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Well the news today is that there have been a whole bunch of new videos added to the Domination Theater, Fetish Video Theater and new Downloadable and DVD videos added to the FemDom Spanking Store.  The movies now on the theaters include Miss Red, Miss Rebekah and the gorgeous Miss Zoe who has had 2 of her movies updated to the new HQ video file format for much better video quality on the Red Badger theater 🙂

You can also see 2 brand new movies on the FemDom Spanking Store 🙂  just click on their pics below!

The above comes from Summoned By His Manageress 🙂  A really great movie with lots of OTK spanking 🙂  And one with lots of hand spanking too where Miss Rebekah spanks her naughty boy with her hand 🙂

This one above is Upskirt spanking where naughty mike gets his butt spanked by the beautiful Miss Rebekah for continually looking up her skirt 🙂  You can see a video preview here which will open up in a fresh window if you click it 🙂

So make sure you get over to the FemDom Spanking Video Store and to Domination Theater or Fetish Video Theater where you will find these movies in their full video status 🙂

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Anybody who has ever served a strict woman will tell you that they ALL, without exception, have a list of their own rules.  Some of them like toilet seat being left down are common to all and others are peculiar to the woman in question.  It simply depends on the sorts of things that irk her!  And Miss Zoe is no exception to that rule!

Miss Zoe’s Rules.

  1. Rule number one:  No feet on the furniture and no shoes on the bed
  2. Rule number two:  Disobedience is not acceptable.  Whatever Miss Zoe says you do it STRAIGHT AWAY!
  3. Rule number three:  You address Miss Zoe AS Miss Zoe.  Not Zoe, or any other variation!
  4. Rule number four:  No eating on the bed and no food allowed in the bedroom.

Obviously though there are a whole bunch of things that simply go without saying as indeed should most of the above but much of that will depend on Miss Zoe’s mood!  Break ANY of the above 4 though and you are in for a very sore behind!

So why is Mike in trouble today?  Yes he has chosen to break three out of four of Miss Zoe’s rules above!  He has been caught eating in the bedroom with his feet (and shoes no less) on the bed!  And not only that but as Miss Zoe scolds him for such he continues eating!  As Miss Zoe puts it, “are my punishments not harsh enough for you?”.  By the way, how do you answer a question like that? On the one hand something is clearly going wrong yet on the other what guy would EVER dare suggest in answer to a question like that from Miss Zoe that Her punishments are not harsh enough?  I don’t know…perhaps somebody stupid enough to break her rules?

Anyway here is a short video preview from this weeks update at Strict Mistress Zoe which also includes a gallery from the same video by the way 🙂  This one starts a little tame, particularly for Miss Zoe but that is because she is cooling down a little until of course mike opens his big mouth and winds her up again!  LOL.  Most of the spanking in this movie as you can see from Mikes butt is far more intense and harder than this.  Miss Zoe rarely uses her hand!  Nah that hurts her hand too much!

Yes this was one of the funny things with this video was a spot where Miss Zoe removes mikes belt (something that makes most who know Miss Zoe cringe in fear by the way as they know just how much she LOVES to use that belt) and pulls down his trousers and pants and finds a newspaper down his trousers!  Demanding an explanation Miss Zoe looks aghast as he explains that he knew he would be spanked if she caught him and her spankings ALWAYS hurt so much so he just thought for once perhaps he could be spanked without it hurting so much!

Anyway you can see more from Miss Zoe in this movie and many others now exclusively at 🙂

Strict Mistress Zoe

You could almost sense the dread in the whispers of anticipation as the footsteps of a certain ladies high heeled shoes grew louder on the hard wooden floor as they drew ever closer!  She has been away for several months and now she is back!  Miss Rose, one of the harshest ladies at Strict Women (as harsh as Miss Zoe but uniquely more frantic) has returned and as she slams open the door you can see her stood tapping her right foot as she flexes the whippiest cane you have ever seen!  She has not yet spoken a word yet the mere sight of her as she stands there flexing that cane sends gasps around the room and shivers down the spine of all males present!  For they know how that cane stings as it cuts and they know furthermore than Miss Rose is NOT afraid to use it!

So its perhaps quite incredible really that one guy stands out from the crowd with his disrespect for Miss Rose by ‘borrowing’ her personal diary and laughing as he reads it out over the phone to his friend!  So 3 guesses who is first over her knee!  He just never learns does he?  The video is entitled Discipline Diary and its probably the only name you could give this movie because the diary which is the thickness more or less of an encyclopedia suddenly has a new use!  Spanking Mikes bared behind with!

Here is a short video preview from today’s update over at Strict Women 🙂

OK it may not be the harshest and biggest spanking paddle there but you only have to look at the state of Mikes butt to see she has not gone lightly on him during this shoot! And when the diary gets used as the spanking implement as it does in today’s updates you are going to be in for a real treat! 🙂  And you can see it now exclusively at Strict Women!  Don’t keep Miss Rose waiting!  Cos she is a Lady with plenty of energy yet to use up and it might just be on you!

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

Mike is such a lucky get!  One of his jobs each day is to assist the beautiful Miss Rebekah in getting dressed!  And he can not even handle that simple task without looking up her skirt!  Well, yes ok I know it would test even the strongest mind to avoid doing that but you would think he would at least try!  Anyway, Miss Rebekah turns a blind eye at first.  Fatal mistake.  Spare the rod, spoil the servant as it were?  Soon she responds with a few sharp slaps across the face and then finally the beautiful strict Lady tires of his disrespect completely, orders him to stand up, pulls his trousers and pants down to his ankles, puts him over her knee and begins to spank his bare bottom for him!

This is a brand new movie on Strict Women and Miss Rebekah, as always is awesome in it! Hey…Miss Rebekah is not one of the Strict Women members favorites for no reason you know! Truth is she is awesome in ALL her movies! its a consistent thing! 🙂

Anyway, here is a short video preview 🙂

I just love those no win questions and statements that Miss Rebekah comes up with sometimes!  Are you trying to say I made you look?  🙂  No matter what he says he is going to get a smack and they both know it!

And as you can see, once Miss Rebekah has spanked you, your pants remain round your ankles for some time after in case she has to spank again! This is a common theme with Miss Rebekah actually.  She once told me that it puts the naughty boy on notice of what can happen and concentrates his mind on the task you have given him!  And if it doesn’t?  Well, then in that case its much quicker and easier to spank him without having to pull his pants down a second time right? 🙂

Anyway you can see more from Miss Rebekah in this and many other movies that she has shot for Strict Women now over at Strict Women 🙂  And many other strict ladies too!  So don’t delay, join today 🙂

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

Looks like there is a really great photo & video update on Monday at Clare Spanks men!  This one features the really cute Miss Kailee as she puts Danny over her knee 🙂  Here is a pic from the update that will apparently be going live tomorrow 🙂

Im not sure exactly what he has done and he does look a little like he is enjoying himself a little too much but looking at the determined look on Miss Kailee’s beautiful strict face and the firm grip she has on her naughty boy, I dont think he will be enjoying it for long if he actually is at teh moment!  Maybe she should use a wooden paddle though?  That would sure wipe the smile off his face 🙂  But then we would miss the hand spanking and if im honest its hand spanking that I think is the sexiest in any event 🙂

You can see more from this update at Clare Spanks Men tomorrow and there is lots more inside her site.  Anybody been a member there yet that would care to comment? 🙂  I would love to hear your thoughts 🙂

So be sure to give Clares femdom spanking site a visit 🙂  There is some really good material there :)

I just love those videos where the ladies turn the tables on the guys!  And this is just what members of Strict Mistress Zoe are being treated to today when they log in for their updates!

In this update, Miss Zoe has been working for her so called ‘boss’ for a few weeks as his PA but has in fact been observing his behaviour as there have been complaints of sexual harassment coming into the CEO’s office.  But this company is wholly owned by one person and what mike does not realise is that this one person is in fact Miss Zoe!  Or Zoe as he, up until this moment at least, been referring to her as! And boy is he in for a shock!

Miss Zoe has tired of dealing with his behaviour.  He has pinched her bottom, commented on her breasts and numerous other things too obnoxious to write here!  And Miss Zoe has decided to put him across her knee and teach him respect for Women!

Here is a short video preview from today’s update 🙂

He wont do that again in a hurry will he? 🙂

So see you all again on Monday for the next update to this blog 🙂  Any guesses who the lady spanking the guys is going to be? 🙂

Strict Mistress Zoe

Well ive been busy.  Ive started putting together some AVS sites over on Net Verifier and just finished my first Fm spanking site for some time 🙂  Work has piled up on me before now so its not been possible but I intend to do a load of these in the coming weeks 🙂  For those that dont know, I used to do a lot of sites for Cyberage but they have become a little difficult to work with and im finding that a lot of the sites, people get lost inside before they can get to the content so this is why im only working with Net Verifier now.  I will be making all the sites I used to have on Cyberage available to Net Verifier real soon but for now Im just working on doing some new ones for you all 🙂

So here it is!  The first of hopefully many to come in the next few months 🙂  And its called Ladies Smack Guys!  So please take the time to take a look 🙂  Im real proud of it 🙂

Anybody out there remember the old Mistress magazine?  There was a really great story in there with one of the hottest looking girls that the magazine ever published called the Crammer!  Strict Women made a video in that ilk but this is another in that theme which I think is actually much better 🙂  This one stars Miss Amy in probably one of her better performances at any time though the particularly good bits are still to come!  There is one bit in this movie for example where she has Dodgy Dave holding out a book on outstretched arms whilst she smacks his bare bottom with her hand until the book falls to the floor.  Butter fingers get spanked so next she picks up a strap and its his hands that get a belting from Mistress!

Anyway, in today’s update Miss Amy humiliates Dave whilst over her knee, she makes him read from a book as she spanks him and draws comparisons with the text in his book and the changing colour of his bared behind!  But she is not happy to leave it there as she picks up a hard soled sandal, commands him to bend over a chair and then spanks him with that!

Here is a short preview clip 🙂

As you can see Miss Amy is enjoying every moment of making Dodgy Dave wince in humiliation as she spanks him! 🙂 Ah well…if he had done his homework like She had commanded him to he wouldnt be getting any of that would he?  Will guys never learn? 🙂

Anyway you can see the latest thrilling installment of this video now on Strict Women or if you wish it is also for sale at FemDom Spanking Store and streaming on Domination Theater 🙂

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

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Domination Theater

Some of you will remember my recent fan sign from Miss Jewel Marceau who was in a shoot with Strict Women a month or two ago and Im really pleased to see her now today featured at Strict Women where this American beauty takes up her rightful place with the other supreme Goddess’s in the site!  That is to say above all males along with ALL Women as Miss Joanne once put it 🙂

In this video Miss Jewel catches Mike rifling through a drawer with containing several pairs of her knickers and demands an explanation!  Ahhhh well, its like this he says, I’m a gas service professional and I’m here to service your central heating! So what does that have to do with sniffing her knickers you might ask?  And its a damned good question!  Well the answer, Mike says, is that its all part of the new platingham service!  Gold service of course doesn’t include the knicker sniffing routine but platingham does!  And he SERIOUSLY expects Miss Jewel to believe that?  Is he an idiot?  Or does he just think that SHE is?

Anyway, it doesn’t take long as you can imagine before Mike finds himself once more over a new pair of ladies knees getting his bare bottom spanked!  Clearly he MUST love it because it happens to him so often!  But still he protests!  Though of course the protests fall on deaf ears just as they should! 🙂

Here is a short video preview of the nets top American bondage star as she takes on her newfound Mistress duties 🙂

Yes as you can see she is not very impressed with Mikes reasoning about inspecting her knickers as part of the platingham service!  LOL 🙂  Well…with an excuse like that, really he deserves all he is getting! 🙂

There is quite a funny bit in there as well where Miss Jewel comments how he is lucky she didn’t get her gun! Luckily for him she points out she is only using her hand and not her gun!  LOL.  Yep, i suppose that is pretty lucky for him!  He does point out that possession of a gun is illegal but it seems she doesn’t think it is if she has a licence which of course in the UK at least she isn’t likely to get in a hundred years for a hand gun held in the home! Listen, Im not going to get involved in that gun lobby debate, after all this is just a movie right?  But obviously we should point out at this point that neither Red Badger nor Strict Women condone shooting people…that these people in this movie are professional Mistress and idiot victim and that in no way should you try this with shooting people at home! 😉  It is though a really interesting little culture comparison in this video which was fun to see between the two nations 🙂

Anyway, meanwhile why not go check out the rest of this video update along with all the countless others now at!

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

Have you ever known one of those people that when they drink coffee or tea they make that slurping sound?  Well one of my friends has this habit when he drinks but its not a single slurp, it is a double one!  And its REALLY irritating!  SO, some time ago around the table at a Miss Zoe shoot when we were having a break we were discussing annoying habits and I happened to mention this one!  Miss Zoe hates this too by the way and decided it would make a really good scenario!  So stage was set!  A double coffee slurp was given fair warning from Miss Zoe several times until finally she had had enough and threw his coffee over him!  But he gives her backchat which is NEVER a good idea with Miss Zoe and soon finds himself over her knee getting his bare bottom spanked!

This is a really funny scenario and was really great fun on the day.  But its also one of Miss Zoe’s best and most intense!  One thing is for sure, Mike really suffered in the making of this movie!

Here is a preview!

Especially for Josh! 😉  Yep, ambidextrous! Miss Zoe as you can see spanks equally well with one arm OR the other! 🙂  Oh and by the way, in case you are wondering, yes that jabbing of her high heel into your butt like that DOES hurt!  🙂  But probably not quite as much as trampling often does, especially if as Miss Zoe loves to do, the lady digs the heels into you at the same time!

Anyway, trust me, you will really love this video 🙂  And it is not available anywhere else 🙂  So make sure you get over to Miss Zoe’s site to see this and so many more that are there 🙂

Oh by the way, I WAS supposed to be going to another shoot tomorrow but it seems that the lady who was supposed to be going which was Miss Cameo by the way is sick with a broken wrist so be sure to send all your positive energy over to Her for the speediest of recoveries 🙂 Broken bones hurt even more than spankings and its fundamentally unjust that women should suffer any sort of pain like that or at all 🙁

So see you all back here on Monday 🙂  Have a great weekend everybody and remember Miss Zoe is waiting for you in Her site so make sure You get over there quick and don’t be late!

Strict Mistress Zoe