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Wow, dont the weeks just fly by?  It only seems like a few moments ago that I was telling You about Miss Cassie and yet now it is nearly 2 whole weeks later?  And we are almost into easter! And you know what that means?  Well I will tell you 🙂  It means that after a short break for the winter, shoots will be starting up again over at Strict Women and me with my permanent invite, will be getting paddled left and centre 🙂  Miss Zoe is coming down with her favourite canes in just a couple of weeks on 10th April, then a couple of weeks later, a new Mistress will be coming to shoot for Strict Women who you will not have seen before called Miss Jade 🙂  Then a couple of weeks later again, another new Mistress will be shooting alongside Miss Rebekah 🙂  So it is a busy month coming up for me!  3 shoots in 4 weeks! 🙂  And there will be sore bottoms for everybody 🙂

Anyway, all of that to a side for a moment because I wanted to tell you about the latest update to the site over at! Because Miss Karnell has returned to the site in a really nice paddling update in which she gives Alexis the sort of spanking he is going to remember for a while!  Already red and sore, Miss Karnell lays on the paddle HARD and you can see she is enjoying every moment 🙂

In this video, Miss Jodie (or Miss Karnell…which is her surname) has summoned her naughty employee Alexis to her office as he has failed to hand in a report to her that she had told him would be ready days earlier.  Miss Jodie had warned him that further disobedience would result in a smacked bottom but he decided he would not heed her warnings!  I guess he did not think that she would spank him afterall?  Well…she sure gave him a shock to his system if that was the case!  Because with the spanking Miss Jodie gave him, he will be sitting gingerly on his office chair for several days to come!  And now of course, with the ice broken as regards to her administering corporal punishment in the office, Miss Jodie will be feeling very secure and happy go lucky about putting him and/or any others in the office across her knee in the future!  FemDom F/m Spanking has truly come to life in this office! 🙂

Anyway, as always, I have a preview video clip 🙂

Yes Alexis is clearly pushing his luck in this video!  Miss Karnell orders him to kiss her shoes as a humiliation and he asks to do it again! 😉  I think its time for the cane for him Miss Jodie!

This is a really good video which starts light but steps up 3 or 4 gears in a very short time which would lead to a culture shock to any guy that is being punished here real quick!  You can see it now exclusively at!  Or alternatively if you prefer to get the DVD or full digital download you can get it from the FemDom Spanking Store or watch it streaming at Domination Theater or Fetish Video Theater 🙂  Don’t miss it!  Miss Jodie is truly awesome in this movie :-)

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

Its been a week or two since ive been able to talk to you all about the latest update for Miss Zoe but she is back today here at my blog and with avengance!  Not only that but she has her friend, Miss Shay with her today also!  And the naughty boy today who finds himself in deep water is none other than Dave who has been playing away from home!  Miss Shay who thought that he was with her only has just discovered that he is in fact married to Miss Zoe!  And she is NOT impressed!  So can you imagine the shock on Dave’s face when he walks into his living room to see two strict ladies patting paddles against their hands?  And though Miss Shay may have had a broken arm, being ambidexterous, She is MORE than capable of delivering a truly blistering spanking to any male believe you me!  An

As Miss Zoe puts it on her website:

Meet my new friend Miss Shay! Miss Shay and I first met when she came to my door to inform me that she had been having an affair with my naughty husband Dave! I am of course very shocked and insulted but I do not blame Miss Shay as she was also an innocent party! No! It was David that was to blame.
Miss Shay and I discuss what might be a suitable way to deal with my naughty boy and decide that perhaps the best way is for both of us to spank his bare bottom for him as well as to humiliate him in other ways! And boy is he shocked when he realizes he has been busted!

So today Dave is in some pretty hot water!  Today’s update begins with him grovelling at the feet of our two Goddess begging her for her forgiveness as he kisses her shoes!  And as he kisses Miss Zoe’s shoes his bare butt is on full display pushed out due to his posture with head to the floor for Miss Shay to spank him with a wicked leather paddle!  But if Dave thinks that he is going to get off easy he is in for a shock!  Because soon both Miss Shay AND Miss Zoe begin trampling his manhood until he is unlikely EVER to be able to use it again!  Meanwhile Miss Zoe’s maid who she has named ‘Slut’ is summoned to bring soap for Dave’s mouth to be washed out after he swears!  Of course the foul language does deserve the soap in the mouth but I could not help feeling sorry for the poor guy as I think some of those cane strokes that Miss Shay was applying to his bare backside would bring out foul language in most guys quite honestly! 🙂

This movie is a real classic!  The spanking is hard, the humiliation is solid and both ladies make Dave feel about as insignificant as it is possible for any male to feel as he is spanked soundly into submission! 🙂

As always there is also a gallery uploaded of very high quality images both in content and quality from the same video.  This is one I have taken from the gallery though it is now site stamped and only about 25% of the original size (otherwise it will not fit here on my blog) but I just love this pic 🙂  Poor Dave, if he could only see that beatiful sight that we can of Miss Zoe’s lovely bottom there you have to wonder if he would ever have strayed?  But stray he did and Miss Zoe is not known for her tolerance or her desire to spare the rod when it comes to disobedient or disrespectful males!  So it was just obvious really what was going to happen to him!  He should have known better 🙂

And I have a video preview from todays update for you all as well 🙂

You can see more from this movie and others now exclusively!  And be sure to keep an eye on many more to come!  The future sure looks bright for Miss Zoe’s site!

Strict Mistress Zoe

Another really great update over at Strict Women today as Miss Dublin returns after a 3 month absence to put Alexis back in his place!  That is, across female knees!

In this video, Miss Dublin is the strict manageress and owner of a posh boutique in the heart of the west end of London.  This movie is actually a sequel to a really excellent video from Miss Chloe some years ago called ‘Shop Lifter‘ in which Miss Chloe spanked Mike when he reported to her out of uniform with a shop lifter!   And now Miss Dublin who has taken over the store has spanked Mike for exactly the same reason!  Same Mike, different shop lifter, different strict lady and harder spanking!

Miss Dublin has already put Mike across her knee and now today she moves on to punish the shop lifter Alexis with the sort of strapping (not to mention over the knee hand spanking) that would make most males wince! Alexis seems to take it pretty well but you can certainly see that Miss Dublin is getting through to him! 🙂

Actually this video in the making gave Alexis a nice break of about half an hour in the middle of his spanking as one of the studio lights burned out during the video and switched the electricity off!  But you know, I don’t know about any of you, but I often think that its easier to take the spanking when here is no break than when you have an hour or so for your backside to recover?  The strap seems to deaden the pain somewhat as it raises the skin in preparation for the cane (thus the term ‘good leathering’) so if your butt gets a rest after a spanking, it is often already sore when you get the next spanking yet it is not deadened.  All the more painful! 😉  Thus my comment on how the electricity turned off really…somebody up there in heaven deciding that Alexis should be punished just that shade more for breaking one of the 1o commandments perhaps? 😉

Anyway as always I have a preview clip 🙂

As you can see, Miss Dublin is certainly making her impression on Alexis here!  But just wait till she gets out the heavy straps!  And wait till Alexis feels Miss Dublin’s cane!  Because we all know that is coming don’t we? 🙂

Anyway you can catch up with life in Miss Dublin’s world as well as all the other dominant ladies now exclusively at Strict Women!  Dont delay!  You have seen what happens to boys who keep Miss Dublin waiting! 🙂

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

Those of you who like to see hard tawse action with the tawse cracking painfully on the naughty boys hand will love the update over at Strict Women today!  Miss Cassie has returned to the site and forever a warranty of the sexiest Female Domination video, Miss Cassie moves from spanking Mikes bare butt to having him hold out his hands and snapping that long leather tawse stingingly down hard on both hands, one at a time and in turn!

It is always nice to see the spanking of the guys hands in a video as it is so rare out there 🙂  Rare by the way because if you ask anybody that has felt that kind of spanking, it is probably one of the most painful spankings that you can have!  Each and every stroke of the tawse will make your hand smart BIG TIME for a good 90 seconds or so!  And that is even whilst stood up!  But it goes without saying that the more distance there is between your hand and the tawse, the more time it has to build up speed and the harder it is going to land!  Thus the more it will sting!  And Miss Cassie as you see here, who knows this all to well, has commanded Mike to kneel before her and hold out his hands and that means the hand is going to be that much lower and that each smack will hurt that much more!

This movie by the way is called ‘Their First Date’ in which Miss Cassie has returned home with her new boyfriend Mike from their very first date but an invitation into Miss Cassie’s flat leads to way more than Mike, who thought he was on to a good thing, had bargained for!  Because Mike had managed to upset the dominant beauty by ogling other women all night and being rude and disobedient towards her.  And if there is one thing we all know about Miss Cassie it is that she does not tolerate disobedient males!  EVER!  And before Mike even arrives at Miss Cassie’s home, a decision has already been made about his fate and just how sore his butt is going to be before she allows him up from across her knee!  And that of course then leads to the smacked hands for which we have our usual video preview below 🙂

Ouch!  I felt that!  Don’t know about you guys but I can see why Mike contorts his face there! 🙂

Anyway, this video is one of the true classic’s from Miss Cassie and so much so that Strict Women have already shot the sequel to the movie entitled ‘Their Second Date’!  Lets hope Mike has learned a few lessons from this spanking today before he went on that date!  But of course we all know that he never does!!! 🙂  Ahhh well boys will be boys and naughty boys get spanked! 🙂

Anyway you can see more of this movie and many other videos now exclusively at Strict Women! And you can also get this movie as a DVD or digital download atFemDom Spanking Store or see it streaming at Domination Theater or Fetish Video Theater if you wish  :-)

See you all later for another update to this blog :-)

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

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Miss Joanne, the first UK Mistress to shoot with Strict Women and still one of the member’s firmest favorites returns to Strict Women today with avengence as she puts her naughty hubby, Simple Simon firmly in his place!  And he for his part simply can not seem to keep himself out of trouble and he rushes in at every opportunity where angels fear to tread!

Simple Simon is over Miss Joanne’s knee because he has been spotted in a FemDom Spanking video which has been published on Strict Women where he has his bottom spanked by the lovely Miss Rebekah!  And as you can imagine, when Miss Joanne sees the photo advertising this video she is furious!  But Miss Joanne has her own spanking secret up her sleeve!  That she too enjoys spanking men but she is not quite as easy going as Miss Rebekah is when she is this angry with somebody!  Simon is in BIG trouble.  And he just keeps opening his mouth and making it worse!

And we have a video preview 😉

Miss Joanne certainly puts Simon in his place in this video but as you can see from the latest post just before this one, she is actually going quite easy on Simon!  Just see how much pain she was able to inflict on Dave together with Miss Zoe and you will see what I mean! 🙂

Anyway you can see the rest of this update along with many more pics and videos from Miss Joanne and many many others now over on :-)

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

Given the title of the latest update to Miss Zoe’s site Strict Mistress Zoe, Dave might have thought he was like the Queen of England having his butt spanked on TWO birthdays but no, when you are owned by Miss Zoe, you get spanked on your birthday AND HER BIRTHDAY!  Or at least you get your butt spanked on Miss Zoe’s birthday if you are an idiot who forgets that it is her birthday and then tries to palm her off with a stupid made up present rather than the perl necklace and pony she has been expecting! and dropping numerous hints such as buying bales of hay for the yard and putting up horse shoes around the house for!  LOL 🙂  But when that birthday arrives, Dave could not have made things any worse!  Well, perhaps a little worse but not a lot!  For what does he get his Mistress and girlfriend Miss Zoe?  But a sewing kit!  Oh hi dear, happy birthday and I  thought I would get you a box of saucepans and an ironing board so you can do some housework because as we both know, that is woman’s work right?   WRONG!!!  LOL 🙂 Well that sewing kit flew across the room and slapped poor Dave across the head with absolutely NO sympathy from Miss Zoe, now more irritated and pissed at him than ever!

Anyway, Miss Zoe had been spending some time reading over a few idea’s as if she needed any help in that regard from the time trustied Mistress Manual as you can see!  🙂

And she decides at this point that She is going to really stamp down her authority on her inconsiderate boyfriend and he really wont know what has hit him!  And not just the paddle but She will humiliate him in a way that he absolutely hates by making him wear his own pants on his head, girls knickers to replace his own and lipstick on his lips and face! 🙂  Here Miss Zoe is giving her new found sissy boyfriend Dave a wedgie!

Anyway, question is, can Miss Zoe humiliate him any more than that?  Ahhhh…never underestimate the ingenuity of a strict Woman scourned!

You would think Dave would have made some effort towards learning the can can wouldn’t you? 🙂

Anyway you can see more from this movie now exclusively at 🙂  Or if you wish to get the full length video on DVD or digital download to play on your media centres then you can get that from the FemDom Spanking Store.  Alternatively you can see the full length video as streaming over the net at Domination Theater or Fetish Video Theater 🙂

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Well first of all dear readers, let me apologise for being late with this post 🙂  I tripped up at work and hurt my knee and my hand.  Nothing too serious, just a defensive injury I guess with my hand but it didn’t really work because I still hit my knee!  But anyway that is the reason I didn’t do a lot this week here.  Its kind of hard to type when your hand is stiff and tight from a sparin!  🙂  But Im back now and though my hand is still a little tight, I think I shall be ok 🙂

Anyway, back to the update to my blog here because unless the injuries come from being over a girls knee you dont want to hear about them right?  And I don’t much want to dwell on them unless they do either! 🙂

Yesterday had a really great update over on the Strict Women site 🙂  Forever the mark of quality in Female Domination, Miss Amy returned paddle handed to Strict Women as the worldly marriage guidance counsellor with her own special method of obtaining marital bliss!  And guess what that method is?  Yes that’s right, the woman taking charge and administering well deserved bare bottom spankings over her knee or over a chair etc whenever she feels it appropriate!  Of course it then develops on from there because it is not just when the guy has been disobedient or misbehaved that Miss Amy feels he should be spanked but that his spankings should be regular whether he has or not just to keep him in line and away from slipping into that state of obnoxiousness that ferrel males starved of feminine discipline always do!  🙂

Miss Amy is always great in all of her movies but the interaction with Miss Natasha in this movie seems to scream out at you when you see it 🙂  Miss Amy has just spanked Mikes bare butt and hands her slipper over to his wife in this movie, Miss Natasha who takes a great pride in putting her husband back in his place, crumbling at her feet and then grinding his head into the ground metaphorically speaking by wallowing in her new found power and authority over him.  For Mike, the whole experience has got to be pretty degrading to say the least!  And Miss Natasha seems to be getting a lot better with the harder spanking too from the looks of the latest clips 🙂

And I have a video preview by the way 🙂

By the way you may have noticed that Miss Amy called Miss Natasha, Anna there for a moment.  Originally this was going to be Miss Natasha’s stage name but she decided against it in the end with some persuasion from the boys to go back to Miss Natasha! 🙂   Personally Im pleased because it could have gotten a little confusing with it being Miss Anna running the show at Strict Women if too many come along with the same name!  And anyway, Natasha is a lovely name too and it kind of suits her really 🙂

By the way, just as an aside, have you noticed how so many of the Mistress’s around at the moment in the UK seem to have accents, even if mellowed over time, from either the north of England or Scotland?  Not all of them obviously but it does sometimes seem like it is probably more than 25%?  I will leave the philosophers to ponder on that one!  LOL 🙂  I am just glad that they are there and taking the upper hand in the world! 🙂

Anyway, this was a great movie and both girls really excelled in it 🙂  You can see it now exclusively at Strict Women so be sure to get over there and check it out along with the many thousands of other clips :-) I believe they now have around a hundred different Mistress’s at the site you know?  Incredible really but that’s what you can expect from a site that has been going for a good 10 years now!  :-)

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

Readers here at my blog who have followed my life in the world of Female Domination as it unfolds will remember me talking about how excited I was at the thought of Miss Joanne coming to do a movie together with Miss Zoe.  The mix of the two characters together, the harsh non stop and ever building tension that the two of them together were likely to generate!  And then the movie that they created, when they did create it, being everything I had hoped for and then more on top was so cool 🙂  Or should it be hot?  Well, whichever it should be, the day has now arrived when that movie hits the streets and is now starting its published life over at Miss Zoe’s own site at

So what can I say about this latest video?  Well…we all know Miss Zoe and we all know Miss Joanne.  Those that do not know Miss Joanne, well, she was the very first lady that Strict Women ever did a shoot with in the UK.  And the reaction to Miss Joanne from Strict Women members was a large part of the reason that shoots shifted from Chicago to the UK.  Some years ago Miss Joanne made her name as one of the biggest names on the net in the world of FemDom Wrestling but she then retired perhaps at the worst possible time, that being when the net was just starting to grow to be the animal that we know it as today!  It was with her connections to FemDom Wrestling and face sitting that she was introduced to Strict Women who are great friends with Deadly Females that made Miss Joanne the very first Mistress that Deadly Females recommended to the guys at Strict Women to shoot with.  And the rest is history 🙂  And Miss Joanne is now back shooting with the several select sites that she loves and who love her!

So given the above, you can just imagine the two dominant personalities sparking against each other as their ideas of how they can punish the male in their charge one from the other and one personality from the other!  Miss Joanne with her experience and Miss Zoe with her youth and dynamo style energy, passion and tension was always going to be a classic when that movie came out!  And it really does not disapoint! This movie is up there with the Football Ticket Incident movies and just about any of the very best from either Miss Zoe OR Miss Joanne for that matter!

The movie is called Confessions of an Employers Spy and the storyline is based around a true story in which Dave, who plays the part of an employers spy (thus the title) snitches on the two ladies to their employer!  And as we all know, these two Mistress’s would NEVER let ANY male, let alone a snivelling little twat get one over on either of them!  But do it to both and it is a recipie for trouble for sure!  So the movie begins with the two of them snatching their new victim for the day from his garden, bundeling him into the back of their van and taking him to their hide in which they intend to spank, abuse and humiliate him for the rest of the day and then some 🙂  A true classic for sure!  And I have a video preview 🙂

That strap that Miss Joanne is using vertically making snap into the top of his leg there really had to have hurt!  But as you can see the girls are really having a great time here 🙂  You miss out in this clip above the begining of the video which is really quite something to see!  Perhaps amongst the best parts but you can see that fairly easily by joining the Strict Mistress Zoe site!  And be sure to keep your eyes open on this video as the time rolls on because it is a real classic!  It is not currently available anywhere else but you can be sure I will let you know as soon as it is released on DVD or digital download and on the streaming video theaters 🙂

Strict Mistress Zoe

Just been over to Strict Women and it looks like Miss Kaz is in occupation there at the moment tapping a slipper against her hand as a warning to all the boys to stay in line!  🙂  Zac for his part has pushed his luck a little too far and has found himself across Miss Kaz’s knee!

For those who do not know, Miss Kaz is one of the Queens of sensual and sexy domination and she has summoned Zac to her office in this movie called ‘A Spanking In Time Saves Nine’ in order that he give an explanation as to why £100,000 has gone missing. Commanded to stand at attention Miss Kaz does not like his attitude so decides she is going to make a new company training video where she puts her naughty employee in his place….that is over her knee!

Miss Kaz is a delight to watch in this video 🙂  The calm sexy voice and the fact she is quite clearly enjoying every second of humiliating and punishing Zac in this movie!  And OK, she is perhaps not spanking him quite as hard as others have spanked some of the other guys but she clearly has him visibly trembling with fear in this movie!

And we have a video preview 🙂

She is lovely isnt she? 🙂

Anyway, you can see the full update now at Strict Women so be sure to see them there now!

By the way, the DVD along with the digital download for this full length movie is also available at the Femdom Spanking Store or if you wish to simply view it without any clips being left on your pc or evidence of DVD’s around the house then you can have it stream for you to your computer from the net atDomination Theater and Fetish Video Theater which are both dedicated FemDom and spanking (and in particular FemDom spanking) helix streaming video theaters :-)

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

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Wow its been a really busy week.  I have been snowed under here.  Some of you may recall that my blog here was moved to a new server about a year ago along with a lot of my other sites but I didn’t realise that some of templates in a few of the other sites were not writable so ive had to reinstall a bunch of scripts and fully check out the others.  And today right up until 4pm when i had to go to work I was working on the design for one of my established spanking links directories at Corporal Punishment Directory 🙂  The time just FLEW!  🙂  I may need to just leave it for a couple of weeks until I’m on vacation but we will see 🙂

Anyway, apologies my dear readers for the lateness in this blog post.  Strict Women as members will know has recently updated…er…yesterday in fact, and the very sexy but also very strict and domineering sensual Mistress, all the way from the Czech Republic, Miss Arella is the star! 🙂

In this movie, Criss Cross 1 – A Sister Spanks, Miss Arella makes an agreement with her real life sister Miss Heelena, also at this blog, to put Miss Heelena’s husband Mike across her knee for some well deserved bare bottom punishment!  Miss Heelena at the same time is over at Miss Arella’s house with Miss Arella’s husband Dave over her knee!  So these are simultaneous spankings! 🙂

Still being lippy as you can see! 🙂  Maybe Miss Arella should get that wooden hairbrush out ?  What do you guys think?  It certainly worked when Miss Koko put it across Mikes butt! 🙂

Well anyway, this movie is currently NOT available for DVD or for streaming video on thetheaters but will hopefully be so real soon!  So if you want to see any of it you need to be a member of Strict Women!  So be sure to go and get your members pass now!  There are LOTS of new Mistress’s about to be added to their ranks over the coming couple of months from the shoots you have already seen fan signs for!

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys