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Its been a week or two since i updated Y’all on whats going on at the Strict Mistress Zoe site or Miss Zoe as She demands to be addressed and its been pretty good there!  Several brand new scenarios have been published with Miss Zoe in her usual knock out form both as the Strict Woman and yes…as one of the cutest Mistress’s in FemDom Land!  But today Miss Zoe is published on the site in one of her finest productions!

The video in question is ‘Bad Report Card’ in which Mike is reported to Miss Zoe by Miss Anna, the video editor as having messed up the filming of the previous video for Strict Women by pressing the off button on the video camera and losing some of the video.  Of course it was not ACTUALLY Mike that did this!  It was Brooklyn!  But as Miss Zoe so very cutely points out in her somewhat ticked off manner, they are a TEAM and its his responsibility to make sure that Brooklyn is doing things correctly!  And as Brooklyn is not there (he has actually ran off to the pub with the words ‘stuff her’ which makes Miss Zoe EVEN MORE angry if that were possible) some male has to be punished!  And as Miss Zoe points out, Mike is the only male present so “I do believe that is going to be you!”  🙂  Nobody could possibly argue with Miss Zoe’s clear, unambiguous and fully logical reasoning here of course!  Nobody that is except for Mike!  Silly boy…he just doesn’t learn until the girls have tanned his backside for him!

I have a short preview clip as always to show you all 🙂  This one is all action and no words unfortunately which is a pity because Miss Zoe is really good in this movie when he begins to apologise and beg her to stop 🙂  But then the action is what its all about as well so… 🙂

Clearly as you can see from the smile on Miss Zoe’s pretty face, She is having a great time even if he is not! 🙂

Anyway, you can see more from Miss Zoe in this movie now over on Strict Mistress 🙂

See you all again on Monday for another update!  In the meantime, have a spanking great weekend 🙂

Strict Mistress Zoe

Mike is in trouble again it seems.  Just a few days ago he was getting paddled and now he is bent over a chair being caned by Miss Rebekka! 🙂  Yep its another great update over on Strict Women 🙂  Miss Rebekka is Mikes strict new manageress and when he fails to give in her report on time losing her a sale she is determined to stamp out his sloppy ways and this she does with the use of several hard leather paddles and her favorite and most whippy cane!  He of course did not believe it would happen but Miss Rebekka, no doubt spurred on by the complaint from Miss Kaz about his attitude only a few days ago is not one to take disobedience lightly from any male!

There is some really good video in this latest update that is not shown here where Miss Rebekka sits on Mikes back and spanks him with a leather paddle.  Poor guy, he is trapped when she does that!  He can not move and the paddle just keeps on falling sending that most hard stinging shock straight to his head!  But Miss Rebekka as always is not satisfied because a naughty boy simply has not been properly punished until he has been soundly spanked on his bare bottom with a cane!

So it was a hard decision to make which part of todays video to show you all really?  But i figured that we do show you quite a lot of bare bottom paddling here so maybe the cane would be a nice little change? 🙂

Here is a video preview

You can see this update now exclusively on Strict!  Or alternatively if you want to see the DVD or full length HQ Downloadable video you can get it from the FemDom Spanking Store!

Meanwhile, I’m told that the Fetish Video Theater is in the middle of a complete redesign and overhaul with lots of new HQ videos coming along from girls many of you will remember such as Miss Amanda, Miss Katelyn, Miss Candi and many others!  So keep your eyes peeled for that to come live real soon!

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

Another great update over at Strict Women today, this one just for Jason who loves to see the American girls! 🙂  In this latest update, Strict Women have just brought back Miss Rene to complete her latest video spanking scenario The Lazy Slob 🙂  Currently they are working their guts out recapturing ALL the US videos in new HQ video format which will be going into the Strict Women site but also onto their video store at FemDom Spanking Store and their Streaming Video Theater at Fetish Video Theater!  But it will also mean Strict Women members will see a higher bandwidth and quality video for the American girls than they used to plus the videos will be in windows media format replacing some of the older videos which were still in real player format and then zipped up in a zip file which did cause a few people some problems who did not know that they could not play a zip file in windows media player. Obviously these are the ladies you will not have seen for a while…the oldies but goldies like Miss Amanda, Miss Allison, Miss Katelyn and so on!  So the news is really good today 🙂

Anyway, for todays update, Miss Rene is starring as I say in a moviecalled the Lazy Slob in which her lazy good for nothing and unemployed/able husband decides that he doesnt like the sun because it keeps him awake so prefers watching tv late at night to getting up in the mornings to help out with the housework!  Something that Miss Rene of course is not too keen on accepting from him and shows him this with a good sound bare bottom spanking over her knee.  He of course makes far too much noise throughout as he always does!  Even when she isnt spanking him he cries out!  I have to wonder what he would be like if she decided to use a cane on him! 🙂

Anyway here is a preview flash clip 🙂

Miss Rene is always one of the best at scolding and lecturing her naughty boy!  She was really excellent in this movie 🙂  Im sure you will love it!  And galleries wise there is a really nice gallery from Miss Koko where she wears pretty skimpy exercise shorts and top 🙂

Anyway you will see more from Miss Rene and Miss Koko exclusively at Strict Women 🙂

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

Yes one of my all time favorite Mistress’s Miss Chloe is back today in Strict Women and all i can say is WOW!  God this lady is SO HOT She would burn your fingers if you were to touch her!  This is a new movie where Miss Chloe returns in one of the hottest schoolgirl outfits Ive ever seen!  A short skirt that doesn’t even properly cover her bottom, white fishnet stockings and one of the sexiest bodies God ever managed to make even on her best days!  So what is there that could make Miss Chloe even hotter?  Well try that bitchy determined ‘you will obey me  as I’m the boss’ attitude and an overall confidence in spanking males and I proudly present to you Miss Chloe!  And from that you get to see why this Mistress is one of my personal favorites! 🙂

This is a classic movie just published on Strict Women where the sexy  teenage Miss Chloe has forgotten to bring her essay to her personal tutor at university only to find that her tutor who understandably also thinks she is adorable is actually more dominant than submissive and tries to put Miss Chloe across HIS knee!  Now before you all start screaming at me yelling about how this is totally unacceptable that a Goddess should EVER be spanked by a mere male and particularly one like Dodgy Dave, I should just say there are only one or two very light slaps, that this scenario is actually one of Miss Chloe’s OWN scenarios AND that Miss Chloe makes dodgy Dave pay BIG TIME for the mistake!

This movie reminds me in a way of Miss Chloe’s very first movie, Fancy Dress Incident because she was clearly on a power trip in this movie and you could see she was enjoying every second of it! The difference between the two movies?  Well yes there are one or two…the storyline is different, its a different outfit but mostly the fact that the spanking is MUCH MUCH harder! Not brutal but certainly HARD.  Fancy Dress Incident was fairly light spanking even though it was incredibly entertaining!  This movie I think is probably up there with Miss Chloe’s very best and comparable on a different plain even with Miss Zoe who is very much an in your face and totally in charge Mistress.

Here is a short video preview from our sexy French Goddess!

What more can I say?  Well only really that I cant even begin to tell you how much that hard soled sandal hurts!  That sandal hurts as much as the cane!  Just a different type of pain! 🙂  And of course the humiliation of being put across Miss Chloe’s knee, spanked and then mocked for crying like a ‘stupid girl’ when he gets his spanking makes it even more punishing 🙂

Well…only that you can see the video now live along with a gallery from the film now exclusively at Strict Women 🙂  Meanwhile if you like what you see, don’t forget to visit Miss Chloe at her own site also!

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

Miss Chloes Slipper

Just look at this face!  There is just no mistaking that look in Miss Joanne’s eyes as a face of any woman that is in the mood to be messed around by ANY male!  How many would dare give Miss Joanne backchat with a look like that on her face whilst their face is in her vice like grip of her hand? 🙂


Oh by teh way, OBVIOUSLY pictures at Strict Women are WAY BIGGER than the one above, I just wanted to post it because it is one that speaks absolute volumes about just how strict Miss Joanne really is!

Miss Joanne is the first British Lady to have appeared in Strict Women and it was on the basis of HER performance that so many others have since followed in her footsteps!  And Miss Joanne has stood the test of time, still remaining one of the firm favorites amongst members there  and outside and still shooting great femdom spanking video exclusively for Strict Women 🙂 I say exclusively but there is talk of Miss Joanne soon doing a shoot with Miss Zoe also if they can find a naughty boy who is brave enough to submit to the two of them at once! 🙂

Anyway, at Strict Women today, Miss Joanne is starring in a brand new movie in which her naughty employee Mike has been reported for peeking on the girls in the lavatories and filming them in there and she is in NO mood for any of Mike’s pleadings that it is not fair or that she could perhaps find some other way of punishing him!  Naughty boys get spanked and that is all there is to it as she firmly points out!  Just take a look at this video sample from today’s update 🙂

Not shown in this video above but there is a really hot part of this video in todays update where Miss Joanne tells Mike he has been a very naughty boy and explains how she is going to pull his pants down, put him across her knee and spank him.   He of course is kneeling before her with his head bowed no doubt reeling at the fact he is going to be punished by one of Female Dominations strictest and hottest Mistress’s!  Wanting it to be over yet fearful of its start!  This is the scene you see in the photo above!  And anybody that has faced this sort of confrontation with a strict woman like Miss Joanne will know that butterflies in the pit of their stomach feeling real well!

The spanking in the video preview above is fairly light (other than the spanking of his hands) but this is of course the beginning of the full movie!  No male ever gets away with it that easy with Miss Joanne trust me! LOL 🙂

Anyway, you can see more from Miss Joanne in Perverted Employee now exclusively at Strict Women along with many more of her videos 🙂  Alternatively you can get her DVD’s or downloads at her page on the FemDom Spanking Store! 🙂

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

Cool!  Miss Catalina has returned to Strict Women in Shoe Sniffer and I notice that the six clips that were there from that movie already have now all been replaced with the new higher quality video 🙂  Ive really missed Miss Catalina over the last few months (I think its about 6 months since she was last published there) and its really great to see her back!

Meanwhile things are back in new year mode and new shoots are being planned with several new Mistress’s as well as one or two of the older favorites! Ive seen pictures and we are all in for a real treat in the coming year I think! More on those as they happen of course 🙂  But one is already booked! 🙂

Anyway just as a reminder of what this latest video with Miss Catalina was all about, you might recall that Mike who is in love with Miss Catalina’s feet and has been hiding a big secret from his Mistress!  He has been sniffing Her shoes and rubbing himself with them. On this ocasion Miss Catalina has walked in on him and caught him in his perverted ways and so decides as she so often does that he will now be punished!  And as you can see from the state of his bottom She knows how to spank a guy!

Here is a sneek domestic femdom spanking preview 🙂

And with that wooden hairbrush too.  Miss Catalina mentioned in the movie that she wanted him to be feeling his smacked bottom in 2 weeks time every time he sat down to remind him of how he got it and he sure did!  Two weeks later the bruises were still there!

I have to laugh at that part where she says see the difference when you bend down properly? Like its something he should be happy about as that paddle comes down that much harder!  LOL.  Yes its actually how hard it is that makes the sound rather than how far down he has been ordered to bend 🙂

Anyway, you can see more from this and other Miss Catalina movies over at Strict Women! 🙂  Or if you prefer to see the DVD instead or full download you can get that here! 🙂

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

This is one for all those who have ever been cut up on the motorway or other roads by the white van driver who drives around with total disrespect for other road users and pedestrians.  You know the sort, the ignorant rude and horrible idiots who yell and swear at you whilst driving inches away from your back bumper flashing their lights because they are not happy unless they are driving at 100mph plus!

Well Mike plays one of these idiots in the latest update at Strict Women but finds himself reporting in to Princess Kaz to get her signature for that box  he has been carrying.  Obviously he is in too much of a hurry to wait even a moment and continues his rudeness after crashing into Miss Kaz’s car!  But Miss Kaz has her own methods of sorting ignorant males out and that is by pulling their trousers and pants down to their ankles and putting them across her knee!  And that is just what she does in this movie to great effect 🙂

Here is a short video preview 🙂

The spanking in this preview is only really a warm up 🙂  Miss Kaz gets much harsher as the video proceeds and there are some great camera angles looking upwards at her from the floor showing her lovely legs and even a sneak glimpse or two of her panties! God help the cameraman when she sees those!  Perhaps that will be the next video to shoot when She returns? 🙂

Anyway you can see more  from Princess Kaz in this and other movies now along with all her strict lady friends over at Strict! 🙂 See you over there! 🙂

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

Just had an email in my mailbox from Clare Fonda sending me some galleries for different spanking sites that she runs and thought I would post a couple of the pics from her women spanking men site, Clare Spanks Men! 🙂  These feature the very sexy Miss Kailee who has had to put naughty Daniel over her knee again!  Clearly he hasnt learned his lesson from last time!  🙂  Here are a couple of the pics 🙂



Looks like he enjoyed his spanking a little too much! 😉  Perhaps Miss Kailee should command him to go and fetch her cane!  That will make him think twice next time! 🙂

If you want to see the rest of the pics in the free gallery then you can see them HERE

Meanwhile, if you want to see the video you will need to report directly to Miss Kailee at Clare Spanks Men! 🙂  And if you do, let me know what its like by commenting here! 🙂

Just finished work and thought I would go over and see what Strict Women have been up to in their updates and it seems that they have posted an update to a movie called ‘Mechanics Lesson‘ in which Miss Chantelle puts the manager of the local garage across her knee when he fails to deliver her car on time!

Its an intriguing movie because Miss Chantelle, all the way from Australia, which for a shoot in the UK is about as far as you can go unless you live on the moon or something which maybe you can do if you are Captain Kirk but for the rest of us lets just say its a Loonnnnngggg way! 🙂  Now being Australian isn’t that unusual in Strict Women, there are actually two other Australian Mistress’s – Miss Sapphire and Miss Karlene.  BUT Miss Chantelle is the only Aborigine Mistress in the site and the first Ive seen anywhere if I’m honest and so I really enjoyed watching this one to see how she was 🙂   So to that end perhaps it would be good to show you all what she is like too? 🙂

As you can see, she is certainly making a good impression there with that hairbrush which incidentally Ive felt personally and can tell you it stings like the blazes!  Josh will notice immediately that Miss Chantelle is using her left arm there!  No she is not left handed, she is ambidextrous!  Or spankdexterous as Miss Zoe says 🙂  Ok she is not the prettiest girl you will lay eyes on but Miss Koko certainly took a pride in teaching her how to dominate guys that’s for sure when she she introduced her to spanking her man in Spanking Lesson which was a really great movie featuring both Miss Chantelle AND Miss Koko! 🙂 Miss Chantell has this love of spanking exactly the same spot time and again which really intensifies the spanking however which Miss Koko does not do!  So you can certainly see the sadistic streak that runs through her! 🙂  And anyway, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and Miss Chantelle’s way certainly has a good unique ring to it 🙂

You can see more from Miss Chantelle in this movie now exclusively at 🙂  Along of course with many from Miss Koko and others!  So be sure to visit her soon! 🙂

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

Just a quick heads up on the fact that there has been no fewer than 8 (Eight) really great femdom spanking videos just released over at the FemDom Spanking Store!

I wont go into long drawn out conversation about what they are but you can see them all up on the FemDom Spanking Stores ‘Newest Videos‘ page at their site 🙂

If you are ever looking for the hottest femdom spanking videos around its the best store of its kind in my opinion 🙂

FemDom Spanking Store