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Forever one of the members favorites at Strict Women, and for good reason, Miss Rebekah has returned today to deal once again with an errant employee who has simply not been doing as he was told.  Now as we all know, if there is one thing that a strict woman hates more than anything else it is direct disobedience!  And it does not matter whether that disobedience is by design or default…ie: whether you intended to disobey her or you simply did it negligently or were so overworked switching tv channels for her as she sits on the sofa having fun, throwing out all the distractions that she possibly can with pointless jobs just to make sure that you fail in the bigger task that both of you know will lead you to a good hard spanking later for that ‘disobedience’!  Yep, you know the sort of thing right?  The life of the hapless male in a world of dominant Gals!  🙂

Yes you know it, I know it and whats more Mike SHOULD know it by now!  I mean how many times has he been facing the music with all the Women over at Strict Women right?  More times than I can count on all my collective fingers and toes IN MULTIPLES!  So it should not really have come as any surprise to him when something as blatant as failure to hand in a report on time when she had given him multiple chances to do so and not only veiled warnings which he should not have needed, he has been across the knees of Miss Rebekah so often, BUT EXPRESS warnings that failure would lead to a thorough bare bottom spanking!  And STILL he fails to hand it in on time!  And even when summoned to face the music, he STILL does not have that report!  So what choice has he left to our sexy Goddess Rebekah?  None really.  He  knows what is going to happen as well as she does and it doesn’t take long for Miss Rebekah to unceremoniously and humiliatingly pull his trousers and pants down and put him across her knee!

And I have a video preview 🙂

By the way you can see this video now exclusively at Strict Women!  Or if you wish to see it on DVD or on your media centre as a digital download then you can also get the full length movie (with many others) or watch it streaming at Domination Theater!

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