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Wow, FemDom Spanking Store have just released a new Miss Amy movie on DVD at their site!  And also one of the most classic Miss Rebekah movies ever made!  This together with Miss Morigan Hel in sick note!

Miss Morigan’s Sick Note movie Ive just been talking to you all about in the previous post to this blog so I will just say a few words if i can about Miss Rebekah and Miss Amy’s movies!

I’m especially pleased to talk about these two movies because Miss Amy and Miss Rebekah are 2 of my favorites at the Strict Women site and anybody that has seen them in action will know instantly why that is!  Miss Amy for example gets many emails from members deep in awe at how sexy she is as does Miss Rebekah!  Miss Amy of course is seen in several sites Fm spanking sites where Miss Rebekah only spanks the naughty boys at Strict Women but I personally do not think any of the places you will see Miss Amy spanking the guys quite match up to her Strict Women movies because, and this is probably true across the board if I’m honest with any of the girls that shoot in several sites, the people who shoot the UK femdom spanking movies for Strict Women are deeply into FemDom spanking themselves!  And most if not all of the other sites out there simply churn the movies out with very little thought as if it were on a production line.  Mistress’s like Miss Amy of course will excel anywhere but when you pair her up with a video producer that puts some thought into their movies the Mistress’s REALLY enter into over drive I think and you see them at their best even if or when they are having a bad day.

Anyway, both Miss Rebekah and Miss Amy are probably amongst the top Mistress’s at Strict Women and I was particularly pleased when I heard that next month there is a shoot planned with both of these ladies!  I am getting to go and I personally cant wait!  🙂  So there is more to come!

Anyway, Miss Amy’s latest movie to be released on DVD and digital download is called His Private Tutor Part 2 and it is a sequal in which Mike gets his backside spanked by this blonde bombshell to the movie College Tutor where Miss Amy spanks Dodgy Dave!

In this movie, Miss Amy has taken delivery of another naughty boy who needs her own special brand of tutoring! Unlike on the last occasion when Miss Amy put him across her knee, he has turned in early rather than late and he says he has done all the work that she set for him but unfortunately he did not remember to bring it with him! Miss Amy does not hesitate one little bit as she puts naughty Mike over her knee and delivers a blistering hand spanking, paddling and caning!  This is a really great movie featuring the sexy Miss Amy in full schoolgirls uniform together with tightly fitting sweater giving poor Mike the spanking of his life as well as humiliating him as she talks down to him and demeans him in the way that only Miss Amy does 🙂  It is a true classic even by Miss Amy’s high standards and you really should not miss adding this one to your collection!

Miss Rebekah’s movie on the other hand stars this gorgeous yet strict and uncompromising Mistress, Miss Rebekah down to thong panties and black stockings in a way that will have all the naughty boys out there drooling and Miss Rebekah of course knows this will happen!  And yet stands waiting for you to drool tapping that hair brush of hers against her hand waiting to put you across those silky knees of hers!

This movie is called Day in the Life of Miss Rebekah and it follows an incident where her naughty husband and servant is helping her to dress in the morning.  As he brushes her hair, he can not help looking at that sexy bottom of hers in the thong panties and nipping her ear on the bristles of that hairbrush!  All of the things that annoy Miss Rebekah he seems to do this morning and so it is not at all long before she decides to put dodgy dave across her knee for a good sound spanking!  You are all invited to join her in her room as he suffers his humiliating punishment in this movie and as always with Miss Rebekah, it is one of the most painful and humiliating for Dodgy Dave yet most entertaining for Miss Rebekah!

So be sure that you do not miss any of these 3 movies!  Get yourself over to the FemDom Spanking Store now!

FemDom Spanking Store

Poor Mike, he has been lying on his easy chair snoozing when his strict wife’s boss phones to ask if she is there.  Except he thought she was already at work and he replies along those lines only to later discover when a very angry Miss Morigan returns from the shops that he had not listened to her message on the voicemail giving him instructions on the jobs she had set him to do and how he should respond to her boss should they telephone!  And now Miss Morigan is in trouble!  Mike therefore is in the deepest trouble that he could EVER imagine! And he has not had time to prepare himself mentally for the spanking that is obviously now going to be taking place!

This is the theme of the latest update at Strict Women today in which Miss Morigan shows why she has been ranked as one of the countries premiere Mistress’s for several years now! As you will have seen here over the months this blog has been going, there are those that are harsh and loud and others that are quiet and in control and Mistress Morigan is in the second category I think 🙂  Calm and collected yet strict and one who speaks with a voice that just has that air of authority 🙂

Here is a short video preview 🙂

Mike was sick this day as I remember which is why he is less mouthy than he usually is and that bit more compliant 🙂  There was another guy who was supposed to be in the movies but he disapeared after about an hour to get his plane back up to the north but then he was also struggling as I recall to take the spanking at the time as well in any event even when fairly light. And though Mike may whine a bit, he can at least take the spankings that are dished out to him!  And that is mostly what matters I think for a femdom spanking site right? 🙂   And even here he is taking a fairly good spanking there 🙂

You can see this video update with one of Strict Women’s sexiest and strictest Welsh Dommes now at Strict Women!  Or if you would like to see it on DVD it is now available at the FemDom Spanking Store where it was released on Saturday!  You can also see Mistress Morigan Hel at Red Badgers own streaming theater at Domination Theater in Lady of the House which is a really great movie about a strict lady in a large country manor who spanks all her servants 🙂

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Today is a big day for me 🙂  I have been waiting for this day for several weeks!  I spent several weeks looking at new cars and tomorrow I get my very first brand new car of my life! 🙂  Its a Hyundai i10 and I cant wait!  So its going to be quite busy because hopefully, I will soon be on my way to pick it up!  Yee ha! 🙂  So I hope you will all forgive me a little if this post is a little short 🙂  But days like today don’t come every day do they? 🙂

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know about the latest update to the Strict Mistress Zoe site in which Miss Zoe deals with a rather unfortunate Mike after he has irked her once too often by slurping his coffee!  She told him not to do so but he insisted as she so aptly put it and now its time for punishment!  And Miss Zoe’s punishments are never done by half!

This is actually based on a real person by the way!  It is one of my friends (well…he would be a friend if i liked him anyway) who does this really irritating double slurp when he drinks a hot drink!  Its not single slurp, i could tolerate that, its a double one!  Its like he takes a long slurping sip, and then draws breath in order to take a second and all before he swallows it!  Trust me, this would test the patience of a saint!  And Miss Zoe?  Well…lets just say Miss Zoe does NOT have that level of patience and so when Mike does this slurp Miss Zoe warns him not to do so but he just doesn’t listen.  He doesn’t listen that is until Miss Zoe throws his boiling hot coffee over him and then refuses to allow him to remove his shirt as that was his punishment! Except of course when he walks away from her She decides that too will have to be punished and so now the spanking begins! 🙂

Here is a short video preview 🙂

Ever been spanked on your back? 🙂  Trust me, it hurts!  Even though the paddle is far from the harshest paddle there is not a lot of flesh there and it hurts a lot!  Not quite as much as your chest mind you and Ive had that too from Miss Zoe but still a fairly significant pain! 🙂

So bear this in mind guys, suggesting to your disciplinarian when you are already in trouble that perhaps you have been punished enough is NOT a good idea!

Anyway, this is probably one of Miss Zoe’s hottest videos out there 🙂  You really should not miss it!  You can see the latest update to it now exclusively at Strict Mistress Zoe!  In the meantime why not take a look at Miss Zoe’s DVD store at FemDom Spanking Store where some of her best videos are available in either instant down loadable files or DVD to your door 🙂  Or if you do not wish for whatever reason to have the videos available on your PC or in your house as a DVD then you can stream many of them at the Domination Theater! 🙂

So with that I need to get things ready I’m afraid to go get my new car!!! :-)))))  See you all soon for another spanking!  🙂

Strict Mistress Zoe

Now personally I don’t get too worked up about tax avoidance to be honest…particularly the smaller guys who manage to get out of paying £20 here and there because lets face it, the big multinational companies have been doing it for years right?  And even getting government subsidies for doing so too!  But that is not the point of this post, merely the theme! 🙂

So i come straight to the point of this post AND the theme at the same time because I wanted to introduce you to the governments latest tax inspector that is Miss Rebekka!  It is her new job and one that she loves!  And particularly loved it when she noticed certain items like canes and paddles in young Dodgy’s accounts as so called legitimate expenses!  Could it be that this odious law breaker could be ripping us all off as he indulges in his fantasy of being spanked? And could it be that Miss Rebekka in her new job with all the power of the state behind her could use that power to indulge in HER biggest fantasy?  That of seriously spanking the life out of any and all males! So as you can imagine, the stage has been set for a serious spanking session here for dodgy law breaker David as Miss Rebekka decides to call on him to go over all his accounts in great detail!

Of course it doesn’t take her long to find all those ‘mistakes’ that he has made (which of course he blames on his accountant….a sequel for the future perhaps?) and so as his responsibility Miss Rebekka gives him her ultimatum.  Jail and a spanking or just a spanking 🙂  A hob-sons choice as the saying goes! 🙂

And that my friends is what is happening at the latest update in the Strict Women site!  And I (uniquely across the entire web) have a video preview to show you 🙂

Yes caught well and truly with his pants down Miss Rebekka!  Now getting the punishment he so richly deserves! 🙂

You can see this update now on Strict Women!  But be sure to check out as well Miss Rebekka’s streaming video theater at Domination Theater and Fetish Video Theater and her DVD’s at FemDom Spanking Store!

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Well its been a long day at work but i have finally got home and thought I would go pay a visit to the Strict Women site!  And boy is it a great update this week 🙂 Mike the naughty plumber come burglar has been caught in Miss Jewel’s bedroom when he was not even invited into the house and sniffing her knickers!  And now a very angry Miss Jewel has gotten her paddles out and has decided to teach him the sort of lesson that a strict woman only teaches by spanking the guys bare backside!  And boy does she make it hurt!  Because Miss Jewel has decided to spank him with not one paddle but two!  And its not good enough to use them separately, instead she uses both together at the same time!  Ouch! 🙂

Anyway, as always i have a video preview for you all where Mike has been put across Miss Jewel’s knee 🙂

Hard to know what to say to these questions huh?  Admit that you sniffed panties in the past and be punished harder and longer or say you haven’t and be spanked for contradicting your new Mistress!  A no win situation! 🙂  Probably the best strategy is to stay quiet or to try  to slowly change the subject i would think!  LOL 🙂

Anyway,  you can this video now at Strict!  Or if you wish to buy the DVD or full HQ video download then you can do this too at the FemDom Spanking Store along with so many others! 🙂

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Well I arrived home finally at 4:30am after shooting with one of the nets premiere Mistress’s, Miss Hunter!  Some of you will know her as The Hunteress and others as Mistress Cassie of the Cassie Canes website.  I’m still sitting gingerly but boy was the day a fun one! 🙂   And I really cant wait to see the video and to show some of it here!

From the very beginning as Miss Hunter began to inspect her many straps and canes ready to apply to an errant males backside we knew we were in for a tough days shoot but I enjoyed every moment of it 🙂

Time was a little short on the day so I wasn’t able to get a fan sign I’m afraid but here is a shot from the many images taken as Miss Hunter checks over one of her favorite straps!


By the way, some of you out there who may have written to this Goddess at the Cassie Canes website may have found that they have not received replies and so without wanting to pass comment on the circumstances (which are none of my business) I promised the Mistress (albeit under duress whilst over her knee from one of the thickest leather paddles Ive seen in a long time which She called her tenderiser) I would just briefly explain that she is no longer shooting for this site and so she is not seeing any of those emails.  Actually it didnt need to be under duress…I would do that for anybody under these circumstances but it added a flavour to the day if you know what I mean? 😉  Anyway, I should just explain that although the site is held out as her website, it is actually owned and controlled by the video producer concerned and so Miss Hunter has no control over whether emails are forwarded on to her or not.  This does NOT however mean that she is not open to sessions.  She very much IS open to spanking all of you guys out there in personal sessions but you need to contact her at her OWN Site and not the one that is owned by the video producer concerned who will remain nameless.  SO, to cut a long story short, if you are one of those people who didn’t receive a reply from the Mistress then please do contact Her again!  Only this time, contact Her at Her OWN site which is at where you will find plenty of information about her, some pics and a really nice blog 🙂  As for the future of the Cassie Canes site…well…who knows.  The future of Miss Hunter however im sure will remain as bright as ever 🙂  Things move on.  People move on.  But the world still remains in equilibrium 🙂

Anyway, in the meantime I just wanted to say how proud everybody is at Strict Women to welcome Miss Hunter into the fold at the site 🙂  And here at the FemDom Spanking Blog we look forward to featuring her MUCH more in the future! 🙂

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

Well good morning everybody and welcome to Friday!   End of the week and we look forward to the weekend!  A full one for me but more about that later!  More important things beckon…specifically I want to tell you all about the latest update over at Miss Zoe’s site!

Today Miss Zoe’s site has updated with a really great movie called ‘I Said No’ in which Miss Zoe had forbidden Mike her boyfriend and servant to go out.  But Mike didn’t think she was serious! Can you believe that?  How stupid can he be?  And so off he goes to a punk rock concert and returns late at night with his ears whining with that sort of loud whistling noise you always hear when you come out from a building where you have been listening to loud music!  So you can imagine what Miss Zoe was like when he tells her to speak up because he cant hear her!  ESPECIALLY as he not only had not asked for her permission but it had in any event been refused!

By the way, this movie was the 6th movie to be filmed that day as it was filmed to enable the opening of the site!  Miss Zoe had been on the go for around 10 hours with this shoot and if you are wondering, it is gone 2am when this movie was made!  So anybody who thinks that Miss Zoe tires of spanking bad boys butts easily had best think again!  This lady is a human dynamo!

Here is a short video preview from today’s update 🙂

You can see by the look on Miss Zoe’s face that she is enjoying every moment of this too!  Especially in that last spank she gives him! 🙂  And then of course She cant help stamping on his butt!  And not just his butt either, before she smothers the breath from him by sitting on his face.  Not my thing this last bit but Miss Zoe is the Boss so its up to Her of course how she punishes Her property not us! 🙂 If  indeed it even is punishment to have a Goddess such as this use your face as her throne! 🙂

Meanwhile, I am going to a shoot this weekend!  Woo!!! 🙂  This one is with a lady some of you may already know, Miss Hunter aka The Huntress 🙂  Looking forward to that!  I will be sure to try and get a fan sign for y’all! 🙂  Meanwhile, i will see you all next week for another thrilling update to this the FemDom Spanking blog 🙂

Anyway for more from Miss Zoe why not visit her at her site now at Strict Mistress Zoe!  Or you can buy her DVD’s at FemDom Spanking Store or see her streaming video at Fetish Video Theater or Domination Theater!

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Well good morning to everybody again! 🙂  Its my birthday today so I’m taking the day off!  I’m having birthday cake!  Woo!!! 🙂  🙂 🙂  But I did just quickly put this update together for you all because I have just been over to see whats new over on Strict Women and it seems one of my fave Mistress’s has come online with another brand new movie entitled ‘What Happens To A Disobedient Husband!’.  Of course the update is on Strict Women so I think we can all guess what happens to him!  He gets a sore spanked bottom right?  And there is none better to administer that smacked butt than the nets most beautiful Asian Mistress, Miss Koko!  The lady that brought a sharp end to the misconception that all Asian Ladies are submissive!  What better birthday present could they give me than that eh? 🙂

Anyway, in this movie, Miss Koko’s disobedient husband Dave had been given clear instructions after just walking out to play golf one night leaving Miss Koko to serve herself drinks and change channel on the tv and so on that in future he was to ask Her permission before leaving the house to make sure that she did not have additional jobs for him to do.  But silly male creature, he thought that just because it was his birthday, she wouldn’t mind if he didn’t report to her that one time to ask her permission to go out to the pub with his friends.  Well…she DID mind!  And Miss Koko didn’t mind showing him what happens when he disobeys her!  Ouch!

Here is a short video preview from the update 🙂

Ahhhh a good belt spanking!  One of my favorites 🙂  Clearly she is making some impact on Dodgy by spanking his legs there!  This seems to be becoming a trade mark for Miss Koko!  I seem to remember this was one of her little gems in the last update! 🙂  Of course Dodgy Dave is making a lot more fuss over this spanking than Mike did over that one and I do believe Miss Koko was spanking him a lot harder and with the double leather strap on the backs of his legs too….significantly more painful! 🙂  Ah well…both deserved it anyway and both got it!

Anyway you can see more from Miss Koko in this update over at Strict Women!  Be sure to visit her quick because she has been known to spank for lateness! 🙂

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

Just a quick heads up for those of you who love to view streaming femdom spanking movies that the streaming theater at Domination Theater has been totally redesigned in an easy to view and navigate way and has had a whole bunch of brand new movies added!

Miss Anna, the Boss of the Strict Women team has been working tirelessly on this project for a couple of weeks now and I’m really proud of her for her achievements on this!  The site is looking really nice now I think (not that it wasn’t before of course but I think it is much better now) and stands as a tribute to her design skills I think not to mention her own personal awesomeness 😉

Be sure to check them out!

Domination Theater

Perhaps one of the prettiest Dommes on the net, Princess Kaz has taken ownership of Zac and begun his training in her bedroom!  He is probably one of the luckiest males alive and yet he just can not help himself from annoying and irritating the incredibly sexy Miss Kaz as she bosses him around!

This is a glimpse into the way in which the sexy Miss Kaz trains her new servant and teaches him obedience and standards of accountability in his new lifestyle as Miss Kaz’s property and it begins as a naughty boys punishment always should with Zac stood in the corner as his Mistress has commanded with his nose to the wall!  And from there he is ordered to remove his trousers and bend over the bed as Miss Kaz stands over him tapping that slipper against one hand making Zac ever more nervous at what he knows is to come!

This is a really great movie this week with some really interesting FemDom!  Yet perhaps the cutest and most sexy thing about Miss Kaz is that softly spoken essex girls accent.  At one point Zac comments that he thought when he and his Mistress walked down the aisle at the church that they were going to equal?  Something that is treated with complete disdain by his sexy new Mistress as she scoughs at the thought that any mere male could ever be equal to ANY woman let alone a Goddess such as her!

Its hard really to sum this lady up in words so im just going to let her video do the talking I think 🙂  Its short and sweet but quality counts so much more than quantity 🙂  Here is a short preview clip 🙂

You can see Miss Kaz in this movie now exclusively at Strict Women and experience what it is like to receive training like this from such a beautiful young Mistress 🙂

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys