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Been a while since we saw the lovely Princess Kaz over on Strict Women and you know, its always so nice to see her return! 🙂 This time around she is putting Mike in his place good and proper!  Mike in this movie plays the part of the ignorant pig ‘white van man’ as they are referred to in the UK.  That is to say the white van driver who drives like an idiot and acts like the world owes them a living!  You know the sort right?  Even if you have not come across them on the door step or at work, you have been carved up by one of them on the road who then hurls abuse at you 🙂 Anyway, Miss Kaz is having absolutely none of it!  And she puts ignorant Mike firmly back in his place with a very sore bottom to boot!

So what has he done to get this paddling?  Well he crashed his parcel couriour van into Miss Kaz’s brand new car and she was FURIOUS!  But rather than apologize for his incompetence he begins blaming HER for her parking ability! Princess Kaz decides that enough is enough and that his employer needs to be told! Rather than lose his job mike agrees to be put across Miss Kaz’s knee for a spanking but he may soon regret his decision!

And I have a video preview 🙂


Well Miss Kaz is clearly having fun isnt she!  🙂  And why not!  Those pig heads have been the bane of all our lives for ages right? 🙂

Anyway, you can see this update now exclusively at Strict!  You can also see more from Miss Kaz streaming at Domination Theater!  You can also see this video available for DVD and digital download at the FemDom Spanking Store which will in all likelyhood be updated with additional new videos from Miss Kaz any day now!

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Oh it would just be SO easy start cracking gags about Zoe’s ‘lemons’ really wouldn’t it?  LOL But I am reporting to her in a month or so and she reads this blog!  So I need to be a bit careful what I say this close to a shoot!  🙂  But it is the main subject of the latest update on Miss Zoe’s FemDom Fm Spanking site at Strict Mistress and this brand new movie is probably one of Miss Zoe’s best classics to date!  It really is one not to be missed!

The video starts with Miss Zoe sat on a chair with her lovely stockinged legs up in full view reading a Viz annual 🙂  Dave comes in after being sent out to get some lemons for a table centrepiece decoration and he comes back with a loaf of bread, a jar of coffee and a bottle of what looks like gin!  And of course Miss Zoe had already told him that he is not allowed to drink alcohol any more after an incredibly embarassing incident at a family dinner in Yorkshire in which he had apparently fondled one of her uncles testicles…something that I dont think David was quite expecting her to say!  LOL.  It seemed to really take him by surprise but not half as much by surprise as the thumping face slap that wrapped around his face making his ears truly ring!  Oh and there is a really great part in this video also where Dave gets a slap across the face to punish him for every time that he makes Miss Zoe swear!  He does not swear of course, if he did, she would be washing his mouth out with soap!  No, she swears but because he makes her swear he gets slapped across the face!  Yes this is what a true dominatrix is like 🙂  And of course when she commands him to take the shopping back but of course he has lost the receipt which REALLY infuriates our Goddess!  🙂

Yes this is a true classic movie from Miss Zoe who seems to be in a particularly odd mood this day!  Dave of course hated every moment of this movie though also loving every second of it at the same time I think!  🙂

Anyway, I have a video preview for you all 🙂

Right now, this movie is only available at Miss Zoe’s own Femdom Fm spanking site, Strict Mistress Zoe !  So be sure to go join and see it there!  Along of course with all her other female domination movies 🙂  You wont be sorry 🙂

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After so many incidents times being punished by guys, famed spanking model Leia Ann Woods, or Miss Leia as she is in the FemDom Fm spanking site Strict Women manages to get her own back today at Strict Women when she paddles puts Mike firmly in his place with a smacked bottom!  And today she has gotten her hands on the cane!

Today’s video is called Bent Over Mis Leia’s Knee and in it, we actually get to see Miss Leia administer the cane!  🙂  Mike makes quite a bit of fuss over it and Im guessing he probably was not much in the mood as he usually takes considerably harder spankings than she administers in this film but sometimes these spankings can just get through to you that bit more than you realise? 🙂  And I noticed in today’s update that the caning was a fairly reasonable and strict strength where the paddling beforehand was  perhaps a little over lenient.  But this of course is kind of cruel in a way because it means that this caning comes semi cold.  For those of you that do not know, it is the leather straps and paddles before the cane that raise the skin on your bottom and make the cane more bearable but if that has not been given then that sharp pain from the cane is SIGNIFICANTLY sharper!  🙂

Anyway, in this video Miss Leia plays Mike’s manageress and she has her own strict methods for enforcing compliance with her work rules!  Im sure you know what I mean!  The storyline follows the traditional path where strict manageress decides to take sassy male employee down a few pegs and putting him firmly in his place which is across a woman’s knee.  Errr…her knee to be precise! :-) And the good paddling that follows thus teaches him her new standards in his work life!

To that end, here is a short video preview from today’s update at Strict Women!:-)

Anyway you can see this latest update now exclusively over at Strict Women!  Dont delay!  You need your FemDom over the knee spankings today 😉

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Some of you may have noticed the poll to the right of this post regarding Bryanna Cox of 🙂  For those that do not know, she is the big star there!  But as somebody who is actually more dominant in reality than submissive (and would be making a lot of FemDom spanking videos were there only one or two guys around Florida region that had the guts and backbone to bend over her knee (!!!) I dont know, you hear a lot about the guys in the bible belt being tough but… 🙂

Anyway, some of you may not know this but I also edit one or two other blogs including the Domestic Spanking Blog and I am also the webmaster for Bryanna’s own members site over at  Bryanna or Miss Bryanna as I know her is the big star of Spanking Bare Butts and a growing name in the spanking field across the board even though to my knowlege she only ever actually shoots for Spanking Bare Butts.  Both her and Lance who are a couple are really nice people and she is probably one of the prettiest and sexiest ladies in the entire spanking circuit!  This is her below by the way for those who have not seen her!

About a month or two ago I was lucky enough to get Bryanna to agree to a spanking model interview for the Domestic Spanking Blog in which she admitted that it had been some time since she had updated her blog.  In actual fact it was about 6 or 7 weeks!  And many out there were having withdraw symptoms!  😉  Anyway I just posted an email over to Lance pointing the delay out and perhaps it might be a good scenario for a future movie 🙂  Just a comment in passing really despite what I say on my domestic spanking blog.  But of course Lance jumped all over that one and sure enough, there was a video made real soon in which poor Bryanna was over his knee getting spanked with a hairbrush!  Well I will draw a veil over that punishment cos actually if I am absolutely honest I feel a little guilty about it.  Despite what I say on the domestic spanking blog, I dont actually like to see women being spanked, let alone by a man.  I couldn’t even stay in the room some time ago when Miss Zoe was spanking her sister for a video for Spanking Bare Butts!  Webmastering a site is  different because it is a bit like working in a chocolate factory?  After a while, the images and videos are just images and videos and you dont even really notice they are there?  But seeing women submit to spanking just kind of goes against my constitution.   I know everybody is different and that many girls like it and so on but I personally have difficulty watching it because in my heart I just see women as several levels above guys and their bottoms should be sacrosanct and never spanked…least of all by a male!

Those of you who want to see Miss Bryanna’s side of this story by the way can do so at her own spanking blog entitled Bryanna Cox’s Spanking Blog here and an update here.

But business is business and food has to go on my table at least once a day even if it is only bread, water and gruel 😉  Problem is I am now in trouble!  Miss Bryanna is mad at me because I am (quote) a “tattle tale” or what we call in the UK a ‘tale tat tit’ and she does not believe that she deserved that spanking she got for not updating her website!  And of course given there are several thousand miles between us not to mention a big ocean and the nice boys and girls of the UK Immigration Service to protect me from what I know full well I would be getting right now if she ever got her hands on me!  And that fact which protects my safety somewhat frustrates her…particularly when I goad at it 🙂  And if Im 100% honest, and you will understand why if you look at her photo and you knew her, it kind of frustrates me too!  LOL.  And its the punishment hanging over my head that could one day just turn up at my front door that is sometimes worrying!  LOL.

But here’s the thing!  Even though Miss Bryanna (who on the orders of Miss Anna at Strict Women has now been given administrator rights in this blog so she can speak to you directly any time she wants to) may not be able to get to me to spank me herself right now, she DOES have access to many of the other women here who shoot with Strict Women who I meet up with at shoots…Miss Amy and Miss Zoe for example, both of which have already appeared on the Spanking Bare Butts website and both of which are shooting again with Strict Women in the next couple of months!  So I am starting to see a reality appearing here now!  And the impending over the knee time could be coming sooner than I imagine!  🙁

Anyway, we have between us set up a poll to see what people think out there.  Do they want to see her spanked or do they think I should be punished for engineering her paddling like that…which actually I feel quite guilty about… 🙂  And the vote is just opposite towards the top of the right hand sidebar on this blog 🙂  Thankfully at the moment given the poll is mostly on general spanking blogs, it looks like its Miss Bryanna’s bare bottom that is going to be spanked but you know women…that may very well not save me!  LOL.

Anyway, do me a favour everybody…cast your vote but also take a look over Miss Bryanna’s site 🙂  And if I am wrong about guys over there in Florida who would be up for getting their bottoms spanked by this Goddess in a movie, be sure to let her know so it can be arranged…I actually envy those of you who can!  So dont turn down your opportunity when it is there! 🙂


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This is especially for all those of you who like to see the American girls whupping the guys butts!  Because all the way from Florida, Miss Kendra has trudged through snow, rain, mud and all sorts of everything in order to come to spank the guys for Strict Women without any guarantees that she would be able to force the guys to lick her boots clean at the end!  Of course in reality, ladies like Miss Kendra ALWAYS get what they want!  Make no mistake about that because it will happen sooner rather than later!  And if you are ever in that situation then it may as well be sooner rather than later and avoid all the pain and discomfort that comes from disobedience!

ANYWAY, this is Miss Kendra’s very first appearance at Strict Women and she has gone down with a big splash 🙂  She has only been up on the site apparently for about a couple of hours and already email has come in from one member singing her praises!  🙂

In this video, Miss Kendra and her naughty husband have returned from a night out in which Miss Kendra was stopped by a police officer.  But rather than keep quiet whilst she sweet talked him into letting her go on his way, Alexis instead begins giving a lot of lip to the officer and begins insulting him…calling him a facist cop and so on.  So it does not take an astro physicist to work out what happens next!  Miss Kendra picks up a speeding ticket!  And this ticket she now fully intends taking out of his backside until he agrees to pay it!  However the spanking throws up several more issues that she had no idea about getting Alexis into even MORE hot water than he was in before!

And I have a video preview for you all 🙂

Anyway you can see this movie right now exclusively at Strict Women!  Or alternatively, if you would like the high quality digital download of the full video or the DVD then you can get that from theFemDom Spanking Store :-) Or alternatively, if you prefer not to have the video at your home or on your computer and would prefer to simply watch it as a streaming video then why not go watch it at either Domination Theater :-)

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Well its Friday again everybody and Miss Zoe has just updated her website with an update to a really great movie about one of the most antisocial types of person around…the ones that get their dogs to mess on other peoples property and then quickly make their exit before cleaning it all up!  But when Dave does this to Miss Zoe he gets more than he had ever bargained for!  And dog fouling neighbours take note!  Because do this to Miss Zoe and this could happen to you!  How would you like to be be forced to EAT that dogs muck…pathogens and all from the sole of Miss Zoe’s shoe!  To be spanked whilst you do so and then to have Miss Zoe clean your dirty mouth out HER WAY!  That is with soap and water!  This is in addition of course to all the usual face slaps, kicks, digging heels into your groin all topped off by having tea spat out in your face when you beg for a drink to take away the taste of the soap not to mention being lead around the room on the end of your belt as a leash as if you were a dog yourself!  All of this you can expect to see in this really intuitive video updated this week 🙂

And I have a little video preview for you all 🙂

A little different to the usual spanking theme I know but you know you don’t see a lot of mouth soaping video around these days? 🙂  But that, ear tugging and other themes you will see in and out in FemDom Fm spanking sites like Strict Women and Strict Mistress Zoe 🙂  It is just one of those things that singles them out from the rest 🙂

Anyway you can see more from Miss Zoe in this and other movies now exclusively at Strict Mistress Zoe!  Or if you prefer to buy the DVD or digital download you can do so at the FemDom Spanking Store!  Alternatively you can also watch it streaming over at Domination Theater:-)

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Forever one of my favorite strict women, Miss Amy has returned to Strict Women today to administer a good caning once more to Mikes bare butt!  In this video Miss Amy plays a strict college girl on a power binge as she wallows in her new found authority that she has earned when she accepts 2 new students into her private tuition classes!  But unknown to those two students, Miss Amy has agreed with their wives beforehand that she should have full authority to administer whatever ‘persuaders’ she feels are necessary in order to get them through their exams!  Their jobs after all depend on those exam passes and therefore so do their wives lifestyles (not to mention their own!).

In the first of two full length videos Miss Amy dealt firmly with Dave who was learning English and Mike appears in the part 2 video from which today’s Strict Women update is taken!  And for his part he has apeared before his strict new tutor without his homework!  He does not however understand that Miss Amy’s warning of a smacked bottom if he did not do that homework applied!  He apparently thought that she was joking!  But NO!  Miss Amy was VERY serious and administers a hard spanking over her knee, strapping on his hands and bottom and then a caning!  And it is from this point which the update takes place today for the update begins with a hard caning from one of the nets sexiest dominant ladies delivering 18 hard strokes!  And at the end of that caning Mike is asked if he thinks he has had enough and without even having sufficient time to draw breath the sadistic side of Miss Amy is clearly demonstrated as she jumps in to announce his answer did not come quick enough and so she is going to give him another six of the best!  And these strokes are delivered a good 2 to 3 times harder than the 18 that came before!  🙂  And you can bet your life Mike was ready to answer after those additional 6 of the best were delivered!  LOL 🙂

But even after 24 good hard strokes of the cane, and when he is given permission to pull his trousers and pants back up and leave, Mike continues to backchat Miss Amy and so there is only one option open to Miss Amy and that is to pull those trousers and pants back down again and put him across her knee for another hand spanking 🙂

And as usual, the FemDom Fm Spanking comes to you here with a flash spanking video preview 🙂

Classic FemDom spanking from a premiere Mistress as always with Miss Amy 🙂

Anyway you can see this movie and it is one I really recommend, now exclusively at Strict Women!  Or alternatively, if you would like the high quality digital download of the full video or the DVD then you can get that from theFemDom Spanking Store along with many other videos from Miss Amy and others :-) Or if you prefer not to have the video at your home or on your computer and would prefer to simply watch it as a streaming video then why not go watch it at either Domination Theater :-)

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Its been some time (about 9 months) since last I spoke of the pretty Scottish lass known to us all as Miss Willow but she has returned in a really nice Femdom Fm Spanking update (as they all are) to Strict Women today with her ageing (as she loves to point out) new employee David who has been misbehaving again 🙂

SO…what has dave been doing (or rather NOT doing) this time?  Well he has developed a rather lazy attitude to work and has been turning in late every day for nearly 2 months!  Not only that but because he is late and he will not stay on to make up the hours that he has missed by being late, he fails to hand in reports he was instructed to hand in on time!  And for 2 years he has been getting away with this but no more!  There is a new sheriff in town and her name is Miss Willow!  And she has her own special little ways of making a guy behave!  And what would that be you might ask? Well in the little island that she comes from, just off of the borders of Scotland, she has learned a disciplinary routine handed down from mother to daughter right through 25 generations of females in the Miss Willow family!  Ever wondered why she is called Miss Willow? Its the willow cane silly!  And she handles that cane with the sort of finesse that only a true female disciplinarian would!  🙂

So for your FemDom Fm spanking fix today sit back and watch the lovely Miss Willow in action as she puts David well and truly in his place with a smacked bottom!

In the clip above, Miss Willow has already outlined all the new rules and expectations that she requires in the future from young mr dodgy above and is now making him repeat them so that she knows that he remembers and understands them!  This is a typical disciplinary routine of many ladies out there that spank their men by the way.  And as he (or you) go through the list of requirements you are helped along the way with more spanks from the paddle to remind you what happens if you do not come up to par!

In the updates on Strict Women today you will see Miss Willow administer the cane!  And she does so with a hard smack each time!  So do not miss that!  You can see this FemDom Fm Spanking update now exclusively at Strict Women!  Be sure to get over there now :-) Or if you prefer to see the DVD or full length digital download then that too is available at the FemDom Spanking Store, or you can watch the full movie streaming at the Domination Theater :-) But wherever you do watch it, be sure that you do because this is one you should not want to miss in my opinion :-)

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It is now 3 years and one week (sorry…bit late!  LOL) since the FemDom Spanking Blog opened its doors everybody!  And in that time I have really enjoyed talking to you all!

I made a promise back then that I hoped to be able to turn this blog into a nice little FemDom community and that I would work hard to keep you all up to date with what is happening in the FemDom Spanking community out there in net land!  So far I like to think that I have managed to live up to my intentions with updates to this blog on the whole now 2 to 3 times a week and sometimes even more.

In this blog we are very lucky!  Video is updated here regular as clockwork and I get to meet up AND get spanked by so many of the hottest Mistress’s out there!  AND I get to let you all in on my experiences in the shoots that take place with so many of those ladies out there who love to spank males!  Not to mention showing off my fan signs for this blog with those same ladies 🙂

For myself, I now look forward to another year of spankings and most of all of continuing our great friendship here on the FemDom Spanking Blog!  I hope you will keep us bookmarked and sign up to my RSS feed!  🙂  With all the bad things going on in this world, losing yourself in a life of submissive domination beneath Womanhood is perhaps one of the most therapeutic cures known to man 🙂  It is mind over matter…SHE does not mind and he does not matter 😉

Happy Birthday to this spot!  🙂

Well as we draw the close on another week here at the FemDom Spanking Blog Miss Zoe has just updated her FemDom Fm Spanking site with several clips from a brand new movie entitled ‘Miss Zoe’s Slave Assessment Centre’ in which new servant Drew has reported to her for duty.  It is his first day and attending for interview with our Goddess, he must be put through his paces so that Miss Zoe can measure whether he will be of any use to her.  Thats right, guys do not just get to hang out with Miss Zoe!  You do not get to serve Her just because you are male!  Serving Miss Zoe is a privilege and only a select few with ability and obedience get to spend time in Her presence! And those who do not believe it very quickly experience the humiliation of Female Supremacy as they go across Miss Zoe’s knee and have the FemDom spanking of their life!

Anyway, with Drew now reporting to Miss Zoe for duty, he is given an opportunity to impress with his mathematical skills but fails and worse than this he does not stay quiet when he is told to and as Miss Zoe probes his pain threshold with the use of one of her paddles and then a slipper he struggles to take this also!  By the way there is a good reason for this!  And the reason is that this is the first spanking he has ever received as an adult and it comes as quite a shock to the system for him!  Those of you out there who have not experienced being put across a ladies knee and paddled but always think the spanking for this guy or that guy could be a lot harder should pay close attention to this video because as you see, it is not as easy to take as you might imagine!  Spanking hurts!  And ESPECIALLY when it is Miss Zoe administering the punishment!  But the first adult spanking you receive remains with you forever as one of your most valued special moments so just imagine how devastated Drew is when Miss Zoe decides at the end of his assessment that he has not come up to her required standards and so she fires him and boots him out of her office!  He leaves with a sore bottom, a broken heart and no job!  Miss Zoe clearly the true dominatrix to the last!  🙂

Anyway, I have a video sample for you all 🙂

Oh by the way, though Miss Zoe does fire him in this video, Mike and Dave who are Miss Zoe’s regular servants in the site did manage to persuade her to take him back and give him another chance though both of them took the spanking of their life several times over for introducing somebody who was not ready to serve her!  So you can expect to see more of him but if he ever thought that Miss Zoe would go lighter on him as a result of his spanking inexperience then he was very much mistaken!  And you should not think she will either!  Future spankings for this guy will be MUCH MUCH harder!  In fact they will be more like Dave and Mike are used to!  Count on it!  Miss Zoe does not do kindness anymore than she does mornings!  🙂  Femdom Fm Spanking is ALWAYS hard when it is administered by Miss Zoe!

Anyway, you can see this video now exclusively at Strict Mistress Zoe!  And keep your eyes peeled on this blog for news of when it is released on DVD etc… 🙂