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Sorry for my quietness everybody 🙂  Its been a hell of a week.  I spent most of yesterday clearing out the things I had stored in my loft area of my home and pulling up the boards up there ready for Wednesday when the guys come round to lay more insulation and new loft space boarding!  Plus Ive got myself a brand spanking new IMac!  Woo! A quad core one!  And the transition between the pc and this new computer is kind of hard going!  Its lovely…has a back lit 27 inch monitor and everything and is quiet as you can imagine but nothing seems to be easily read between the two systems 🙁   Anyway…enough of my moaning, and on to the purpose of this blog post! 🙂

From Duck houses, cleaning of moats, interest claims on non existent mortgages right through to claims for light bulbs, horse manure and a simple 10p pen we have all seen just how corrupt those that would tell US how to live OUR lives can really be!  So what can be done about people who see themselves as an example to us all and yet behave like benefit cheats and thieves?  Well the guys at Red Badger have created this movie for Strict Women with the solution as demonstrated by one of the strictest ladies in the UK from the Czech Republic, none other than Miss Heelena!

So lets set the scene for you 🙂  It is some time in 2010 and the UK’s general election campaign is hotting up along with the endless list of news items in respect of corrupt politicians claiming their expenses out of the pockets of the rest of us!  Mike plays the part of a canvasser who knocks on Miss Heelena’s door canvassing on behalf of the ‘Red Party’.  Those of you in the UK will no doubt know who they are, as do they but for the rest of you lets just say they are currently back now in the year 2009 in government!  So what is a strict Woman to do with such a person?  Well quickly Mike is amazed to find himself invited in to ‘have a little chat’ but the chat that Miss Heelena has in mind is not like that which Mike had in mind!  And soon Mike’s trousers and pants are around his ankles and he is bent over Miss Heelena’s knee for some sound FemDom style discipline!

This is an interesting little concept for a FemDom spanking movie and it will particularly be of interest to those of us in the UK who hate being lectured to by people who think their morals are higher than ours!  🙂  About the only people who will not appreciate at the least, its context in the UK will probably be the politicians themselves but then they deserve it anyway!  And I don’t frankly have any sympathy!

Anyway, I have a video preview 🙂

Oh if only this happened for real! 🙂

Anyway you can see more of this great movie now exclusively at Strict Women so be sure to get over there and check it out along with the many thousands of other clips :-)

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

Just when you think you have seen it all, Miss Zoe comes along and shows you that there is yet another facet to that dominant personality of hers and yet another way in which she can humiliate a male to depths that he thought he would never go!

In the first update to Domme Bo Peep at Strict Mistress Zoe, Miss Zoe as we saw, worked on getting her new victim, Farmer Dave to admit to sheep rustling and all sorts of other unmentionable pursuits to make the long winter evenings pass by quickly!  That shed at the bottom of his field that funny ‘sheep’ noises come out of which nobody else is allowed to go into being the central theme of his interogation!  Make no mistakes, as we saw in her movie ‘Counter Espienage’, Miss Zoe knows full well how to get the truth out of a man!  And the real punishment does not even start until she has so as horrific as the consequences might seem at the time, you are far better off admitting to what you have done and avoid the pre spanking interogation and all the humiliating experiences Miss Zoe will make you go through in that time!

There is a really great part in today’s update where the poor farmer admits to being thirsty!  Normally this would be an invitation to water boarding!  Or something close to it (!!!) as Miss Zoe pulls your head back and spits water from her mouth to yours but this time Miss Zoe had another favorite passtime in mind and that was to put Daves head down the toilet and duck him like he might have been in his youth in some private school had he gone to one!  Well…he may have had this happen to him if he had gone to Miss Zoe’s school thats for sure!  Though she did confess to us before this that the only reason she never actually did duck somebody at school was that she didnt have the upper body strength to lift them by their feet and dangle them over the toilet!  LOL.

Anyway, here is a preview sample from Miss Zoe’s site update for this week!  Truly Awesome!  Just when you think she has reached a peak, she raises that bar one notch higher and clears it!

Anyway you can see more from this update now exclusively at Strict Mistress Zoe!  Dont delay, there is just SO much there for you all to see 🙂  And dont forget, Miss Zoe also has many videos available for purchase as DVD’s and digital downloads at her store in FemDom Spanking and streaming at her theater at Domination 🙂

Strict Mistress Zoe

Well this is a scenario from Strict Women that has been done before I admit it but few I believe have done this as well as Miss Amy and Natasha have done in this latest update at Strict Women!  Miss Natasha and Mike her husband are having marital difficulties, which is to say Mike is being his usual arrogant sexist self and ‘for the sake of the children’ as Mike puts it, they have decided to visit Miss Amy for counselling on how to fix the difficulties they are having with their relationship.  But Mike is in for a shock as he discovers that Miss Amy’s solution to arrogant husbands is to give them a regular bare bottom spanking!

And so the stage is set!  And we watch Miss Zoe’s lovely sister truly start to show some of that personality inside that makes this lady so difficult to describe yet so potent in her domineering presence 🙂  Actually her style truly comes to life when she appears with Miss Amy probably more than it does with Miss Zoe because their dominant styles are actually quite similar in that they both love to humiliate the boys they spank and enjoy doing so!  And Miss Amy…well…what can you say?  Well whatever you say doesn’t really sum her up as words never really do 🙂  But she is like a template for perfection in many ways, incredibly polished and purely sophisticated and confident in her authority 🙂  It is always a pleasure to watch Miss Amy in action! 🙂

By the way, Miss Amy is not very well at the moment having hurt her foot in an accident so be sure to send her your best wishes for a speedy recovery from her injured ankle as we do here at the FemDom Spanking Blog.  You can find Miss Amy at her blog at Chronicles of Correction 🙂

Meanwhile, here is a short video preview for the new video now showing at Strict Women featuring the two beautiful girls 🙂

Yes its quite a short preview from Miss Natasha but you will see more from her as time goes on 🙂  Miss Amy as you can see shines through perfectly as always 🙂

You can see this latest update with the two Domme’s now by the way exclusively at Strict Women so be sure to get over there and check it out along with the many thousands of other clips 🙂  I believe they now have around a hundred different Mistress’s at the site you know?  Incredible really but that’s what you can expect from a site that has been going for a good 10 years now!  🙂

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

Wow, another weekend has ended and one of those that I love because I got to meet up and get my butt spanked by none other than the beautiful Miss Dublin O’Brien of Spanking The Cheeky Girls, Northern Spanking and others!  Though Miss Dublin has been in other spanking sites her first love is actually dominating and spanking guys!  And it really shows!  It was one of the most fun weekends Ive had in a long time and I can just imagine what her parties would be like!  Oh that’s right, Miss Dublin runs lots of parties at very regular intervals which you can also go to but bear in mind that its first come first served I believe and that you need to get your place booked quickly! 😉

Anyway, Miss Dublin clearly enjoyed every second of a scenario where dressed as a schoolgirl she got to paddle the head master!  With comments through the movie about wanting to be put into detention more often so she can spank the head master she really did rub his nose in it!  And then in another movie, a sequal to the first because that one was so good, She stormed into a disciplinary hearing between the head master and one of the teachers (as obviously it is HER that deals with discipline now as newly promoted head prefect NOT the headmaster!!!) and paddled the two of them not to mention caning the two of them also!

I wont tell you any more than that but I  think you will all love these videos when the come!  And just to top the post off I have a nice little fan sign as promised for you all 🙂  Here she is with Alexis as the strict manageress putting a shop lifter in his place!


Be sure to keep your eyes on Strict Women to see Miss Dublin coming real soon! 🙂

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

Hello and welcome to Friday everybody!  Phew, end of the week is here and we are ready and set for the weekend!  WOO! 🙂  Thank God its Friday! 🙂  And I wish you all a very happy one 🙂  Me?  Well Im off to a shoot this weekend and looking forward to seeing somebody that I have not seen since the same day I first met Miss Chloe of all people!  This lady having been in that same shoot!  So I am looking forward to that 🙂  And she is a new Mistress or will be to the pages within Strict Women!  So I look forward to showing you all some more fan-signs when i get home 🙂

But for now I have been over to take a look at Miss Zoe’s site and its really great to see her there today with her sister, Miss Natasha in tow giving Dave a hiding he will remember for a long time! 🙂

This latest update really showed Miss Natasha at her very best and was great at illuminating the first signs that we all see of this lady’s personality and how it interacts with Miss Zoe’s!  Miss Natasha had already told Miss Zoe about how she had seen Dave spanking Amy Hunter on the Spanking Bare Butts site and as a friend of Miss Zoe’s, Miss Zoe was less than impressed at this and threatened that if she EVER discovered that he had put a woman over his knee again that she would cut off his testicles and put them in her collection!  Now this with a lot of Women out there most would just dismiss as never going to happen but I can tell you that with Miss Zoe, when she says something like that to you, you DO believe she really means it!  And whats more to the point, is that you would have no confidence that she would stop herself in time?  That is a real intimidating thing with Miss Zoe.  In reality she never would but your lack of confidence in that makes you unwilling to risk it in any way? 🙂

Anyway, smiling throughout Dave’s scolding Miss Natasha delivers stinging spank after spank to David’s bare bottom with a real smug look on her face but as Miss Zoe seems to be calming down and Dave begins to draw breath, a real cheeky and bitchy smile appears on Miss Natasha’s face as she looks up to big sister Zoe and tells her that he had just looked up her skirt!  As it happens he has not done so but would you ever call Miss Natasha a liar?  And in front of her protective sister?  That is the question! 🙂  There is REAL and PRESENT danger in the room here and Dave is feeling the full tension of it and even here in this blog as we watch after, some of that tension seeps out 🙂

This is the very essence I think of Miss Natasha that makes her so sexy as she is.  It is that ability to manipulate her sisters protective family DNA streak to get the guys in trouble and the pleasure that she gets from watching their fear and pain as she does so!

SO…in this video preview from the latest update to, Miss Natasha has just sneakily indicated to her sister Miss Zoe that Dave has looked up her skirt whilst he was kissing her shoes to thank her for punishing him and so this preview begins… 🙂

Now you see that, just take a look at Miss Natasha’s face as she watches Miss Zoe scold her servant Dave here! 🙂

Pure gold 🙂  This is the Miss Natasha that you are going to be able to witness and get to know over at Miss Zoe’s site.  We already know Miss Zoe of course but the interaction between these two sisters is truly priceless 🙂  And even this does not really show Miss Natasha to her full extent!   She does not say a word in this preview and yet knowing what is going on, she could be speaking a thousand?  She is there in so many ways and yet she sits completely on the sidelines as if she is nothing to do with it? 🙂

So be sure to go visit Miss Zoe’s site now to see this latest video which is exclusive to that site 🙂 And I will see you all here hopefully on Sunday after Saturdays shoot to let you know how everything has gone 🙂  But meanwhile, seriously…dont forget to get over to Miss Zoe’s site because this is one of those updates that marks one of the decisive turning points at the site I think 🙂  You get to the beginings of a true classic relationship and its really exciting now to think of how Miss Zoe’s site is going to develop into the future! 🙂

Strict Mistress Zoe

It is always nice to see a lady who is usually on the receiving end of the cane and paddle turn the tables and finally get a go at disciplining the guys and so it was really great to see Miss Leia as she has become, take her rightful place up in the ranks of the Mistress’s at Strict Women!

In this video, Leia deals with her step father who she feels is getting too big for his boots! He apparently seems to think that he can boss Miss Leia around!  And boy is he in for a shock when he finds his trousers and shorts pulled down to his ankles and over her knee for some much needed discipline himself!

Now ok it is not the hardest spanking in the world.  That has been left to the likes of Miss Cassie, Miss Zoe and others but what you do get from Miss Leia, and I mean this in the nicest sense, is quite a potent sense that there is a smug satisfaction that she knows she is now on top and revels in the fact as she makes the guys grovel!  You see the spanking doesnt have to be hard, the mere fact that she has blackmailed them into submitting into bending over her knee with their pants round their ankles is a hard punishment all on its own and the spanking merely underlines that fact that it is now HER that is in charge and not them!

And i have a video preview so you can see this lady in her new found role and see what I mean 🙂

Funny really, each and every spank there is delivered with real precision which is atypical for people who are regularly in spanking movies 🙂  Yet I dont think ive seen others hold their arms behind their backs when spanking a guy before?  Or at least not in Fm spanking? A real individuality there 🙂

Anyway, you can see more from this movie now exclusively at Strict! 🙂  Dont keep Miss Leia waiting guys! 🙂

Sorry i havent been able to write more but im still getting things ready for the weekend where im off to do another shoot!  YAY! 🙂  Will let you all know how it goes probably on Sunday 🙂

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

As always, I like to be the first to announce things and to that end I wanted to give you all the heads up on several really great new movies that have just been released on DVD and digital Download at the FemDom Spanking Store and as streaming video offerings at Domination Theater and Fetish Video Theater 🙂  All of these videos are from Red Badger FemDom Spanking Productions who are the proud video producers in the UK for Strict Women and who brought us names like Miss Zoe, Miss Chloe and many others 🙂

And today Miss Zoe is the first to release one of her video’s along with her sexy Goddess sister, Miss Natasha who also releases her first FemDom spanking offering!  I outline below the new videos 🙂

Miss Zoe:  Stupid Student


Miss Zoe has been tutoring this naughty young man for the last year but he has been slacking off considerably over the last few months culminating in his daring to fail an exam which She has tutored him for! In a considerably irritated state, Miss Zoe demands an explanation only for irritation to turn to fury when she discovers that he failed deliberately, thus damaging HER reputation as a tutor in order to ensure he could keep her as his tutor! Quicker than light Miss Zoe rules that he will be severely punished for his manipulating ways and soon the cane is in her hands!


Click Here For DVD or Digital Download at FemDom Spanking Store
Click Here To Watch Streaming Video at Domination Theater
Click Here To Watch Streaming Video at Fetish Video Theater

Miss Natasha:  You Do It When I Say!


Mike was given instructions to clean the house so you can imagine Miss Natasha’s shock as she reads through messages on his mobile phone that he has planned to go out to the pub with Tom! Needless to say, a quick phone call to Toms wife sees Tom getting the same treatment that Mike will now receive! That is a sound spanking over the knees of Miss Natasha on his bare butt!


Click Here For DVD or Digital Download at FemDom Spanking Store
Click Here To Watch Streaming Video at Domination Theater
Click Here To Watch Streaming Video at Fetish Video Theater

Miss Joanne:  Strict Lady In Charge


Miss Joanne has decided to take over at her fathers factory for the day and whip the arrogant male employee’s into shape! Mike is the first and main naughty boy on Miss Joanne’s list for remedial attention and is reduced down to size in no time at all as Miss Joanne’s vice like grip to his face quickly followed by a stinging face slap stuns him into submission! But before he knows what has hit him he is already across Miss Joanne’s knee for some quality lap time!


Click Here For DVD or Digital Download at FemDom Spanking Store
Click Here To Watch Streaming Video at Domination Theater
Click Here To Watch Streaming Video at Fetish Video Theater

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Domination Theater

Forever one of my favorites, Miss Zoe is back today updating Her own site at Strict Mistress Zoe and demonstrates her own method of teaching the ‘stupid student’ who thought that he could simply ‘chill’ on the sofa and spend nights out with his mates at the pub rather than do the homework set by his strict tutor Miss Zoe!  Yes stupid is the best word indeed for him given who we are talking about as his disciplinarian in this case!

Inevitably when a student does not do his homework, he eventually fails his exams and this was the case with Mike despite all the extra tuition that Miss Zoe has put into him!  Well when you answer to a lady like Miss Zoe, and you fail your exams you frankly know what to expect and that is a red stinging backside and that my friends is exactly what Miss Zoe had promised Mike when he took his exams if he did not pass!  And so it should come as no surprise to him or to you that this is what he received! So fast forward now a few minutes and the punishment Mike is to receive has already began!  He has been over Miss Zoe’s knees, he has been bent over a chair and there have been several other variations of a spanking position that Miss Zoe has put Mike into not to mention several spanking implemnts that she has used on him!  And now he lies on his back with Miss Zoe’s high heel cutting into his testicles simply because She can and for no other reason than to heighten his dread and fear of his Mistress in this case!

And I have a quick video sample from today’s update for you all! 🙂

You can see why Mike is called the ‘STUPID’ student cant you?  Despite the fact that he is in as much trouble as he is, he insists on making stupid comments that get him into even MORE trouble!  Miss Zoe would be better off with a performing seal really wouldn’t she? 🙂

Anyway, you can see more of this video now exclusively at!  Be sure to report to Miss Zoe soon!  The last thing you want to do is make her even more angry than she is above! 🙂

Strict Mistress Zoe

Its been a while since Miss Sandie has starred as the main update at the Strict Women site and I have to admit to have been feeling some withdraw symptoms!  There is just something about Miss Sandie that ticks all the boxes in my eyes and when she is armed with that wooden hairbrush it seems to elevate her personality that bit higher where she becomes yet more bitchy and haughty than she was with the  paddles 🙂

In this movie, Mike plays the part of Miss Sandies noisy drunk husband who without his wifes permission has gone out with his friends getting drunk and come home in the middle of the night, no scratch that, the early morning at about 3am (!!!) with his friends not only waking his neighbours but also, and far more seriously for him, waking  Miss Sandie!  He is, as she points out in the video, just lucky that she didnt feel in the mood to get up in the middle of ‘night’ to put him across her knee for a sound bare bottom spanking there and then and in front of his “little friends”.  And they of course will never know how “lucky” if that is the word, that they were to avoid similar treatment over those beautiful knees of this strict Woman!

This is a really great movie and Im hoping we get to see more from this lady because I for one would hate to see her fade away because this is one of the true no nonsence Mistress’s at the site that I think make it stand out 🙂

I have some pics for you all 🙂




There is just that very earthly homely feel about Miss Sandie 🙂  Stunning of course yet earthly and homely at the same time 🙂

Anyway you can see more of this video now exclusively at Strict Women!  Or if you prefer to see the DVD or the full length digital download you can see that now at FemDom Spanking Store or watch the full movie streaming at either Domination Theater or Fetish Video Theater! 🙂

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Well I’m back from a nice quiet weekend in which, although I had no shoots to attend and get my bottom spanked, I managed to take a relaxing break from it all and just chill in the run up towards Christmas!  🙂  It was lovely!  But the break is short lived I suspect because I am going to another shoot on Saturday 21st with another new girl who I originally first met some years ago in a shoot for Spanking Online with Miss Chloe before she came to Strict Women!  That’s another story of course but you will all have to wait and see who this lady is going to be!  She is actually quite well known in the spanking circles but I am not going to let on any more than that at this point except to say that Strict Women today has been updated with another well known face from the world of spanking who joined Strict Women about 18 months ago and has been rocking the world there ever since 🙂

Yes you guessed it, it is Miss Amy and today she is the strict secretary who takes the time to put her manager back in his place and take over the management of the company herself!  In this latest update, Miss Amy is sick of covering for her boss Dave who has today decided to come in to work (late of course) in jeans so the sexy Mistress decides to take him in hand! And what better way to put his company back on track than to place this new strict woman in charge and make all males from boss downwards subject to regular spankings!  Yep, just what the doctor ordered! Or what Miss Amy has ordered anyway which is sort of the same thing!  And so Miss Amy puts the typewriter to one side and takes up a paddle!  One assumes that the typewriters new user will actually be none other than Dave himself now that there is a paddle handed lady in charge at Dodgy Enterprises Corp but who can tell! 🙂

Of course when you have your boss in front of you submitting to a bare bottom spanking I guess it is too tempting to start talking about your holiday entitlement, pay rise and so on isn’t it and that’s just what Miss Amy does!  Yet Dave does not give up!  Miss Amy is going to need some real strength and muscle in that spanking arm to beat him into submission!  So do you think she will get there?  Well you are going to have to go to Strict Women to find out 🙂

In the meantime I have a video preview for you all 🙂

And you can see the rest of the update today along with a really nice gallery of one of Miss Amy’s best friends, Miss Leia Ann Woods now exclusively at Strict Women!  Or if you prefer to get the DVD or full length digital download you can get that from the FemDom Spanking Video Store or watch it streaming at Domination Theater or Fetish Video Theater 🙂

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

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