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Strict Women members are in for a real treat today as Miss Zoe joins forces with Miss Amy in a new movie called The Rude Neighbor!   And this movie, as you might expect when you mix the talents of perhaps the nets strictest Mistress, Miss Zoe with the nets most humiliating and sexy Mistress Miss Amy is a real classic!

This is a movie that just cries out for numerous sequels in just the same way as Miss Amy’s Budget Spanking did and it is one in which Miss Amy truly excels.  Those of you who enjoy listening to the girls humiliate a guy by telling him that they are going to spank his bare bottom will be in heaven in this movie!  For the storyline oozes humiliation throughout!

The movie begins with Miss Zoe treading up the gravel pathway to Miss Amy’s house where she explains to the very shocked Miss Amy that her husband had been rude to her in the street and when Miss Zoe had told him he was being rude, he did not apologise but instead spat on the ground in front of her!  Can you imagine the sort of trouble this guy is in now as Miss Amy calls him down the stairs to confront him about his behaviour in front of their sexy young neighbor Zoe?

There is a fantastic scene at the front door where Miss Amy forces her husband to explain to Miss Zoe about how his wife takes his pants down and spanks his bare bottom for him when he misbehaves and you can see and feel his humiliation as Miss Zoe holds her hand up to her face in disbelief!  But it is not going to stop there because to Miss Amy’s husband the humiliation is about to intensify as their neighbor, the neighbor that he hates so much, is invited in not only to watch his spanking but in fact to join in!

Here is a preview clip!

See what I mean about that humiliation on the doorstep? 🙂  Poor Timothy!  But it is only going to get worse for him as Miss Zoe is given the authority from Miss Amy to spank Timothy IN THE STREET if necessary! Now that will be one great sequel to see! 🙂  Or perhaps the park! 🙂  How much more embarrassing can this get for him? 🙂

It is quite interesting to watch as well as Miss Zoe plays a rather uncharacteristic role as a lady who is new to spanking men and so inquisitive yet quiet and a little unsure of herself!  Something that we all know could not be further from the truth!  But she plays the role excellently and really heightens the guys humiliation as her obvious shock digs his humiliation even further into Timothy’s stomach!  I couldn’t help thinking Miss Zoe was a little uncomfortable with her new role but that discomfort if anything added a great deal to the end product in this movie!  I don’t know whether it was acting or real but it certainly worked out well!

There is also a new star by the way that I should welcome to the FemDom Spanking Blog who you will no doubt see now and then in movies and photos here!  🙂 This is the new Strict Women kitten named Milo at the bottom right of this pic! 🙂


As you can probably imagine, this little critter was demanding full attention from everybody and just would NOT be left out!  But he soon vacated when Miss Zoe would raise her voice and yell at one of the guys!  🙂

Anyway, this is a true classic!  So be sure to get over to Strict Women to take a look at this movie!  You really wont be sorry!  Especially as there are also many other videos from both Miss Zoe AND Miss Amy at Strict Women and Miss Zoe’s movies at Strict Women are not available in Miss Zoe’s own site which also offers far too much to be ignored!  So be sure to visit both today 🙂

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

Its always nice to see a lady loving her work but when Dave’s wife goes out of town on a business trip and leaves Miss Zoe in charge of her husband, that love of her work goes into over drive as this sexy young vixen flexes that cane of hers lovingly with relish!

Of course once Miss Zoe has broken Dave and has him eating out of the palm of her hand and obeying her every whim, she then mentions that she has been told that it is his birthday!  And so now he will receive a ‘nice’ birthday spanking!  And with the cane!  He tells Miss Zoe when questioned that he is 40 today and for some reason, the gullible lady believes him or at least appears to until she gets to the end of giving him 40 spanks with that cane and then deciding she is going to give him more just for the heck of it before she makes him clean the filing cabinet WITH HIS TONGUE! He is going to be at that cleaning all day at this rate of course!

We have a preview clip 🙂

Yes a great camera angle there I think 🙂  Looking up at your Mistress from the floor…which of course is your place if you are male in her presence!

For those of you who love to see those babysitter videos where the strict ladies take charge of you whilst your wife or girlfriend is out of town this is going to be a video you will love!  Miss Zoe uses her body to full effect to enslave poor Dave in this video and really does test his pain tolerance levels at times and yet it is entirely in the domestic theme and not as severe as you might imagine!  But you know Miss Zoe by now, she has more than one way to skin a cat as the saying goes and she is more than capable of testing your tolerance levels to their limits without even laying a finger on you!  This is a lady that understands the psychological as well as the physical!

Anyway, you can see this and many more of Miss Zoe’s videos now exclusively at Her site at Strict Mistress :-) If you prefer to have this video on DVD or as a digital download you can buy the full half hour video it from the FemDom Spanking Store or if you prefer, you can watch the full movie streaming at Domination Theater or Fetish Video Theater :-)

Strict Mistress Zoe

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There have been a batch of new movies released recently on the FemDom Spanking Store and also on the two best FemDom spanking streaming video theaters, Domination Theater and Fetish Video Theater!

Miss Zoe has been particularly active in getting her video’s updated!  She has released 2 of her videos on DVD and they are also on the theaters and available as digital downloads.

I have outlined the new movies below with a short synopsis of what the video is about and I give links as always direct ot the videos for those of you who will find them helpful 🙂

Miss Zoe:  Hard Birthday Spanking



It is Miss Zoe’s birthday and her husband and servant Dave is late giving Her the perl necklace and that pony She has been expecting!  Impatiently summoning him to Her side he presumptuously suggests that he could perhaps give her a ‘nice birthday spanking’ for her birthday!  Miss Zoe is furious having none of it!  But shocked by Her response and coming round to the awful realisation that he has no other gift for her, he digs a hole for himself that is even deeper than it was by trying to give her a sewing kit that is in the office!

Watch as Miss Zoe spanks the life out of this reprobate!  But She does not stop there as she begins to humiliate him by turning him into her sissy slave by using her make up on his face and commanding him to spank himself with his underpants on his head!  You can see how embarassed he is but when he then tries to smack her leg with the paddle it is time for even more hard spanking from his sexy young Mistress!

Click Here For DVD or Digital Download at FemDom Spanking Store
Click Here To Watch Streaming Video at Domination Theater
Click Here To Watch Streaming Video at Fetish Video Theater

Miss Zoe:  Sent To His Room



In this video we once again see the amazing Miss Zoe take total control of her man. He seems to think because the guys at the pub tell him he doesn’t have to obey her, then he doesn’t. Sure thing.

Zoe seems to vehemently disagree with this and lets him know in no uncertain terms whom he should be listeing to!

Click Here For DVD or Digital Download at FemDom Spanking Store
Click Here To Watch Streaming Video at Domination Theater
Click Here To Watch Streaming Video at Fetish Video Theater

Miss Willow:  Young Strict Manageress



Dave is a failing employee. Each and every day that he goes to work he is late. Each and every day that he is given tasks to complete, he fails, because he is late, to complete them. He comes in late and then skives off home early. And though his previous manager allowed him to get away with this, there is a new sheriff in town and her name is Miss Willow! And Miss Willow soon gets to grips with Dave as she asserts her authority as his new boss and puts him across her knee!

Click Here For DVD or Digital Download at FemDom Spanking Store
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Click Here To Watch Streaming Video at Fetish Video Theater

Miss Amy:  Budget Spanking 3 (Miss Amy Spanks Her Father)



The Incomparable Miss Amy

First She Spanked Her Brother (Budget Spanking) Now It’s Her Father’s Turn!

Continuing the ongoing series of Miss Amy and the misbehaving males in her family, (see Budget Spanking for Part 1), having corrected her brother for a large purchase without hers or Mom’s permission, it is not Daddy’s turn. Being a typical naughty boy in trouble, her brother spilled the beans to her on the part Dad had in this whole caper.

So being the fair minded, but strict Woman She is, Miss Amy summons Daddy to ‘discuss’ the situation with him.

As always, this woman totally excels at the domestic disciplinarian role. She is one of the best! Truly.

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Wow, the weekend is over and so is my vacation from work 🙁  But i did manage to get at least MOST of the stuff i had to do done!  So Im pretty pleased with myself!  And as I go over to the Strict Women site today I see the wonderful Miss Amy is back!  Probably one of my all time favorite Mistress’s at the site but not just mine, that of so many others too!

You may recall some time ago that Strict Women published a movie called Budget Spanking where Miss Amy spanked her brother for buying a new HD tv without the permission of his strict sister?  Well this was one of those classic movies that just about everybody seemed to love!  The feedback in the site apparently was relentless with so many people asking for more and so before they had even half published the video that they had made on that day with Miss Amy, they arranged another shoot to make sequal’s to this movie!  And they actually made 3 of them!  The first sequal had Mike being spanked for disobeying his sisters command to return that tv but during this spanking he blames everything on his father and says that his father when he told him he was going to return the tv just before that cup match simply said ‘stuff her’ in response to the  fact that it was an order from a lady that spanks the pair of them on a regular basis!

And so from part 2 comes part 3 and it is part 3 from which the video comes today!  OK it is a little out of sync because part 2 has not yet been published (or even the whole of part 1) but Miss Amy is just SO awesome in it that you frankly wont notice!

Anyway, i have a video preview to show you all 🙂 Cos video can paint a thousand words 🙂

Yes quite a lot of today’s update is actually over the knee hand spanking which always makes me happy!  🙂  I dont think anything really beats otk hand spanking personally, its the most humiliating spanking you can have and if it is done properly it can be every bit as painful as a paddle spanking!  With some ladies, when they put you across their knee to administer a hand spanking it doesnt really hurt but that is certainly not the case with Miss Amy!  You can see full well that those spanks she is giving Dave above are heavy!  And you can bet they are hurting!  OK he may not show it to the same extent that many would because he is fairly used to being over different girls knees and getting fairly harsh punishments but that doesnt mean she is not spanking him hard or that she isnt getting through to him believe you me!  That spanking definitely DOES hurt! And in fact, I would have to say that an otk hand spanking from Miss Amy hurts more than a caning from Miss Kaylie!  Though Miss Kaylie can certainly put you through the mill when she has a hairbrush in her hand!  🙂

Anyway, you can see more from this movie now exclusively at Strict Women!  Or if you wish you can get your paws on the DVD or full length digital download then you can get this from the FemDom Spanking Store or watch the movie streaming at or Domination Theater or at Fetish Video Theater :-)

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I have just been over to the Miss Zoe site and Im still laughing even now as I write this down here at my blog 🙂  Today’s update at Miss Zoe’s site Strict Mistress Zoe is perhaps one of the most unique and original movies I have seen anywhere in a very long time!  It is basically a case of a thief getting his comeuppance but with several huge variations that make it totally different!  Because it also gives a take on the Little Bo Peep fairy tale added in for good measure.  Except that the outfit that Miss Zoe is wearing turns Little Bo Peep into Naughty Bo Peep! And the whole thing comes together exceptionally well and trust me, you are SURE to be entertained by this one! 🙂

The storyline is that Domme Bo Peep has been losing her sheep and rather than being the lost soul that has no clue what to do, which Miss Zoe could never be, she immediately goes looking for them!  But those sheep have not been lost, they have actually been taken by cattle rustler and farmer Dave!  This might have been better with the sort of Farmer Palmer ‘Get orf moy laaaannnnd’ accent that Mike has but that would just be too easy wouldn’t it?  And in any event Dave plays this role so exceptionally well and in a way that Mike probably would not have.  But it may be an interesting sequal to come perhaps? What do you all think? 🙂

Anyway, Domme Bo Peep goes to visit the local farmer and cattle rustler Dave to demand to know where her sheep are and he of course denies knowing anything!  But under high pressure and a mixture of face slapping, spanking and face sitting as well as total overpowering domination from Miss Zoe he is tricked into admitting his dastardly deeds and its all downhill from there as far as he is concerned!

Its kind of hard to put all this into words really so i think its probably best to just show you a preview video! 🙂

I shouldn’t have to tell you where all of this is going but its highly embarrassing for Farmer Dave as his grubby secrets about that shed at the bottom of his field that nobody else is allowed near and “funny sheep noises” are heard from come out!  🙂  All I will say is that in actual fact this was only supposed to be a hint and Miss Zoe picked the ball up and went all the way with it!

Anyway, this is definitely one of the videos that will be remembered as one of Miss Zoe’s classics I think!  So be sure to go join her in Strict Mistress Zoe to check this one out!  There is so much good stuff in there and so much to come that I dont think you will find anything comparable elsewhere to be honest. This is not just a single model site, this is one that is so filled with Miss Zoe’s personality that it is unreal 🙂   So be sure to go visit her soon 🙂

Strict Mistress Zoe

Phew, its Thursday and my week on vacation from work has gone SO fast!  Ive been working most of it mind you!  I have been doing a webmaster project putting together a new tour and new look website for Spanking Bare Butts!  I cant even BEGIN to tell you how damned relieved I am to get it out of my head!  This has been on my mind for literally months!  But now it is done and I think it looks pretty damned good even if I DO say so myself! 🙂

Anyway, now that this job is done I can move back onto my main project which is THIS BLOG!!! :-))  My first love! 🙂  And to that end I wanted to tell you about whats been going on over at Strict Women!  Because today Miss Kaz is back and she is hotter than hell! Or is it heaven?  Or both? 🙂  Well anyway, she is hot!  She is in bikini and she has been lying on the bed complaining to Dave about a colleague at work that she is coming close to giving a spanking!  But she wants to practice this first so she manages to persuade Dave in a moment of fatigue I presume on his part that she should practice on him!  And so before he knows it he is bent over her knee getting a wooden hairbrush spanking!  One wonders as the subject quickly moves from this colleague to his own behaviour whether it was ever about Dave in the first place but I guess she could have just put him over her knee anyway if it were not!  🙂  Who needs the mans permission to do that when you are a Goddess after all right? 🙂

Anyway, I have a video preview! 🙂

Yes how ungrateful can she be that she forgets that cup of tea that her new age husband made her not even 24 hours ago!  🙂

A really great video from a really sexy lady! 🙂  Well worth seeing I think 🙂

And you can see this movie now exclusively at Strict Women!  Or if you wish you can own the DVD or full length digital download then you can get this from the FemDom Spanking Store or watch the movie streaming at or Domination Theater or at Fetish Video Theater :-)

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You know I always enjoy introducing you to friends in this blog and so its really nice to be able to welcome Miss Willow back to my blog here 🙂   I remember the day on which this video was shot!  It was a very busy day as I recall, Miss Rebekah was down to shoot with Strict Women and Miss Willow was making some video for Spanking Bare Butts later in the day but as she was there it was great to have her film for Strict Women also 🙂  And at the end of the day I had the pleasure of her company back home as I was giving her a lift in my car to a house in my home town where she was doing her next shoot the next evening!  Yes that is what it is like for spanking models!  Every day they are going around the county meeting new people and either paddling the guys or getting paddled themselves I guess!  Though I believe on this occasion in my home town she was supposed to be doing some bondage video.

ANYWAY, it was one of the fastest drives home that I can remember!  The time just flew by having her in the car chatting about this that and everything! 🙂  And now as I introduce this update to the Strict Women site here on my blog I reflect on the chat we had 🙂  That chat of course is confidential I’m afraid!  LOL…yeah well, if it were not the case then I wouldn’t get to know half of what I learn if I didn’t honour confidences that are made would I!  But we had such a great chat that night and she cracked some great jokes in the car! 🙂

Anyway, back to the video!  Remember that?  The purpose of this blog being women spanking men right? 🙂  Well Miss Willow plays a strict new manageress in this video in which Dave, a failing employee, is sent to her after continuously arriving late for work each day!  Each and every day that he is given tasks, his lateness results in a failure to complete them!  He comes in late and then skives off home early.  But of course his previous manager was a man!  And that man used to let him get away with all of this!  But Miss Willow is a firm believer in corporal punishment for males and as she strives to get to grips with Dave, she stamps down her authority on the workplace and makes an example of the employee who thinks he can do whatever he likes and that he doesn’t have to answer to a woman!

And as usual we have some video! 🙂

Ahhhh….its great to hear the strict Scottish voice coming out there 🙂  I wonder when she will get her Scottish tawse out! 🙂

Anyway, you can see this video now exclusively at!  Dont delay!  Visit today 😉  Because you dont want to end up reporting to Miss Willow above for a taste of that hairbrush!  Or perhaps you do! 🙂  But trust me, you wont enjoy it!

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

It hardly seems like it but it is exactly 1 year ago today since Miss Zoe and her stable of slaves opened the Strict Mistress Zoe site and introduced us to her new blend of harsh FemDom spanking without compromise!

Miss Zoe has asked me to pass on her sincere thanks to you all for your continued support and well wishing.  Remember, you too can be put across her knees if you wish as she sets time aside 4 times a year during shoots to spank all of you out there who want to book a session with her!  And Miss Natasha now does likewise.  Session hunters can arrange their sessions through the Strict Mistress Zoe site.

For my part however I just want to wish the site a very happy birthday!  And I look forward to many more years from the web’s strictest sisters to come 🙂

Strict Mistress Zoe

Wow, just been over to visit the lovely Miss Zoe at her site Strict Mistress Zoe and it was really great to see that she has brought back her friend Miss Shay for this week! Miss Shay was the first friend of Miss Zoe as you may recall to join her at the site and since then several others have joined her in movies still to come which I have been telling you all about!

But today was also very important in that Miss Zoe announced the introduction of her sister Miss Natasha and the fact that she will soon be joining Miss Zoe in her home at As Miss Zoe puts it in the site!

The Strict Mistress Zoe site will be one year old on Monday 14th September and in that time We (My team and I) feel we have come such a very long way! We have done several 2 Mistress shoots with Myself and several of my friends such as Miss Shay who I have commanded my web slave to update with today (11 Sep) and Miss Joanne who will be published here in an incredibly hot movie still to come! I am looking forward to introducing you to more of My friends as we move into year two such as Miss Rebekah and others!

But here in MY world, I and any slaves who serves Me strive for excellence beyond that of others! And we have given considerable thought as to how we can expand My home here at Strict Mistress Zoe to become even better as we draw a close over 2009 and move into 2010.

Many will not know this but I am part of a family of strict ladies and over the years I have benefited much with help with keeping My slaves firmly in their place (on their knees or over Mine!) from my dear Sister Natasha. And Natasha (who by the way you will ALWAYS address as MISS Natasha, is that CLEAR???) will be joining Me in this site as a regular face! My home here will now become Miss Natasha’s home also and we will work to keep you all in line together!

So if you have ever fantasized about being spanked by two beautiful strict sisters, be sure to keep your eyes on this site through the coming year and enjoy the interaction between two of the UK’s strictest sisters! We hope to introduce Miss Natasha here real Soon but shipping, editing and other quality control requirements sometimes take some time so please bear with us. But I promise you, it will be worth the wait!

My Slaves and I will endeavour to keep you all informed 🙂

Miss Zoe. x

So the stage is now set guys and it is all official!  And by the way you heard about it HERE first!  Don’t forget that! 🙂

There is a really great pic too of Miss Zoe and Miss Natasha sharing one of Miss Zoe’s slaves as Miss Zoe explains that from now on, all her slaves will serve and obey Miss Natasha also!


You have to admit, Miss Natasha looks real hot there!  Her hair there slightly out of place from the exertion of spanking the naughty boys backside for him already, you can see she is smouldering below there!

Anyway more on that later!  But seeing the pic above I hope you can see why I’m so excited about the future of this site now!  You just have to see the two of them together to understand it!  The way in which it is so obvious that Miss Natasha really enjoys getting the boys into trouble with her big sister there for which they suffer dearly and then taking such pride with a grin from ear to ear when Miss Zoe hands her the paddle and to humiliate the guy yet more Miss Natasha is asked to discipline him also!  Half the time he has not even done what Miss Natasha has said he has done but in Miss Zoe’s eyes, her sister can do no wrong and she ALWAYS believes Miss Natasha over any and all males!  Or females for that matter!  You just don’t stand a chance!  And the intoxicating way that you can feel the inner resentment and pain of the guy that is getting spanked just holds so much promise in my view!

Anyway, back to todays update on the Strict Mistress Zoe site because Dave is back in trouble again after he has been caught cheating on his wife, Miss Zoe, with his girlfriend Miss Shay!  And now he finds himself over both girls knees for a sound butt blistering!

And I have a sample movie preview! 🙂

Yes and Miss Zoe when she makes a threat to pull your hair out is not a girl you should take threats lightly from!

You can see more from this movie and others now exclusively at!  And be sure to keep an eye on many more to come!  The future sure looks bright for Miss Zoe’s site!

Strict Mistress Zoe

Sorry this is a bit late and a little short in length guys but Ive hurt my wrist and its painful to write im afraid 🙁  So bear with me if you will…

Anyway, its been a couple of months now since we have seen the lovely Miss Rebekka but today at Strict Women she is back and she is back with avengence armed with her traditional Scottish tawse and ready to put any guy who steps out of line firmly across her knee!

In today’s update, Mike has been caught by his Mistress, Miss Rebekka arranging a stripper! Not only that but he then insults his Mistress on the phone to his friend Daniel and then argues with her as she disciplines him! Clearly he needs a lesson in respect and Miss Rebekka is just the woman to teach it to him!  And give it to him she does!  Big time!

And I have a preview clip! 🙂

Yep, as you see, vertical spanking with the tip of the paddle biting into the soft skin of his upper thigh!  Ouch! But as always he deserves it just as Miss Rebekka points out! 🙂  And whether he deserves it or not of course he is going to get it!  That of course is HER decision as his disciplinarian and as a woman not his! 🙂

Well with my wrist playing up im going to sign off here for now.  Hopefully it will be better tomorrow but either way, I will be here to post my update as usual for Friday with news on whats happening at the Miss Zoe site so keep your eyes peeled for that 🙂

You can see more of this video from Miss Rebekka now at Strict Women where her video is exclusively published! :-)

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys