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Well news is just in that there are several hot new video’s just added at Domination Theater and Fetish Video Theater for those of you who prefer to have your spankings streaming over the internet so as you can keep watching the spanking without any evidence left to your family 🙂  Or perhaps you wish to stream the full movie across a media centre onto your big 40 inch tv screens like the apple tv media centre or others?  Whatever your reasons, these theaters are a great way to view the spankings without having to wait for the download or buy the full length videos!

Anyway, there are 7 movies in total but several are F/f spanking so I wont go into those.  There is also (cough) a male spanks female video which i DEFINITELY WONT talk about here ! 🙂  But if you want to see more about those then you can read about them a little later today at my blog at the Domestic Spanking Blog! 🙂

Anyway here is a short into to the F/m spanking videos 🙂

Miss Hunter (aka Miss Cassie, The Huntress)

The Late Slave:

The Hunteress really takes a disliking to people who are not punctual, as you will find out in this clip! Dressed in a smart black dress with high heels and stockings; she punishes her slave for being late, severely, strapping and tawsing his hands with maximum severity.


  • See Video at Domination Theater.
  • See Video at Fetish Video Theater.
  • Miss Jodie Karnell

    Spanked Or Fired:

    After failing to prepare a report on time, Alexis is summoned to the office by his strict new manageress Miss Jodie Karnell and given an ultimatum that he either submits to a sound bare bottom spanking or he loses his job. Given the recession he reacts in the only way that he feels that he can and agrees to the spanking. Of course Miss Karnell would have administered it in any event whether he agreed or not but she does so love blackmail!


  • See Video at Domination Theater.
  • See Video at Fetish Video Theater.
  • Miss Joanne

    Dorm Room Raid Pt 1:

    Miss Joanne has just walked in on Mike and Simple Simon to ask where their essays are and has caught both of them drinking cider instead of doing the work she had set for them. In part 1 Mike gets his bare bottom spanked. In part 2 it will be simple simons turn!.


  • See Video at Domination Theater.
  • See Video at Fetish Video Theater.
  • Of course there are also many many more fantastic femdom spanking videos over on those two theaters!  They are pretty much entirely dedicated to femdom spanking in fact!  So be sure to check them out!
    Domination Theater

    Hi again everybody!   Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!  I spent mine with family and friends and had a great time 🙂  But as we move again towards New Year, I thought i would just check out what they have up now at Strict Women for todays update and blow me down if it isn’t one of the two cutest Czech sisters, Miss Arella! 🙂  Always nice to see and especially hear!  That Czech accent is really hot! 🙂

    in this latest video The workforce at Czech Enterprises Ltd have been slacking off by going to the pub instead of getting orders or following up on customer references. When Mike the foreman turns in to meet Dave for another outing to the pub he instead finds Miss Arella in the office who informs him that she is the new owner of the company and that she has fired Dave. A new regime is in place and Mike soon finds himself dangling over this Czech beauty’s knee getting spanked as part of that regime in order to keep his job! And you now get to watch as the day unfolds for Mike and his strict new Boss!

    And we have a preview clip 🙂

    See what i mean about that accent? 🙂  And of course the next week her sister was there paddling Mike and Dave as well! 🙂

    Anyway you can see this video now exclusively at  And don’t keep the Czech Goddess waiting!  Because she is patting a wooden hairbrush on the palm of her hand at the door for your arrival even as we speak! 🙂

    Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

    Well Christmas has finally arrived everybody!  Hope you have all got your presents bought and your christmas trees are up! 😉  I finally got mine done last night with an eager tabby cat trying to climb up the tree as I did so!  🙂  Well it was clearly HIS tree to climb after all right? 🙂  But the house is all Christmasy now and I have a few moments to let you all know about what has been happening at the Strict Women site today in its update!  And its a real nice task because today Miss Natasha, sister of Miss Zoe has returned to the site and has her paddle out!

    Mike had been given instructions to clean the house so you can imagine Miss Natasha’s shock as she reads through messages on his mobile phone (yes guys, She DOES read those messages whether Mike likes it or not!) that he has planned to go out to the pub with Tom! Needless to say, a quick phone call to Toms wife sees Tom getting the same treatment that Mike will now receive! That is a sound spanking over the knees of Miss Natasha on his bare butt!  A good sequel to come perhaps?  I wonder who will play Tom’s wife? 🙂  Any nominations? 🙂

    Anyway, Miss Natasha certainly puts her heart into every spank that she administers to Mike in this video!  And you can see how she is warming to her new found authority with putting males across her knee for some much needed discipline also!

    And exclusive as always to us here at the FemDom Spanking Blog, I have a video preview! 🙂

    You know it never quite ceases to amaze me just how much guys fantasise about being spanked and yet still complain so bitterly when they are in place over a ladies knee?  🙂  Its just as well that the Strict Women who punish them never really listen to their complaints or pleads for mercy! 🙂  Perhaps it is that credibility detector built into every Woman’s head that they simply know when the apologies are genuine or not? 🙂

    Anyway, as you can see from the video, Miss Natasha is certainly getting through to Mike about what he did wrong and what She expects from him now in the future.  Do those chores, as the video title says, “When I Say” and not when you want to, which is simply male talk for the fact they would never get done right guys?  I think we all know that is the case! 🙂

    Anyway you can see this video now exclusively at  Or if you would like the DVD OR Digital download of the full length movie, you can get that at the FemDom Spanking Store.  You can also see this full length video now streaming so you wont have to wait for it to download or have evidence of it left on your pc’s at Domination Theater or at Fetish Video Theater!

    Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

    Domination Theater

    FemDom Spanking Store

    Well as we move into Christmas Miss Santa is getting her naughty list ready and teams of strict female elves are preparing to go visit all the naughty adult males out there that need a little over the knee treatment!  And who better to mentally prepare us all for that much needed smacked butt than the lovely and sensual Miss Kaz B who as we speak is walking into the room with her much loved slipper patting against her hand? 🙂  And today Miss Kaz has the task of putting Zac back in his place with one of her sensual but humiliating spankings that she gives so well!

    So what has Zac been up to?  Well at this stage, Zac has already been summoned to Miss Kaz’s office to explain why £100,000 has gone missing. And forever making sure that She is seen as the lady in charge, she very quickly commands Zac to stand to attention before she begins to make it very clear to him how she does not like his attitude!  But Miss Kaz has another trick up her sleeve as she decides to multi task Zacs bare bottom spanking that she is planning on giving him into a new staff training video on exactly what happens when you disobey or disrespect Miss Kaz!

    Today we join Miss Kaz with Zac already over her knee and he is clearly struggling to deal with the humiliation of this spanking as Miss Kaz now in full control with Zac bent over her knee where she is able to indulge herself with administering hand spankings, paddle spankings and pretty much anything else she wishes but prodding his bare butt, Miss Kaz just can not seem to resist pointing out how he now belongs to her and she can do whatever she likes, that he now serves her and she has full authority over him and the delight in Miss Kaz’s face as she points all of this out to the cringing flesh over her knee is just SO evident on this pretty ladies face that it is a real delight 🙂  Miss Kaz is not Queen of the sensual spanking for no reason! 😉

    And here she is administering that spanking just to remind Zac of his place in this world 😉

    Guess you will see what I mean? 🙂  Miss Kaz has such a sexy way about her in the way that she so enjoys putting guys into their place over her knee 🙂

    Anyway you can see more from this Goddess now exclusively at Strict Women 🙂  Or if you wish you can get the full movie on DVD or digital download for your Christmas pressie from the huge video store dedicated entirely to FemDom Spanking at the FemDom Spanking Video Store or see it as streaming video now at either Domination Theater or the Fetish Video Theater 🙂

    Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

    Domination Theater

    FemDom Spanking Store

    Well we have seen quite a flurry of new faces this last couple of weeks at Strict Women and today is no exception!  Of course readers of my blog here at have seen the faces before as I have been along to these shoots and let you all know what has happened!  And of course you have seen, in most of the cases, new fan signs! 😉  Well today here at the FemDom Spanking Blog Im here to tell you about yet another new video debut today just as I get ready to pack bags to travel to the South East towards London for yet another new shoot with another gorgeous strict Woman…and yes ANOTHER new face!  And of course just to keep testing me the powers that be in the heavens have sent severe weather warnings to spread across the area with around 10 cm of snow apparently!  Just what I need!  But at least on the way back the I shouldn’t need the heated seats to keep me warm so I have that at least to be thankful for! 🙂  But i must remember to bring me a shovel and duvet or something just in case!  So whilst you are looking over these sites on the internet humming and hahing about how much it costs to join a site and get your thousands of clips just remember what people go through in order to get them to you!  LOL 🙂

    ANYWAY…back to Miss Amrita!  Remember her? 🙂  Well as I said above, she is making her video debut today at Strict Women and now Strict Women can add Japan to their list of nationalities for the strict Women at their site!  And in this one, Miss Amrita catches her naughty boyfriend Mike (yes another girl friend for Mike it seems…quite the womaniser!) taking photos of their neighbour as she, get this given the severe weather warning (!!!), sun bathes in her back garden! 🙂  Well…ok it was shot a couple of months ago? 🙂  Anyway, panic grabs Mike by the groin area and he quickly splutters out all sorts of excuses about what he was photographing because he knows what his strict girlfriend and Mistress has in store for him!  But she is having none of it and before Mike realises it, he finds himself bent over her knee with his trousers and pants down round his ankles!

    And I have a preview clip 🙂

    So what can I tell you about Miss Amrita? 🙂  Well I can tell you this much, she really did surprise me just how hard she can spank with her hand!  Many of the girls dont much like hand spanking because it makes thier hand sting so prefer to move quickly onto paddles and canes but Miss Amrita seems to be able to spank with her hand till the cows come home and she can make it hurt even more than the paddles!  Oh and that paddle you see there in her hand, which is probably not actually suited much to OTK spanking because of its size, is thick leather and she was making a point of spanking all around the sides of Mikes butt there which is why he was struggling a little in this movie 🙂  But then he does love it so wasnt likely to complain 😉

    Anyway, you can see more from this movie now exclusively at  So why not give yourself a nice treat this Christmas? And get your pass to Strict Women, visit Miss Amrita and all the other Women who like to spank their men? 🙂  At only USD$19-95 you have very little to lose really…they are just about the cheapest, oldest and biggest not to mention best femdom spanking site anywhere in my view! 🙂

    Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

    It seems to be a good week for video debut’s!  Last Thursday I was telling you all about the lovely Miss Jodie Karnell making her first video performance at Strict Women and today…well…actually yesterday if I am honest, because I am a little late with this update to my blog, Miss Dublin has made her big splash down to earth tanning male butts as she descends!

    This particular movie is called Strict Boutique Owner and has some interesting little twists as Mike comes in dressed out of company uniform to bring in a shop lifter who looks as though he actually IS dressed in company uniform! 😉  But rather than say great, thanks Mike, yes you can go home as it is your day off, instead Miss Dublin takes him to task for being out of company uniform, pulls his trousers down IN FRONT OF THE SHOP LIFTER and puts him across her knee to paddle his bare butt for him!  What the shop lifter must have thought about this and what was going to happen to him is anybodies guess seeing what he had actually done!  But I think you and I both have a fairly good idea how Miss Dublin was planning on dealing with him right? 🙂  And here at the FemDom Spanking Blog (And EXCLUSIVELY HERE) we have a short video preview for you 🙂

    Dont you just love that Irish accent there? 🙂  She is quite kind to Mike above really giving him the time to recover from each smack of her paddle!  But to be fair to him, he did appreciate that kindness and thanked her for it appropriately at the end 🙂    Not all guys who find themselves getting paddled express that appreciation to their Mistress for the fact they could have gone in a lot harder on them!  🙂  But he did make the mistake of saying he thought she had finished when she pushed him off of her knee so she could hardly let it go with just the bare bottom hand spanking she had given him over her knee could she? 🙂  And she didn’t either!

    I remember this shoot well actually 🙂  There was a power cut right in the middle of the spanking and everything had to stop because one of the lights had a problem!  But Miss Dublin was soon back to her usual self as soon as that was sorted out 🙂  I actually met her first of all in a shoot I went along to in Copenhagen for Spanking Online with Dino and Peppe over there 🙂  That was where I first met Miss Chloe as well actually!  But Miss Chloe changed pretty much overnight to decide she wasnt actually in any way submissive AT ALL and actually her calling in life was to simply paddle the guys rather than the other way around!  The way of course that nature always intended it! 🙂  Feminine discipline at its best 🙂

    Anyway you can see more from this movie and many others now exclusively at! 🙂  Be sure to check in soon!!!  Miss Dublin as you can see does NOT like being kept waiting! 😉

    Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

    Wow, Mike really knows how to upset strict women!  How selfish and inconsiderate can he be when he forgets his and Miss Zoe’s anniversary?  Because that I’m afraid is the theme of today’s update at and Miss Zoe really does make him suffer for it!  As Miss Zoe points out, he knows she gets angry when he forgets things!  And yet he decides to do it AGAIN!  AND with her anniversary present!  What on earth was he thinking!

    Well whatever he was thinking or moreover I suspect NOT thinking Miss Zoe is clearly determined that this is never going to happen again!  And the paddling of his life leaving Mikes butt clearly blistered Miss Zoe takes out her frustration on her slave boyfriend that has him squirming in seconds! 🙂

    Of course I  could point out that the spanking is hard but then is it really anything else with Miss Zoe?  Of course not!  But that hard spanking whether or not its mixed with her blend of domination never ceases to entertain in any event! 🙂  Im actually a bit late posting this but i just could not really let it pass 🙂

    Here is a sample preview from Miss Zoe’s latest update to her site 🙂

    Yes Miss Zoe really did give him a treat with that outfit.  He deserves all he gets.  Just look at her?  She is gorgeous? 🙂  But from the looks of how red Mikes butt is there I dont think he is going to forget again in a hurry do you? 🙂   And good thing too!  If i was lucky enough to be in his position I sure as hell would not forget in any event!  A Goddess like Miss Zoe should always be treated as a Goddess 🙂  And now of course any idea of sex with Miss Zoe in that outfit is right out of the window for him!  An additional big punishment! 🙂

    Anyway, you can see more from this movie now exclusively at  But don’t forget Miss Zoe also has her own video store up at FemDom Spanking Store and her own streaming video theaters up at Domination Theater and Fetish Video Theater 🙂

    Strict Mistress Zoe

    Sometimes you just know instinctively when a star is born and I think that is the case with Miss Jodie!  I have been feeling a little glum over the last few days with all this dreary damp weather and seeing Miss Jodie’s video over at Strict Women just seemed to manage to lift me 🙂  She was every bit as good as I remember! 😉  And that was despite her feeling poorly on the day!  In fact we were all concerned that she might have swine flu on the day as I recall!  I was quite relieved when i didn’t become sick within a week or two after! 🙂

    I call her Miss Jodie here if for no other reason than to continue disobeying her just for the heck of it!  (smile) But her instructions were to actually address her as Miss Karnell so i probably ought to quit doing that thing with calling her Miss Jodie 🙂  But the memory of being over her knee for disobedience is a hard one to shift and looking at her I think you could probably all understand why! 😉

    In this movie, Miss Karnell (yep, back to reality!) played the role of the strict manageress asserting her authority over the employee’s at her office and the first one up for discipline here is Alexis who has failed to come into work in the correct dress code and Miss Karnell is not about to let him off!  Slowly he does learn however over her knee and it doesn’t take Miss Karnell long to make her point! 🙂

    We have a video preview 🙂  Here, Miss Karnell had just told her naughty boy that she was going to give him 20 smacks and wanted him to thank her for each after it had finished but he just could not resist giving her lip and trying her patience with some comment after the first one 🙂  So quick as a flash as you see below it rises to 50! 🙂

    That is a new paddle in Miss Jodie’s hand by the way!  It is thick leather and swings high and it has a deep penetrating thump to it!  It is the sort of paddle that you would use to prepare the skin for the cane and that fact really should not be lost on Alexis whilst he is giving her all that lip!  That warning of something harder is not an idle threat! 🙂  And the downhearted tone from him does at least show that he understands that now!  🙂

    This is a really good video which starts light but steps up 3 or 4 gears in a very short time which would lead to a culture shock to any guy that is being punished here real quick!  You can see it now exclusively at!  Don’t miss it!  Miss Jodie is truly awesome in this movie 🙂

    Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

    Another great update at Strict Women as Miss Koko takes up the rod of ratton and puts her naughty husband Dave back in his place!  In this latest update which is paired with a gallery from Miss Jessica Wood, Miss Koko’s husband as a veteran of life in the fast lane at Strict Women knew full well that before he goes out for any of the fun things like snooker, golf or pub outings, he must first obtain her permission!  After all, that is only fair right?  She may have jobs for him to do that day like house work or even just switching channels for her on the remote control on tv as and when needed?  Now whether that may sound unreasonable to you or not is irrelevant because that is one of Miss Koko’s rules and Dave knows that!  And that is the point!  So when he disobeys that rule it was obvious what would happen really.  And so the stage was set after Dave had openly challenged Miss Koko’s authority by disobeying her for Miss Koko to show him exactly how she deals with disobedient husbands!

    And that stage my friends and dear readers has been opened and tickets are available now to all members of the Strict Women site! 🙂

    Miss Koko begins today’s update with Dave over her knee getting a really good hard spanking with a leather paddle and the slipper before he is pushed off of her knee and kneels before her for an alcohol test to see just how drunk he is!  Because Miss Koko intends to spank him until SHE decides that he has fully sobered up!  And so Dave must guess how many fingers his Mistress is holding up.  Get it right and she will hold up a different number, get it wrong and a leather paddle will come down hard on each of his hands before he gets another opportunity at guessing!

    And we have a video preview 🙂

    And that pretty much says it all does it not?  Miss Koko is in charge and she can spank him all she likes! 🙂

    Anyway you can see more from Miss Koko in this update over at Strict Women! This full 30 minute video is also available on DVD or as a digital download atFemDom Spanking Store or if you wish you can watch it streaming on your PC (or mac if you have one of those) at Domination Theater or Fetish Video Theaterwhere it has recently been published! :-)

    Be sure to visit her quick because she has been known to spank for lateness! :-)

    Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

    Domination Theater

    FemDom Spanking Store

    As the sun rose over the beautiful green fields of the countryside cottage in South East England where Strict Women shoot their video, Miss Zoe and Miss Natasha rose from their beds eagerly waited upon by their slaves for the weekend and awaited the arrival of Mistress number 3 at the door.  Nerves of the two males wracking as they hoped against hope that the additional victims for the day turned up on time and took their share of the punishment that was to be dished out on any available male backside in the vicinity!  And so the scene was set for my weekend!  I as one of those males at the cottage for the weekend with the beautiful FemDom real life sisters Miss Zoe and Natasha was already serving the ladies at the manor with great attention to detail as I had many a bruise on my backside from both ladies to remind me who it was setting the rules!  And for me, the male submissive dream had come true!  Serving beautiful strict women over an entire weekend!  And the day was only going to get better!

    Those of you who remember reading the magazines like Vixen and Mistress all those years ago and remember the similar stories of guys who got to serve ladies like this over an entire weekend but for the rest of you, well…let me just say I was one of the luckiest guys alive 🙂  And I cant begin to tell you how much fun the weekend was 🙂  But soon you will see some of the video that has come out of the weekend for Strict Mistress Zoe on the Saturday and then Strict Women for the Sunday!  And as I always like to do, here is my exclusive fan sign for the FemDom Spanking Blog 🙂


    From the left the beautiful brunette Goddess in the white needs no introduction, that is none other than the beautiful Miss Zoe 🙂  In the middle you see Miss Zoe’s real life Sister Miss Natasha complete with her new haircut and on the right you see the new leaner meaner Miss Shay who has already starred with Miss Zoe in the site at!  The guy of course is none other than Mike serving the ladies by holding up the note for this blog 🙂  SO after putting several new movies in the bag for Miss Zoe’s own site on the Saturday, Miss Zoe turned to supervising the camera crew, thick pink leather paddle in hand for Sunday’s shoot for Strict Women with Miss Shay!  And let me tell you, Miss Shay really shone out as she took her time disciplining every male in sight, one by one!  And there was still Miss Zoe and Miss Natasha in the background keeping order amongst the others during the day!

    Just on a side note, what I found quite interesting was just how much Miss Natasha had begun to feel her authority in the scheme of things since the previous shoot.  In fact, Miss Natasha seemed to hold a definite competative presence in the room with Miss Zoe during each movie this weekend and few ever manage to do that in my experience or at least not without raising their usual game up a gear or two…especially where Miss Zoe follows her own usual routine and demenour rather than that of the other Mistress’s.

    So keep your eyes peeled on this blog for the new movies as they become available!  And keep your eyes on this blog too to see how Miss Natasha develops over the next year because if the latest shoot with the two strict Sisters is anything to go by then 2010 is going to be an incredibly interesting year!  And Miss Shay?  Well…what can I say?  Well let me just say you can see just how drop dead gorgeous she is so if I were to tell you that there is a strict lady who spanks guys like you and me simmering beneath that shell which you will soon be able to see in action at Strict Women then that should probably suffice!

    See you all here again soon!  So many disobedient males for the girls to spank and we hope to show you and tell you about many of those experiences real soon 🙂

    Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

    Strict Mistress Zoe