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It is always kind of odd when a strict lady is paddling your butt for some kind of disobedience to be told she is only doing it because she loves you and she wants her husband to stay in line and as true as it may or may not be, when you are laying on a bed being given the paddling of your life like Mike was in the latest update over at Strict Mistress Zoe it is word for word what Miss Zoe told Mike!

And you know it is probably true!  Because as so many girls who spank the guys point out, most arrogant males out there that they come across, they would simply raise their eyebrows at, think quietly to themselves that they are clearly in desperate need of some time over a woman’s knee and walk on by ignoring that male as best she can for as long as she can afterwords!  It is only the guys that the woman thinks are worthy of investing her time and energy into that she will take the trouble to bend over her knee and paddle!

Anyway, reflection onto a side, there is a really great update this week over at in which Miss Zoe, who upon finding her husband Mike laying on the bed eating a banana contrary to her rule about how there should be no eating in the bedroom decides to punish him and enforce her rules by the use of corporal punishment.  Corporal punishment as we all know is Miss Zoe’s favorite form of male correction because it does seem to work, if not permanently then certainly for some considerable time!  Well…at least a few hours! 😉  But then with how hard Miss Zoe spanks, you would kind of expect that anyway 🙂

Anyway, here is a preview clip from today’s update at Miss Zoe’s site!

So after impressing her rules onto Mike, we see Miss Zoe reinforce the message with another paddling on his already red and stinging backside across her knee where he knows full well he belongs 🙂  But it will not be long before he is back, she knows it, he knows it and we all know it!  🙂 But hey, it keeps us all entertained right? 🙂

This is one of Miss Zoe’s best movies and you can download it now exclusively at or in the alternative if you wish to have the full movie as a DVD or full length digital download then you can get it from or in the alternative you can see it streaming from the net at Domination Theater or Fetish Video Theater 🙂

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Forever one of my favorites, Miss Rebekah has returned to Strict Women once again today to tan a few male backsides and this time it is Dave’s turn to face the music!  And it is only right that he should by the way!  He gets a bit too big for his boots sometimes and a trip over one of the girls knees seems to work wonders! 😉  Me on the other hand, Im always getting paddled because he goes off telling tales to the girls, most of which are at least 85% lies and 15% half truths at best!  So its nice to see him sorted out once in a while 🙂  May seem harsh but as he says so often, honesty is the best policy 🙂

Anyway, as some of you may know, a part of David’s job, and the reason that the girls in the Strict Women house is, along with several others,  to help the strict women there to to dress in the morning.   Of course they can never help all of them at once so they all end up holding their butts in a sling for the day for being late attending to the other ladies when they finally report to them!  But it does at least keep them on their toes for the day right? 🙂

Anyway, even here with the first lady that Dave reports to, Miss Rebekah, he is in trouble!  Because as he brushes her hair he can not help looking at her bottom and nipping her ear on the bristles of the hairbrush! All the things that annoy Miss Rebekah and just as she does every day she decides to put dodgy dave across her knee for a good spanking. You’re invited to join her in her room as he suffers his humiliating punishment!

An added little bonus with this spanking is that the lovely Miss Rebekah is in thong panties and bra as well as those stockings and add to that her bitchy and uncomopromising attitude as she commands Dave to bend over for a spanking and you just cant lose 🙂

Anyway, as always, here on the FemDom Spanking Blog we have a the Fm spanking preview clip 🙂

This is a really great movie from Miss Rebekah, probably one of the most loved 6 or 7 Ladies at the Strict Women site and for good reason!  You can see this latest update now exclusively at!  Or alternatively if you wish, you can get the DVD or full digital download from the FemDom Spanking Store!  Or why not watch it streaming if you would prefer not to have evidence of the movie on your pc, by visiting the movie at the Dominaiton Theater or Fetish Video Theater:-)

See you all on Friday for another update to this blog :-)

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Forgive me if you would for the lateness of my post here today but I have only arrived home at 4am this morning and had a tonne of work to catch up with after a hectic but OH SO ENJOYABLE  weekend not only with Strict Women but everybody over at Bars and Stripes!  And that is part of the news here because you will notice that as I had been telling you all for a while, Bars and Stripes have a new star!  Or two actually but one who will be INSTANTLY recognisable Im sure to you all as a new guard! 🙂

Anyway, first of all I want to tell you all about Saturday!   Because on Saturday I was at a shoot with Strict Women once more with the world famed and absolutely stunning Miss Cassie!   YAE!!! :-))

Ok tongues back in your mouths guys!  Pretty cute huh? 🙂  I still have the marks to show for the day! 🙂  And Miss Cassie for her part, who came armed with 5 or 6 of her favorite canes went away happy as she got to use pretty much all of them!  🙂  And all of that video will come along to Strict Women real soon! 🙂

Also then on Sunday as I say above, I popped along to the shoot with Bars and Stripes to see their new stars!

So there you have it 🙂  Top left is Steve who residents and viewers at Bars and Stripes and Northern Spanking will recognise straight away as the most horrible of all the guards at the site yet you might be shocked to hear is actually one of the nicest people you could hope to meet!  Thats me next to him, Dave is bottom left next to the famous spanking model Irelynn Logeen.  Next to her is Miss Natasha who is actually more submissive in real life than dominant Im afraid…a real pain lover and next to her is the beautiful Miss Zoe!  Yes Miss Zoe is the proud new guard at Bars and Stripes Spanking Prison!  She plays a junior guard in this series but as you can imagine, the idea of locking people up in cages and then spanking them with straps and sticks was something that really appealed to her!  Miss Zoe with a badge, your worst nightmare!  LOL.  And next to her on her left is Mike who is the Governor at Bars and Stripes who you may recall attended a shoot with Strict Women recently along with Paul of Northern Spanking so as you can see, the spanking community here in the UK is a really very close one 🙂  Mike too, as I said before is a really nice guy also!  As is Dave of course which I had better add in lest he will start moaning at me for not talking him up!  LOL 🙂  And the girls, well…all are as lovely as they are beautiful 🙂  And Miss Cassie too!  So for me it was a really great weekend 🙂  But a very long one also!

For those of you who are interested in seeing Miss Zoe as the new guard at Bars and Stripes, do please keep your eyes open on my blog over at Domestic Spanking Blog!  You can bet I will be covering it in fairly big detail over there! 🙂

And with that I am going to sign off and catch some Z’s 🙂  Im shattered!  Its been a real long weekend everybody and its not over yet!  This weekend I will be at another shoot for Strict Women, this one being with Miss Jodie!  But for now, i will see you all again on Thursday! 🙂  Be sure to take a good look over the new tour at Strict Women however! 🙂

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Just a quick note before my main posts just to let you all know that the guys under the lash of the lovely Miss Anna, owner of Strict Women (yes for those of you who did not know, Strict Women is a genuine woman owned and run (under a rod of iron…or should that be willow?) website, the first FemDom F/m spanking members website to hit the net back in 1999, has just had a big overhaul in its free area so you may want to run over and take a look!

Here is the link

There are one or two little things that are in the process of being altered as I speak to you now and several sore bottoms have been handed out acrosss Miss Anna’s knee both in the making AND as I speak to you all now as the changes are running live but they have all done a really nice job there!   And Miss Anna and team (though mostly Miss Anna) are really to be congratulated!

Be sure to get over there now and see all the action! 🙂

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

We have seen quite a bit of real classic video coming out of Strict Women this week in my humble opinion and so it was really quite fitting to see Miss Zoe top the poll so to speak and put out an update to what I think is probably one of her very best videos out there.  It is not simply one of her best as a highly charged strict FemDom F/m spanking movie of course, and looking at Lorne who Miss Zoe has taken great pains in turning into her sissy slut maid, one might question Miss Zoe as to whether Lorne in this video is male or female anyway?  Lorne of course, who would not have wanted to be humiliated in this way would say male but his opinion is secondary to that of the judgement of his strict Goddess, Miss Zoe in this case and She makes it perfectly clear that he is female, or should I say she is?  But this movie goes into so many areas and excels in every one!  Sisification, hard FemDom spanking, face sitting, kicking, shoe worship and simple entertainment of Miss Zoe herself who has a great time in this movie!

One of the nicer elements is how Miss Zoe has her sissy maid husband standing on one leg for example singing I’m a little teapot whilst she scolds and interogates her new boyfriend who you can just tell she will eventually humiliate in just the same way!  🙂  It is hilarious!  Of course the hilarity is for us and for Miss Zoe, the two guys you can tell are feeling like its probably amongst the worst moments in thier short lives! 🙂  But we all just KNOW that Miss Zoe will soon top this all over again! 🙂

Here is a short preview from this weeks update! 🙂

Yes and if you think this is imaginative, just wait until you see Miss Zoe make the pair of them dance the can can for Her!  I remember getting a little concerned in case Zac had a heart attack the way he was out of breath!  🙂  And add to all of this, the hard spanking, face sitting and loads more besides, this movie I think is one of Miss Zoe’s very best!   Now this was shot around a year ago I would guess and yes she HAS topped it since, but this is still one of her best performances I think 🙂

Anyway, you can see this latest update now exclusively at!  But dont forget that Miss Zoe does also have many of her DVD’s and digital video downloads available at the FemDom Spanking Store and also streamable at the Domination Theater or at the Fetish Video Theater!

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You know its actually been quite a while since I had the opportunity to let you see Miss Leanne in action!  Actually it is no less than 6 months!  God time really flies in Female Domination Land doesn’t it? 🙂

Well, anyway, today at Strict Women she is back!  🙂  Now I will confess to you all up front that I am not that mad on pink hair but you know what?  I personally would prefer the pink hair to massive great tattoo’s on the girls arms?  And in Miss Leanne’s favour I have to say she is actually one of the strictest girls Ive ever been spanked by! 🙂  Miss Leanne has a really excellent demenour I think and I have kind of missed seeing her in the Strict Women site 🙂  But here is the thing, when you have a site that has 2 updates a month and, just in the UK sections, some 42 different Mistress’s, it is not really that surprising that sometimes we do not see so much of some of the ladies there as we used to a year or two ago when there were fewer faces?

Anyway, in this video, Miss Leanne has been checking her boyfriend, David’s social networking activities and found that he has been leaving comments on other girls profiles for the site! She of course has a perfect way to deal with this and it involves putting a slipper, paddle and cane across his bare backside at high speed! 🙂

Here is a short video preview 🙂

So you see what I mean about demenour 😉  There is just no question in her head about who is in charge here is there?  No question about who is right!  As Miss Leanne puts it, women are always right, men are always wrong, that is why we always have to spank them!  🙂

Anyway you can see the rest of this update now along with many other Mistress’s only at the Strict Women site!  Don’t miss this one,  Miss Leanne is actually REALLY good in this 🙂

By the way, I have a really busy weekend ahead of me!  I have been invited to no less than TWO shoots this weekend!  Saturday I am going along to a shoot with Strict Women where Miss Cassie will be spanking many a bare backside! 🙂  And on Sunday I have been invited into London to a shoot with Bars and Stripes where I will be getting to meet some great friends along with two faces known well to all of you here who will be shooting with the guys over there!  I will try and get my fan sign everybody!  At least for Saturday! 🙂  See you all tomorrow for another update to this blog 🙂

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Every now and then as a webmaster I receive an email from Clare Fonda with a bunch of galleries in them and all of you who are regulars will know that I usually post a few pics here from that gallery along with a link to the gallery itself for those of you who want to take a look 🙂  Of course the gallery only shows about 15-20 pics and does not show the video which you have to join the Clare Spanks Men site to see but the thought is what counts and those of you who join the site Im sure will not be disappointed with what it has to offer as it has some really super F/m spanking video there 🙂

Anyway, these pics are of a new Mistress there called Miss Derek.  Odd name for a girl I know but you have to wonder how many guys have ended up over her knee for mentioning that so I am just going to keep my gob shut! 😉

Anyway, here are the F/m FemDom Spanking pics from Clare Spanks Men from this gallery 🙂

As you can see, Miss Derek sure looks irritated here 🙂  I like these pics because its hand spanking over the knee which is probably my personal favorite 🙂  Plus it looks like she is clearly making sure she spanks hard, you only have to look at the way her arm is right up like she clearly means business! 🙂  But really she is still being a little too kind here 🙂  She ought really to pull those shorts down, he might be contorting his face like its hurting but its not really humiliating him enough is it? 🙂

Ah ha!  No sooner said than done 🙂  And as I said, those full arm smacks reigning down are leaving their mark!  And Miss Derek is looking way more satisfied with her work now that she can SEE that she is making an impact! 🙂

And another male cheuvanist returns to the corner suitably punished and back in his place! 🙂

You can see more, and significantly larger pics from this video at the gallery I was sent HERE.  Or more still along with the video now exclusively at Clare Spanks Men! 🙂

Just been over to Strict Women!  Wow!  Today it seems is one of those days when they defy the pundits and raise the bar several inches higher because today, members which includes me, get to see not just one but TWO of their most elite strict Women on the site! And this update is one of the most brilliant FemDom F/m spanking videos I have seen in a long time!  Particularly if you like the humiliation factor!

It was always bound to be quite a match but after Miss Amy and Miss Zoe came together in this really great movie called The Rude Neigbour, an update from which is published today at Strict Women, it was always going to be a match made in heaven 🙂  Two of my all time favorite Mistress’s coming together like this and yet the styles being so different I just could not wait to see how it all worked out 🙂  Well the video is made and it is a classic!  Miss Amy in particular is awesome in this movie as she introduces the quiet and shy (LOL) girl next door, Miss Zoe to the experience of spanking males!  But you know the grin is on the other side of my face really and that of every other doubting thomas because actually that FemDom spitfire Miss Zoe who we all know and love as the Scary Spice of the FemDom Spanking world, actually shone through in that backup role as the shy quiet type really well!  Miss Zoe clearly is not used to playing support roles OR for that matter, the quiet humiliating temptress that revels in embarrassing the guy yet further but Miss Jackle was able to switch to Miss Hyde real well!  I was really proud of how she managed to swap between one and the other almost seamlessly so quickly in fact.

Miss Amy as Ive already said was awesome. Well…no surprise there, she always is!  And it is not easy to play a leading Mistress role and having to think not only about keeping the guy under control but taking the lead with an additional Mistress in tow as well.  And yet she handled that task so well, keeping Miss Zoe in frame more or less all the time whilst still maintaining complete authority over Alexis  throughout.  Plus we also got to see Miss Amy’s trademark demenour shining through right from the point that she made Alexis explain at the doorstep what happens to him when he misbehaves, instantly transforming him from the cocky self confident and arrogant male to the apologetic submissive and worried guy standing outside the head mistress’s office nervously rustling his feet as he waits to be summoned in to receive a swift 6 of the best across his backside before being sent back on his way!

In this video, Miss Zoe has knocked on Miss Amy’s front door to complain about her rude husband who spat on the ground in front of her when she spoke to him.  So as you can imagine, there is no way that Miss Amy is going to let him get away with that!  But just to add to his humiliation, Miss Amy invites Miss Zoe into the house to help her administer that sound bare bottom spanking that is coming his way!  Here is a short preview from today’s update!

Alex should probably think himself lucky at this point!  That spanking he is receiving, though clearly marking him up pretty well, is still with Miss Zoe’s hand!  Ordinarily, had Miss Amy not been there to rescue him from the heaviest paddle, it probably would not have been!  Miss Zoe did make a point in there of dropping a hint that spanking him was making her hand hurt but Miss Amy, forever in charge, did not pick up on it but only because she wanted the humiliating hand spanking to last just a little bit longer before the harder more testing implements like slipper, paddles and cane came out 🙂  That is part of the Miss Amy demeanor I think which makes her one of the most loved Mistress’s out there in the F/m spanking world, it is that control and adherence to her very polished discipline routine.  The ‘a place for everything and everything in its place’ type of lifestyle which leaves Alexis simply knowing without challenge who is in charge and that he is better off just accepting it, taking his punishment and apologising because it will be less painful for him that way 🙂

Anyway, this is a true classic as FemDom Spanking movies go.  You can see it now exclusively at Strict Women!  Be sure to check it out real soon because seeing two of the leading most hypnotic Mistress’s on the net TOGETHER just does not come along every day chaps!  So be sure to watch this one whilst you can! 🙂

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

There is just something about a lady in jodhpurs that makes my mouth water and if I ever wanted to put it into words as to why…well…a thousand words would be painted with a picture of Miss Jessica’s bottom wearing them I guess 🙂  Or any lady wearing them for that matter!  🙂  And so it was really good to see that in the latest update at Strict Women is Miss Jessica dressed in that outfit 🙂

In this update, Miss Jessica has returned from her riding lessons to hear complaints from her neighbours about her husbands bad behaviour she decides that it is past time to give him some firm quality over the knee time! And it doesn’t stop there because once this lady is through with spanking Dave over her knee the riding crop comes out!  Ouch.

Actually, whilst we are on that subject, have you noticed how rare the riding crop is in today’s spanking videos?  Im not complaining by the way, I don’t actually even like watching (or receiving for that matter) riding crop spankings but its interesting really because I remember how in the days when I first got on the Internet which was pre Strict Women, and all the FemDom sites out there were chains, dungeons and candle wax, about the only implements you would see were the whip, cane and riding crop and even the cane was far and few between as I recall.  And then of course, Strict Women came along under the banner of ‘sophisticated FemDom’ which was basically long hand for ‘domestic’ ‘at home’ type FemDom spanking and I guess the rest is history 🙂  But these days its all canes, paddles and so on and unless you go to the foot domination and more broad brush type FemDom sites, its actually not that common these days to see the riding crop in use?  So it is almost like reliving old days in a strange way 🙂  Anyway, I’m just rambling really so ignore me on that one 🙂

Anyway, as I often do, I have a video preview file for you all from todays update so here it is 🙂

Funny thing is, Miss Zoe used that same riding crop on Dave a few weeks later and it lasted approximately 2 minutes before she broke it in several pieces by spanking his butt with it!  So Im afraid you will not see that riding crop in use anymore guys! 🙂

Well I have to sign off now because its getting on for 1am 🙂  Only just got back from work, but I wanted to let you know what is going on at Strict women for their update so thought I would quickly post this post here at my blog 🙂   And you can see more from this video in the latest update exclusively at Strict Women!   And its a really great piece of video so be sure to check it out 🙂

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

Forgive me if you would for the fact that I wanted to post this note without the traditional video but today I wanted to do something a little different this one time 🙂  I do these video previews an awful lot, and you have all seen Miss Zoe a great deal on video to the point that I think you all have a fairly good idea of how she operates and how she spanks!  So this time I wanted to show you another aspect of the site there at that goes to a large part unnoticed and that is the effort that is put into capturing some of what I feel is the best FemDom photography around.  And this is something that Miss Zoe is adamant in maintaining the highest of standards for.  Very few of you out there have met Miss Zoe and fewer still have seen her in a shoot but this is a lady that takes her FemDom extremely seriously!  And if you ever go for a private session with her (which you can do from time to time) this is one of the things that you will notice about Miss Zoe straight away.

Anyway every update to Miss Zoe’s site comes with at least 3 video clips and a full gallery of high quality images at least 2.5 times the pixel size of the pics that I have posted here from the same video!  This week’s video features Miss Zoe’s servant Dave who has been cheating at cards!  The game is pretty simple, its a game of snap!  And Miss Zoe is trying by association from the game to teach her servant that in life as in the game, there are rules and that those rules should be followed and not disobeyed.  But Dave is right off at the deep end.  Even playing his sexy Mistress in cards, he can not help but disobey the rules and cheat!  The whole thing has gone totally over his head!  And so our Goddess decides to try things in a slightly different way!  That is, that she creates a new game!  HER GAME PLAYED BY HER RULES!  And if Dave disobeys THESE rules, then it is HER game played by HER rules with HER consequences for HIS disobedience!  And we ALL know what Miss Zoe has in mind for HER consequences right!

So here are a few pics 🙂


So now you start to see what I mean about the photography 🙂  This is an image that I really like because apart from the obvious melting that we all do…well…all of us males anyway, at the sight of Miss Zoe’s stocking tops, legs and the fact that she is pointing to those knees that Dave knows he is about to be put across in order to suffer that humiliating punishment, when you look into Miss Zoe’s deep hazel eyes, you wonder what it would be like to be in his place?  Well I can tell you the answer to that, it is a mixed feeling of anxiety yet yearning to be punished by the Goddess pointing down to her knees with a complete acceptance of ones fate.  But that is kind of missing the point because what you are seeing here in this picture is one of the trademarks’s of Miss Zoe which is the eye contact that makes this and any punishment which She administers personal to the naughty boy she puts across her knee!  And that is what you see here in this image.  That this punishment is for real!  And though the video camera’s are not rolling in the background as the flash photography would ruin the video, not to mention the clicking of each photograph that is taken, but that does not mean that Dave is going to get off of those knees without receiving a single smack here!  The look on Miss Zoe’s pretty face here should tell you that She is serious and that she IS going to spank him when he gets over her knee as instructed!  The photo is being taken here but there is a one on one situation in the background that you are looking in on and the looks in Miss Zoe’s face speak a thousand words all on their own 🙂  Don’t get me wrong, Miss Zoe is far from on her own in this respect, there are a number of other strict Women out there that I can think of that are exactly the same in shoots but the numbers are few.

Actually I think that picture above is one of my favourates but I cant really go through this without showing you at least one more that actually shows a spanking in action! 🙂


Properly in his place now, Dave is across Miss Zoe’s knee learning who is in charge!  And you know, there a re few postures that are more sexy in a woman than the one where she has a male over her knee and is taking the time to soundly spank his backside for him!  The twisting of the torso as it pushes out her hips and the raising of her breasts as she lifts her spanking arm puts full focus of the image on the ladies feminimity 🙂


And what else can I say?  It is not ALL discipline with Miss Zoe, this is also a lady that actually LIKES to inflict pain as you can see from the broad grinning smile on her face as she twists Daves nipples beneath her! 🙂

Oh, I dont think I actually mentioned what the game was that Miss Zoe invented?  Well She would stick playing cards to Daves backside and then whip them off with a strap!  Sinple but effective!  ESPECIALLY when you are on your knees and Miss Zoe is whipping that strap downward so that it cracks on the soft skin above your backside MORE than it actually spanks your butt!  Like I say really…this is a lady that likes…well…you know what I mean 🙂  And you can get to see it in SO many of her videos not just in this particular one!

So if you would like to feel the tension in the room as Miss Zoe disciplines and spanks another of her servants be sure to get over to Miss Zoe’s site at Strict Mistress Zoe now!  Or alternatively you can see many of Miss Zoe’s great FemDom spanking videos on DVD or full digital download at the FemDom Spanking Store or watch the streaming video at Domination Theater or Fetish Video Theater! 🙂

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