech Goddess Miss Heelena has just returned and dished out a damned good spanking to poor dave when she walks into the room to find him knocking one off to a porn magazine! He is not allowed ‘relief’ without Miss Heelena’s permission and worse than that, when she inspects the magazine it appears that he is fantasising about men spanking women! Could it get any worse than that for him? Boy he is in DEEP trouble!

This is a really great FemDom Fm spanking video! Miss Heelena, all the way from the Czech Republic giving her that gravelly accent that drips with sexiness, is one of the hardest spankers i have seen in action! Perhaps up there with the likes of Miss Rebekah, Zoe and Cassie in fact as the hardest spankers that have been in Strict Women! This lady takes NO nonsense! Just by the way as it should be 🙂

And i have a video sample for you all 🙂

Anyway, a really great update to a great movie and you can see it now exclusively at Strict Women!  And more besides from both Miss Heelena and MANY more Strict Women too at the Strict Women site!  🙂  More news will come in due course regarding Miss Carmen! :-)

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

News has just come in of more new videos just released featuring the Queen of pain and punishment, Miss Cassie!  Three (3) new titles in fact and promises of 2 more updates to come with new movies from this Goddess of discipline!  🙂

I took a little time to watch them on the theater…without permission from my own Mistress i have to confess and they were ALL absolutely top notch stuff!  But then what else would you expect from Miss Cassie right?  As anybody that has ever submitted to her will tell you, her discipline is always a session you will always remember!  Miss Cassie’s spankings are nothing if they are not hard, fast and painful!  🙂

Here are the details ;-)

Miss Cassie:  The Butler Serves

Miss Hunter’s patience is tried repeatedly by her butler, who has much to learn on proper service to Her.  Great FemDom Fm OTK Spanking action!

See Video at Domination Theater.

Miss Cassie:  The Sun Lounger

Inadequate service results in a proper Miss Cassie style spanking.  One way or another Miss Cassie is determined that her naughty boy is going to learn!

See Video at Domination Theater.

Miss Cassie:  Yes Mademoiselle

The Hunteress’ slave has great difficulty in learning Her new desidred way to address Her. Watch as he painfully learns what happens when you disobey a Goddess like Miss Cassie!

See Video at Domination Theater.

Anyway,be sure to take a look over Miss Cassie’s theater at Domination Theater!  The 3 videos above are not her only contribution there!  There are a good number more and several others in the Red Badger theater too!  🙂

Domination Theater

Well i have to apologise for lateness of this post I’m afraid everybody.  I have been working my guts out these last few weeks on giving a big face lift to all my old AVS sites that i have not touched for about 3 years whilst i was working in a full time job.  It seems to be project after project after project here but slowly but surely i am making some progress 🙂  Probably more slowly than surely but progress none the less!  🙂  This was my first little jaunt into the FemDom world on the net and its quite good fun just knocking out these little sites from my favourite Goddesses from time to time 🙂  It is still in development at the moment but you can take a look if you like at what i have done…its at which is turning now into a development domain 🙂  You may well see some little sites you remember from years ago that you have not seen for some time!  🙂 A number of them though have disappeared so may be lost for ever but we will see 🙂  When it is all finished i will probably move it back over to FemDom And Spanking Sites and start on another project 🙂  FemDom Utopia perhaps? 🙂  We shall have to see 🙂

ANYWAY….back onto the topic of this post which is the lovely Miss Zoe!  Because this weeks update is the lovely Miss Zoe Page of Strict Mistress who has really gone into one of her eyes glazed over off on one moments!  And poor dave does not know what has hit him as the tornado from Miss Zoe Land swirls towards him with devastating power at close to the speed of sound!  She carries a cane and she is intent on stamping down more than just her authority!  Read whatever puns into that that you want to read!  🙂

The video starts with Miss Zoe sat on a chair with her lovely stockinged legs up in full view reading a Viz annual :) Dave comes in after being sent out to get some lemons for a table centrepiece decoration and he comes back with a loaf of bread, a jar of coffee and a bottle of what looks like gin!  And of course Miss Zoe had already told him that he is not allowed to drink alcohol any more after an incredibly embarassing incident at a family dinner in Yorkshire in which he had apparently fondled one of her uncles testicles…something that I dont think David was quite expecting her to say!  LOL.  It seemed to really take him by surprise but not half as much by surprise as the thumping face slap that wrapped around his face making his ears truly ring!  Oh and there is a really great part in this video also where Dave gets a slap across the face to punish him for every time that he makes Miss Zoe swear!  He does not swear of course, if he did, she would be washing his mouth out with soap!  No, she swears but because he makes her swear he gets slapped across the face!  Yes this is what a true dominatrix is like :-) And of course when she commands him to take the shopping back but of course he has lost the receipt which REALLY infuriates our Goddess!  🙂

Yes this is a true classic movie from Miss Zoe who seems to be in a particularly odd mood this day!  Dave of course hated every moment of this movie though also loving every second of it at the same time I think!  🙂

Anyway, I have a video preview for you all :-)

Well…he says he is not submissive to her but just look how he seems to back off and how nervous he is when he realises he has just dropped himself in it!  Dodgy…bit of advice mate… when you are in a pit, stop digging!  🙂

Anyway, you can see this video now exclusively at Miss Zoe’s site at Strict Mistress Zoe!  Or you can buy this video on DVD or as a digital download at FemDom Spanking Store or see this video streaming at Domination Theater.

Strict Mistress Zoe

FemDom Spanking Store

Domination Theater

Was just over at Strict Women and taking a look at the full update for Miss Shay’s movie there, ‘Her Pink Panties 🙂  Poor Alexis just can not seem to get anything right 🙂  Seems he has a girls panty fetish where he continually wants to wear her panties!  And eventually, as he was late getting ready for a fancy dress party, Miss Shay pulls his trousers down only to find that once again that is what he has been doing!  Trying on and wearing Her panties in the bedroom!  And now the two of them are going to be late for the fancy dress party because Miss Shay now has to put her disobedient husband across her knee for a sound spanking!  And that is where he spends the whole day!  Yes…across Miss Shay’s Knee with his bottom bared for the attention of Her paddle and hand 🙂

You know i have seen Miss Shay in some really awesome movies over the last year or so.  Not least in her new position at the flagship site at!  But i do think this video has to be a REALLY strong contestant for her very best!  🙂  Even the foot worship is pretty much spot on!  Foot worship should always be about domination…he is so low that he must even kiss her shoes etc?  Yet so many guys seem to think it is about trying to hump the Goddess’s leg.  Both Miss Shay and Alexis really pull this video off as an absolute classic I think 🙂

And I have a video preview for you all :-)

And if there was ANYBODY out there that could not work out why Miss Shay has been signed to work in the new FemDom Fm spanking project then those queries should now by seeing the clip above be totally dispelled!  Drop dead gorgeous, sexy, dominant, hard spanking and just all round perfect!  Miss Shay is setting a new trend at the moment in Strict Women and building quite a reputation and following!

And if you think this video above is something then just wait till you see Miss Shay in action over on the new site!  🙂

You can see more from Miss Shay in this video now exclusively at  Don’t keep her waiting guys!  As you see above, Miss Shay spanked the last guy that did that! :-) And if you cant make it to Strict Women then you can get this video as a full length DVD or digital download from FemDom Spanking Store or watch it streaming over at the Domination Theater:-)

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

Please do not feel sorry for hapless and dodgy dave this week.  The mere fact in this new age 2051 society of Female Supremacy at the Institute of Feminine Discipline he is incarcerated at the IFD by mere implication means that he has some chronic behavioural problems that most Women in society are unable, or unwilling to correct.   And even at that level it would take far more than simple misbehaviour at the Institute to require an appointment with the Institutes Archon of all IFD’s!  Yet this is what Dave has faced on several occasions!  Most guys sent to the IFD, even for 8 or 9 years, would probably never actually be called before Miss Amy in all of that time!  Her mere name has been known when threatened to bring hardened criminal’s to their knees begging the Overseer’s warning them that such an appointment might be close by to deal with the matter themselves!  And yet Dave does not even give such an appointment a second thought!  His disrespect for the office of Archon of IFD’s has been a matter of a cause for concern for several years now and both Miss Acacia AND Miss Amy have had a number of meetings to discuss his behaviour reports.

So given the above sympathy with Dave is simply misplaced!  🙂  And in the light of all of this, you should be able to realise with some good clarity just how close to the end of Her rope Miss Amy is with respect to Dodgy Dave.

So what did dodgy do this time you might ask?  Good question.  Well at the Institute of Feminine Discipline there is as much emphasis on omission as there is on any actual act!  And so the question should perhaps be more what did dodgy NOT do to warrant this spanking!  And to answer that question I must first let you know of another rule that exists at the Institute of Feminine Discipline and one that is separate to the 10 Commandments that are laid down by Miss Overseer Supreme Acacia and the Board of Corrective Women!  And that is that when a “male creature” is punished for something that he has already recently been punished for, he must disclose to the Goddess that is about to put him across Her Knees that he has already been punished for something similar making him even more disobedient than She currently believed him to be!  This of course means that he is in for extra punishment!  And the boys at the IFD are ALREADY spanked twice every day even if they do not misbehave!  So with their bottoms constantly sore, it is truly a very strong temptation to keep ones mouth shut when the Woman about to spank you is stood there selecting a cane to spank you with!

And this my friends is where dave went wrong!  For when Miss Rebekah was about to punish him for activity to do with the Male Liberation Front he did not disclose to her that Miss Amy had already spanked him for activity for the MLF the previous week!  So you can of course imagine Miss Amy’s surprise when she opens the official punishment book on her return to work that morning to discover that Miss Rebekah had paddled dave for such activity and there was no mention of his disclosing the previous spanking She had already administered the week beforehand!  Thus the name of the movie!  Non Disclosure Leads To Smacked Bottom Pt 1. I say part one because of course Miss Rebekah is going to be punishing dave once again when she returns to find that he had witheld such information from her the first time around!  And so what would have been one spanking becomes 3!

And today my friends, all fans of good over the knee wooden hairbrush spanking get a treat because that is exactly what Miss Amy decides to administer to her naughty boy!

And i have a video preview for you all :-)

And you can see this video featuring Miss Amy along with many others spanking the boys exclusively now at the Institute of Feminine Discipline!  🙂  Its a really great site to see and its little Female Supremacy twist with the great domestic FemDom Fm spanking action makes it totally perfect in my view :) Alteratively if you wish, you can get the DVD or full length high quality digital download of the full movie at the Femdom Spanking Fm Store or watch it streaming from the internet at Domination Theater! :-)

FemDom Spanking Store

Domination Theater

Hi again everybody 😉  First of all i wanted to apologise for being a little lax in the number of posts i get to do here each week recently.  I wanted to just reassure you all that i am not slacking ‘-)  I am just tied up on some very big projects at the moment.  As you all know i was working for some time on getting the new site opened up at Institute of Feminine Discipline but right now and for the last 2 months, apart from promotion of that site,  I have been working on all my old AVS sites.  AVS meaning adult verification service…er…you might know them as Age Check, Cyberage or Net Verifier.  But they were all over the place in several domains and rather difficult to keep together.  I have been intending to get them all in one place for some time and to start importing all my oldest sites that I did for Cyber Age into an upgraded look for Net Verifier so that Net Verifier members can get to see all my sites that are available 🙂  In effect i want to offer everybody a decent high quality site where you can get to see the best spanking and femdom material around the globe without the bother of all the nonsense that TGP’s force on you.  You know the sort of thing…blind links, downloading dialers and viruses and so on.  For one very small fee which will buy you a year or two’s access, just so i can be sure you are of age, you will get access to an ever growing batch of previews and galleries and video clips from various sites 🙂  But they will be presented on servers that load fast, that do not give you all that junk i speak of above and in nice attractive light box galleries 🙂  At the moment some of you may know i have the sites based over at FemDom And Spanking Sites but I am developing a new site with members area right now to bring it all into one spot at She Spanks Him which when completed will be transferred to FemDom And Spanking Sites 🙂  Take a look if you wish 🙂  But anyway, it is taking a LOT of time right now just as the IFD did over the first quarter of this year 🙂  So please bear with me as i get my list of sites back on track and how i want them to be.  Once i have done that i can start expanding them and you will be in for a far nicer treat in the future 🙂

Anyway, back to Miss Rebekah and the point of this post!  Because this is perhaps one of Miss Rebekah’s best performances I believe throughout Her career spanking buys butts at Strict Women and the IFD in my opinion 🙂  It is perhaps unsurprising really as the Vamp Goddess has this love of humiliating guys she comes across and wallowing in the authority that she gets, we probably should not be surprised that she seemed to love the role of dominating and spanking her step son!  But it was not just a great performance from Miss Rebekah, but this video also seemed to bring the best out in both of her ‘victims’ also!  The humiliation of having to ask step mothers permission to see a certain girl or to have certain friends just didn’t seem to be lost on Drew in this movie and Alexis who played his father seemed to do a great job as the hapless guy who simply, no matter how much he tried, could not take back any of the self determination in the household that he wanted!  🙂

And I have a video preview from this Femdom Fm spanking classic!

Cute huh? 🙂  So to all the people out there who hated being bossed about by a step parent, would have you have hated it if they spanked you and looked like Miss Rebekah? :) You have to wonder dont you!  And most are not so strict as to expect to be able to approve or reject your friends for you either!  But that my friends is life under the rule of a strict Woman :-)

And you can see this brand new movie now exclusively at Strict Women!!!  Or if you prefer to get the DVD or full length digital download you can get that from the FemDom Spanking Store or watch the video streaming from the internet servers onto your computers or tv screen over at Domination Theater :-)

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

FemDom Spanking Store

Domination Theater