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Some of you will know that Miss Zoe recently administered a blistering punishment that left Daves butt well and truly blistered recently in a movie entitled ‘Dog Fouling Neighbour which you can of course get as a DVD at the FemDom Spanking Store as well as streaming at the Domination Theater and of course at her own site, Strict Mistress Zoe.  But despite handing out that punishment which should, by ANYBODIES standards have taught David a valuable lesson in manners, especially as it was followed up by 6 months of servitude to Miss Zoe and daily spankings during that time, often thrice daily, he has apparently learned NOTHING!  Because once more he is out with his dog allowing (no make that encouraging) that dog to mess now in Miss Cassie’s garden!

Well…to be fair to Dave, he HAS learned a little, because this time he has brought his friend Alexis with him who is similarly allowing HIS dog to do the same.  Safety in numbers eh?  Well not when it is Miss Cassie we are talking about no!  And she wastes no time in getting to grips with the two of them, dragging them into the house for a well deserved bare bottom spanking, one after the other and then back to the other!   And if the two of them thought that it was only Miss Zoe who was a strict neighbour who would spank their bottoms if they did this in her garden, then they certainly know NOW that there are MANY strict women out there that will do this!  Oh how embarassing it is going to be for them now as they walk past their cute neighbours houses to say good morning and who out there actually knows that these two ladies have both tanned their disrespectful backsides for them! Spanked, strapped and caned!

And for this brand new movie from Red Badger FemDom Spanking Video Productions, I have a video preview for you all 🙂

Pretty hot huh?  And you can be sure that Miss Cassie gives the sort of spankings in this movie, which like all her other femdom spanking movies, will be HARD and relentless!  These guys are going to learn a lesson once and for all!  🙂

And you can see it now exclusively at Strict Women!  🙂

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

Forever one of the members favorites at Strict Women, and for good reason, Miss Rebekah has returned today to deal once again with an errant employee who has simply not been doing as he was told.  Now as we all know, if there is one thing that a strict woman hates more than anything else it is direct disobedience!  And it does not matter whether that disobedience is by design or default…ie: whether you intended to disobey her or you simply did it negligently or were so overworked switching tv channels for her as she sits on the sofa having fun, throwing out all the distractions that she possibly can with pointless jobs just to make sure that you fail in the bigger task that both of you know will lead you to a good hard spanking later for that ‘disobedience’!  Yep, you know the sort of thing right?  The life of the hapless male in a world of dominant Gals!  🙂

Yes you know it, I know it and whats more Mike SHOULD know it by now!  I mean how many times has he been facing the music with all the Women over at Strict Women right?  More times than I can count on all my collective fingers and toes IN MULTIPLES!  So it should not really have come as any surprise to him when something as blatant as failure to hand in a report on time when she had given him multiple chances to do so and not only veiled warnings which he should not have needed, he has been across the knees of Miss Rebekah so often, BUT EXPRESS warnings that failure would lead to a thorough bare bottom spanking!  And STILL he fails to hand it in on time!  And even when summoned to face the music, he STILL does not have that report!  So what choice has he left to our sexy Goddess Rebekah?  None really.  He  knows what is going to happen as well as she does and it doesn’t take long for Miss Rebekah to unceremoniously and humiliatingly pull his trousers and pants down and put him across her knee!

And I have a video preview 🙂

By the way you can see this video now exclusively at Strict Women!  Or if you wish to see it on DVD or on your media centre as a digital download then you can also get the full length movie (with many others) or watch it streaming at Domination Theater!

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

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Especially for those university and college students out there who are having trouble concentrating on your work, Miss Zoe has commanded her web slave to update her site with one of my more favorite movies there, ‘Stupid Student’ 🙂  This is a movie, again based on a true story, about a student who was so infatuated with her and her domineering ways after she had put him across her knee that he could concentrate on little else and so deliberately did not do the homework that as his tutor she had set him.  Consequently he failed his exams!  And believe me, there is NOTHING that will irritate a strict woman more than failure…particularly after they had spent their valuable time coaching and teaching you towards passing!

Now Mike has been spanked enough to know full well what will irritate strict women out there.  But Miss Zoe is so cute when she is mad yet terrifyingly intimidating all at the same time!  He could not resist making her mad and yet could not face up to the severe consequences of the punishment that was to come from doing so!  And so finally blurted out a confession that he had deliberately failed the exam in order to be punished by her.  And this just made the whole thing 10 times worse as Miss Zoe was then left with the option of either punishing him by NOT punishing him, or at least not punishing him with the use of corporal punishment (a good spanking over her knee) OR by spanking him so severely both in terms of number of spanks AND in terms of the severity of each spank and it was a hard decision for her.  But perhaps unsurprisingly for a Gal who enjoys inflicting punishment on guys, she decided on a more severe spanking!  Surprise surprise eh? 🙂

And I have a video preview for you all 🙂

And it serves Mike right just as Miss Zoe pointed out in the movie!  His actions were incredibly manipulative.

Anyway to all the students out there, be sure you learn from Mikes mistake!  Because fail to study and pass your exams and this can happen to you!

Anyway, you can see more from this update now exclusively at Strict Mistress Zoe!  Or if you prefer to get the DVD or full digital download you can do so from the FemDom Spanking Store or watch it streaming at the Domination Theater!

Strict Mistress Zoe

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Wow Miss Rose is back again at Strict Women and she sure is not taking any prisoners in today’s update!  Based on a true story, Dave has been sat in his easy chair at home reading a book when Miss Rose stormed into his house and his room and demanded to know why a transaction he had made to join her site which she had tracked him down for by his IP address, had bounced at the bank as he had apparently told them it was a fraudulent transaction.  Now this is ilegal obviously and usually websites just pass this type of information around amongst eachother, block the person for ever from all sites around and make a complaint to the authorities.  It could have of course been extremely embarassing for Dave to explain in a crowded court room why he was surfing porn sites!  Can you imagine that sort of humiliation?  Your boss, your family and all your friends finding out what turns you on and how you tried to avoid paying for it and decided to steal instead?  Not nice huh?  But Miss Rose wants PERSONAL payback!  She has decided to put Dave across her knee and to give him the spanking of his life for his actions!  And as we all know here, that will be quite some hiding!

And its a hiding i get to show you some of right now as well as I have a video preview sample 🙂

Anyway, you can see this movie now exclusively at Strict Women!  So be sure to get over there and visit them today!  And no charger back twat’s by the way!  The ladies there are entitled to a life free of scum.

See you all again tomorrow guys for another update to this blog 🙂  Im looking forward to it in fact 🙂  Meanwhile for the best in Fm Femdom spanking action visit Strict Women!  🙂

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

Well having arrived home yesterday after a long days shoot Saturday with the one and only Miss Amy I have finally gotten around to coming to my blog here to share my experience with you all!  🙂  Those of you who are friends with me on Face Book (my name there is Mike Smith….yes the same Mike as is in the Strict Women movies I admit it!) will have seen one or two of my comments there about the shoot but I needed to just come here today now and share in a little bit more detail 🙂

You will all of course recall that I mentioned the poll regarding whether Bryanna or I should be spanked after I mentioned to Lance that Bryanna Cox of Spanking Bare Butts had commented on an interview with Domestic Spanking Blog that she ought to be punished for her lack of blog updating which of course Lance jumped on with both feet and did administer!  Well the poll results were fairly conclusive.

Bryanna should be punished for complaining about her punishment:  161 votes
Bryanna should be punished and then stand in the corner:  74 votes
Both Bryanna and I should be punished:  37 votes
Bryanna has suffered enough:  4 votes
Only I should be punished and not Bryanna:  61 votes.

So in effect, 272 people thought Bryanna should be punished compared with 98 people that thought I should be!  Pretty conclusive really isn’t it?  BUT I mentioned that I was going to the shoot with Strict Women and Bryanna emailed Miss Amy via Strict Women who then wanted an explanation from moi and here’s the thing…it didn’t really matter in the end WHAT all of you out there voted because Miss Amy decided on the matter and gave me a pretty good hiding for it which included all of her favorites from tawsing my hands (funny how she NEVER EVER forgets to do that?) and 24 hard strokes of the cane!  Not to mention a good 30 plus strokes of one of the thickest and hardest leather belt type straps I have seen in a long while!  And it was new which if you are wondering the relevance of, means it is hard and with sharp edges to it!

Here is a pic taken from the spanking that I got!  from Miss Amy, complete with her new hair colour for those who have not yet seen it 🙂

And of course as you can imagine, Miss Bryanna of Spanking Bare Butts was incredibly sympathetic when I mentioend the thrashing Miss Amy had given me and that it was her turn, quickly writing back with:

Oh I am so glad that you got exactly what you needed from Amy! I have been getting spanked so frequently here lately that it will be nothing for me to take another one. 🙂

Right…thanks Ma’am!  Yes I have always been a great admirer of yours!!!  LOL 😉

Anyway, the whole thing was videotaped as a half an hour of solid spanking (compared to Bryanna’s measly 5 – 10 minutes if she is unlucky) and it will be published in due course on a brand new forthcoming website which I think I mentioned to you all last week!  That is a new 2 strict woman website starring two of the most loved and revered of all the ladies at Strict Women, none other than Miss Amy and Miss Rebekah.  In fact, in about a month there will be a full weekend shoot of spanking for this new site with Miss Rebekah on the Saturday and Miss Amy the very next day on the Sunday!  So I would anticipate this site going live probably around November/December time.  And I have seen much of the video…this site is going to be AWESOME!  It is a FemDom Fm Spanking with a difference because it is built around a theme.  And no, that theme is not gloves!  Those Miss Amy is wearing above so that she does not give herself blisters when she wields the whippy canes!  I wont tell you just yet what the theme will be but it is going to rock!  🙂  And trust me, it works PERFECTLY within the typical sexy domestic Strict Women style of site that they are famous for!  Sophisticated and sexy women who spank numerous guys under their command 🙂

Here are a few more pics taken on the day…

As you can see, this is all pretty hot material!  The spanking is hard and one of the things I really liked was that the OTK hand spanking where it occurred was hard and rapid 🙂  It was delivered in a way that showed Miss Amy CLEARLY meant business!  Any guy on the receiving end would have clearly gotten the message about who was in charge believe me!  🙂

Anyway, be sure to keep your eyes peeled on this blog for more news about this site as it develops 🙂  Because if you like Miss Amy or Miss Rebekah, and lets face it, what FemDom Fm Spanking fan does not love either of these two Mistress’s (?), you are going to absolutely ADORE this site!  🙂

Anyway, I have to go now but I will be back on Thursday to tell you all about the latest update over on Strict Women so be sure to come back then ok? 🙂  By the way, dont forget to visit Miss Amy too at her website at Hello Miss Hunter where those of you wondering what it would be like to be spanked by this Goddess can book your sessions and experience it for yourselves 🙂

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

Well as we move towards the weekend, preparations are being put in place for a shoot with the one and only Miss Amy whose shoot I will be going to on Saturday with Strict Women!  🙂  And to that end, take note, because you heard it here first!  This shoot will be for a new project and a new site featuring two of the strictest and cutest ladies on the net!  Miss Amy is one of them as you will have worked out and the other is Miss Rebekah!  So keep your eyes open for that one because this new site is going to ROCK man!  🙂  It will have its own theme too so it will be a little different to the other FemDom Fm Spanking sites out there though of course you will still get to see many of the typical wife spanks naughty husband or boyfriend or yes, brother/father type videos that you have seen on Strict Women before!  Miss Rebekah has already shot a really great movie in that sphere where she spank both husband AND step son when she discovered that he had a new girlfriend that he had not sought her approval for!  So Im wondering now if there will be a sequel where his girlfriend will start spanking him too when she discovers what has happened!  🙂  Well you will have to wait and see on that score 🙂  But Miss Amy is shooting on Saturday of this week and Miss Rebekah is shooting for this new site again next month!  There is no date laid down in stone as yet as to when all of this will come into fruition but you will hear about it first here when it happens you can be sure 🙂

Anyway with all the news being about Miss Amy at the moment, its nice to see that she is also the latest star to be published over on Strict Women in a really great movie called My Private Tutor 2 which as the name suggests, is a sequel movie to a previous movie where she spanks Dave for not doing his homework as commanded!  🙂

This is a really great movie that, along with pretty much any movie with Miss Amy I would really recommend!  And I have a video preview for you all 🙂

Yes there is lots of good OTK hand spanking in this movie but you also get to see his hands tawsed (just try and persuade Miss Amy to leave the hand tawsing out…aint ever going to happen!) and several good bouts of hard caning!  🙂

Anyway you can see this movie and it is one I really recommend, now exclusively at Strict Women!  Or alternatively, if you would like the high quality digital download of the full video or the DVD then you can get that from theFemDom Spanking Store along with many other videos from Miss Amy and others :-) Or if you prefer not to have the video at your home or on your computer and would prefer to simply watch it as a streaming video then why not go watch it at Domination Theater :-)

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Always nice to welcome back the faces we have not seen for a little while and this is just one such face!  And instantly recognised of course as Jessica Wood.  Or Miss Jessica to the rest of us!  And she of course is today’s big star taking on the role of disciplinarian over at Strict Women in this great little FemDom Fm Spanking Video!!!

And so what is Dave in trouble for today you might ask?  Well it seems that his strict wife Miss Jessica has returned from her riding lessons to hear complaints from her neighbors about her husbands rudeness and noise making.  But mostly it is his rudeness and arogence that has annoyed Miss Jessica!  And so now it is time for him to face the music and for that he is put across the knees of the strict lady in jodhpurs and riding outfit complete with her riding crop 🙂  And he sure deserves it!  But whether he deserves it or not he is certainly going to get it!  LOL 🙂

And I have the video to prove it!  🙂

Well another smacked bottom is handed out in the household of Strict Women and another male is put firmly back in his place!  That is, across her knee or under her heel!  🙂

Anyway, you can see this latest update now exclusively on :-) Don’t for Gods sake keep her waiting!  You can see above what happened to Dave when he treated her with that little respect :-)

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

Well as we move towards the weekend, Strict Women has just updated with one of my favorite ladies at the site, none other than the lovely Miss Karnell who is starring today in the movie ‘Her Beautiful Bottom’ in which Miss Karnell uses all of her sexual charms to tease the heck out of poor Dodgy Dave!  Actually I say ‘poor’ but i dont think in reality that there would be any shortage of guys who would gladly take his place in this one!  LOL 🙂

So why is Dave in trouble with Miss Karnell I hear you ask?  And if he IS in trouble then why the reward of being commanded to look at her bottom like this?  Well bad behaviour is the obvious reason at the fetish club where he had his face slapped several times by various dominant ladies who caught him ogling their bottoms!  So annoyed were they with him in fact that they were all asking Miss Karnell if they could spank him themselves to teach him some respect!  So with all the assurances in the world Miss Karnell had to assure these ladies that she would personally punish him severely for his disrespect and to put him back through some basic training…some of which includes following her bottom!  🙂

Of course the answer to any question about whether he learned from the Fm spanking Miss Karnell administers to him is a negative!  The mere fact that there was a sequel made to this movie makes that clear!  But the fact there was a sequel made to this movie also shows just how great this one was!  You really should not miss it!

And I have a video preview 🙂

Anyway, you can see this video now exclusively at Strict Women!  Or if you would like to have the DVD or full length digital download of this movie you can get it at the FemDom Spanking Store.  It is also available to view as a full length movie at the Domination Theater.

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Well there is REALLY great news from this morning!  None other than arguably one of the best FemDom film producers of New York, Deadly Dommes have just signed up to the site and opened a female domination theater at Domination Theater!  And better yet, there are several really excellent FemDom Fm Spanking videos available to watch there!

Not only that but another really top class Female Domination video producer from Austria is currently in talks to open a theater there also which they hope to have opened real soon now!  So keep your eyes peeled both on this blog AND on Domination Theater itself for news of that when it comes along!

Back to Deadly Dommes though…  I was recently given a pass to the site (perk of the job ;-)) to do a review of their site over on FemDom Utopia which is a femdom website directory that I created some years ago 🙂  And I was really blown away mostly by the imagination, planning and quality behind all of the video there.  I got myself in a little trouble with Dietrich Dane, the big Boss Lady at Deadly Dommes for likening it almost to art it was so imprressive.  One of the movies which actually won an award struck me as so imaginitive that it could have been displayed at Cannes in fact!  But of course words are everything, particularly in a worded review (!!!) and though Female Domination when done well IS an art, it is also really quite hardcore FemDom ‘porn’ and that was a word that Mistress Dietrich as I recall used rather than me but She was of course correct in her assertion 🙂  And anyway, those of us into FemDom Spanking kind of LIKE getting into trouble with beautiful women anyhow dont we? 🙂

By the way, this is Domina Dietrich the lady in charge below 🙂

At the theater there are currently 5 of Deadly Domme’s Mistress’s occupying their theater and each have between 2 and 6 videos on the site!  One of the best theme’s is FemDom Spanking with a very sexy theme around being spanked by your step mother which would add humiliation to any punishment as you will appreciate!  But you can also expect to see them also in movies dealing with themes where they take control of your orgasam and either give you their permission to let go or deny you their permission!  Humiliation also plays a very large theme in Deadly Dommes theater and there is for example a very good movie entitled Dance Monkey Dance in which Mistress Dietrich mocks her slave as he is forced to dress as a royal court jester and dance around the room!

I should also, given this is the FemDom Spanking Blog point you to Mistress Erin St Marks who has two really great FemDom Fm spanking videos on the theater!  And I will give you a little taste of those and what they are about 🙂

Mistress Erin St Marks:  Stepmother Spanks Her Naughty Boys

A stepmother married to a rich husband has heard the rumors that her stepsons have been spreading about her while away at college. She decides to confront them and put them over her knee, giving them a red-raw spanking!

Click Here To View at Domination Theater

Mistress Erin St Marks:  Another Day At The Office

Mistress Marks is the boss of this slovenly corporate slave who thinks that he can bend the rules as to what “casual day” means!  Being a create boss though, she finds a way to make sure that this pathetic excuse for an employee can keep his job by SUBMITTING to her in the office!  She has him drop his pants and spanks him shamefully, leaving marks for his wife to find – laughing at him the whole time!  She then demands that he worship her feet and legs…preparing him to be smothered for her pleasure before she kicks him out of the office!  Just another day at work for Mistress Erin St. Marks!

Click Here To View at Domination Theater

Anyway, be sure to visit Deadly Dommes brand new theater real soon!  And be sure also to check out their website at and to keep your eyes open for more news on this great house of Domination here at the FemDomn Spanking Blog!

Domination  Theater

There has been a really awesome update today over on Strict Women!  We have the potency of a two Mistress video but also the fact that it is two strict sisters really makes this movie one of the best I have seen!  Pretty much anything with Miss Zoe in of course will be spanking good but this video is actually an exceptionally good movie even by her standards!

Miss Zoe plays the part of a transport company manageress and the movie begins with her sister (both in real life AND in the video) rushing in close to tears complaining that Lorne, who appears to be called Andrew in this video for some reason, has been harassing her at work by making inapropriate comments and touching her up.  Miss Zoe is furious and rushes off to confront this reprobate who she then drags into the office by his ear!  But Lorne just does not seem to realise what he has done wrong!  All he did was to slap her ass he says to which Miss Zoe immediately slaps his face with a growl of “I will slap YOUR ARSE!!!” as quick as a flash 🙂  The sibling dynamics in this movie really show up SO strongly 🙂  Poor Lorne does not seem to know what has hit him!

And I have a video preview 🙂

Ahhhh the no win situation 🙂  Miss Zoe says kiss her foot and expects no disobedience yet Miss Natasha wants to spank him and for him to remain still…how can he make his mouth stretch 3 feet across the room in order not to upset one or other of the ladies he knows will spank him! LOL 🙂

One of the more potent parts of this movie is that you start to see that Miss Natasha, knowing exactly what her sister Zoe is like, has actually engineered this entire spanking for Lorne and is having great fun administering it!  Despite her crocodile tears at being touched, if indeed she even was (Miss Natasha really likes getting guys in trouble with her sister Zoe and she does not mind making things up in order to do it!)

Anyway you can see more of this movie now exclusively at Strict Women!  And don’t forget you can see more FemDom Fm Spanking from both Miss Zoe AND sister Miss Natasha over on Miss Zoe’s own site, Strict Mistress Zoe!

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

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