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Well welcome back to this the FemDom Spanking Blog everybody! I have been real busy of late. Mostly preparing for the upcoming shoot this weekend with two of my favorite Mistress’s, Miss Amy and Miss Rebekah who are the stars for a new site which is currently targetted to open some time between December and the new year. There will be other women in the site but the stars for the site will be Miss Amy and Miss Rebekah. And the site is going to follow a very sexy domestic style feminine superiority concept with spanking at its very heart in a new age Femdom Society! I can tell you too much right now other than that the site is going to be at a newly registered domain at Institute of Feminine Discipline.  This news is HOT off the press by the way!  I have permission to tell you about it but as I  type this, the domain has not even been set up on the server!  One or two images from the previous shoot with Miss Amy for this site have made their way out there but the site is very much in its foetal stages at present!  By the way this does NOT in any way undermine or threaten the site at Strict Mistress Zoe who did a shoot only 2 weeks a go in fact, it is an entirely new and independent project set to expand the FemDom portfolio from Miss Anna and her boys at Strict Women!

Anyway, back to Strict Women!  And their latest update which this week features the lovely Miss Rose!  And this latest update is based on a true story in which Dodgy Dave gets a visit at his home from none other than the very strict and stern (and ANGRY as it happens) Miss Rose who has tracked him down via his IP address to his home after he charges back on the transaction in which he joined her site which causes her to lose not only the membership subscription but also bank charges that put her account in jeopardy and significant bandwidth charges as he had downloaded every single file in her site several times over!  But he is NOT going to get away with it!  Miss Rose is determined to give him the most sore backside she has given anybody before and this should be seen as a warning to others not to follow in his course!  Because this could happen to you!  🙂  In fact, believe it or not, it is based on a true story!

And I have a video sample to show you all 🙂

Anyway, you can see this movie now exclusively at Strict Women! So be sure to get over there and visit them today! And no charger back twat’s by the way! The ladies there are entitled to a life free of scum.

I will try and check in again on the weekend everybody to let you know how things are going with the shoot but things do get very hectic at these occasions so please don’t hold me to it.  But whatever happens, I will be back on Monday anyway 🙂

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

Wow!  Fantastic news has just hit the press regarding the guys at Domination Theater who are just buzzing at the moment because it seems that the awesome DOMESTIC face slapping and FemDom video producer at Face Slapping Austria have agreed to put their videos up at Domination Theater!  And it is with good reason that they are buzzing too I might add because this is a truly excellent addition to the theater which will help to give it some considerable extra depth.  Deadly Females brought face sitting to the theater and that was great but perhaps a little removed from the traditional FemDom Spanking theme that it was used to and now with FemDom Face Slapping (and just wait till you see it!) the gap between FemDom Fm and Ff Spanking and face sitting is well and truly plugged making the whole experience far more seamless and smooth moving from one to the other and then back again 🙂

As the name suggests, Face Slapping Austria comes from the European borders of Austria where the girls (and guys) speak German and there is just something about that German accent that adds to the tension in the movies and the sexiness of the girls therein?  Its a little like Miss Chloe and the French accent I guess?  We used to melt when she would say we were a naughty boy and to bend over her knee for a spanking in that beautiful smooth French accent of hers and we treasure those videos as mementums of their time.  But time moves on and new stars are born and Im really excited now that I get to introuduce you to a whole bunch of them over the coming months!  And all with those hypnotic German accents!  Of course you are used to seeing much harder core leather, whips chains and dungeons stuff with military uniforms when you think of the German Female Domination movies but this site is different!  This is 100% genuine DOMESTIC Female Domination!  Sure its rough…its uncompromising and it involves many of the themes that you see across the better Female Domination movies like spitting, kicking and of course FemDom Face Slapping BUT these girls are just so totally secure in their authority and there is just NO doubt in their heads about their superiority over men whatsoever and that self confidence that comes out so strong is one of the most intoxicating reasons why this new theater set to increase in size over the coming days and weeks is really so good!

But dont take my word for it, here is a video preview to show you a little of what I mean 🙂

All video here by the way can be seen at the new Face Slapping Austria video theater here 🙂

See what I mean?  These are ladies completely within the domestic Strict Women style of Female Domination!  They simply do not need the whips and chains, they are superior to males and they know it and whats more, they only choose to be around males that know it!  Though I  guess it might be an interesting little challenge for htem from time to time to ‘break in’ a more ferel male!  That last lady by the way is Mistress Barby by the way and she has some REALLY HOT movies!  And thats not to say the others do not but there is just something about this lady that touches the buttons 🙂

Here are a couple of pics taken from a couple of their movies at the theater 🙂

That is Mistress Cindy above by the way 🙂  One of my favorites 🙂 She is SO sexy and takes no nonsense whatsoever!  🙂

Oh above you see possibly a joint favorite of mine at their site, Miss Yvonne who absolutely oozes sexiness!  I am told she will have videos up on the theater any day now and you really need to see them!  She reminds me a lot of Miss Karlene who spanked me several times!  There is just something about her that she knows every single button to press and she does it with that really sexy Austrian accent of hers!  Awesome!  🙂  And you see her above confronting her servant, pacing around him like a caged lion and slapping his face without him ever knowing its  coming!  But come it most definitely DOES!  This lady is well and truly in charge and you can see from the look on her servants face looking downwards to the floor in shame that he knows he is in trouble as Miss Yvonne builds the tension in the room there pacing around her naughty boy before she slsps 🙂

Yep…Miss Barby 🙂  Hot as hell!  Can you imagine being put across her knee after she slaps your face like that? 🙂

And there is more good news on the way from the guys at Domination Theater by the way as the video producer at Face Slapping Austria has some 20 or so other really hot femdom sites around different themes and videos will be shown from ALL of them over the coming months!  All of that but also Domination Theater has also just signed yet another big signing in the spanking world which you may not know but we are sure you will love thier material!

So for now, why not go over to Domination Theater and see what these guys have to offer?  There are other theaters of course but this one shows ONLY the type of movies that those of us who love spanking and Female Domination love to see!  You will not have to surf through ANY of the other material to find the movies you love when you visit Domination Theater!  And that my friends is a personal guarantee!

Domination Theater

Though we have seen quite a bit of Miss Zoe here over the last few years, its been a little while since we last saw her strict and gorgeous sister Miss Natasha and so as Strict Women have just updated with the two Goddess’s this very day I thought I would just let you all know!  Mostly Miss Natasha lives over on Miss Zoe’s site but she her real home is actually at Strict Women and there is some really excellent video there with her both spanking on her own but also with other ladies like her sister Miss Zoe but also the beautiful and world famed Miss Amy who recently did a shoot with both Mistress’s for Strict Women!

This weeks update starts with the hapless Lorne who was incredibly sweet on Miss Natasha finding himself over her knee being soundly spanked by the girl he fancied so much and she of course took great pleasure in rubbing his nose in it!  He could not move of course because his head was wedged between Miss Zoe’s legs and I can tell you from experience that this Gal could crush your head with those thighs!

There is a great part in this video too where Miss Zoe insists on having her shoes worshipped whilst poor hapless Lorne is being spanked!  But Miss Zoe is sat too far away from him to actually kiss them whilst still bending over the knee of his strict new Mistress but does he get away with it?  Not a chance!  He just can not win!  And when he tries to complain or plead reason he just gets slap across the chops for his trouble!  These Ladies are just NOT in the compromising mood!

And i have a video preview 🙂

One of the more potent parts of this movie is that you start to see that Miss Natasha, knowing exactly what her sister Zoe is like, has actually engineered this entire spanking for Lorne and is having great fun administering it!  Despite her crocodile tears at being touched, if indeed she even was (Miss Natasha really likes getting guys in trouble with her sister Zoe and she does not mind making things up in order to do it!)

Anyway you can see more of this movie now exclusively at Strict Women!  And don’t forget you can see more FemDom Fm Spanking from both Miss Zoe AND sister Miss Natasha over on Miss Zoe’s own site, Strict Mistress Zoe!

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

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Domination  Theater

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Another week begins and Strict Women have begun theirs with a trip for naughty Mike over Miss Rebekka’s knee!  He has failed to hand in a report on time and seems to think that he can sot soap his strict Mistress/Manageress with back chat but she soon sorts him out!  Kneeling on the floor with his nose in the carpet and his butt up in the air Miss Rebekka applies a real good spanking and not just to his butt either but all the soft skin his butt like his sides, back and…well…lets just say its a good job he had his legs closed because I would not like to have been in his place had they been open!  And even without them being open it would have hurt like hell!

We have a preview clip from the update today :-)

Yep thats right! A TWO paddle spanking there! Miss Rebekka is determined that he WILL learn! 🙂

ANYWAY…its a really great movie and you can see it now exclusively at Strict Women!  Or if you prefer, you can buy the entire movie on DVD or digital download from the FemDom Spanking Store or you can watch it streaming as a full length femdom Fm spanking movie at Domination Theater!

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

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Well I am not long back now from yesterday’s shoot with the lovely Miss Zoe and her friend Miss Karmen K for Miss Zoe’s site, Strict Mistress Zoe and boy was it a day!  I had toothe ache but it didn’t stop me from getting in trouble and getting whacked.  In fact, it was a typical FemDom household there with all the guys nursing sore backsides and the girls just giggling and having fun!

There was a new guy came all the way over from India to be in a movie with Miss Zoe in fact and hypnotised by Miss Zoe’s big brown eyes, he made the mistake on set whilst she was giving him one of the harshest scoldings that I have seen her ever give of asking her to kiss him!  The metaphorical blood was everywhere!  LOL.  You know this is one woman that does not even need to lay a finger on you to reduce you right down to the ground and put you well and truly in your place!  She is a total expert at it!  🙂  And Miss Carmen seemed to be learning quick from her new tutor for the day!

Of course everybody knew there was going to be trouble in advance when Miss Zoe had announced she had gotten her hands on a new correction officers uniform to use in a shoot and your’s truly was the fortunate or unfortunate miscreant that copped it in that movie after one guy had to be withdrawn from the video due to pain threshold.  But trust me, this and other videos filmed on the day will be true classics 🙂

Oh and I got my hands on a fan sign for y’all 🙂

Be sure to check all these new movies out when they come on line at Miss Zoe’s site at 🙂

Those of you who visit this blog regularly will know Miss Zoe and will probably not be fooled by such scams but it has come to our attention that scammers have faked an identity on face book pretending to be Miss Zoe in order to scam people into giving them money believing that they are in fact giving it to Miss Zoe.  Or in fact, to this other individual who is calling him/herself Amy Louise Parker.  BEWARE!  This is a fake profile and it is NOT Miss Zoe.  Furthermore, Miss Zoe is NOT like this individual who has been really quite nasty and rude in demanding money and even offering webcam sessions for paypal payments which of course, given that they are NOT Miss Zoe, they have no ability to actually provide.

They are also trying to sell a huge pile of clothes that the so called ‘Mistress’ says are hers and that she has worn which frankly, many still being in carrier bags look more like they have picked up from the street in one of those ‘help the kids of Africa’ bags that turn out to be a business rather than charity bags and then try to sell each garment on to people like yourselves for some extortionate amount of money.  It is really unethical.

Look guys, if you REALLY want to be a ‘money pig’ or ‘cash cow’ to one of these people then please be sure you know who you are giving the money to and find a GENUINE Mistress that accepts this kind of thing from their official site.  Because those on the site who have given this person or persons money frankly will feel really quite cheated now!  And more seriously…who knows what the money they have given actually is going to fund!

Please just be careful.  Those who genuinely want to make the beautiful Miss Zoe’s life more comfortable in this way should just organise a session with her.  And you will actually get an experience for your money!

Consider yourselves warned…

Well as we here in the UK get ready for the big announcement from the new government on what exactly we will see cuts in so as to reduce the deficit, Miss Heelena has some cuts of her own to dish out to the politicians over at Strict Women!  And she is NOT taking any prisoners!  And why would we want her to in any event right? LOL.  Here she is in a pic that just says it all really right from Strict Women’s front page! 🙂

This is a movie by the way that was originally filmed in London during the time of the expenses scandal which went on for several months where we heard endless stories, day by day in a drip drip manner about members of the UK parliament claiming for mortgages which had already been paid off, light bulbs, duck houses, moats for an MP’s castle (which just put the icing on the cake by the way because it totally confirmed the belief of just about everybody in the USA that everybody in Britain lives in a castle!  LOL) and so on.  And the only criticism’s that we heard made about these claims in the first few days and even weeks of the scandal was about the terrible press for publicising such a small issue and (in their view) blowing it out of proportion.

SO….we now have some cuts so as to pay our deficit?  And we have to presume as a public that they have ALREADY cut important stuff like horse manure and light bulbs out of their budgets so now we get ready to lose the less important things things like…oh I dont know…hmmm….schools and hospitals perhaps?

OK, look im only joking everybody 🙂  And I didn’t really come here to talk about stuff like that but it has come up with this latest video in Strict Women and I am always one to just go on and ramble and I DO love a good moan from time to time…especially when it is about my least favorite people in the world…politicians LOL 🙂

SO…enter Miss Heelena!  Remember her? LOL.  Well she is the cute lady next door with a hard hand and a whippy cane!  All the way from the Czech Republic and sporting that really sexy Czech accent that made people like Mistress Valkyrie and others so famous 🙂  And She has got her hands on one naughty politician knocking on her door on behalf of the ‘red party’.  The blue party are down the road apparently along with the yellow party 🙂  And she has decided to dole out some cuts of her own!  And the cuts are being made with the whippiest cane you have ever seen!  Not to mention straps and hand spanks across her silky knees!

And I have a video preview 🙂

As you can see from Mikes butt, Miss Heelena has certainly made her mark!  🙂  And I remember it well by the way!  That spanking REALLY did hurt!  🙂  But she was great and really dished out the discipline in a way the country longed for!  LOL 🙂

Well…I hope anyway that it will make some of you feel better when the news comes out about what each of us are going to lose 🙂  Maybe we will send the Prime Minister to Miss Zoe next? 🙂 Hmmm….I wonder how many ladies out there would LOVE that job? 🙂

Anyway, a really great update to a great movie and you can see it now exclusively at Strict Women!  And more besides from both Miss Heelena and MANY more Strict Women too at the Strict Women site!  🙂  See you all on Thursday!!!  🙂

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

Just been over to Strict Women to take a look at their latest update there and blow me down if it is not the lovely Miss Chloe, everybody’s favourite French Mistress 🙂  She is starring today in a movie called Tables Turned where a naughty college professor played by Dodgy Dave thought he could try and spank her for handing her essay in late.  BIG MISTAKE!  And a big mistake he pays for BIG TIME!  Though I cant help thinking he must have been wondering which was the more fun experience?  Being spanked by Miss Chloe, and in THAT outfit!  Or spanking HER and in that outfit!  Though of course he only managed to get the first slap in before she spanked him silly!

This is one of those occasions when you sit back and watch somebody that you have not seen in action for some time and it dawns on you just how great and how unique she really was?   And sure…there have been others that came before and have come after and the likes of Miss Zoe, Miss Amy, Miss Rebekah, Miss Jodie and so on are all easily up there with her but there is just something about being told you are a ‘naughty boy’ by the hot lady with the strong French accent that kind of melts your heart? LOL 🙂

Here is a short video preview clip to show you what I mean 🙂

See what I mean?  🙂

You can expect to see all the very best of Miss Chloe too, the counting in French, that sexy French accent, hard spanking, including a good hand spanking over her knee and all in that costume too!  But of course there are also several other great movies in the site featuring this lovely French Goddess that you will love as well as so many others :)

Be sure to visit Strict Women soon to report to Miss Chloe!  And remember also Miss Chloe’s own site at Miss Chloes Slipper.  You can also get this video as a DVD or digital download from Miss Chloe’s store at Femdom Spanking Store or watch it streaming from her own server at Domination Theater!

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

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Well the title of this post may be a little misleading actually because this is a video update I want to talk about which was published at Miss Zoe’s own site at Strict Mistress Zoe rather than at Strict Women!  BUT it relates very much to an incident or 50 (plus) where Dave had been countermanding the instructions given to the film crew for Strict Women by telling the women to do other things and to ignore her written instructions.  Miss Anna for those who do not know is the owner and CEO at Strict Women.  Yes it very definitely IS a woman run website!  And always has been.  Run in fact by Miss Anna and her sister Miss Connie from the very first days some 12 years or so back. But as time has gone on, different women have taken over the task of keeping the film crew in their place despite the 6000 mile distance between her and them!  Miss Chloe often used to dish out the spankings to the guys when they disobeyed Miss Anna and now with the retirement of Miss Chloe, Miss Zoe now does so!  And it is something that she very much takes very seriously too!  And after receiving an email from Miss Anna telling her how Dave had been caught on film telling the girls to ignore all of her instructions and do things his way instead, Miss Zoe was even more furious than Miss Anna was if that was even possible!  But I can tell you Dave and the film crew knew it most definitely WAS possible and in particular Dave who was on the receiving end of one of the most severe spankings he had ever received even from her!

And I have a video preview 🙂

Yes he had one simple task which was to look at her and what does he do?  He looks at her breasts!  As difficult as it is not to do that he should have known really!  So he then had to bend over her knee with his eyes closed (as he could not look at he without staring at her breasts) and thought that might be an opportunity to hold his hand out and grab hold of those breasts but laughter took him before he made that rather dangerous move and that whole thing just made the whole matter worse as you see above!  Miss Zoe sure doesn’t take any nonsense does she? LOL 🙂

Oh and by the way, it is her birthday today!  So if you want to make her happy, go join her at her site!!!  🙂

Anyway for now, you can see this video exclusively at Strict Mistress Zoe!   But you can also get the DVD or full length digital download at FemDom Spanking Store or watch it streaming over at Domination Theater :-)This is one of Miss Zoe’s true classic movies by the way and a REAL punishment!  This is one that is definitely NOT to be missed!!!

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Well first of all, I want to apologise to you all for the lateness of this email.  I have no excuses although I have been feeling lousy all week and to top it all, i hurt my hand at work which made typing extremely difficult..which it still remains by the way but I am determined to face adversity and post today come rain or shine!  🙂  And its been an active week because there have been some really great updates  on Strict Women and on Strict Mistress Zoe!  But please accept my apologies, those of you who read this and dont just skip straight down to the video preview (???!!!???) for this being short 🙂  And those of you who DO just skip down to the video preview will be having their names taken and handed on to Miss Zoe who is shooting on Saturday 16th so beware! 🙂

Anyway, I am going to keep to my usual format and talk about one update per post because…well…its just easier that way to organise 🙂  So in this first one which was published at Strict Women, a strict young manageress, Miss Willow decides to take Dave to task for not handing in that report and he recieves a real blistering spanking over her knee with a wooden hairbrush! Ouch!  But she just did not seem to know when to stop or perhaps just did not want to? 🙂  Because the cane came out too as well as a number of paddles and had Dave brought quickly to seeing things her way!  🙂

Here is a short video preview 🙂

Pretty hot huh? 🙂  But you know Dave, he just can not keep his mouth shut!  This movie by the way you can see now exclusively at Strict Women!  Or if you prefer to see the DVD or full length digital download then that too is available at the FemDom Spanking Store, or you can watch the full movie streaming at the Domination Theater :-) But wherever you do watch it, be sure that you do because this is one you should not want to miss in my opinion :-)

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