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Another week starts to draw to a close and Strict Women has just published  a really nice update for all of its members starring the lovely Miss Jodie Karnell who stars in the movie ‘Her Beautiful Bottom’ 🙂  And this is a movie that is quite erotic in many ways because what it adds in respect of the teasing theme in this movie (and, well…you just can not lose when its Miss Jodie and her bottom can you?) it refuses to take away in respect of domination or FemDom fm spanking.  Miss Jodie Karnell is awesome in this movie as she makes Dave follow her round the room looking at her lovely bottom with repeated face slaps if he gets too close and there is plenty of hard spanking for the miscreant as he simply can not help himself when faced with somebody of such beauty allowing him in her presence 🙂

So why is Dave in trouble with his Mistress in this movie you might ask?  And why is he being rewarded by getting to look at her bottom like this?  Well it seems that on a visit to this strict woman’s favorite fetish club Dave was extremely badly behaved.  He had spent his time ogling other girls bottoms to the point several had slapped his face and one or two had approached Miss Jodie asking if they could spank him for it or in the alternative if she could spank him!  He was, as he so often is, EXTREMELY embarrassing.  You cant take him anywhere Miss Jodie said later in fact!  And so this lead nicely to the scenario where he must now follow her round the room on his hands and knees staring at HER bottom, not allowed to show ANY signs of arousal OR to touch in any way on pain of a very sore backside himself, as she flicks that paddle down hard on his behind every time he fails to follow her commands!  And quite right too!  He needs to learn respect and obedience in any event!  🙂

And Dave did learn for a day or two about respect for women from this paddling.  Being told that even Miss Paddle thinks that he is a pathetic loser and that she doesn’t like him must have that effect on a guy I guess!  LOL.  Anyway, I have a video preview for you all 🙂

Clearly not learned yet here of course!  😉  But then this was one of those no win scenarios really with Miss Karnell!  Say yes it was worth it and you get spanked because that was why she put you across her knee in the first place, say no and She is likely to come back with something like, are you saying I’m not worth a little spanked bottom?  Are you saying my bottom is fat?  And so on!  LOL.  So Dave actually DID give the best answer here!  A long  time getting paddled by strict women teaches you quickly where the danger holes you are likely to fall into are situated!!!  🙂

Actually I will let you into a little secret here too, because you do not always get to see what goes on behind the scenes but Dave also got in trouble here for getting his ugly mug in the way of the camera too often!  Blocking the view of the cameraman of Miss Jodies lovely bottom.  Thankfully there are 2 cameras so at least one of them gets all the action but Miss Jodie did put a slipper across his behind for getting in the way 🙂

Anyway, you can see this video now exclusively at Strict Women!  It is an absolute classic so don’t whatever you do miss this one!!!  Meanwhile, I am going to another shoot this weekend!  I get to meet a new Mistress coming all the way from the USA to the UK to shoot with Strict Women and spank some of the guys bottoms for them 🙂  And not only that but Miss Rebekah will be there too putting the guys across HER knees as well!  So its all set to be a really great weekend for me!  And an extra day of rest on Bank Holiday Monday too!  So will try and get fan signs for you all when the shoot is over! :-))  See you all tomorrow when Miss Zoe updates HER femdom fm spanking site!  Lets see if She can top this one! 🙂

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

Forever a pleasure to see in action, Miss Jessica also known as Jessica Wood returns today to Strict Women as the very strict and domineering mother in law.

You would think that the mother in law theme would have been done much more often really in the FemDom circle given that it is actually quite a potent relationship which often has some friction in it?  But actually you might be surprised to learn that there are very few movies on this theme.  This is the only one that Im aware of at Strict Women that this theme has been included in and the only other one I am aware of is the old classic from the New York beauty queen, Miss Daisa from Tantrum Trainers in Spanked By My Wife and Her Mother.  Now that movie is a real classic and Miss Daisa really takes no prisoners.  The mother in law is great in that movie too but Miss Jessica I think just about tops her…but of course that is just my opinion.  Obviously no offence to the lady who plays the mother in law because she really was extremely strict but personal preferences are a personal thing really arent they? 🙂  And what I like, somebody else may not and vice versa and Im sure that she too has many of her own fans 🙂  But for me at least Miss Jessica was on top 🙂

ANYWAY, Mike in this movie (remember him?) has been rather a naughty boy it seems.  Nothing unusual of course for him, but he has apparently been mistreating Miss Jessica’s daughter and his wife and Miss Jessica as the over protective and interfearing mother has decided to put a stop with it by putting this husband of her daughters across her knee for some strict OTK fm spanking discipline!  Mike of course resists accepting new rules about how he treats his wife but after 30 minutes across Miss Jessica’s knee, like any male, he soon gives up and agrees to the new regime with the threat of more discipline to come!  And of course he is STILL in for more discipline from his wife yet as he has agreed to now begin accepting spankings from her too!

And we have a preview clip!  🙂

Chuckle, Mike really should know better by now shouldn’t he?  There is no use arguing with a strict woman when you are over her knees and she has a slipper in her hand!  Its a positively dumb thing to do in fact!  And he is never going to win is he? LOL.  A batch of 10 smacks with that slipper and Miss Jessica is more than capable of getting him to concede to anything she is saying!  LOL 🙂

Anyway, you can see this new training video (grin) now exclusively at Strict Women!  If you would like the full video on DVD or as a digital download, you can get it at the FemDom Spanking Store!  Or you can see it streaming atDomination Theater or Fetish Video Theater :-) Wherever you watch it though, do make sure that you DO watch it!  This is one not to be missed! :-)

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

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Well good morning and welcome back to my blog here on the FemDom Spanking Blog! 🙂  Hope you all had a nice weekend!  I sure did!  I spent some of it over the knee of another Goddess!  🙂  Heck I LOVE my job!  LOL 😉  Anyway, be sure to get on your knees everybody and welcome yet another new pretty young face to my blog here and of course to her new throne in the household at Strict Women!  Im sure with all the boys there to boss around and spank when they disobey or disappoint her, she will be very happy there! 🙂

It was great fun and Miss Jade is really quite a character!  You never quite know with her as you serve beneath her whether she will reward or punish you, there is no warning in any direction and the cane cuts deep and hard when it comes!  Yet if you are good and you take the discipline she gives you, she may allow you to worship her shoes as she looks on 🙂

And here is the very lady herself!

On Miss Jade’s left you see Mike looking nervous as ever with Drew who now serves as Miss Zoe’s sissy slut on her left.

Im sure you will see Miss Jade real soon at Strict Women and I have absolutely no doubt that you will love her as much as everybody else sure does!  This lady takes absolutely ZERO nonsense!  So be sure to give her a big welcome! 🙂

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

Well Miss Zoe has updated Her site over at Strict Mistress Zoe and you know this is one of the most entertaining videos that I have ever seen!  🙂  Miss Zoe plays the part of  Little Bo Peep who searches the village for her lost sheep that have been going missing in recent years.  But you know deep in Miss Bo Peep’s heart, she knows where they are gone because a certain guy in the village, Farmer Dave has been eying her and her sheep jealously.  As Miss Zoe says, he is jealous of her and wants to be her!  And even Dave admits that is true!

So ‘Domme Bo Peep’ (as the movie is called) visits young farmer Dave to find out if he knows anything but of course she does not believe a word of his protestations of innocence and begins torturing him with spanking, face sitting, kicks and more until he finally breaks and admits that he has stolen Bo Peeps sheep.  Miss Zoe of course for her part has assured and reassured him that as soon as he admits the truth to her that the spanking will stop and she will leave and after she confirms this once more to the frightened wretch David who lies on the floor with a swolen knee (thats another story LOL) but as Dave finally cracks and admits that it was indeed he that stole those sheep Mistress Bo Peep explodes at him with kicks and spanks telling him that things are just going to get worse now!  And yes they are!  I saw this movie made and was struggling to keep myself from laughing yet the eroticism of sexy Miss Zoe as she truly shows domination as the art that it is makes this movie one of the true classics in Female Domination history in my view and on so many levels!  Even if you hate watching femdom spanking which given you are here on this blog is unlikely at best, you will love this movie for its comedic entertainment value even if you do secretly sympathise with Miss Zoe’s unfortunate victim!  And if you hate comedy but love femdom spanking, you will still love this movie for the sheer force of domination and intensity not to mention that this is HARD spanking coming as it does from our Mistress Zoe!  But if you like both then you will be left in awe at this movie as in my view it is one of Miss Zoe’s very best ever.

Here is a short preview clip 🙂

Chuckle, yes, its only going to get worse now!  LOL.  And actually, if you don’t believe that, then think again!  Because from Dave’s perspective it definitely IS going to get worse!  Because sexy Miss Zoe has not finished with David yet!  Oh no!  Because she has yet to get him to admit what he was actually DOING with those poor sheep in that shed at the bottom of his yard that nobody else is allowed to go into!  And when she does find out you can bet she is going to make him pay big time!  🙂

Oh by the way, I mentioned Dave’s swolen knee and you may be able to see how badly swolen it is there!  Well this movie unfortunately had to end prematurely before its natural conclusion due to that knee which Miss Zoe only noticed about 25 minutes through.  She of course was really sympathetic, offering as she did to fix it for him with a swift kick but her offer was  declined by David and so a somewhat disapointed Miss Zoe had to settle for breaking another of her slaves for the day 🙂  The injury to Dave’s knee by the way came from the movie which Miss Zoe did with Miss Joanne where David was kidnapped as a snitch at work who got Miss Zoe into trouble and as he fell to the ground when two strong ladies jumped him in the garden, a thorn went into his knee and made it swell up.  Thankfully that was fixed pretty quickly because no matter how it looks, none of us want to see people hurt permanently or for a long time.  But it did unfortunately bring a premature end to this particular movie which was wound up a little too quickly.  But the good news is that a sequel is planned for the next shoot with Miss Zoe which will be in July.  So that will be one to look forward to! 🙂

Anyway you can see more from this update now exclusively at Strict Mistress Zoe!  Dont delay, there is just SO much there for you all to see :-) And dont forget, Miss Zoe also has many videos available for purchase as DVD’s and digital downloads at her store in FemDom Spanking and streaming at her theater at Domination :-)

Strict Mistress Zoe

Its been about 3 months now since I had a chance to post the lovely Miss Rebekka and so it was kind of pleasing to see her back up there as the star of the Strict Women site today! 🙂  The matter of fact strict sounding Scottish accent I know is a real blood pressure booster for so many of you out there and she just never fails to please when she appears at the site paddle handed as she does! 🙂

So what is today’s update all about?  Well Miss Rebekka plays the part of David’s very strict wife who knows full well as a dominant woman that she needs to take a firm hand with her husband David and indeed, that firm hand needs to be used to smack his backside for him on a regular basis!  Not just him of course, but any male but as Davids wife, Miss Rebekka is the lady that is charged with the task of dealing with his discipline!  🙂

Husbands afterall, are like all males and they need that regular feminine discipline!  To that end, Dave is no different to any other male!  But where he does differ is that when he is due that regular spanking, most other males know it is coming and behave themselves! Dave instead chooses to be disobedient and even pokes fun at his Mistress’s discipline with those awful boxer shorts!  The same boxer shorts incidently that Miss Amy once referred to as ‘that rediciclous backdrop’ 🙂  And still he wears them!  🙂  Anyway, Miss Rebekka is not going to stand for it and delivers a very long and sound spanking to teach him the error of his ways as well as topping up his discipline!

And as always I have a nice little video preview for you all 🙂

You know Dave likened Miss Rebekka to Miss Jean Brody from the tv series some years ago called the Prime of Miss Jean Brody? 🙂  I can only just remember it though Dave, who is actually a good bit older than I am (smile) (actually he should be getting his bus pass soon if whoever wins the coming election do not do away with that! 😉 )  tells me that she (Miss Rebekka) is so very much like her? 🙂  Looks wise there is not a lot of similarity I dont think as for a start Miss Rebekka is not blonde (!!!) but with eyesight failing Dave as it must at his age (grin) but there are some similarities in her demenour!  🙂  That strict voice with the expectation of complete obedience (or else) is certainly something that they share! 🙂

Anyway, you can see this movie now exclusively at Strict Women!  And don’t forget that Miss Rebekka also has a number of videos out on DVD or available as a full movie digital download at FemDom Spanking Store or streaming at theDomination Theater and Fetish Video Theater :-)

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Recently I had an email from a Strict Women member telling me about how he was blown away by just how incredible Miss Rebekah was at the Strict Women site!  You see this lady at very few FemDom sites out there and only really the one FemDom Spanking site which is Strict Women and yet every time she appears she really does hit the ground running!  Well…that is if the ground is some poor males backside!  Because this lady is not only one of Strict Women’s sexiest Mistress’s but one of the hardest spanking too!  Miss Rebekah really loves punishing and generally disciplining the males under her control and it shows!  Right from the very first shoot with Miss Rebekah, everybody in the room KNEW they had come across somebody very special and numerous shoots later She is still one of the members most favorite Mistress’s! 🙂

And actually its exciting to see Miss Rebekah today because it leads me on towards just pointing out that I have an invite to go see Miss Rebekah once again on May 1st!  YAE!!! :-)))   Miss Rebekah plus a new Mistress all the way from the USA!  🙂  Alexis was over the moon when he got his summons from Miss Anna at Strict Women to report for discipline from the two ladies and when you see Miss Rebekah in action you know why!  🙂  Oh I also have an invite for another smacked bottom this Saturday with a real cute new Mistress!  Just wait for that one!  This lady will rock your world, trust me! 🙂

Anyway, this latest update to Strict Women it is part of David’s job to help his strict beautiful Mistress Miss Rebekah to dress in the morning. Of course as always as he brushes her hair he can not help looking at her bottom and nipping her ear on the bristles of the hairbrush! All the things that annoy Miss Rebekah and just as she does every day she decides to put dodgy dave across her knee for a good spanking. And those of you who are Strict Women members and lovers of Femdom Fm spanking are invited to join her in her room as he suffers his humiliating punishment!

Here is a preview video clip 🙂

Yes You tell him Ma’am! 🙂  You can always tell this lady loves her job cant you? 🙂  And despite Dave’s backchat here, he is clearly getting a pretty good hiding as you can see from the state of his backside!

Anyway, you can see this latest update now exclusively at!  Or alternatively if you wish, you can get the DVD or full digital download from the FemDom Spanking Store!  Or why not watch it streaming if you would prefer not to have evidence of the movie on your pc, by visiting the movie at the Dominaiton Theater or Fetish Video Theater:-)

See you all on Friday for another update to this blog :-)

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David must have thought he was in for a nice easy weekend when the cutest of maids turned up to take care of things around the house at Clare Spanks Men but little did he know that she had other plans for him and that it was HIM that was going to be doing the cleaning chores not her!  And very early on in their encounter things were made doubly clear to him when he found himself bent over her knee with his pants around his ankles!  But things were not to just stop here as Miss Lileth finds the perfect way to assert her authority over her naughty boy by sending him outside to fetch her a switch with which to soundly spank his bottom with!

This is a really great update now at Clare Spanks Men and you really should take a look 🙂  Here is a quick few preview photos 🙂

Ready for your smacked bottom?  Bend over my knee right this instant!

Miss Lileth administers stinging smack and after smack to Davids bottom with her hand before it is time to take down his underpants for the harder punishment!

So will this switch be sufficient or will Miss Lileth go to the garden herself to find a tree trunk to spank him with!

Looks like the point has certainly been made with that switch!  He will not be sitting comfy on that butt for a while after!

Be doubly sure to check this video out now everybody at Clare Spanks Men!

Wow what a weekend!  Most people like to enjoy a nice rest from work over the weekend but I spent mine in the company of one of the hottest Dominatrixes in the world!  None other than the lovely Miss Zoe together with her equally hot sister Miss Natasha 🙂  And apart from the obligatory sore bottom that I always get when I see this lady I has such a really great time there 🙂  A total of four new FemDom spanking movies were shot together with a couple of F/f videos for friends at Spanking Bare Butts and each and every one of them is a true masterpiece!

And as always I have my fan sign ready for you all 🙂

Mike looking a bit happier there than the usual frightened glares 🙂  But who can blame him? 🙂  Being kept as he was in his place by a Goddess like Miss Zoe? 🙂

I finally got back at about 3am on the Sunday morning!  And then spent most of Sunday afternoon to evening putting up a new greenhouse which i wont bore you with the details of but suffice to say I am not shattered!  Yes STILL! 🙂

There was a new victim as well who you will all no doubt see in due course!  Miss Zoe has given him a full examination right down to his teeth!  LOL.  he did not pass her test by the way so although she found him, Mike was paddled for his failing! 🙂  But I will not go into any more detail as it will simply spoil your enjoyment of the films still to come!   Just be aware that they are coming and that once more Miss Zoe has found new ways to humiliate 🙂

Be sure to visit her now on her website at Strict Mistress Zoe!

Welcome back to the FemDom Spanking Blog and boy do I have a treat for you today!  As you know, I bring you video very regularly at this site showing one woman or another spanking naughty boys over the knee, over a desk, over a chair with hand, paddle, cane and strap!  And much more!  These of course are movies featuring some very hot spanking action of course but they are not, or at least not generally, real punishments for real offences.  Today’s movie at Strict Mistress Zoe however definitely IS a REAL punishment!  And whilst you watch this movie, you will just not be able to escape the feeling of tension and anxiety in the room as Miss Zoe proves correct the old saying that hell hath no fury like a Woman scourned!

I tell you the above because you should be under no illusions about this movie, Miss Zoe spanks hard in any event!  The boys in these shoots, as lovely and a sweet a nature as Miss Zoe has in general, are genuinely keen to be obedient because they know what to expect if Miss Zoe switches to her natural authoritarian demenour and reaches for a paddle!  And trust me, this is one Lady that you would not dare argue with as she works herself up scolding you for the part of this punishment that is sure to come…that of the spanking!  And if Miss Zoe spanks hard even in fictional scenarios, then just imagine Davids concern now as he knows he is in for one of Her REAL punishments!   And that my friends is what you are going to witness if you visit Miss Zoe today!  🙂

So why is David in trouble you might ask? Well as is usual with shoots, the Boss at Strict Women over in the USA sends directions to the team in the UK to shoot specific scenarios.  Her name by the way is Miss Anna!  Thus the name of the movie, Letter from Miss Anna.  And in that email of instructions, are directions of what she wants to see filmed along with various members requests and so on.  The person organising the shoot, Andy, gives instructions but Dave just can not seem to leave things alone and constantly interupts Andy telling the various ladies who administer the spankings to do the complete opposite or to ignore those instructions and just do what they want to do!  Anyway, Andy complained about this for some time and Dave denied that he did so but unfortunately for him, he was caught on camera telling one Mistress to ignore him and thus the evidence was compelling and a letter was sent to Miss Zoe as the Lady who keeps the team in line and administers the discipline on that team to deal with Dave and his disobedience and moreover his disrespect for a superiors instructions and wishes.  And deal with it Miss Zoe certainly does!  This as I say is a REAL punishment!  And Dave gets a spanking he will not forget for a very long time!  Not to mention the humiliation of having his head pushed down the toilet and the flush poured over his head several times just to remind him of his place in the scheme of things and the fact that it is the WOMEN in the world that give the orders and NOT him! 🙂

Anyway, talk is cheap so just take a quick glimpse at the preview below which is an out take from this movie added into the update! 🙂

This movie will soon be available on DVD you can be sure!  Miss Zoe is awesome in this video and you are truly going to love the way she totally asserts herself as the Alpha Female in the household!  There is just no question in anybodies mind here, hers or his or any of the film crew, about who is in charge here and after seeing the above video there will no doubt be no doubt in your mind either! 🙂  And you see also how Miss Zoe together with Miss Anna keep the boys in line within the Strict Women team!  Even though there are 6000 miles of land and ocean between them, the boys know full well that they are not out of reach of Miss Anna’s spankings!  She simply administers them by proxie with her joint Chief of Staff, Miss Zoe!  Its a bit like wacky racers really where the arm comes down the phone to ring the guys neck and bash him over the head when he does something wrong?  Distance is no object to dominant Women!  It is kind of a Sisterhood of dominant Women afterall? 🙂

Anyway for now, you can see this video exclusively at Strict Mistress Zoe!   But dont forget Miss Zoe also has a bunch of videos available as full length videos on DVD or as digital downloads at FemDom Spanking Store or streamable on Domination Theater or Fetish Video Theater!

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Well welcome back to the FemDom Spanking Blog everybody and I hope you all had a really nice Easter! 🙂  Lots of easter eggs and a generally whizzy time of things 🙂  Looks like the folk over at Strict Women have been doing their thing in finding some great updates for us and today Miss Kaz or Princess Kaz as she now calls herself has been putting Zac through his paces in a really great movie called ‘Owned by Princess Kaz’ 🙂

For those that do not know Miss Kaz, she is perhaps one of the prettiest Mistress’s over at Strict Women or anywhere else for that matter and she oozes sexiness as she uses all that she has from her soft voice to her shapely body in her own very sensual yet ultra humiliating and often quite painful punishments and domination routine 🙂  Miss Kaz is ALWAYS a delight to see in action 🙂  And when one of her lackies who she is taking the time and trouble to train as her new man servant, begins to talk back at her or otherwise irritate her as Zac does you can tell that she is just bound to stretch towards the painful correction of the guy under her thumb at that moment and yet she has this way of still maintaining her overall sexiness and the sensual nature of her domination throughout?  Its quite hard to put this lady into words.  Its just a case that you simply know divinity when you see it I guess 🙂

Anyway, this is a really super update over at Strict Women today and you really should not miss it 😉  As usual i have a short video preview for you all 🙂

As you can see, Miss Kaz is more than capable of asserting herself as she commands her new servant to lick her feet there!  🙂  And then when strictness is no longer needed, she reverts back to the sensual and lovely 🙂  A Goddess anybody would love to serve for sure! 🙂

By the way, you can see the full update now at Strict Women so be sure to see them there now!

By the way, the DVD along with the digital download for this full length movie is also available at the Femdom Spanking Store or if you wish to simply view it without any clips being left on your pc or evidence of DVD’s around the house then you can have it stream for you to your computer from the net at Domination Theater and Fetish Video Theater which are both dedicated FemDom and spanking (and in particular FemDom spanking) helix streaming video theaters :-)

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