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News has just come in of more new videos just released featuring Miss Amy, Miss Rebekah, Miss Shay and Miss Selina (who looks and sounds just like Miss Zoe but is apparently her great grand daughter Miss Selina…now archon of all spanking centres in the land!) onto DVD, digital downloadable files at the FemDom Spanking Store and of course streaming video at the best video theaters for Female Domination out there at Domination Theater

Here are the details 😉

Miss Rebekah:  Washing Her Underwear! (aka You Are Not Highly Regarded By Me!)

As Miss Rebekah walks into the kitchen she discovers mike at the sink hand washing her knickers. This is a job reserved only for Higher Regarded Male Creatures and mike is certainly not highly regarded by Miss Rebekah!

Demanding an explanation, Miss Rebekah is horrified to hear from mike that the male she had instructed to wash her knickers, dodgy dave, had decided he had ‘better things’ to do and had asked mike if he could cover for him whilst he washed Miss Amy’s knickers in the sink as Miss Amy had instructed.

This reason does not wash with Miss Rebekah one iota and after obligitary underpants inspection, Miss Rebekah informs mike that he is going to receive a very sound bare bottom spanking.

Of course even after the very severe paddling that mike gets in this video which to this day he says is one of the hardest he has ever endured, the punishment is not going to end here for mike as he has now been stripped of Higher Regarded Male status and so can not now wash Miss Amy’s underwear as she has instructed him to do! And Miss Amy is not used to being disobeyed, even at the Institute of Feminine Discipline where the building is filled with the most chronically ill behaved males in the country!

See Video as DVD or Digital Download at FemDom Spanking Store
See Video at Domination Theater.

Miss Amy:  Absconding From The IFD!

CCTV camera footage has detected and identified mike absconding from the Institute male sleeping quarters late at night and staggering back in the early hours of the morning contrary to the Board of Corrective Women 10 Commandments.

In addition, as mike had been waiting outside Miss Amy’s office to be summoned in for discipline, Miss Rebekah had been searching his locker and has found a camera stolen several weeks ago from the Institute and which has now turned up, as if by magic, in mikes locker.

On inspecting the camera, it appears to contain photographs of the Institute grounds which could be of use to the terrorist resistance group, the Male Liberation Front.

As Miss Amy questions mike about the latest revelations he tries to plead his innocence however this is merely considered to be a failure to take responsibility for his own disobedience and naughty behaviour and so Miss Amy decides to administer a very sound bare bottom spanking to put mike back on the straight and narrow.

See Video as DVD or Digital Download at FemDom Spanking Store
See Video at Domination Theater.

Miss Shay:  Miss Shay’s Group Wank!

It is that time of the month again! All of the boys that have not been banned from the monthly masturbation session by Miss Rebekah the previous month have reported to the office to find, to their absolute delight, that there is a brand new and absolutely stunning new Overseer in the Institute that is to take the monthly masturbation session today and that is Miss Shay!

But Miss Shay to their shock is simply not interested! It is ‘such a waste of time’ says the beautiful Goddess as She sits reading Her Comic book at the Chief Overseer’s desk! But the boys do not give in and together their powers of persuasion convince the reluctant Miss Shay to let them have their pleasures as long as they can behave!

The boys however can NOT behave! At least not around the semi nude Miss Shay! A month of sexual frustration and they simply can not keep their hands to themselves!

This leads to some very sore bottoms as a result! And Miss Shay’s bottom remains very comfortable thank you…

See Video as DVD or Digital Download at FemDom Spanking Store
See Video at Domination Theater.

Miss Selina:  Miss Selina Comes To The IFD Part 1!

Miss Amy is on a much needed and appreciated holiday this week where she can take a break from spanking the disobedient and chronically ill behaved male creatures at the Institute however as always in a Woman’s world, a Womans work is never done! The boys ALWAYS seem to need sound over the knee spankings to keep them well and truly in their place! Consequently Miss Overseer Supreme Acacia has called upon one of Her Right Hand Goddess’s Miss Selina, Archon of all Spanking Centres to relieve Miss Amy whilst She is away.

The boys had been looking forward to this week thinking that they were going to be given an easy ride but nothing could have been further from the truth! Because Miss Selina did not get to be 4th in charge of the entire nation by good luck and graces! This Woman is STRICT and she is unyielding.

Calling mike and dodgy dave to the office, Miss Selina introducers herself before sending dave outside to wait for his discipline where he can hear every yelp and spank that Miss Selina administers but with no idea just how hard or where it is that she is spanking! The pain for mike is one thing but just imagine the anxiety and stress for dave as he waited outside knowing he was next! Yet he is not even allowed in the room whilst Miss Selina administers that first sound spanking! One wonders if she knew the extent of the added anxiety this caused? And did she care?

See Video as DVD or Digital Download at FemDom Spanking Store
See Video at Domination Theater.


Anyway, as outlined above, there are 4 (four) brand new movies from this site now released ahead of the members site launch so you can see just what you are currently missing from the new site!  The movies are currently available on DVD or high quality digital downloadable files at FemDom Spanking Store or else you can stream them straight to your computers or internet tv via Domination Theater 🙂

And don’t forget, you can see the brand new Institute of Feminine Discipline site open now!  So dont miss that one!  🙂  Contains really fabulous FemDom Fm Spanking & Female Supremacy video not to mention tease and denial and just out and out pure domination from the sexiest Goddess’s out there 🙂

FemDom Spanking Store

Domination Theater

Well the other night as I went to bed, i promised you all a better and more thorough write up for the new Institute of Feminine Discipline site over at and so here I go 🙂  But to be honest, I have already been raving about this site for some months now!  🙂  Excitedly pinning up my fan signs every time i get my bottom spanked in a shoot!  And then rushing back here to my desk to spill the beans only to return a few weeks later and find myself over another Woman’s knees!  🙂

This is a project which has taken up the best part of a year now really 🙂  Or as close as damn it.  The shoots have been going on a while and even before they started, Miss Anna of Strict Women and myself were discussing this theme and developing it over at the Board of Corrective Women 🙂   But you will have noticed over the last few months how i may have been a little distant?  My posts have been shorter.  Perhaps not quite as regular as they were?  Well I have been working flat out for the last 3 months as has Miss Anna to get this site up together and actually opened 🙂

Look guys and Gals, I’m not going to lie to you 🙂  I absolutely love this site 🙂  And it is not JUST because the three main stars just happen to be three of my favourite Dominant Women on the net right now (and I am not on my own in that belief by the way if the members emails to Strict Women over the last few year are anything to go by) but because this is one of my own all time fantasies come true 🙂  But my fantasy was kind of two dimensional…it really took the creativity and the mind of Miss Anna to develop the idea to what you will see at the Institute of Feminine Discipline!  But it did not stop there because added to that individual creativity, was the creativity of Miss Amy, Rebekah and Shay each and every one of whom added a spice to the site that nobody else in our judgement could have added.  Make no mistake about it, this is a site that was thought through from beginning to end in intricate detail and each of the three stars at the site were hand picked for the individual spice which we knew that each would bring!

Miss Amy for example, the cool and calculated picture of sophistication resides at the IFD as the strict no nonsense disciplinarian.  Strict and unyielding.  Miss Amy is just so matter of fact about putting a guy across her knee that she does not even think twice about the effect she is having on all of you when she talks about how she is going to put you across her knee or administer the cane and so on!  She is a truly masterful disciplinarian also!  I have been paddled in my life for these shoots by some 50 plus women now and one thing I have really learned over that time is that technique is everything!  It is not just that you need hand spanking to warm your bottom up for the strap and then a good strapping to warm your bottom up more for the cane without which the caning would be delivered cold and would be truly excruciating, but also the aim must be right!  If the cane strikes you a couple of inches too far it wraps itself around your hip, cuts in and cuts deep.  If it is 12 inches too far you wont even really feel it.  I found that with Miss Kaylie in particular!  She caned me once for around 20 minutes and it was nothing for that very reason.  Miss Amy?  Her aim is delivered with absolute precision and after just the right amount of warm up.

Miss Rebekah on the other hand, just as in her own character (though She denies this!) is the one who loves to tease and wind the guys up only to withdraw the treats only at the last second!  She gets a real rush from humiliating and spanking the guys…partly I think because of the humiliation angle.  Miss Rebekah is the darker  and deeper charactor of the site and just as she was loved for being such in respect of Strict Women, where everybody saw from her face she was genuinely enjoying humiliating and spanking her charge, so does she continue in that light at the IFD.  Except that there are no holes barred to her in the IFD and in many respects she is simply following her own agenda!  LOL.

And Miss Shay?  Well what can I say 🙂  The youngster of the site and her pictures and video just speak for themselves really 🙂  And whats more she knows she is absolutely stunningly beautiful and uses it to her full advantage at the IFD!  🙂  If you ever wondered what Cordelia back in the days of Buffy the Vampire Slayer would be like as a Domme who spanked guys then I think Miss Shay would be that girl!  Kind of the home coming queen with a very strict slant to her 🙂

And the whole thing seems to merge in together in a soap opera type of way where each speak about the others in the site and previous punishments and sometimes the guy even finds himself being punished several times for the same offence if Miss Amy decides that he was not punished severely enough!

Here is a video preview from the site to give you all some idea 🙂

I absolutely LOVED shooting for this site 🙂  It was the most fun i had in a long time 🙂  And there are a few little surprises when you get in there.  There is a plan to expand on the whole futuristic fantasy with spanking centres for the future and the very beginnings of that theme have been added into the site for the future development 😉  As the storyline goes as it is laid out in the Institute of Feminine Discipline

Many years ago back in 1999 Miss Anna and her elder sister put the finishing touches onto what was the first general, multi dominant Woman Domestic FemDom Spanking site on the net and called the site Strict Women.  Now more than half a century later, this site remains open to public view as one of the websites which helped to pioneer our new happier society, liberated as it is from male influence and misbehaviour.

In the years that followed the Strict Women site, a number of other pioneering websites began to appear including a website show casing the younger days of one of the most legendary turn of the 21st century disciplinarians, Miss Zoe Page.  It is interesting to note that Miss Zoe as she was addressed by the males who served her is in fact Great Grand Mother to Miss Selina Rothschild, our current Archon of all Spanking Centres in the land.  Miss Zoe Page is now in the autumn years of her life of course but speaks regularly with real pride about her up and coming Great Grand Daughter every chance that She gets, so proud is She of Her Kin.

More recently the world has changed.  Britain elected its second, third and forth Female Prime Ministers.  The Berlin Wall has been pulled down, Nelson Mandela was released after years in prison, the collapse, rebuilding and then collapse once more of the Soviet Union are just a few examples of change that has taken place over the half century since Strict Women was first registered and published the first images depicting Female authority and discipline. During these years of upheaval Strict Women creator Miss Anna along with other pioneering heroines such as Miss Zoe Page worked tirelessly to promote the prospect of a new utopian Matriarchic society and were both leading figures in bringing about this new world order in the United Kingdom.

It is now 2051 and for some 10 years, the UK has not only had a Female Prime Minister, but a Female President known as ‘Miss Overseer Supreme’ and an entirely Female cabinet known as the Board of Corrective Women.  We are, in effect living the lifestyle that pioneering websites such as Strict Women originally promoted all those years ago!  A full Matriarchic in which males know their place and are kept in that place by the control and denial of orgasm mixed with firm Feminine discipline, usually in the form of a hard bare bottom spanking.

Where male creatures cause too many problems for the Women who register them as their official property they may be sent to a remedial behaviour correctional facility known as a Spanking Centre in the first instance or if such behaviour persists they may be passed on to a more rigerous regime offered by the various Institutes of Feminine Discipline (IFD) across the country, the most notorious of which is the Surrey IFD from which all videos and images at this site have come from.

Male creatures are advised to view the video footage of this site and use it to remind themselves why it is important to be obedient to their Overseers. Masturbation whilst viewing these videos is STRICTLY PROHIBITED! Remember that ‘wanking rhymes with spanking’. Any male who indulges himself in a private masturbation session without the permission and supervision of his Overseer is expected to confess his misbehaviour to his Overseer and request corporal punishment for his actions.

Intriguing? 🙂

Well you can all see way more now live at the Institute of Feminine Discipline 🙂  It is an experience unlike ANYTHING else on the net at present.  Three of perhaps the sexiest and most loved Mistress’s on the net today together in one site with a very intoxicating theme  🙂

One email in today btw…

I cant believe what a great site this is. At last, a site that shows strict women giving hard spankings with paddles and canes, unlike all the other sites ive tried that just show the women just barely touching the bottoms with their hands. your women actually hurt their slaves, thanks again for a super site, i think im in heaven, i imagine myself getting severly punished by your women spankers.

Need I say more? 🙂  Go on…its Easter!  🙂  Do yourself a favour and buy yourself a treat!  Go join the IFD members club!  🙂

Oh and by the way, whilst I think about it, you can also join the IFD Fan page at Facebook or follow it at Twitter. You can also join me on Facebook btw 😉  I am there as Mike Smith…yes the victim in many of the Strict Women films 😉  If victim is the right word 🙂

So anyway…thats it for now folk 🙂  But be sure to check out the new offering 🙂  And at the very least, come join me and the fan page over on Face Book 🙂  And thanks for your support and understanding over the past few months when all this work has kept me so quiet 🙂


More on this tomorrow as it is gone midnight now but I just thought you would all like to know that the much anticipated Institute of Feminine Discipline has finally opened its doors and is now welcoming new members 🙂   There is some great video and several really nice galleries of great FemDom Fm spanking action there so be sure to go visit now at the Institute of Feminine Discipline 🙂   I will talk a little more about it in the morning but for now i want to get some shut eye! zzzzzzz 🙂  But if you like Miss Amy, Miss Rebekah or Miss Shay you will love this site!  And there is another really nice surprise in there for members too!

Visit the Institute of Feminine Discipline

FemDom Fm Spanking hits a new high again today at Strict Women when Dodgy Dave clearly thought he had gotten one over on Miss Rose when he had gained access to Her members site only to download everything and then do a chargeback at his bank but Miss Rose was having none of it.  Armed with server logs showing just how much he had downloaded in such a short time and all of the times he had been online downloading her video, Miss Rose decided to challenge the charge back with the bank!  Of course Miss Rose did win the dispute however she was not satisfied with this!  Dave had been a very naughty boy and needed some severe punishment!  In any event, Miss Rose felt that he had gotten one over on her and was poking fun at her for the fact that she had to go to all of that aggravation simply to make sure he paid as he had agreed to in the membership plan at the beginning!   He has been show

SO…armed with his name and address, and all the server logs, Miss Rose visited the thieving anti social idiot at his home address to confront him!  Eventually after some cross examination he admits that he was “pulling a fast one” and Miss Rose had clearly identified him as being no better than one of those idiots that ‘wont stand their round’.  Who turn up at the pub and let everybody buy them a drink and suddenly decide when it is their round to go home?  Yes we all know them.  And Miss Rose is determined to make dave realise that such behaviour does NOT pay and that he has picked on the WRONG WOMAN when he decided to steal from Miss Rose!  Stand by for some awesome FemDom Fm Spanking action! 🙂

And I have a video preview 🙂

Anyway, you can see this movie now exclusively at Strict Women! So be sure to get over there and visit them today! And no charger back twat’s by the way! The ladies there are entitled to a life free of scum.

See you all soon!  Word is that the Institute of Feminine Discipline could be opening ANY DAY now!  So keep your eyes peeled now on this site for news when it happens! 🙂

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

Not that Miss Cassie’s spanking arm NEEDS any exercising of course, but that is what she has been doing today you might be interested to learn over at the Strict Women site!  Miss Cassie has been out running around her huge gardens grounds when she notices a neighbour peeping and perving at her!  And she is not impressed!  And certainly not flattered at his attention as he seems to think that she should be whilst he stands hiding behind the bushes with his dick in his hand!  🙂

We all know how strict Miss Cassie is however and how much she likes to spank naughty hands like his which can not resist touching himself inappropriately!  But only when she has taken 2 layers of skin from his backside!  Yes everybody!  FemDom Fm Spanking at its best!  🙂

And I have a video preview for you all 🙂

Ouch!  But he can not say he did not deserve it can he? 🙂

And you can see it now exclusively at Strict Women!  🙂  Oh and by the way you can find Miss Cassie’s videos over on FemDom Spanking Store and also she has her very own theater with her own movies from her members site over atDomination Theater :-) Be sure to get out there soon!  🙂

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

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Domination Theater

You know there are some Strict Women out there that you just know without any worries whatsoever that whatever they will turn Their Hands to in respect of spanking guys, they will be awesome at it?  And one of those is the outstanding Miss Amy!  And today Miss Amy is starring in the latest update  at Strict Women called ‘Cued To Spank’.

In this movie, Miss Amy plays the part of naughty Alexis’s strict Sister in law who has him well and truly under Her Thumb!   Alexis is married to another of the big names at Strict Women, that of Miss Joanne who is away on a weekend shoot spanking other bad boys for Strict Women and so back at home, Alexis thought he could simply go out and play snooker after he had been grounded by Miss Joanne for bad behaviour!  Little did he know that whilst he was supposed to be in, Miss Joanne had phoned him and when she found he was not answering his telephone she tracked his iphone online and found he was in fact at the snooker club!  So quick as a flash, as you can imagine, Miss Joanne was on the phone to sister Amy asking her to pay him a visit at home and deal with his disobedience when he arrives home.  And a quick text message to his phone telling him to return ‘Immediately’ meant Miss Amy did not have to wait long!  And it does not take an expert to work out what happens to a naughty husband who disobeys his wife when his wife is Miss Joanne and Her Sister is Miss Amy!  But if you are unsure then here is a little preview clip 🙂

You see what i mean about knowing she will always be awesome? 🙂  You just cant lose with Miss Amy 🙂  And just wait till you see her in the new site over at Institute of Feminine Discipline!  Which by the way I am told is nearing completion towards its opening now by the way!

Anyway you can see this movie and it is one I really recommend, now exclusively at Strict Women!  Don’t miss this one guys, its a true classic :-)

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

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Domination Theater

Ok I am not going to lie to you and suggest that Miss Jade is the strictest girl who has ever put me across her knee, nor am I going to tell you that she is the harshest!  But she sure as heck is one of the cutest and one of the sexiest!  Miss Jade absolutely oozes sexiness from every pour of her beautiful body!  And boy is that body beautiful!  🙂  Is it really any wonder as submissive guys we are mere putty in the hands of women?

In this latest video Miss Jade has come home to find her husband Alexis looking at spanking websites!  FemDom Spanking so at least he was a little more respecting of womankind as the women were not being punished!  But Alexis tries to convince his beautiful but rather irritated sexy wife Miss Jade that this was merely research!  A point that she was not buying by the way!  🙂  And as she feels he clearly likes women spanking men so much she decides that perhaps it is time that SHE spanked HIM!

There is a real sexy scene where she takes off his belt and orders him to turn around and pull his pants down so that she can spank him with his own belt!  And all whilst dressed only in her lingerie!  🙂

And I have a video preview 😉

Beautiful or what? 🙂

And you can see more from Miss Jade in this video now exclusively over at Strict Women! This full 30 minute video is also available on DVD or as a digital download at FemDom Spanking Store or if you wish you can watch it streaming on your PC (or mac if you have one of those) at Domination Theater where it has recently been published! :-)

Be sure to visit her quick because she has been known to spank for lateness! :-)

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

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There is just something about Miss Kaz that oozes sexiness 🙂  That sweet innocent sensual voice of hers mixed with the playful spiteful kitten inside that takes so much pleasure in humilating a guy…having him bent over before her and subject to HER discipline seems to really appeal to her and it is really quite intoxicating how she takes her sweet time spanking any male in her charge 🙂

And you can see a great example of that with this stunning Goddess now just updated over at Strict Women!

In this video, mike has crashed his parcel couriour van into Miss Kaz’s brand new car and she was not very impressed!  But rather than apologize for his incompetence he begins blaming HER for her parking ability! Princess Kaz decides that enough is enough and that his employer needs to be told! Rather than lose his job mike agrees to be put across Miss Kaz’s knee for a spanking.  And that did at least give Miss Kaz a really great opportunity to wallow in the rush that she gets from having males under her control and subject to her authority and discipline 🙂

And i have a video preview 🙂

Well Miss Kaz is clearly having fun isnt she!  :-) And why not!  Those pig heads have been the bane of all our lives for ages right? :-)

Anyway, you can see this update now exclusively at Strict!  You can also see more from Miss Kaz streaming at Domination Theater!  You can also see this video available for DVD and digital download at the FemDom Spanking Store which will in all likelyhood be updated with additional new videos from Miss Kaz any day now!

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

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Another great update at Strict Women as Miss Koko returns after a several month absence to put dodgy dave well and truly back into his place with a sound bare bottom hairbrush spanking!

A common thread in the life of any husband to a Strict Woman who regularly spanks him is that She makes the decisions for him.  He does not get to decide when he goes out to the pub, to play golf or any of the other fun activities that he likes to do because his life and his time belongs to her as does he!  And Miss Koko may have chores for him to be doing at the time that he is out having fun!  But dave decided somewhat foolishly that he did not want to do as he way told on this day.  He did not want to follow the rules and ask permission before he went out and as his strict wife confronts him upon his return, he continues to give her the usual back chat and lip!

Miss Koko is having none of this behaviour however or challenging her authority and decides that what he needs is a short sharp trip across her knee and a soundly paddled backside to remind him of who is in charge!

And we have a video preview :-)

And that pretty much says it all does it not?  Miss Koko is in charge and she can spank him all she likes! :-)

Anyway you can see more from Miss Koko in this update over at Strict Women! This full 30 minute video is also available on DVD or as a digital download atFemDom Spanking Store or if you wish you can watch it streaming on your PC (or mac if you have one of those) at Domination Theater where it has recently been published! :-)

Be sure to visit her quick because she has been known to spank for lateness! :-)

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

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