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Every month or two I get an email from Clare Fonda to give out some new free hosted galleries for Clare Spanks Men so I thought I would show you these from the Fm spanking gallery that is contained there 🙂  This one comes from a real cute lady called Miss Lana! 🙂  And she hot as hell…a really gorgeous figure I have to say 🙂  And the guy who calls himself ‘Ace’ is clearly feeling the heat in more than one way here judging from the sweat on his forehead but with a name like ‘Ace’ he obviously deserves the stinging spanks that are coming from Miss Lana’s hand and hairbrush! 🙂

Anyway here are a few of the pics from this update 🙂



My favorite of the three 🙂  Miss Lana is clearly getting down to business and asserting here authority here over ‘Ace’ 🙂  I think we all know who is going to be Queen of the pride after this little lesson over her knee 🙂


You can se the full femdom spanking gallery here :-) And be sure to visit Clare Spanks Men after you have seen it :-) Its really a great site :-) And remember also that Clare Fonda has her own streaming theater now at Domination Theater also!

One of the things that I like about Strict Women is that they always try to bring out the true dominant personality in all of the Ladies that they film with. Some are harsh, some are sensual, some are strict, some let things pass but then burst and reach straight away for the cane.  They are all different and all of their videos are different.  But with Miss Kaz or Princess Kaz as she sometimes commands the guys to address her as, she has a sensual and incredibly sexy nature that she uses to great effect to humiliate whoever the guy is that she has put over her knee.  There is just something so incredibly sexy about Miss Kaz that you can not quite put into words but which Miss Kaz demonstrates frequently in every one of her videos 🙂  And when you add that to her obvious stunning body you have an intoxicating mix that few guys could resist!

And this movie is quite an interesting one which is also very illustrative of my point above 🙂  In this video entitled A Spanking In Time Saves 9, Miss Kaz is the manageress at a new business in which Zac works for her as a sales rep.  He however has lost £100,000 somehow and Miss Kaz summons him to explain himself.  Commanded to stand to attention before his Goddess, Miss Kaz decides that she does not like his attitude so she is going to make an example of him to the rest of the staff that work for her.  But she is not satisfied with the rumours from the sound of crisp spanks coming from her office to be heard by the office girls giggling outside knowing what is going on, she wants to put fear into the guys also and she decides that the best way to do this is through a new company training video about what happens when you disobey or disappoint Miss Kaz!

So as you can imagine, the stage is already set!  And Miss Kaz gets down to work putting her naughty employee Zac right back in his place and that is over her knee!

Of course the spanking from Miss Kaz in this video is not necessarily going to be hard, and in fact though Zac struggles a little, he takes it fairly  well, but the embarrassment that he will suffer will last for years to come with every new employee seeing this video and then frequent viewings in refresher training days for everybody on the site!  Zac’s suffering in this way as the Zenobites in Hell Raiser put it, will be legendary even in hell!  🙂  And as the Queen of sensual spanking and humiliation Miss Kaz knows this full well!  Of course she does!  THAT my friends is EXACTLY why she is doing it!

Here is a preview video sample from todays update 🙂

So….any guesses what Zac’s new nick name is going to be in Miss Kaz’s workplace? 🙂  Yes, Miss Kaz knows exactly what is going to happen here, like I say, that is exactly WHY she is doing this! The spanking may not be severe but the punishment sure is!

Anyway, you can see the full update now at Strict Women so be sure to see them there now!

By the way, the DVD along with the digital download for this full length movie is also available at the Femdom Spanking Store or if you wish to simply view it without any clips being left on your pc or evidence of DVD’s around the house then you can have it stream for you to your computer from the net at Domination Theater and Fetish Video Theater which are both dedicated FemDom and spanking (and in particular FemDom spanking) helix streaming video theaters 🙂

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

FemDom Spanking Store

Domination Theater

Just got wind of some news from the guys at Domination Theater and Fetish Video Theater that Miss Cassie AKA Miss Hunter or The Hunteress has just opened her own streaming video theater at those sites! This will be of particular interest to those of you who do not want to wait to download video before watching it or who would prefer to view her video before purchasing it at Clips 4 Sale type stores.   It will also enable you to hide the fact that you have been watching Miss Cassie (and another beauty called Miss Chi) disciplining the unruly males out there by giving them a humiliating bare butt spanking and the sort of caning that would put many in fear!

This is Miss Cassie below by the way 🙂


Miss Cassie is well known across the world as one of the strictest harder spanking ladies around and one thing is for sure, you are ALWAYS guaranteed an entertaining time if you watch Her video’s!

We have a preview of some of Her video’s now online for you to view at her new theaters!  See below 🙂

Every one of those videos you see above is available at both Domination Theater AND Fetish Video Theater by the way as full video’s for you to watch! 🙂

Dont forget as well that Miss Cassie can be found on her own website at The Hunteress!  Please do not waste your time writing to her at the Cassie Canes site as they will probably not pass the email on!  She isnt shooting for the owners of that site any longer and it will probably die a death before long.  Anyway, having been over Her knee myself I can personally vouch for the fact that She will leave you sitting gingerly for several days after even if you are a well seasoned spankee!  And She is great with newbies too so for those of you who DO wish to organise sessions with Her you certainly would not be disappointed 🙂

Anyway, aside from that be sure to get your butt over to Miss Cassie’s theaters now and see the new and very intriguing video that She is offering there 🙂

Domination Theater

Friday is here, thank Crunchie and we look to the weekend backed up with yet another awesome update from the beautiful Miss Zoe!  So what does our Goddess have to offer us all at Her site this week? Well she has updated with yet another brand new movie entitled this time, ‘Sent To His Room’ which begins with her husband Lorne walking in the room to face a very fed up and irritated Miss Zoe sat on her favorite chair tapping her fingers and her foot at the knowledge that she sent him to bed and he has gotten up, sneaked out and gone to play snooker despite her having forbade this!

Now disobedience is never a good idea at the best of times when dealing with a strict woman…ANY strict Woman, but when that woman is Miss Zoe AND She is already punishing you for something by sending you to your room it is just complete madness to disobey Her AGAIN by doing the complete opposite of that which She has commanded!  Add to that point that Miss Zoe is also one of the most harsh Mistress’s that we have seen and you start to see why Lorne is looking kind of intimidated at this point!

So you might think that Lorne might try and placate his Mistress here?  Try to apologise, bring her flowers or chocolates and try to calm her down?  That might be the sensible or at least understandable thing to do here right?  But does he do that?  No!  No what he does is to tell her that his friends have told him to stand up to her! Like Miss Zoe really cares about what his friends think or say?  Is it his friends that own him?  No!  Is it his friends who tan his backside for him if he does not do as he is told?  NO!  It is Miss Zoe!  And yet this just does not seem to have sank into his brain for some reason!

Miss Zoe demonstrates in this movie just how to deal with those moments of male rebellion where the guy does not do as he is told or submit to the will of a dominant woman in the beginning that demonstrate just why it is that you rarely see even Mike giving her back chat or arguing about whether he should be punished or not!  Lorne is new to the Strict Mistess Zoe stable and the other guys know their place already!  LOL 🙂

Here is a short preview of Miss Zoe here simply being Miss Zoe!  No spanking, just control and humiliation 🙂

Chuckle, you have to love that look on Miss Zoe’s face when Lorne announces that he is not going to put up being treated like She treats him anymore!  LOL.  And as you can see, it does not take Miss Zoe long to reduce Lorne down to size!  One of the very first things  that Miss Zoe did when he gave her backchat was to pull his trousers down so that he knew he was going to get a good spanking!  That always disorientates a guy, especially after a good swift slap to the face!

As I say, you don’t see the spanking in this preview clip, it is just Miss Zoe being Miss Zoe but fear not, the spanking DOES take place and IS in the update at Her site today!  As well as face slapping, humiliation and condescending 🙂 And of course you can see so much more of Miss Zoe at her site also!  I always look forward to seeing the updates at Miss Zoe’s site on Fridays 🙂  There is always something new there that lifts the day somewhat as she lifts the bar further 🙂

Anyway, be sure to visit Miss Zoe’s site now!  And remember, Miss Zoe also has her DVD’s and digital down-loadable full movies on sale at FemDom Spanking Store or if you prefer not to hold them in your house or on your pc for whatever reason, you can watch them streaming at the Domination Theater or Fetish Video Theater 🙂

Strict Mistress Zoe

Well Thursday is round with us all again and wow what a week!  Luckily my ear infection seems to have fixed itself!  So I am feeling a lot better these days.  Thanks to those of you out there who wished me well in email 🙂

Anyway, seems that today, on Strict Women update day, there is yet another new face and lady making her FemDom Spanking debut at the site!  So welcome extends now to the very strict and domineering Miss Leanne! 🙂

Ok I cant say that I go much on Miss Leanne’s chosen hair style or rather colour…I’m not sure that long pink hair quite suits her?  And I say that as a big fan of punk rock music!  BUT its not about hair colour really is it?  I like to view the FemDom that comes out of different video producers in an artistic sense and there is really something that is quite intoxicating about Miss Leanne?  Its probably that strict and uncompromising attitude?  And the fact that I am really not sure that I would dare to back chat or disobey her in the state of mind she is in during the video preview below? 🙂

Today’s update comes as Miss Leanne discovers that her naughty servant Dave has been trawling the social networking sites and leaving lewd comments on other girls profile pages!  And to say she is not very happy about this is a gross understatement! 🙂  Dave is quite shocked of course when he discovers that she has deleted his profile and is now forbidding him access to the social networking sites because he apparently can not behave himself there but that is only the beginning for him as Miss Leanne explains this was merely a facilitator for preventing further harm!  But she also fully intends to punish him for his actions and the deletion of his social networking accounts was NOT the punishment she has in mind!  He soon gets the idea of course when that slipper and the paddles are produced from her handbag! 🙂

Anyway, here is that video preview 🙂

Quite an angry young lady huh? 🙂

Actually it says ‘Obey Thy Neighbor’ on the end as the name of the video but it is not called that at all, it is in fact, as I say above, called Social Network Spanking’ 🙂

Anyway you can see the rest of this update now along with many other Mistress’s only at the Strict Women site!

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

Its always a pleasure to introduce new faces to the FemDom Spanking world and today i get that pleasure once more as I get to announce the video debut for Miss Willow today at!

Miss Willow is a very attractive lady from Scotland, famous for its use of spanking implements such as the tawse!  The tawse of course was the preferred spanking implement of choice in Scottish schools for decades whilst the English schools used the cane but that does not act as any kind of Barr on Miss Willow I should warn you!  Miss Willow is extremely proficient in the use of the cane and uses it to full effect on Dave in this movie!

Anyway, in this movie, Miss Willow plays the role of a strict new young manageress.  In fact, the name of the video itself is Strict Young Manageress!  And in this video, Dave who you all already know from other movies shown in this blog, is a failing employee!  Each and every day that he goes to work he is late. Each and every day that he is given tasks to complete, he fails, because he is late, to complete them. He comes in late and then skives off home early. And though his previous manager allowed him to get away with this, there is a new sheriff in town and her name is Miss Willow! And Miss Willow soon gets to grips with Dave as she asserts her authority as his new boss and puts him across her knee!

And I have a video preview to show you all here 🙂

I will never understand why they ask if its really necessary? LOL.  But I guess they have to at least try to convince their new disciplinarians that they don’t actually need to spank them right? LOL 🙂

Anyway, you can see this movie now exclusively at Strict!  So don’t forget to get your passes now! 🙂  And for my part, I look forward to showing you more from Miss Willow in the future for sure! 🙂

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

Hi everybody!  Hope you are all having a good weekend 🙂  Im sorry this latest update is a little late but as i think i said before, I have been suffering with an ear infection these last few days and felt awful yesterday when i wanted to update this blog.  So it has had to wait unfortunately.  But Im feeling a bit better today and so thought i would update and show you all what is happening in Miss Zoe’s world this week! 🙂

And once again Miss Zoe has had her ‘web slave’ update with a new video in which it is the anniversary for the date that Miss Zoe and her boyfriend (in this case Mike) met and he of course has forgotten it!  But he didn’t just forget it, he tries to cover up the fact by giving her a cookery book for their anniversary present and Miss Zoe is having none of it!  Miss Zoe for her part has dressed up in really raunchy outfit so that they can have a ‘good time’ as you see below but now that ‘good time’ is going to be all Miss Zoe’s as she takes part in her favorite pastime which is spanking the guts out of a male servant! 🙂  And who can blame her?  Mike really deserves everything that he gets! 🙂

Miss Zoe of course gives her usual head ringing face slaps to knock any idea that this is going to be a fun day out of Mikes head!  She fully intends here to make sure that he understands what he has gotten himself in to the day he first asked her out!

And as usual I have my video preview 🙂

This was the only video that Mike did on this shoot and once again, the caning in this video was delivered cold without Miss Zoe using ANY other implement beforehand which really does make it hurt a LOT more!  This is a pretty good spanking in any event actually I think but as a cold caning, you could probably treble the sort of searing pain that he would be going through in this compared to how it would be if Miss Zoe had paddled him with the leather straps beforehand!

But of course the star moment there has to be that face slap!  🙂  “Look at me when im about to slap you” LOL.  But one has to wonder how she would know it hurts more if he tries to cringe?  Yeah right…like she would ever allow anybody to slap her like that so that she would know what it feels like when she either cringes or not? LOL

Quite funny as well was the meal we all had after this and other videos were made that day!  It was Mikes only video and he mentioned how hard she went in and sat all innocently in her chair in the pub food area she said in a matter of fact voice, yes well I had to do that because it was your only one and you like to feel it’  or words to that effect.  Im not sure she was right on that score but it answered him and in any event, it is not really something that is his right to question? 🙂  So he was lucky really that he didn’t get another paddling when they got back! And it would not be the first time that had happened by the way!

Anyway, you can see this update and caning now exclusively at Strict Mistress!  And dont be late reporting there…you have seen above what happens if you are late for something in Miss Zoe’s world! 🙂

Remember also that Miss Zoe has her own theater up at both Domination Theater and at Fetish Video Theater as well as a number of DVD’s and digital downloads available at FemDom Spanking Store!

Strict Mistress Zoe

Well Thursday has arrived at last and we are all starting to think towards the weekend!  My apologies for not updating this site on Monday but I’m suffering at the moment with an ear infection!  And just to make matters worse, because it was painful eating on the right side of my face because of the ear infection I bit my tongue and now have a mouth ulcer there too! 🙁  Were it not for watching the guys at Strict Women getting whupped every few days it would be worse no doubt so I think a round of applause for their public spirited attempt to raise morale (mine at least) is called for! 🙂

And luckily despite the above, im quite happy today because Strict Women have just updated with a brand new movie from the latest shoot I was recently talking to you all about featuring the stunning Miss Amy! And she as always is in top form in this brand new movie ‘Spanking Was The Only Solution’!

In Miss Amy’s new movie, Miss Amy schedules across 4 days each week a scheduled spanking for her naughty husband Dave in addition to other top up punishments for bad behaviour, poor work and other offences. Today, Dave has dared to turn up late for one of those scheduled spankings and has also tried to deceive his strict wife by telling her that he was “on a course” when what he really meant was that he was on a golf course and as he knows full well, Miss Amy had forbidden him to play golf as a punishment for failing to clean the kitchen to her required standard!

For this kind of disobedience of course, there is only one solution and that is a sound bare bottom spanking!  And that is just what David deserves and what he gets!

Here are the preview thumbs:

Its been a while since we have seen the gym shoe or ‘dap’ as its called here, used in one of the Strict Women movies but Miss Amy sure uses it to full effect as you see in the last thumbnail above 🙂  The funny thing was that Dave was looking at it and was so cock sure of himself that it wouldn’t hurt despite the way that everybody who had ever felt it before told him that it DOES!  So anyway Miss Amy made sure that he had a taste of it and he hasn’t wanted to try it ever since!  🙂

Anyway as always i have a video preview from Miss Amy’s movie here now below 🙂

Of course the spanking you see above is the very beginning of the spanking so you can expect it to get a LOT harder than what you see above!  But it does show my favorite which is the OTK hand spanking which I might add, very few of the girls actually like doing because it makes their hands sting!  But a spanking just wouldn’t be a spanking without at least SOME OTK hand spanking action would it? 🙂

Anyway, you can see this movie now exclusively at Strict!  And don’t forget, Miss Amy has other videos out available for purchase as DVD’s and digital downloads at FemDom Spanking Store as well as several videos available to stream at Domiation Theater and Fetish Video Theater!

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

News has just come in that Red Badger Productions and Dana Specht have just released new movies at its theaters at Domination Theater and Fetish Video Theater and DVD’s and digital downloads at FemDom Spanking Store for these full length femdom spanking movies :-)

Miss Cassie (AKA The Huntress) In Their First Date

Movie Synopsis:

Miss Cassie and Mike have just returned to her house from their first date but it has NOT gone well! Mike spent the evening at the resteraunt ogling other women and Miss Cassie has been getting more and more irritated about this as the night has gone on. Now at home, she confronts her disrespectful partner but rather than apologise, he simply makes light of the matter and makes things even worse.

Eventually Miss Cassie can take no more and decides to teach him some manners which she does over her knee with his pants down!

Expect to see some particularly hard OTK hand spanking in this movie as well as the type of hard strapping and paddling that Miss Cassie is famed across the world for!


Nice tasteful shot there huh? 🙂

Links To this movie are:

Ms Dana And Sarah Gregory In Sarah’s Summer Spankings!

Ok look, I know this is F/f spanking and please dont shout at me over it (grin) but a lot of people DO like this and it is going to be of interest to those people.  And it is still Female domination even if it does include female sub as well.   And for those that are not interested, there are plenty of excellent F/m spanking videos with Ms Dana Specht in also! 🙂  And she is one of the strictest, hardest spanking no nonsence women on the net and has been for some time now!  In fact her site was one of the very first EVER on the net in the femdom spanking theme….particularly domestic theme!

Movie Synopsis:

What happens when spanking icons Dana Specht and Sarah Gregory finally combine? One of the best spanking videos of the year.

Sarah is spending the summer with “Aunt Dana,” but she just can’t stay out of trouble. Such infractions as a speeding ticket, messy bedroom, failure to do chores, snooping in Dana’s bedroom, staying out all night and underage drinking earn Sarah lots of scolding and trips across Dana’s lap for hard, bare bottom spankings with hand and hairbrush.

Don’t miss this chance to see one of the best doms and subs in the same video.


Links To this movie are:

A little while ago I remember telling you all about how excited I was to see the introduction of videos at Miss Zoe’s site featuring 2 ladies at once dishing out the discipline and the first of these has now been published!  Woo! 🙂  This one features Miss Zoe together with Miss Shay and the video is awesome! Video where two ladies are spanking the guy at the same time is always great but add Miss Zoe into that equation and you are into completely new territory!

In this video Dave who is married to Miss Zoe, has started having an affair with another woman (Miss Shay).  Now Miss Shay has not been seen elsewhere in the FemDom spanking world other than a video which she featured in for Spanking Bare Butts in which she played a submissive role being spanked by Miss Zoe. But Miss Shay took to being the dominant woman like a duck to water and in fact, She is now a total 100% convert to the idea that it is only men that should ever be spanked and that women’s bottoms are for worship only and no longer wants to work in a submissive role!  For my part I hope to bring much more featuring Miss Shay in the future as Strict Women are planning to shoot with her very soon.

Anyway, where was I?  Oh yes, Miss Shay has just found out that her boyfriend of 2 months is in fact married!  So what does she do?  Well she goes straight to Miss Zoe’s house and informs her about this relationship which Miss Shay now considers over!  Miss Zoe is surprisingly calm about it with Miss Shay but don’t let that calm demeanor fool you because she is NOT in the mood to let Dave get away with it!  OH NO!  The two ladies discuss what to do about this and Miss Zoe has the answer straight away!  Dave is regularly spanked when he misbehaves and today that spanking is going to come from both herself AND Miss Shay!

Now can you imagine Dave’s reaction when he walks into the front room to find his strict wife talking to his girlfriend?  What does he say?  Either way he is in trouble with both parties!  And this photo just speaks volumes of the dilemma! 🙂


Dave holds his hand over his mouth in horror and just look at that look on the face of Miss Zoe there in red!  If looks could kill!  And the matter of fact ‘well its your own fault, you asked for this young man’ look on Miss Shay’s face! And don’t worry about that broken arm because Miss Shay is right handed anyway and more than able to spank a guys butt for him!

Anyway, I cant even begin to tell you how impressive this video is!  Both ladies work in total harmony with each other in punishing Dave and I don’t think it is even possible for any FemDom spanking fan not to enjoy this one!

Here is a preview clip from today’s update at!

True classic FemDom spanking action from Miss Zoe and her friend Miss Shay there!  Obviously this is just a short preview but the spanking in general is harder than this and there is a really great part in the video where Miss Zoe slaps Daves face and then clicks her fingers with the words ‘now YOU slap him’ and they take turns slapping his face!  Another great part is where Dave is over both girls knees as above and he makes some noise which Miss Zoe does not like and she grabs hold of his ear to pull his head up to look at her as she scold him whilst Miss Shay of course continues to spank!

Make no mistake, this is real classic video from Miss Zoe and when you see it you will love it for sure!  And it marks a great day for Strict Mistress Zoe also as it is just the first video featuring 2 women!  And there are SO many more to come!  Miss Joanne is already set to join Miss Zoe shortly and in the next shoot Miss Amy will be coming to the site along with Miss Zoe’s sister, Miss Natasha!  The future for members of Strict Mistress Zoe is so bright you need shades! 🙂

Anyway, you can see this update now exclusively at Miss Zoe’s site at Strict Mistress Zoe!

Meanwhile, dont forget that Miss Zoe has her own theater up at both Domination Theater and at Fetish Video Theater as well as a number of DVD’s and digital downloads available at FemDom Spanking Store!

Strict Mistress Zoe