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There has been a really great update this week at Institute of Feminine Discipline that I wanted to tell you all about, and especially those that like the CFNM humiliation side of things…even if it is dodgy as the poor unfortunate victim in this update (sorry dodge) 😉

The first thing you have to understand with the Institute of Feminine Discipline is that the site is based upon a series of rules and commandments due to the entire UK now being a matriarchy in which Women rule over and officially own males in the land!  One of the rules is that males are not allowed to masturbate without permission of their Overseer which is IFD terminology for Mistress or just the woman that they report to and serve…whatever term you want to use, it means the same thing right? 🙂  But dave who is currently locked up in the Surrey Institute of Feminine Discipline – the most notorious centre where chronically ill behaved males are sent to be indoctrinated by use of strict corporal punishment back into being good submissive members of society has not only broken the commandment (one of 10 that males must follow) regarding unsupervised masturbation but has somewhat unwisely chosen to break into the bedroom of Miss Amy – Chief Archon of all IFD’s in order to use HER bed to do so!

Miss Selina who is currently relieving Miss Amy whilst she is at an important board meeting with the Board of Corrective Women walks into the bedroom as she is entitled now to sleep there as the person in charge of the IFD for the week only to find Dave there in a pool of…well…we will leave that part to your imagination and draw a much welcomed veil over the whole thing 😉

Of course finding Dodgy in this state Miss Selina (aka Miss Zoe) would have LOVED I am sure, to have used some electric prodders to poke in the pool of you know what which no doubt would have ensured he never is able to do such things again given it would have completely electrocuted his love truncheon…well…love pencil…well…love pin actually and ensure by hook or by crook that such a thing NEVER EVER EVER happened again!  But this sort of cruelty is banned in the Institute of Feminine Discipline!  And why?  Well because unlike other sites that feature the Matriarchic system in the FemDom theme, Institute of Feminine Discipline is entirely Domestic in its outlook…it is one of the things that i like about it most of all 😉  That and the fact that it features several of the sexiest Dommes on the planet using some of the hardest FemDom Fm spanking anywhere 🙂

Just as the signs warned Dave had he bothered to read them, ‘wanking rhymes with spanking’ and as you can see Miss Selina here gives a VERY hard hairbrush spanking over her knee that has him yelping till he has truly learned his lesson!

See the video preview here 🙂

And you can see this video featuring Miss Selina now where she spanks the boys exclusively now at the Institute of Feminine Discipline!  🙂  Its a really great site to see and its little Female Supremacy twist with the great domestic FemDom Fm spanking action makes it totally perfect in my view :) And don’t forget, you can also see numerous great movies from the Institute of Feminine Discipline as DVD’s or digital downloads at the Femdom Spanking Fm Store or watch them streaming from the internet at Domination Theater! :-)

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Yes you have to wonder don’t you just what it would be like to be officially the property of the Goddess known as Princess Kaz?  Well today at Strict Women you get to see a glimpse of just that!  For her new personal slave Zac has finally learned that his place is on the end of her leash and begins a day of humiliation and discipline under her complete authority and control 🙂  The problem for poor Zac however is that no matter how much he tries to please his new Mistress, he simply can not help but irritate her!  The poor hapless boy suffers the indignity of a paddle across his rump on more than one occasion I can tell you as a result!  😉

And i have a preview video sample 🙂

I remember this video being made…it was SO MUCH fun that day 🙂   The video had to be stopped on several occasions whilst Dodgy Dave regained his composure from Zac trying his best to be the the slave he always wanted to be 🙂

And you  can see the full FemDom Fm Spanking update now at Strict Women so be sure to see them there now!

By the way, the DVD along with the digital download for this full length movie is also available at the Femdom Spanking Store or if you wish to simply view it without any clips being left on your pc or evidence of DVD’s around the house then you can have it stream for you to your computer from the net at Domination Theater :-)

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Some time ago, Strict Women did a shoot with a new girl who came from some of the CFNM sites but was virtually unknown to the FemDom spanking world!  Yet she really loved every moment of it and was really quite innovating in what she was doing!  Her video has not yet been published at Strict Women but Strict Women were confident enough about her to bring her into the site at Strict Mistress Zoe!  And to that end, the first of the 3 videos which Miss Carmen did together with Miss Zoe has found its way onto the net this weekend!  🙂  And both Miss Zoe and Miss Carmen were excellent in them!  Miss Zoe especially!  For some reason Miss Zoe always seems to come that bit more alive when She is working off of people!  🙂

In this particular video, the two girls are flat mates and are chatting on Miss Zoe’s bed when their dodgy landlord just walks into the room to check in the wardrobe for what he says are ‘mice’.  But a new realisation of pain comes across him all of a sudden when Miss Carmen notices a pair of her panties in his pocket!  I dont know…dodgy dave and women’s pants!  What can you say?  Anyway, he certainly paid for his mistake!  And i have some video from the update to prove it 🙂

Its a truly great movie and Im sure you will all love it 🙂  And keep your eyes on Miss Carmen too because i feel sure she has a great future ahead of her in FemDom 🙂

Anyway you can see this video exclusively at Strict Mistress Zoe!   And dont forget Miss Zoe also has her videos available as both full length DVD and digital download at FemDom Spanking Store and as streaming full length video’s streaming over at Domination Theater :-)

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Well first off everybody i just wanted to apologise for not updating this blog earlier.  But there is an awful lot going on in my world right at the moment 🙂  I had to leave real early on Monday morning at some ungodly hour to get up to Surrey for the latest Institute of Feminine Discipline shoot with Miss Rebekah!  It meant that i would be there fairly early of course but you know the old dialemma regarding timing and being late when you are reporting to a Woman who has the authority to spank your backside for you don’t you?  Sure…getting an earlier train or whatever may mean that you have a tedious wait but it does at least save you a sore backside from being late!  And it is better that you have a wait than you inconvenience the Woman holding the paddle!  And there is none for which this maxim is more true, believe me, than Miss Rebekah!  For there are very few women in Strict Women whose knees I have not been put across and out of all of them I think i would have to say that the most memorably hard spankings…the biggest hidings that I have ever had have come from Miss Rebekah!

Now nothing in the above should be taken to mean that the others have not given me pretty damned good hidings too but it is now Thursday, some 3 days later and I can still feel the spanking Miss Rebekah gave me  and that is rare.  Most of the spankings that the other girls give me leave me with a sore bottom for an hour or two but rarely do I still have a sore bottom by the next morning and certainly very rare that i can still feel it after 24 hours much less 48 or 72!

So given the above, you will understand why I was there several hours early!  But you know what?  I wouldn’t ever trade places with anybody who just wanted to be on the camera for the day because a  spanking from Miss Rebekah is one you actually remember for some time!  🙂

Anyway, i have a fan sign for you all 🙂

Yes that is Miss Rebekah in lingerie with her favourite paddle which is quite thick leather doubled up and held together with studs.  It was made especially to order for Strict Women in fact and seems to be one of Miss Rebekah’s favourites!  Yes it may be pink but make no mistake, every stud bites and the heavy leather penetrates deep!  Yet out of all of the paddles I think that one is probably one of my favourites too 🙂  Especially if Im about to get caned I have to say!  Because there are few paddles or straps better at warming you up for a caning than that one!  🙂  And Miss Rebekah always seems to go pretty much flat out with it!  🙂

We did some interesting little scenarios for the Institute of Feminine Discipline too.  I can’t really go into too much detail but they will take the site into another nice little twist as the storyline is developed 🙂  And they involved of course the Male Liberation Front in several of them for which the mere mention to Miss Rebekah is reason enough in Her Eyes to earn you a pretty severe paddling over Her Knees!

And if that was not enough, then on the following day, Tuesday i got to spend the entire day with the lovely Miss Zoe where we were shooting FemDom wrestling and face sitting video for a new site with Miss Zoe called ‘Confess To Miss Zoe‘ 🙂  Finally getting home at just gone 3am!  So most of yesterday i spent asleep catching up from the previous few days 🙂

So here i am today now and no shoots for a couple of weeks so maybe I catch my breath again 🙂

So be sure to pay all the top Goddess’s a visit now at the Institute of Feminine Discipline everybody 🙂  For I can personally guarantee that the updates over the next year or two are going to be hot hot hot!  🙂

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Miss Zoe after much searching in her efforts to rid herself of dave and mike as ‘useless crap slaves’ has finally found a new boy to take their place.  Or so she thought!  But younger model Drew just does not seem to come up to her high standards it seems and suffers both hell and heaven on earth as a result!  Only a submissive or Domme could truly understand that concept but Im amongst friends here and all of you know what i mean so i wont waste your time expanding on that one 🙂  But suffice to say that Miss Zoe had commanded Mike and Dodgy to find her a new slave and when they do so Mike is sent packing with a pound from petty change to find some corner in a hovel to go and die in (her words more or less) and She begins the painstaking task of inspecting and putting her new slave through his paces.  But of course it does not take long before she has him dressed as a woman and over her knees due to not walking correctly or for moaning about how she is treating him!

Now Miss Zoe spends some fairly considerable time with this new boy (or girl) and tries her best with him despite several sassy remarks such as telling her to “be patient” which She overlooked due to how new he was but you can bet his backside was well and truly on fire within a very short period!  Miss Zoe showed the patience of a saint  I have to say but no woman can tolerate outright disobedience now can they? 🙂

And i have a few preview pics for you all 🙂

Miss Zoe just never fails to wow you does she? 🙂

Anyway you can see this video exclusively at Strict Mistress Zoe!   But you can also get the DVD or full length digital download at FemDom Spanking Store or watch it streaming over at Domination Theater :-) This is one of Miss Zoe’s true classic movies by the way and a REAL punishment!  This is one that is definitely NOT to be missed!!!

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Once again poor (if you want to call him that) dodgy dave is in trouble!  He knew he was in for a hiding when the pretty 18 year old Personal Assistant to Miss Amy came down to the kitchen where he was working and told him to report to Miss Amy’s office with the word of the day being “immediately”.  But as always it was a very long walk down the green mile so to speak to Miss Amy’s office where he knew from Her personal assistant had retrieved Miss Amy’s required paddles, hairbrush and canes for something which was to clearly be a punishment spanking!  Dave KNEW it was a punishment spanking because his backside was still on fire from the first of the two ‘daily’ spankings that all males receive twice daily in the Institute by order of the Board of Corrective Women!  But sore bottoms from daily routine spankings are NEVER allowed to interfear with a punishment spanking!  Nor indeed are sore bottoms from punishment spankings EVER allowed to interfear with either of the two routine daily spankings that every male in the IFD must bear!  And Miss Amy is certainly NOT in the mood to make any exception on this day for anybody, least of all perhaps one of the most troublesome of miscreants, dodgy dave!

And so you see into the world of strict FemDom Fm spanking, discipline and Female Supremacy and Domination that is the Institute of Feminine Discipline!  And moreover you get to see some of Miss Amy at her very best!  Miss Amy demonstrating the smouldering attitude of authority that she is so famous for and which will have you panting for more!  🙂

So what did dodgy do you might ask?  Well at the Institute of Feminine Discipline there is as much emphasis on omission as there is on any actual act!  And so the question should perhaps be more what did dodgy NOT do to warrant this spanking!  And to answer that question I must first let you know of another rule that exists at the Institute of Feminine Discipline and one that is separate to the 10 Commandments that are laid down by Miss Overseer Supreme Acacia and the Board of Corrective Women!  And that is that when a “male creature” is punished for something that he has already recently been punished for, he must disclose to the Goddess that is about to put him across Her Knees that he has already been punished for something similar making him even more disobedient than She currently believed him to be!  This of course means that he is in for extra punishment!  And the boys at the IFD are ALREADY spanked twice every day even if they do not misbehave!  So with their bottoms constantly sore, it is truly a very strong temptation to keep ones mouth shut when the Woman about to spank you is stood there selecting a cane to spank you with!

And this my friends is where dave went wrong!  For when Miss Rebekah was about to punish him for activity to do with the Male Liberation Front he did not disclose to her that Miss Amy had already spanked him for activity for the MLF the previous week!  So you can of course imagine Miss Amy’s surprise when she opens the official punishment book on her return to work that morning to discover that Miss Rebekah had paddled dave for such activity and there was no mention of his disclosing the previous spanking She had already administered the week beforehand!  Thus the name of the movie!  Non Disclosure Leads To Smacked Bottom Pt 1. I say part one because of course Miss Rebekah is going to be punishing dave once again when she returns to find that he had witheld such information from her the first time around!  And so what would have been one spanking becomes 3!

So yes…you can if you wish feel sorry for dave but that im afraid is simply life for the hapless male at the Institute of Feminine Discipline!

And i have a video preview for you all 🙂

Yes so today poor dave is getting a good strapping!  As he should 🙂  But you can bet Miss Amy will not be stopping there and will indeed be determined as she always is to use her tawse on daves hands and her cane across his butt also!

And you can see this video featuring Miss Amy along with many others spanking the boys exclusively now at the Institute of Feminine Discipline!  🙂  Its a really great site to see and its little Female Supremacy twist with the great domestic FemDom Fm spanking action makes it totally perfect in my view :) Alteratively if you wish, you can get the DVD or full length high quality digital download of the full movie at the Femdom Spanking Fm Store or watch it streaming from the internet at Domination Theater! :-)

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You know there are some women out there that you just know, whatever they are in, they will be excellent?  And Miss Jessica Wood is just such a person 🙂  There is a constant with her that just says strict no nonsence running through every bone in her body!  From the moment she pulls you pants down to put you across her knee to the moment she raises her cane above her head to swish it down HARD on your bare bottom, you know every moment of that time that she is in charge and she is going to leave you with an extremely sore butt!

And today at Strict Women my friends, it is no different!  For Miss Jessica has returned in a brand new movie featuring real life punk rock fan Mike singing an old Irish song reproduced by an American punk rock band reproduced again by him!   Actually as a punk rock fan myself I actually think he did a far better job of it than the band but of course with no backing music behind him its hard to tell!  LOL.  But ANYWAY, whether he did or not, Miss Jessica is not impressed with his efforts!  And she does not mind showing him!   Or mind demonstrating her disaproval with slipper, paddles or cane for that matter!  🙂  And today, members of Strict Women get to see the first instalment of this really great little movie!  🙂

And I have a video preview!  🙂

You see what I mean about quality? 🙂  And you can see it now along with more from the great Miss Jessica now exclusively at Strict Women!  And don’t forget she also has DVD’s and digital downloads available from the FemDom Spanking Store and a streaming theater at the Domination Theater!

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys