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This is possibly one of the better thought out videos that I have seen over recent years! It is not in the traditional domestic theme but that kind of opens the door in some regards to more imaginative sets doesn’t it? 🙂

OK it is not entirely spanking in this movie but it DOES have some significant amount of spanking in it and it is nice sometimes to see other theme’s brought out too…especially as a single Mistress site would become a little dull if you were to stick to nothing but spanking all the way through it update in and update out?  Apart from which Miss Zoe loves domination in general really and if you only did spanking you would miss out on the kicks, the mouth soaping and face slapping and so on?  So if you would guys, just forgive this little deviation from the FemDom spanking theme for a moment as I try to show you a little glimpse around the edges so you can see a little more of Miss Zoe’s personality! 🙂  Because so far most of what you have seen is punishment from Miss Zoe where she is annoyed and so spanks?  But she is SO much more 3 dimensional than what you have seen!

So just for a moment, if you would, imagine this storyline! A nuclear weapon has gone missing! Agent Dodgy Dave is under suspicion of stealing it to pass it on to terrorists and interrogator Miss Zoe has the job of extracting information from the evil traitor Dodgy! A job incidentally which Miss Zoe enjoys beyond belief!

And now you know the storyline, I should just say that Miss Zoe has just given Dave a vertical paddling which has left him twisting on the floor in pain without ANY sympathy from Miss Zoe!  She has then taken to smothering him by face sitting and after some time of this ‘torture’ he tells her that he is desperate for water and knows his rights, he is allowed this?  So as you can imagine, Miss Zoe has her own way of incorporating that drink of water into her routine!  No male ever gets respite with Miss Zoe believe me!

You can see this video update now exclusively at Miss Zoe’s own site, Strict Mistress along with many many others!

Alternatively, if you would like the high quality digital download of the full video or the DVD then you can get that from the FemDom Spanking Store along with many other videos from Miss Zoe and others 🙂

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Ok look, we have all heard the mother in law jokes haven’t we? Guys (and women too!) have gone on about mother in law’s for centuries.  I shouldn’t really have to quote them here, that is not the purpose of this blog but I will just give the one example just for old times sake 😉

The clock fell off the wall.  If it was a minute sooner, it would have hit my MIL.  That clock was always slow!

And so they continue 🙂  But imagine how embarrassing it would be for that mother in law to decide to spank you? Well that is the theme of the latest offering at Strict Women from Miss Jessica in today’s update!  For Miss Jessica plays the part of a very annoyed and domineering mother in law whilst Mike plays the part of the male chauvinist pig!  A match made in hell as the two personalities are just bound to set the sparks flying! 🙂  And it is not very long before Miss Jessica tires of Mikes rudeness, pulls his trousers and pants down and puts him across her knee for a well deserved sound bare bottom spanking!

And true to form, for some considerable time Mike continues his cheek though quickly relents and tries to negotiate and manipulate a better solution for himself with regards to drinking with his friends at the pub rather than taking his wife and her daughter out to dinner in romantic candle lit restaurant’s! 😉

And we have a short video preview here today at the FemDom Spanking Blog!

Miss Jessica of course is well known in the FemDom spanking community and many argue that anything with her in is going to be well worth watching so I will just let their words speak for themselves 🙂  That and the video above of course 🙂  You can see the update now at Strict Women!  Or alternatively if you would prefer the DVD or digital downloads then you can buy them from the FemDom Spanking Store or if you prefer to not have the evidence of the movie in your home then why not instead try streaming video on demand where you can watch this video at Domination Theater or Fetish Video Theater? 🙂

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Well I was promising you all a fan sign this morning but unfortunately the lady that Strict Women were shooting with became a little over nervous and decided she could not go ahead with the shoot yesterday after all.  Its sad because she was a lovely lady but hey…everybody is different and it would be a boring world if that were not so.  So I guess we will all have to look forward instead to June 6th for the next shoot and then June 15th before the break for summer 🙂

Anyway, for the purposes of this post I just wanted to give you all a heads up on the fact that Aunt Kay of Disciplinary Wives Club who many of you may already know of has just released a new book giving advice to those of you who sincerely want to find your disciplinary life partner.

The Disciplinary Wives Club is probably one of the most established FemDom websites on the net.  In fact I remember when I first started surfing around the net, the Disciplinary Wives Club was one of only 2 or 3 domestic femdom spanking sites out there.  But it was very different in that it was not doing shoots and selling video etc but rather offering advice and information about how women should be dominating and spanking their husbands.  Hence I guess the name 🙂

The proprieter at the site, Aunt Kay, has a whole wealth of experience in this lifestyle as a lady who spanks her own husband but has also written a book with advice to women on how to effectively scold a guy during discipline and several others.

And now Aunt Kay has released the latest book in her comprehensive selection which is advice on how to find your disciplinary life partner.  I have been writing femdom spanking sites for some time and I have lost count how many times I have heard people complain that there are no dominant women in their area’s and its interesting as well how many of the ladies that shoot for Strict Women complain that they just don’t find submissive partners as they don’t seem to be out there.  I think myself that many submissive guys are simply shy and would probably feel intimidated by the assertiveness and self confidence of many dominant women which may be why they are not meeting them.  I don’t know.  That is just my own take on this but I also think that there is a dominant woman inside of every woman in the world!  It just has to be brought out?

But anyway, Aunt Kay who has written so authoritatively for some years now on this topic has now released this book entitled ‘Finding Your DWC Partner’ and I think many of you who are searching for that special Woman who will keep you in your place will find this book extremely useful 🙂  Aunt Kay has promised me a copy so im looking forward to reading it and I will do a review on this site as I did some time ago for the book ‘Spanked’ and hopefully will at that time be able to give you a little more insight 🙂

But in the meantime, there is no need to wait.  You do not have to be the guy looking through the window at the dominant wife spanking her husband below, it COULD be you over her knee and this book will help you find yourself there.


Thanks to Tommy and to Aunt Kay for the use of the photo above by the way.

Be sure to visit AND BOOKMARK the Disciplinary Wives Club real soon as it is I think the template upon which the domestic femdom spanking philosophy is actually built on.  It IS after all a lifestyle, not just a topic for videos.


Way back in December 2004 Miss Joanne featured in the very first shoot at Strict Women in the UK where in one movie she played a strict manageress.  Just under 3 years later, enters the very sexy and ultra strict Miss Zoe who you see here featuring with the very same naughty boy (Brooklyn) in this movie that found himself over Miss Joanne’s knee in her first film!  And the rest is history!

This movie as you see featured here was Miss Zoe’s very first film that she EVER created and her very first shoot!  Not just FemDom shoot by the way, but Miss Zoe had not appeared ANYWHERE else or shot any content for ANYBODY else before she did this shoot for Strict Women!  And she has remained completely loyal and exclusive ever since to the great appreciation of everybody there (AND here). Of course you now see her in her own site at Strict Mistress but this too comes from the people at Strict Women who maintain it.  And it was based on this very shoot that as Miss Chloe’s site wound down, everybody started working real hard to bring together Miss Zoe’s own site 🙂  So there you are!  When you view this movie, you are not only viewing some of the very best FemDom spanking around on the net today, you are also viewing history in the making!

Anyway, this movie has now been updated at the Strict Women site and you can see the slightly younger Miss Zoe really enjoying every moment as she, as the daughter of the company owner and boss spanks the life out of poor Brooklyn when he fails to hand in his report on time!

Here is a short preview:

Of course we have all gotten to know and love Miss Zoe so much more now over the last year or so that her own site has been on the net but it is always good to look back on how she was that first day 🙂  And you can see from how red and battered and bruised Brooklyn’s backside is just how hard Miss Zoe had gone on him during this video!  This is a guy who is used to being spanked and enjoys pain! And even he was struggling to take the punishment that our ambidextrous Goddess was dishing out that day!

You can see this video now at Strict Women!  Or if you prefer, you can buy the DVD or full high quality digital download from FemDom Spanking Store or watch it streaming at Domination Theater or Fetish Video Theater 🙂

Meanwhile, as you read this, I will not actually be here!  Because I was actually writing this out with advance notice from Strict Women YESTERDAY!  Yes today as you read this I may well be getting my bottom spanked!  For I will be at a shoot with Strict Women with quite possibly one of the hottest ladies they have ever done a shoot with.  She is a playboy centerfold in fact though I wonder just how many of the guys who ogle her in that magazine realise they would be sitting on a real sore backside if they ever were with her and she caught them reading it! 🙂  Anyway, I’m really looking forward to introducing this new Mistress to you all so keep your eyes on this blog tomorrow (Tuesday) when i will hopefully be able to bring you another fan sign 🙂

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Poor Mike is in trouble again with Miss Zoe this week!  He has been sick from work where Miss Zoe is the manageress once too often and she is still trying to catch up with work after his last bout of sickness!  So imagine how she reacts when she discovers that he was not actually sick AND he is now reporting to her to tell her that he needs yet MORE time off sick!  And he was of course sick!  Sick of it!  But Miss Zoe is in no mood for his attitude, no siree!  And she doesn’t mind showing it!  It takes her only moments to have his trousers and pants around his ankles and be spanking his bare butt as soundly as he has EVER been spanked in his life!

And we have a short video preview 🙂

So as you can see, Miss Zoe is in a bit of a bad mood today!  And poor Mike doesn’t know whether he is coming or going! 🙂  But given that he has taken Miss Zoe and his other colleagues for granted like this he deserves all he is getting of course 🙂

The term ‘I always get a kick out of’ with Miss Zoe takes on a new meaning for sure with the amount of kicking that Miss Zoe does here in this movie! And you only see some of it here!  The spanking is hard and the domination is totally unrelenting even by Miss Zoe’s standards! 🙂

This movie is one of Miss Zoe’s best I think and well worth seeing!  And you can see it now exclusively at Strict Mistress Zoe 🙂  Be sure to go take a look at her site now!

Alternatively, if you would like the high quality digital download of the full video or the DVD then you can get that from the FemDom Spanking Store along with many other videos from Miss Zoe and others 🙂  Or if you prefer not to have the video at your home or on your computer and would prefer to simply watch it as a streaming video then why not go watch it at either Domination Theater or Fetish Video Theater! :-)

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Wow, Thursday already!  And we near to the second of the Spring bank holiday here in the sunny UK!  The week has just flown by!  And I am now looking forward to Saturday when not only will the working week be over but I will be meeting with the one and only Leia Ann Woods who will be doing a shoot with Strict Women and I have an invite!  Woo! 🙂  I will of course do my best to make sure I have a fan sign for my blog here! 🙂  But that of course is a few days away yet!  Today i need to think more about the update now to Strict Women!  And boy is it a hot update!  One of my favorite spanker’s, Miss Amy has returned as the strict teacher complete with long slender cane and is dishing out some much needed discipline to all concerned over at Strict Women! 🙂

In this movie, Miss Amy plays a strict little college student who has been hired by Mike’s wife to teach him English in preparation for an exam which he is to sit but is finding particularly difficult!  And of course he is finding it difficult!  He isn’t reading the books or doing his homework!  And when Miss Amy finds that he has disobeyed her like this, you can imagine what happens! Strict Women NEVER accept disobedience from males!  The sooner you all learn that if you don’t know it already the easier your lives will be!  🙂

Anyway, Mike is soundly spanked in this update by the lovely Miss Amy and is soon regretting the error of his ways!  And I have a little preview clip for you all 🙂

Meanwhile, i am sat here chuckling as I can see Miss Amy has gotten the measure of Mike’s routine!  Oh no Miss, Sorry Miss, and his latest favorite, are you sure you want to do this and why dont I make you a nice cup of tea instead? LOL.  It NEVER works of course and it REALLY infuriates Miss Zoe to the point that he gets punished even more severely when he does it but I guess you cant blame him for trying! 🙂  I’m just glad that none of the Ladies ever fall for it!  🙂

Miss Amy of course LOVES rubbing the humiliation in when she is giving a guy a spanking!  That’s it…make him say thank you for spanking his bottom in preparation for the cane!  Humiliate him and then fill him with dread as he realises what is still to come and probably much sooner than he would prefer!  But Ive no sympathy, if he had done as she had commanded in the first place he wouldn’t be getting spanked!  Or maybe he would?  No doubt if it was not this then he would have done something else wrong so… :_)

Anyway you can see this movie and it is one I really recommend, now exclusively at Strict Women!  Or alternatively, if you would like the high quality digital download of the full video or the DVD then you can get that from the FemDom Spanking Store along with many other videos from Miss Amy and others 🙂  Or if you prefer not to have the video at your home or on your computer and would prefer to simply watch it as a streaming video then why not go watch it at either Domination Theater or Fetish Video Theater? 🙂

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Well welcome to Monday everybody!  A little late because I forgot my hard drives to take photos back with me on Saturday’s shoot with Miss Heelena for which incidently Im still sitting uncomfortably BUT I do have a pic for you which was kindly emailed over to me by the nice kind man at the country manor in which we were shooting 🙂

Miss Heelena is one of those faces and names who I think you are going to grow to love real soon when you see her come online at the Strict Women site which should be quite soon!  The video is capturing as we speak and it is every bit as good as I remember it!

And what of Miss Heelena?  Well as She is mostly known in foot domination and worship you may not have seen her about but She is certainly one of the sexier Mistress’s out there believe me! And Strict Women are rightly proud to have both Her and Her Sister joining their ranks!  Of course just as you can see from Her picture she is extremely beautiful and elegant but what does not show in the picture which you will really have to wait for the video to see is the underlying flare of domination running through her demeanor. Even when the camera’s were not rolling she was issuing commands to the guys there…

“Come Here!…Pick that up!…Yes Miss What?!?”

And so on 🙂

And here is her pic so be sure to be on your knees as you kiss the shoe of your new Mistress guys!  This lady doesnt take ANY jip from ANY male believe me and that cane is not just for show and effect!


Oh by the way, yes we DID do some fan signs but I just couldn’t resist posting that pic above! 🙂  Here is one of the fan signs though…a bit smaller so you can click on it to see the full image if you wish but which wont load the page down too much for those who are more keen on just worshipping at the feet of the Mistress in the pic above 🙂


Anyway for those who would like to arrange a session with Miss Heelena you can do so at Her own site at and remember, if you are one that is in to double Mistress sessions you could submit to both Miss Heelena AND her sister Miss Arella featured here last week at the same time!  Spanked, humiliated and trampled by 2 beautiful sisters from the Czech Republic?  Wouldn’t that be an experience to remember? 🙂

We look forward to showing you this Lady in action real soon! 🙂

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

Wow, there has been a really great update this week on the Strict Mistress Zoe site!  This is an update to the movie, Naughty Haughty 2 which is a sequal to a movie which Miss Zoe made for Strict Women a year or so back in which she spanked her uncle Brooklyn when she found his picture on the Strict Women site and decided that he was now going to serve HER and submit to HER discipline and authority as well as Her spankings!

In this movie Miss Zoe has by now fully established her authority over Brooklyn and both he AND She are both fully comfortable with her being in charge and having the authority to spank and discipline Brooklyn in whatever way She feels fit!  And to boss him around and give him various orders and commands also.  In fact one of the commands that she has given him is to research a topic and write her an essay on it!  This essay is to be handed in at college in her name that evening but when he passes it to his Mistress Miss Zoe, it is a page full of spelling errors, ink blots and is not even on proper paper but rather written in ink on a 5p recycled notebook jotter!  And to say Miss Zoe is unhappy is a gross understatement!  Clearly Brooklyn not only DESERVES to be punished but NEEDS it too! And Miss Zoe sure gives it to him good and hard!  She always did take her work real seriously that Lady! 🙂

And that is the theme around todays update!  CFNM fans will be pleased to know that this is a CFNM movie also.

Anyway, we have a preview for this movie so I wanted to post it here for you all 🙂

There is a really great bit in part of todays update where Miss Zoe pushes naughty Brooklyn from her knee to command him with a kick to fetch her another paddle and he of course picks up the slipper!  Miss Zoe grins at this point all over her face and says something like, the slipper?  You think that is going to stop me do you?  I dont think so!  And then proceeds to give him a real hard spanking with that slipper!  The slipper there by the way, though you might not think it, is probably one of the most painful implements there!  It is not designed for spanking, it is solid with several milimeters of tread!!! And every little bit of that tread is like a seperate paddle all on its own!  It is like a paddle with holes in only in reverse?  That is to say a paddle with small bits of wood glued to it!  Sure, it is not wood and that makes it a little easier but anybody that thinks that slipper does not hurt should try arranging a session with Miss Zoe and asking for it!  Because I think you might well have a big shock!  As Miss Zoe points out, just because the slipper may be fluffy, does NOT mean a spanking with it over Her knee will be!

Meanwhile tomorrow I am going to another shoot!  This time with the second of the two strict sisters from the Czech Republic, Miss Heelena 🙂  So wish me luck everybody!  I will let you all know how it goes 🙂

In the meantime, there is less than a month to go now before the next shoot with Miss Zoe!  So anybody who can think of a good scenario for the naughty boy to be spanked for just drop me a line or post a reply to this message ok? 🙂

Meanwhile you can see this movie and many others now at Miss Zoe’s site at 🙂  Alternatively you can buy the full movie on DVD or as a digital download at the FemDom Spanking Store or watch it streaming on your computer at Domination Theater or Fetish Video Theater 🙂

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Mike has been placing camera’s in the ladies toilets and changing rooms so that he can perv at their bare bottoms but unknown to him,  complaints have been coming forward and security have found those cameras!  And now a very irritated Miss Joanne, the manageress at the site is contemplating disciplinary action against her assistant of a new kind that you will not find in the staff handbook as approved by ACAS!  And that is a very sound and humiliating spanking on his bare bottom! Well…lets face it, you wouldn’t expect anything different from one of the all time Queen’s of female domination would you?  No!  She has found a way that works!  And when it works, why fix it right?

Anyway today you see Mike receiving a bare bottom spanking and a caning.  We have a short preview of this as usual but I should just say that Miss Joanne is warming up here!  The caning and indeed the OTK spanking DOES get harder!

Question is, do you think Mike will learn?  He of course would argue that if the spankings were lighter and easier on him then he would learn more but I think we all know that is nonsense don’t we?

Anyway, you can see this movie now at Strict Women!  If you would like the DVD or full digital download then you need to go to the FemDom Spanking Store or if you would like to watch it streaming on your computer rather than watching it on DVD or having the clips on your computer then you can do this at Domination Theater or Fetish Video Theater 🙂

Meanwhile be sure to come back tomorrow for another update to this blog where I will talk about what Miss Zoe has been up to!  And me?  Well im on a count down now to when i will be meeting Miss Arella’s (bel0w) sister for an another shoot at the Strict Women site before summer gets underway! Something for me to look forward to 🙂

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Domination Theater

Just had word that Domination Theater and Fetish Video Theater have both recently been updated with 2 new Red Badger FemDom Spanking movies!  One is from Miss Joanne and called Spanking Her Perverted Employee and the other from Miss Rebekka who is mentioned in this same movie below, called Humiliated By His Manageress!

I have given the descriptions of these great movies below with a pic 🙂  See?  More freebies from the FemDom Spanking Blog! 😉  You can get a larger image though from the theaters themselves where you can view the videos and see what else is on offer there on a video pay per view basis 🙂

Spanking Her Pervert Employee Starring Miss Joanne.


Miss Joanne has been receiving complaints about naughty Mike and his new found habit of filming the office girls in the toilets and so in Miss Joanne’s own individual way she informs him that he has been naughty and what naughty boys get! Mike thinks, as he always does, that he can talk his way out of it but Miss Joanne is having none of it and she soon finds himself over her knee with his pants down!

Humiliated By Manageress Rebekka


Mike has been doing a stock take in Miss Rebekka’s warehouse but has made a whole bunch of mistakes! When he is confronted by Miss Rebekka with his mistakes he becomes cheeky and so he clearly both needed AND deserved the spanking that Miss Rebekka sent his way!

As I say, you can see these movies at the Domination Theater and Fetish Video Theater now by clicking on these links!

Domination Theater:

Spanking Her Pervert Employee Starring Miss Joanne.
Humiliated By Manageress Rebekka

Fetish Video Theater:

Spanking Her Pervert Employee Starring Miss Joanne.
Humiliated By Manageress Rebekka

Domination Theater