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Mike has made a really stupid mistake.  He had been trying to get tickets for a big football cup match for his girlfriend, Miss Zoe and him but was unable to do so and so though they are disappointed they agree to stay in and watch it on tv instead.  But suddenly his friend had an extra ticket.  God what a dilemma?  Does he give it to his girlfriend or does he take it or does he turn it down?  Well lets just say this is a ticket that is like gold dust and he has NO intentions of giving it away OR turning it down!  So his friend Dodgy Dave and he work out a storyline to tell her where Dodgy pretends to be his boss calling round to pick him up as he is urgently needed for work!  Except of course whilst this phone call has been going on, Mikes REAL boss has been on the phone to Miss Zoe upstairs asking why he hasn’t been in work for a few weeks!!!   SO…Miss Zoe is on to him and when Mike tries to tell this story she is furious at the lies!  And a very angry Miss Zoe at her very best decides that she is going to spank her naughty boyfriend and spank him hard!

This is a movie that was based on a  true story by the way that was on the local radio some time ago!  And when Miss Zoe heard about it she decided she wanted to make this movie to show all naughty boys out there what would happen to them if they EVER tried that with her!  So take this as a warning guys! 🙂

Anyway, you might think that given Mike is now in the process of being punished he would shut up?  But does he?  Not a bit of it.  He continues to wind his strict girlfriend up even whilst he is over her knees and her reactions are a true classic! 🙂

Make no mistake about it, this movie is one of Miss Zoe’s best!  This is the first of a 2 movie series with Part 2 showing Miss Zoe dealing with the friend dodgy dave!  They will both shortly be available on DVD but today the members at Strict Mistress Zoe get to see her in this movie in the update to the site 🙂

Here is a preview clip 🙂

See what i mean about continuing to wind his Mistress up? LOL.  Yes not a good idea to ask her to reschedule the spanking so he can go off to watch that match whilst he is over her knees!!!  LOL 🙂  Like She would let him in any event!  He doesn’t know it yet but Miss Zoe is sending him off to bed after his spanking! 🙂

Anyway, be sure to check this update out over on Strict Mistress Zoe!  It really is a true classic 🙂

Strict Mistress Zoe

A naughty boy who brings Miss Koko the wrong breakfast at FOUR in the morning is in deep trouble today at Strict Women!  This is because Miss Koko has set a new discipline regime around breakfast!  If it doesn’t arrive ON TIME and CORRECTLY then naughty mike gets spanked.  He knows that yet he still brings the wrong breakfast!  Of course yesterday morning he was spanked for coming late at 7 minutes past 9 in the morning!  That is 7 minutes late!  SO today he thinks he can make up for it by coming dead on 4am!  And a very tired Miss Koko is not at all happy about it!

At this point I guess we should remind all guys out there that your Mistress is likely to be at her least compromising and most ‘grumpy’ when she is tired SO waking her at 4am WITH THE WRONG breakfast as Mike did is probably NOT a good idea as he is about to learn and you should NOT try this at home!  In fact, its probably wisest to avoid this kind of behaviour if you live with a strict girlfriend or strict wife where ever possible!

And this is the reason why! 🙂

Yes Mike is used to getting paddled by all the ladies in Strict Women but you can see with the spanking of the upper legs just what I mean about the strict woman being at her least lenient when she is angered when she is tired!  So be warned!

Of course Mike is lucky (?) to be in the in the situation where he has been allowed to serve a Goddess like Miss Koko and the others but obviously that’s not what he is thinking right at the point above!  And with that thick double strap that Miss Koko is using I cant begin to tell you how much that would hurt!  No white van man attitude being displayed here like he displayed with Miss Kaz now huh? 🙂

Anyway you can see the latest update to this video now at Strict Women!  Alternatively if you would like to purchase the DVD or digital download then you can get that from the FemDom Spanking Store or watch the streaming movie at the newly refurbished and recently updated Fetish Video Theater 🙂

Will see you all back here tomorrow for another update to this blog!  Meanwhile i want to organise a test drive for a new car I want to buy…been looking at a few but none out there so far have made me feel so warm and fuzzy about them that I want to doll out £7k on one! LOL 🙂  We will see if this one does when i have tried it! 🙂

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

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Well hello again!  This is just a very quick gratuitous plug for my two new blogs 🙂  I’m planning a couple more in the near future but for now these two will be firmly in my update calendar so I wanted to let you all know they are out there so you can visit them and if you liked them you can bookmark them 🙂


I am planning on updating these two blogs once a week without fail!

In the meantime you can also see my other blogs that are already up and running with regular updates at


All obviously are free so please do come along and join the community 🙂

Mistress Dana has been one of the leading lights in the world of female domination for some years now.  These days there are a million and one Mistress’s online out there and finding the right Mistress for you is a real difficult task!  Some of them, particularly in the money slavery sites are not even women!  Just don’t get me started on that!  But when the Internet age was breaking, Miss Dana was one of the few Mistress’s who came online and began publishing some of the most awesome material around including her discipline diary which is still online in her members site today and various audio scoldings and discipline that would have you regressing back to the days when you were a naughty boy about to go over mothers or teachers knee in no time!

What you see is what you get with Miss Dana.  Pure domination.  She has always been that way and long may she continue to be one of the premiere Dommes on the Internet 🙂  Premiere because Miss Dana is for real!  Her paddles, her canes and her hairbrush are not for show, they DO get used!

For those who haven’t seen her, here she is 🙂


Pic Above Taken From (Miss Dana’s truly fantastic FemDom Spanking website)

Anyway, back to the purpose for this post! Because Mistress Dana has just released 3 new videos on her streaming video theater!  That is Mouth Soaping (the name of which speaks for itself!), I wish my wife would spank me (though after this movie you might change your mind if you see the state of her naughty boys butt at the end of it) and Hairbrush Discipline which involves her naughty boy getting a good sound hairbrush spanking!

Apart of course from Miss Dana being the star of all her movies (as you would expect) there are 2 more things that each and every one of them has in common!   And that is they are all classics!  And the reason (the second thing in common) is that without exception (other than the mouth soaping video which is entirely mouth soaping) the spanking of each and every naughty boy in the movies is HARD!  Not so hard as to put the boy in hospital but you can bet your life he would have been sitting very gingerly indeed for several weeks after!

You can see these video’s now at Fetish Video Theater which has recently been updated with so many others such as Red Badger updates, Spanking Bare Butts, Strict Mistress Zoe and two brand new Sterntime Classics called Johnny Come Lately and a really great movie called ‘His Wife Sent Him‘ in which naughty Lee is sent by his wife to report to her best friend Miss Calliste who she has asked to take over her husbands discipline when she is out of town on business!  And boy does she take it over!  Lee certainly knows he is beneath ALL women after Miss Calliste has taken care of his spanking!  Here is a pic taken from the movie 🙂


Anyway, why not go take a look at the new videos 🙂  Oh and be sure to check out Miss Dana’s own members site!  Still one of the very best FemDom spanking sites out there and run under the control of one of the most dominant premiere league Dominatrix’s to be seen on the net!  Somebody who spanks the guys in her life FOR REAL not just for show!

Some of you might remember some time ago when Strict Women published a video from a lady called Miss Stephanie in which she spanked her naughty boy with a big book!  I never really realised until I was spanked with one of these hardback books just how much it hurt!  I mean REALLY hurt!  And if you don’t believe me, you only  have to look at the sites video clips today to see just how effective the latest spanking was where the very sexy Miss Rose administers a spanking with a large 5 year hard backed diary!

Miss Rose is probably one of the harsher Mistress’s at Strict Women and there is just something about her that you simply cant really leave go?  She is quite unique in so many ways and so incredibly good at humiliating her naughty boy and in deriding him as worthless 🙂

This particular movie is set around Miss Rose’s naughty boy, in this case Mike, who has been looking through her diary and reading out the entries to his friends on the phone!   As you can imagine,  Miss Rose is not at all happy about this and decides to demonstrate just what happens when you do this type of thing to a lady like her!  Its by the book!  A hard spanking with the diary itself!

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get any video today with this spanking in it but I did manage to get a frame capture taken directly from the movie itself 🙂  An action shot!


As you can see, Miss Rose has certainly left her impression on Mikes bare bottom with this diary over her knee!

One cant help wondering whether he learned his lesson.  Given that he has been over many girls knees since that day I guess the answer has to be a no but I can assure you having watched this video that it was NOT from want of trying to teach him on Miss Rose’s part! Because this spanking Miss Rose gave in this video was probably one of the hardest Ive seen.  Perhaps a few too many light paddles that Miss Rose was not really used to but she certainly made up for it with the diary thats for sure!  This diary was whacked down on his butt with all the strength that she could muster with both arms!  Im told Mike had the bruises on his butt for several weeks after in fact!

Cant wait to see what she will improvise and use as a spanking implement next!  The table lamp perhaps? LOL 🙂

Anyway you can see this and other Miss Rose movies now at Strict Women!  Or if you prefer, the video is also available as a streaming video at Fetish Video Theater!  Or as a DVD at FemDom Spanking Store!

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

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Some of you may remember that Miss Jessica was recently in a movie called Maid Enforcer Agency in which she put Mike across her knee when he was treating his wife badly and expecting her to do all of the house work.  Well the sequel to that movie came actually not from Miss Jessica but Miss Zoe and she has certainly made an excellent job in my opinion of maintaining and even improving on a movie which was in any event one of Miss Jessica’s classics by adding her own personal touch of sadistic pleasure to it! 🙂

So enter Miss Zoe for Maid Enforcer Agency Part 2!  A really great movie in which Miss Zoe spanks one of her own personal slaves, Brooklyn due to his disgraceful attitude towards women in general and his wife in particular!  For the storyline is similar as Ive already said to the first Maid Enforcer Agency movie in which Miss Jessica was called in to re-educate the wife’s husband towards subservience to women rather than the other way around!  And if Miss Jessica would fail (not likely by the way) there is nobody better suited to ram the message home than Miss Zoe! But this is a different naughty boy in this movie as I say and so it seems that Mike DID indeed learn his lesson over Miss Jessica’s knee!

I have a preview clip from today’s update here to show you all as well 🙂

Chuckle, the funny thing is Brooklyn actually asked Miss Zoe not to mark him in this video?  LOL.  Thats like red to a bull that is!  LOL 🙂

Anyway, as you see, a very relaxed Miss Zoe here trains the male chauvinist pig to clean the carpet!  Except in this video he is not allowed to use the vacuum cleaner!  A little prior to this, Miss Zoe was making the point to naughty Brooklyn who couldn’t understand why he was doing the work when his wife had hired a maid, that it was his place to serve women!  That after all is the reality of male life to a female supremacist!  So if his wife was to tell him to do cartwheels around the house he will DO it!  But this message just wasn’t getting through to poor Brooklyn so calmly Miss Zoe picked up that whippy cane and decided She would begin to train him into the ways of his new life!  And boy did she ever make it hard for him!

So now rather than use a vacume, and just tounderline his subservience to his strict young Mistress here, he must lick the carpet clean with his tongue as she gives him the sort of encouragement that he needs by use of that very same long slim cane in her hand!  No, that cane is not for show!  It is used regularly!

Of course the second stroke of that cane is only administered with a fraction of the force that Miss Zoe would usually use it but then that too is a message! And it stings!  But it says to poor Brooklyn, DO NOT TEST ME! And Brooklyn of course who has felt the full force of Miss Zoe’s cane will know this and instantly be grateful to his Mistress for her kindness AND her implicit warning!

There is so much in Miss Zoe’s movies which is unsaid but the meaning is never lost on the naughty boy getting his spanking trust me 🙂

Anyway, you can see the latest update to this movie now over on Strict Mistress Zoe!  Or if you prefer, the full download and/or DVD is available for purchase at the FemDom Spanking Store or you can stream it at Miss Zoe’s pay per view theater at Fetish Video Theater 🙂

By the way, Fetish Video Theater has recently been completely redesigned and overhauled and is way easier to navigate now!  There are also a whole bunch of brand new FemDom spanking movies there to view! And much more coming on line real soon.  Domination Theater I’m told is currently being worked on so this will soon be upgraded also! 🙂

Strict Mistress Zoe

FemDom Spanking Store

its been around five months since Miss Morigan Hel was last published at Strict Women so its really nice to see her return in this a brand new movie entitled Sick Note! 🙂  In this one, Miss Morigan decided that she wanted to go shopping so phoned her boss at work to say that she was sick and hoped to be back tomorrow.  But hubby comes home early, falls asleep in HER chair and does not listen to her warning on the house telephone answer machine!  And then of course the inevitable happens…Miss Morigans boss phones to see how she is feeling and Mike tells her that she was not in and that as far as he knew, she was at work!

An hour passes by and a very angry Miss Morigan stroms into the house demanding to know what the heck is going on only to find Mike once again asleep on HER chair, the chair which incidently he is not allowed to sit!  So as you can imagine, this kind of betrayal AND disobedience does not go down very well with his strict wife and before he knows it, he is sent to fetch her paddle! Well, actually more a collection of paddles than just the one but he knows what she means when she gives the command in any event 🙂

So the stage is set!  And before he knows it, Mike has his trousers and underpants down at his ankles and is kneeling on the floor getting his bare butt whipped by his beautiful new Mistress! And once again we have a preview clip to show you all 🙂

Not the hardest spanking Ive seen but she certainly isn’t taking any nonsense either and to be fair to Mike, he actually WAS sick that day and wasn’t supposed to be getting spanked but the person who WAS supposed to be spanked went home earlier than expected and in any event was struggling to take much punishment.  But anyway, it WAS a fun day as i recall 🙂  And poor Mike STILL went home with a sore bottom after all so at least his behaviour was better for a few days than it otherwise would have been! 🙂

Anyway, this is a pretty good movie to see and quite enjoyable within the site itself 🙂  And you can see it now exclusively at 🙂

See you all tomorrow for another update to this blog when Miss Zoe will flex the cane once more 🙂

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

Ive just come back from Strict Women where I see Miss Jewel Marceau has become the new star for today’s update 🙂

This is definitely one for those who like to see the harder spankings!  This is a lady that won top bondage model award for several years running so I kind of guessed she would be pretty good at this though her aim with those straps and paddles was either slightly off or else she just enjoyed inflicting the most pain that she could because although she told him once or twice to stick his butt out so she could spank him properly, probably about 40-60% of the spanks she administered landed just between his butt and his back! 🙂  But it was sure effective in teaching naughty Mike right from wrong anyway! 🙂

In this video,Mike has been caught on one of his favorite routines which is sniffing the ladies underwear at the Strict Women mansion! And Miss Jewel, perhaps unsurprisingly was not very impressed! She has already decreed that she is going to spank his bottom for him but rather than apologize he begins telling her he is from the gas board and that sniffing her panties is part of the platinum service he has been told to give her gas central heating! Miss Jewel is not fooled however and soon Mike finds himself over her knee being spanked!

Here is a short video preview 🙂

Yes there is that thick double strap again!  Stings like the blazes!  🙂  Mike of course, thankfully, is not screaming or making the fuss that the other guy did with Miss Rene recently! 🙂 You have to wonder what sort of noise he would have made if he had been spanked with 3 paddles at once like Mike is above? 🙂

Yes a 3 paddle spanking 🙂  You don’t see that every day? 🙂  Actually there was another scene in another movie yet to be published with Miss Jewel Marceau in where she spanks Dodgy Dave with 2 canes at once!  Ouch!  🙂  I’m looking forward to showing you some of that when it is published!

But for now, why not go report for your discipline at the home of FemDom Spanking on the net, that of Strict Women!  The first women spanking men members site ever to open…first, biggest and still the very best in my opinion 🙂

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

Well merely a day after I mention to you all how great dominant ladies look in jodhpurs and feature Miss Jessica, I get to bring you Miss Zoe wearing them!  They both look stunning in them of course but out of the two videos I think I would have to go for this one with Miss Zoe if I’m absolutely honest.  They are both different of course but Miss Zoe is way more intense in her movies and I personally prefer that 🙂

This movie features Miss Zoe as a spoilt lady of the house who calls on her stable boy, in this case, dodgy dave, after he has failed to properly prepare her horse for her to ride!  Make no mistake, Miss Zoe is about as angry as Ive ever seen her in this movie and gives her servant the sort of spanking that would bring a shiver down the spine of just about any guy around no matter how tough they might think they are!  And if you don’t believe me, just take a look at his butt!  Miss Zoe used a fibreglass riding crop on him, brand new and broke it no less than 3 times on him in this movie!

Anyway after failing to get Miss Zoe’s horse ready and instead running off with her friend for the day “the pretty little blonde” as Miss Zoe calls her, Dodgy Dave is in more trouble than he has ever imagined that he would or could be 🙂  And Miss Zoe, as always is right on top of her form and totally dismissive of ANY excuses!  in fact, excuses with Miss Zoe only ever get you punished more severely in any event so you are best off keeping that in mind!

Here is a preview clip 🙂

One thing you might notice about Miss Zoe, and she is the only one i have experienced this with, is that when she puts a naughty boy across her knee like she does in this preview clip above, she is NEVER satisfied with just inflicting the pain of the spanking!  Oh NO! No, Miss Zoe has an additional punishment that she ALWAYS dishes out which is to grip the loose skin around your waist and squeeze it real tight!  And believe me, if you are not totally disorientated by being across Her knee, you will be by that grip!  You can not move and you can not take yourself away to another world because the pain is constant!  The spanking of course is in addition!  Im not quite sure which hurts the most actually but its probably a close run thing!   And given how hard Miss Zoe spanks, that does make a statement not to be ignored!

You can see more from Miss Zoe at her own site, Strict Mistress Zoe 🙂  So go take a look now!  You will fall in love in no time at all…just make sure you don’t get her mad!!!  🙂

Strict Mistress Zoe

This is one of those sights that every guy out there reading this blog I just know loves to see!  That is the sight of a beautiful woman in jodhpurs tightly clinging to the contours of every curve and bump of her figure as she flexes that riding crop or cane to give the naughty boy in her charge the sound spanking that both know he richly deserves!

This is a rare offering on this blog but its one I always love to show! 🙂  And there are few better than Miss Jessica in her leaner meaner look and it is a brand new video scenario at Strict Women in which Miss Jessica has returned from her riding lessons only to meet with a rather angry young lady next door complaining about her husbands rudeness!  But not only his rudeness but also his vandalism of her property arising out of the row which they had had!

Perhaps i should just say that the first lesson you learn when you serve a Strict Woman is to respect ALL women in general!  They are superior to you and they outrank you and even if you can not be polite, you should NEVER EVER be rude!  This is a lesson that Dodgy Dave who plays her husband in this scenario has forgotten!  But it is also a lesson that Miss Jessica is DETERMINED to remind him of!

Here is a short video preview 🙂

These are my favorite spankings really 🙂  The over the knee hand spankings which arguably don’t hurt anything like as much as the paddle in most cases (though there are several ladies out there whose spankings with their hand hurt MORE than most paddles I have to say!) the over the knee domestic style spanking is by far the most effective at deflating the naughty boys attitude in the very beginning of the discipline session as it does a truly excellent job of regressing him back to the time to the maternal style spankings that he would have had years ago and the point at which he had no high and mighty attitude about being on an equal footing with women in general which is something that we all kind of develop in later years but which the truly wise strict woman will always keep under control with us and remind us that we are NOT on an equal footing and whether we like it or not, we are subject to bare bottom spankings from THEM!

Of course, once Miss Jessica has made that clear in Dodgy Daves head, he is pushed off of her lap and the discipline will get tougher with paddles, cane, riding crop and so on!  But this is the truly wise Strict Woman in action!  And Miss Jessica is clearly getting through to Dodgy Dave in any event even with the over the knee hand spanking! 🙂

Anyway, you can see more from Miss Jessica in this and many other of her movies now exclusively on Strict Women 🙂  And don’t keep her waiting! 🙂

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys