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Ever wondered what happens to a husband that disobeys a wife like Miss Koko?  Well you must have some idea given the name of this site right?  But if you were in Dodgy Dave’s place, would you have expected the sort of punishment that Miss Koko administers today in the update at Strict Women?

I say that because we all like to goad dominant girls up to that point where they begin to spank and even enjoy the spanking when you manage to goad them sufficiently to make them spank you but not too much as to make them REALLY mad!  But what about that point where you have REALLY pushed her just over that limit where she REALLY IS serious yet not so irked at you that she is going full out?  That is the most dangerous place to be with a strict Woman as they are like a fire that is simmering  just waiting for that fresh batch of material to burn!  That material being your butt if you push them any further!

So sure it is dangerous when you have irked a lady like Miss Koko to this degree but what is more dangerous is when they ask you those no win questions! Where there is NO right answer and no matter what you say, you know she is going to get even angrier with you!  And the spanking she has already been administering to you is already stinging like crazy!

THIS my friends is the situation that Dodgy Dave has now found himself in!  He has pushed Miss Koko to that very spot and she is now spitting fire!  Now you might think that its his own fault for goading her but you see ladies like Miss Koko are just so cute when they are irked that we cant help it right?  And sometimes it simply depends on the day?  Because there isn’t just one factor that determines whether you get spanked today when you serve a woman like Miss Koko, there are 2.  Your behaviour and HER whim! And today was not the best day for Dave to pick unluckily for him!

So what did he do wrong?  Well he knows full well that before he goes out on any of the fun things like snooker, golf or pub outings he must first obtain her permission. After all, she might have jobs for him to do! But today Dave thought that he should be able to make the decisions about his fun time himself! Miss Koko has other ideas however and shows him exactly what happens to a disobedient husband! Watch, listen and learn!  We have some video to show you!

Miss Koko catches up on lost time by giving Dave that spanking he has been missing all this time since he last reported to her but would he dare tell her about all the other ladies we have seen spanking him since that day! Probably not the best time whilst he is over her knee right?

And you should see the spanking Miss Koko administers to Dave’s hands if you think this spanking was rough!

Anyway you can see more from Miss Koko in this update over at Strict Women! This full 30 minute video is also available on DVD or as a digital download at FemDom Spanking Store or if you wish you can watch it streaming on your PC (or mac if you have one of those) at Domination Theater or Fetish Video Theater where it has recently been published! 🙂

Be sure to visit her quick because she has been known to spank for lateness! :-)

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With just one week since Miss Amy exercised her spanking arm on the guys at Strict Women I found myself yesterday making another journey into the countryside on the outskirts of London to see another great FemDom spanking shoot!  This time with Miss Rebekah and a new Mistress at the site which members will soon be seeing more of called Miss Willow (also known as Miss Dolly).  Or is it Miss Dolly also known as Miss Willow?  Anyway, whichever it is, the two names are synonymous and actually the same person!

Anyway both Women were excellent though we only managed to get a fansign from Miss Willow Im afraid.  But then we have seen fansign pictures from Miss Rebekah before right?  So its not that big a deal really 🙂  Anyway we do have a great pic with Miss Willow as I say and you can see her here with her feet up on her comfy new foot rest that is known as Mike! 🙂


Actually, though it is Miss Willow here with her feet up on Mikes back it was Dodgy Dave that she was spanking yesterday 🙂  Mike spent his time over Miss Rebekah’s knee instead!

The video should be making its way along with video from several other shoots to the USA by courier this week so Strict Women members will be seeing Miss Willow and others real soon 🙂  And I warn you, she is going to blow your socks off 🙂

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One of my favorite videos has just been updated over at Miss Zoe’s site at Strict Mistress in which Miss Zoe underlines new house rules that she expects her boyfriend Mike to obey whilst he lives with her!  Of course it is his house but that is not the point as Miss Zoe of course owns him and that means that if he owns the house then she therefore owns it over him by default!   Those new to the Female Domination lifestyle may find that sort of convoluted reasoning a little hard to understand but trust me, a few spankings over the knee of a lady like Miss Zoe and you will soon understand!

ANYWAY, the house rules have been broken!  Miss Zoe has walked into the bedroom and found that Mike not only has his feet on the bed but is eating a banana in there!  And worse than that, he even takes another bite of it as she scolds him for doing so! This kind of behaviour as any Mistress out there knows, goes way beyond even disobedience and into the boundaries of direct defiance!  And it is the sort of challenge to the ladies authority that they simply can not allow to pass without severe punishment!  Without severe punishment in a case like this, the lady would simply not have any authority or credibility as the males authority figure any longer?  And that is ANY woman!  So what do you think Mike’s chances are with a woman like Miss Zoe?  God…he is in more trouble than he could ever imagine!

And we have a short preview of the spanking that follows!

Yes what an idiot! Ruined Miss Zoe’s best slipper by being spanked by it!  LOL 🙂  You just gotta love a woman like that!  🙂

Anyway you can see more from this video now exclusively at Strict Mistress Zoe!  🙂  If you do not wish to have the video files on your pc you can also see the full length video streaming at Domination Theater or Fetish Video Theater or buy the DVD or digital download movie at FemDom Spanking Store!

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Well I don’t know what it is like where you are but here in the West Country in the South West of England the sun is beating down and its the most lovely day you can imagine!  I have just put together a brand new composter into my garden…one that swears that it can make compost within 21 days (We will see!!!) and now I figure I will come back here to the favorite of my own blogs, the FemDom Spanking Blog, and tell you what you can expect to see over at Strict Women in its update today!

The big news is that Miss Cassie has finally made her debut at the site!  Its not her video debut quite yet but her first gallery has now been published and it features her dressed in an outfit that kind of reminds me of a teddy girl (?) as she spanks her naughty husband and servant!  The scenario is called ‘Fruit Salad Spanking and as today is a very special day as Miss Cassie now has her own room set up in Strict Women where she can boss the guys around and spank them when they are disobedient I thought I would break with tradition somewhat and post a pic from the update 🙂 This is in addition to the talk about the FemDom spanking video from the lovely Miss Kaz of course but I could hardly let Miss Cassie’s entrance pass by without comment could I? 🙂


You are all in for a treat when you get to see this latest video from Miss Cassie trust me 🙂

Anyway, on the video side, this is perhaps one that Miss Amy will appreciate given her recent experience with an idiot on the road as Miss Kaz decides to take just such a male in hand and dish out some much needed discipline to him!  Something which he does not take easily to I might add!

Miss Cassie as you can see is a bit taller than Miss Kaz but that does not mean that Miss Kaz is not more than capable of dealing with Mike even in his more troublesome moods!  In this movie he has bumped his van into Miss Kaz’s car whilst it was parked in the car park where she works.  But when he is confronted by this strict Lady, the rude and incompetent van driver decides instead to blame the incident on HER!  And get the way he twists and turns the facts using his rhetoric to try and convince her that it is the case and to actually try and convince her that she is lucky he is in a good mood and so will pass on claiming on HER insurance for the damage to HIS van!!!  Her car was badly parked, he asserts and so she was asking for it to be knocked!  Of course it is her private property but then he argues that if it is her private property then she has no case anyway!

Well as you can imagine, the tolerance of an ever more irritated lady finally breaks under that last straw which breaks the camels back and before Mike knows it, he finds himself bent over her knee with his trousers and underpants pulled down receiving a good sound bare bottom spanking!

And we have a video sample too! 🙂

He of course makes some smart alec comment when Miss Kaz calls him a b**tard about how he has a birth certificate to prove he is not a ba**ard and she only has a lab report!  Clearly a great way to calm the waters around a lady who is spanking your bottom for you don’t you think?  NOT!  But it does really play well for the white van man attitude that you see so often out there! 🙂

Anyway, you can see this update now exclusively at Strict!  You can also see more from Miss Kaz streaming at both Domination Theater or Fetish Video Theater!  You can also see this video available for DVD and digital download at the FemDom Spanking Store which will in all likelyhood be updated with additional new videos from Miss Kaz any day now!

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This is just a quick note to let you all know that there are new FemDom Spanking videos where cute women spank the men at both the FemDom Spanking Store available as DVDs and as digital downloadable files AND as streaming video should you not want to download them to your own pc at Domination Theater!

The movies in question are:

Miss Jewel Starring in Upskirt Spanking.


You have seen the preview for this movie and a little introduction for it below but it basically features naughty mike being punished for peeking at his new Mistress’s breasts and panties upskirt when he should be concentrating on his job of dressing her!  He is spanked soundly for this both across Miss Jewels knee and then paddled and caned as he bends over the bed.  Its a great little movie that I’m sure you will all enjoy and comes from a lady who was top bondage model several  years running on the net so you can be sure of quality 🙂

See these FemDom Women Spanking Men Videos at these links:

Streaming at Domination Theater
DVD/Digital Download at FemDom Spanking Store

Miss Chloe in Tables Turned.


This movie features a guy who seriously thought that he could raise a hand to Miss Chloe and to spank her bottom?  Boy was he in for a shock!  He may have got 2 or 3 quick spanks in but the tables are VERY SOON turned around on this guy and Miss Chloe administers one of the strictest spankings that she has administered in a VERY long time!  He is given a humiliating spanking over her knee and then bent over a chair for a paddling and then finally a sound caning!  By the end he certainly knows who is the REAL boss in his little world and it sure isn’t him now that Miss Chloe has entered into it!  NO male EVER tells Miss Chloe what to do!

See this FemDom Women Spanking Men Videos at these links:

Streaming at Domination Theater
DVD/Digital Download at FemDom Spanking Store

Anyway, you can see these movies streaming or buy the DVD as they are now fully published as full FemDom Spanking Movies at the given links 🙂

See you all on Thursday for another update to my FemDom Spanking Blog 🙂

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Well another day passes and I thought maybe I would go take a look over at Strict Women now my day at work is over and see who they have updated with!  And today is an American day because Miss Jewel is back dealing with the British guys and putting them in their place!

This is a new movie at the site called Upskirt Discipline Spanking and in this movie, Mike is serving his new Mistress by helping her to dress but just cant help himself with looking up her skirt and ogling his breasts as he serves her!  Very disrespectful!  And Miss Jewel is not about to let him get away with it!

Obviously this is the beginning of the movie so the cane has not been brought out as yet but Miss Jewel is more than capable of leaving Mike with a very sore butt regardless even with her hand!  And of course following on as this does from the previous movie where Miss Jewel gave Mike a real hiding, his butt is already sore from the previous spanking so even over his trousers you can bet this spanking from Miss Jewel hurts!  All she actually has to do is relight the fire in his bottom that she has already left there and that will serve as a very strong reminder of his place!

Here is a short video sample 🙂

Yes you would think Mike would know better by now than to stare at a ladies breasts and up her skirt given all the times he has been put across different ladies knees for a domestic style femdom spanking but I guess he does need a reminder from time to time!

Anyway, you can see this video now exclusively at Strict Women!  Or if you prefer, you can see it streaming at Domination Theater or buy the DVD or full digital download video at FemDom Spanking Store! 🙂

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Well I finally returned home at about 3am this morning complete with sore bottom and tired eyes from the 200 mile round trip to the countryside where Strict Women conducted their latest shoot.  And there I got to meet up once again with the stunning and much loved Miss Amy!  And you should have seen all the jealous looks on the faces of the guys in the pub as we had the company of one of the prettiest women in the country!  The jealousy was all to visible on their faces believe me!  But I wonder if they would have been so keen to trade places with us if they too had the 30 or so cane welts across their bottoms that we had!

Miss Amy had hurt her neck in a road accident with an idiot truck driver yet despite the whiplash in her neck, it was incredible how she STILL managed to leave the boys at Strict Women trembling in her presence!  Luckily for that truck driver, the police turned up before Miss Amy felt well enough to get her cane out of the boot of her car but there is a certain idiot out there that is past due for getting his butt whacked!  And actually, when Miss Amy is fully recovered, that may well be turned into a new scenario for her to act out!

Anyway, as always, Miss Amy was awesome and the lovers of the recent Budget Spanking video in which Miss Amy spanks her brother (not really her brother but rather mike playing her brother) now has several sequels filmed in the bag!  See?  When members write to Miss Anna at Strict Women with requests they actually DO listen and DO try to give you what you ask for!  And here is the proof!  You wanted more from Miss Amy and you will have it!  You wanted to see more from the brother/sister spanking movie and Miss Amy has created those very same sequels!   In fact 3 of them were filmed!  One where Mike had disobeyed Miss Amy’s command to return that new tv she had not given him permission to buy, then one where she spanks their father for goading mike to disobeying his sister and then one where she spanks the two of them together as they have been blaming each other for their own crimes!

There was also a really nice 4th movie where Miss Amy as the strict wife spanks her husband in discipline session which she has scheduled for him together with a maintenance spanking where he is spanked simply to keep him in line and to remind him that She is quite happy to spank him if he DOES happen to break her rules!

Oh and I have a fan sign featuring a very frightened looking mike looking up at his new Mistress for the day as she flexes that same cane that she has just painted her depiction of Clapham Junction (its a railway station for our non UK readers) onto his backside with! 🙂  So you can imagine why he is looking so nervous!  Deep down of course, like all of us, he loves it really but it is still kind of intimidating when you are there and Miss Amy flexes that cane in front of you!  Trust me, sometimes just the dangerous look in the eye and the hand reaching for the cane is enough to break many a guy out there!


Anyway the video will soon be showing at Strict Women!  So be sure to get your memberships to that site quick as you can else you may miss out on the action!  And don’t forget to visit Miss Amy at her own blog at Chronicles of Correction and be sure to send your get well soon messages there 🙂

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Well as the Easter holidays come to a close and the students begin to think of returning to college/university again Miss Zoe delivers a timely reminder at Strict Mistress about what will happen if they spend their time looking at porn sites or watching tv or lazing about when they should be studying and fail as a result!  And the consequence that Miss Zoe has in mind will not be as pleasant as they might imagine!  For as cute as Miss Zoe is, as sexy as she is and as much as they may all crave her dominant personality and attention, Miss Zoe has one hell of a right arm (and left arm for that matter) and can deliver the sort of spanking that will leave most guys close to if not actually IN tears in no time!

In the latest update to Miss Zoe’s site at Strict Mistress Zoe, Miss Zoe has been tutoring this naughty young man for the last year but he has been slacking off considerably over the last few months culminating in his daring to fail an exam which She has tutored him for!  Unacceptable!  And so in a considerably irritated state, Miss Zoe demands an explanation only for irritation to turn to fury when she discovers that he failed deliberately, thus damaging HER reputation as a tutor in order to ensure he could keep her as his tutor! How stupid can you get!  Well why do You think Miss Zoe named this movie ‘Stupid Student’?  So quicker than light Miss Zoe rules that he will be severely punished for his manipulating ways and soon the cane is in her hands!  And trust me, Miss Zoe ALWAYS holds that cane with absolute relish!

Anyway already with a sore backside, we have a short video preview of where Mike tries to persuade his strict Mistress not to spank him!  Of course in his own way, he is STILL trying to manipulate Miss Zoe by offering to do other things for her thus changing the subject rather than persuading her that he has learned from his punishment and Miss Zoe is having none of it!  🙂

Yes why would it work indeed!  But poor Mike must also try not to be seen looking up Miss Zoe’s dress here or to look like he is because as you can imagine such behaviour is incredibly disrespectful but how can you NOT look when it is directly in front of your eyes?  But trust me he IS caught!

Anyway to all the students out there, be sure you learn from Mikes mistake!  Because fail to study and pass your exams and this can happen to you!

Anyway, you can see more from this update now exclusively at Strict Mistress Zoe!  And remember that many of Miss Zoe’s movies are also available on DVD at FemDom Spanking Store or as femdom spanking streaming video at Domination Theater or Fetish Video Theater 🙂

And with that, I will sign off because I need to get things ready for another shoot tomorrow!  This time with Miss Amy!  Wish me luck guys! 🙂

Strict Mistress Zoe

Guaranteed to bring the hairs up on the back of the neck of most men used to being thrashed by a woman, one of Strict Women’s strictest and harder spanking ladies has produced not one but THREE separate canes in her latest movie to spank Mike with!

So the question is, what did he do to deserve this spanking?  Well where Miss Catalina is concerned, a guy does not need to do anything to deserve their spanking, it is more a matter for her whim mixed with his behaviour and you can find yourself dangling over her knees simply for walking through the kitchen a little too loudly if her whim is such!  But on THIS occasion I don’t think he can have ANY complaints quite frankly!  Because on THIS occasion Miss Catalina caught mike with his nose in the shoes which she had ordered him to clean and that was not all he had been rubbing in them!  I will draw a veil over the second part to prevent trauma to you, my blog readers but lets just say that Miss Catalina was, as one of my teachers once said in class, more than cross, she was ANNOYED!  Neigh…more than annoyed in fact, Miss Catalina was positively ANGRY!  And when a servant belonging to Miss Catalina crosses that line they know as do we that they are walking round with red stinging butts for several weeks to come!

Anyway, after around 40 strokes of the 3 canes Mike finds himself put back across Miss Catalina’s knee for another spanking to remind him of his place in life!  There is nothing that disorientates a guy more or puts the guy back in his place more than being put across a ladies knee and spanked with his pants around his ankles!  It humiliates and deflates the guy more than any caning can!  Of course the caning is a very effective punishment but the over the knee spanking I think really underlines the womans authority and superiority over her male charge far more effectively!   Where the cane will punish severely, the OTK spanking will punish effectively whilst humiliating and deflating the guy that bit more into the bargain 🙂  Of course that is just my view but hey…its my blog too! 🙂

Anyway, here is a preview clip 🙂

You can see more from Miss Catalina in Shoe Sniffer including that sound caning I have been telling you about now over on Strict Women!  Or alternatively if you wish, you can buy the DVD or full digital download of the movie from FemDom Spanking Store or watch them streaming and not have them on your pc’s hard drive at Domination Theater and Fetish Video Theater!

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One thing with Miss Jessica is that you always know when she stars in a movie that viewing one of her movies always treats you to viewing HARD spanking and the latest update at Strict Women featuring Miss Jessica is no exception to that rule 🙂

In this video, Dodgy Dave takes his strict wife and soul mate to a romantic candle lit dinner on their wedding anniversary!  This was going to be the perfect evening for Miss Jessica and she had been SO looking forward to it!  But little did she know that although her husband was taking her there, he was not brave enough to tell her that he could not afford the meal!  A bit of a recurring theme this for Dodgy isn’t it?  Last week he was too frightened to tell Miss Zoe that he had put the bills in her name or to discuss the phone bill with her!  Now this week he is too nervous to discuss his shortness of cash with his wife Miss Jessica!

Anyway, how does he deal with this situation?  Well he excuses himself from the dinner table to go to the toilet, climbs out of the window there and drives home leaving poor Miss Jessica to explain the situation to the police as her purse and credit cards were still at home!  Meanwhile, the police being their usual helpful selves refuse to give Miss Jessica a lift home to get her money and so she is left to walk home in the rain!  Oh and of course because she came to the restaurant in the car she has no coat!  So as you imagine, a very wet and angry Miss Jessica when she finally gets through the door of the house and changes then confronts Dodgy Dave and boy is he in for a sound spanking!

Well…lets be honest, can you think of anything worse than what he has done to his wife that could deserve a spanking? And on his wedding anniversary too!  Im surprised she doesnt divorce him!  But that may still of course be on the cards yet!

Here is a short video preview!

Nothing like a good sound caning to put a guy in his place! By the way Dodgy has just taken 24 strokes of one cane before the FemDom spanking / caning that you see above was administered and he is now taking his second dose of 24 spanks with the Miss Jessica’s second cane!  He had better hope there isn’t a third!

By the way, here is a bit of pub quiz trivia, you probably wont know this but this movie is actually based on a true story!!! The man that did it sadly passed away some years ago but he did remain married to the same woman till the end of his days and yes she DID hit him pretty hard for this at the time!

Anyway, you can see this caning which Miss Jessica administers now exclusively at Strict Women!  Or if you prefer, you can obtain the DVD at the FemDom Spanking Store or view the FemDom spanking video streaming over at Domination Theater or Fetish Video Theater 🙂

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