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Boy is Dodgy Dave in trouble today at Strict Women!  After promising to take his wife Miss Jessica to the restaurant, he realises that he is out of money!  But does he discuss this with her before they go?  No, he has the meal, excuses himself to go to the toilet and does a bunk through the window!  SO Miss Jessica is left to pay the bill when she has no handbag to with purse to pay for the food!  This is about the most embarrassing situation and to make things worse, because he has driven the car home she is left walking home in high heels in the pouring rain!  So as you can imagine, Miss Jessica is not in the mood for leniency!

Dodgy Dave of course makes all sorts of excuses to try and convince his strict wife not to paddle him but all to no avail and today at Strict Women it is time for the cane!  So Dodgy has been bent over a chair by his strict wife ready a very sound FemDom spanking style caning across his bare backside!

Here is a preview clip 🙂

Those who don’t realise, Miss Jessica recently married and had lost some weight before doing this shoot which is why the dress she is wearing may appear a little big for her!  But she certainly has not lost any of her appetite for spanking naughty males that’s for sure!

Of course that 20 stroke caning that Dodgy Dave has just had is only 20 strokes with THAT cane!  Miss Jessica has several more of varying thicknesses at her disposal in that room!  And once she has finished with those she may well decide to go on to some other implement! And all of this you can see over at Strict Women if you are a member!  So go visit them because Miss Jessica is not in the mood to hear of your disobedience by not doing so! 😉

Sorry the post is a little short today guys, im in the middle of moving all my sites to another server and will be using different online scripts to run many of them which is causing me many a headache at the moment but knowing as I do that many of the ladies at Strict Women DO read this blog, i have a big motivator behind me! So don’t worry, I will be good and you will see a fresh update to this blog tomorrow to tell you all about the latest update from Miss Zoe at her site! 🙂

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

Miss Zoe is back once again at Strict Women and today she plays the part of the spoiled daughter of a companies founding director. That director, her father, is sick and Miss Zoe has decided off of her own back to go in and fill his shoes for the day. Brooklyn, the lazy employee thought he was in for a nice easy day when he heard the boss was out sick but boy does he have a shock coming to him! Miss Zoe has her own form of discipline way more effective than written warnings or dismissal and he is soon wailing and screaming with pain!  And trust me, he is GENUINELY feeling it!

Here is a short preview clip 🙂

This was Miss Zoe’s first ever video that she made and though you woudlnt believe it when you see Her in action here, she later told me she was quite nervous about making these videos!  It was a new experience for her!  But she certainly made a splash!  I think everybody in the room knew Miss Zoe would be a huge star in the coming years and I said so here as you may recall!  And now as we see Miss Zoe’s later movies in her own site at you can see why! 🙂

Of course you wont usually see anything like that with the tie being tied around Brooklyn’s testicles in Strict Women as a rule, this was simply Miss Zoe having fun which she was doing for about 20 minutes or so before they reminded her that it was a femdom spanking site so she probably should start spanking him!  LOL.  But you can also see Miss Zoe ripping Brooklyn’s chest hairs out and even spanking his chest with a plastic ruler which had to have hurt like crazy! And all the way throughout making this movie there was a smile from ear to ear on Miss Zoe’s pretty face!  She dropped me a line email after this shoot telling me how she had thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it and you can see from the video how true that was!

Anyway, you can see more from Miss Zoe’s first shoot now at and much more from Her at Her Own site at 🙂   The full videos from Miss Zoe’s first shoot are also available for you to buy on DVD or download at the FemDom Spanking Store and to stream at Domination Theater!

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

Strict Mistress Zoe

FemDom Spanking Store

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Ok everybody, you may have  experienced a few problems visiting the sites we tell you about here over the last few hours but everything is now back to normal 🙂  If you are still having problems when you visit them then try pressing the F5 key on your keyboard a few times while you are on the sites in the browser (with browser window live) and that will refresh the cache in your browser and the site should soon reapear for you 🙂

Woo!   Its Friday!!!!  End of the week!!!  Phew!  Been a long one, and i slept through till gone mid day today I was so tired!  Ahhh but i work nights so i have an excuse!  Plus my body clock is more in sync with California time than GMT! 🙂

Anyway, I see there has been a really awesome movie updated on the Strict Mistress Zoe site today!  In this one, Mike had asked if he could go and see the New York Dolls but Miss Zoe had said no….he was not allowed to go.  But thinking that Miss Zoe may have changed her mind (sound familiar?) or that she may not mind him going afterall he decides to go anyway!

By the way in case you are wondering, the New York Dolls are a really awesome band dating back about 30 years i would say.  Not that well known but have a huge cult following and were probably the most major influence for punk rock legends like the Clash for example but others too.  You can see them here where you will see immediately the influence on the clash, particularly with the lead guitar 🙂  Question is, was it worth it to go through the spanking he went through to see them?  Well Mike certainly suffered but only he can tell us the answer really!  LOL.  I think though given that he also had Miss Zoe sat on his face for some of the time it almost definitely WAS worth it just for that!  Wow…what a day for him!

Well anyway, it doesn’t take much of a brain to be able to work out what was BOUND to happen when he reported back home and found Miss Zoe sat in a hard back chair tapping her foot in irritation waiting for him!  He knew he was in trouble! I don’t know if he has ever listened to himself when he tries to give his excuses to Miss Zoe but She sure aint buying ANY of them!  And as she points out quite bluntly, She said NO, No means No and naughty boys get spanked!  But maybe she should let him wait till the next day?  After All, he would be sleeping rather than feeling that sting in his sore bottom right?  Ha!  No way!  Miss Zoe is not up for that one bit!  And rest assured, he wont be able to sleep with the FemDom spanking she gives him!  He is going to be sleeping on his front this evening and probably wont even want the sheets on top of him!

Here is a short preview from the FemDom Spanking in today’s update at Strict Mistress Zoe 🙂

The bit you missed above with the scissors by the way was where Miss Zoe decided She was going to cut Mikes hair and by the way before you ask, no she is not a trained hair dresser, she was just going to cut it off anyway!  Luckily for him the scissors were blunt!  So she decided instead she was going to carve ‘Property of Miss Zoe’ on his back which is what you see her doing there at the very begining of this clip but she got a little bored with that so went back to spanking Her naughty boy once again 🙂 Yep…forever the innovator!

This is a really great movie, the sort that only Miss Zoe could ever make! You can see more from her in this and other videos at what is probably the very best femdom spanking site on the net at the moment!  Miss Chloe is great of course but trust me, even she fades into the pale when compared with this strict little spitfire!  So go visit her site and join Her in Her members area now!  You will love what she has to offer there, trust me! 🙂

Strict Mistress Zoe

Well these are exciting but exhausting times for me.  All of my sites around about are going to be moving from an old server to a new server so you MAY at some point for a day or so in the next week or so find that this site has gone down. The downside for that for me is that I have a tonne and a half of work to do in order to get everything working correctly over about 70 domain names and very little time to do it in.  The UPSIDE of that is that the speed of this site should significantly increase as will the reliability of it!  You may have found from time to time that the old server had gone down well this one is real state of the art and from a WAY MORE reliable company 🙂  And at the background Miss Zoe stands tapping a solid wooden hairbrush onto the palm of Her Hand so there is a VERY good and reliable motivation for them to get it right believe me!

ANYWAY, in this time of endless talk on the tv about recession and credit crunch you can be sure that we will be here to take you through the times which no doubt would be a lot less ‘hard’ if the stupid tv stations would only shut up about them!  LOL 🙂  Sorry and all that but I’m sick to the back teeth of hearing about them! 🙂  One thing always remains static in any turbulence and THAT is that there are lots of women out there with long subtle canes and solid oak hairbrushes ready and waiting to punish any male that breaks their rules!  So smile everybody because here at the FemDom Spanking Blog that is going to be the entire focus!  So remember that when you want to escape from it all, come and escape over the knees of the sexiest ladies on the net! 🙂

Anyway, the latest FemDom spanking comes all the way from the east coast of the USA!  This is Miss Janice.  She is irked in this video because her naughty boy has been loafing around sat on his butt whilst the washing has not been done!  You would think he would know better!  His butt is already red and sore from the spanking she gave him over her knees the other day but does he listen?  Not a bit of it.  So naughty boys get spanked and Miss Janice spanks hard!

Here is a short video preview for you all 🙂

So maybe this will become a recurring theme in the land of dominant women who spank?  Forget to do those chores and you end up over her knees being spanked with the item you do the chores with?  Good job he wasn’t doing the gardening really!  Getting spanked with a garden spade or lawn mower might have REALLY made him learn!  LOL 🙂  But he seems to have learnt his lesson anyway though I suspect that dustpan probably hurt Miss Janice’s wrist more than his butt!  I cant think Miss Zoe or any of the others Ive been spanked by would have used that implement for long!  But variety is the spice of life so… 🙂

By the way there is a new video producer now in the ranks of Strict Women who is shooting in Las Vagas with some of the cutest ladies Ive seen anywhere!  Hopefully we will be showing some of that here soon!

Anyway you can see more from Miss Janice and others now exclusively at Strict Women!  Don’t delay…get over there and join today!  Else…well…you know what happens! 🙂

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

Its one thing to turn up late when you are given a time to report to your Mistress but another altogether to turn up late for a spanking that she has scheduled for you! Not too bright! Make her even madder! But that is what Mike did! And you would think with the amount he gets spanked he would know better by now!

This latest update to Strict Women features some fairly hard spanking from probably one of the more premiere Mistress’s on the net and its always nice to feature Her here 🙂

Here is a short video preview 🙂

Chuckle, another one of those no win statements where whatever you say you know she is going to get ever madder! 🙂  In reply to a question about how sorry he was he replied very sorry but that wasnt good enough, so he used several other adjectives and none were sorry enough until he had added ‘plus one’ yet this too simply made her madder and madder until he had added endless zero’s to the end! 🙂

As always from Lady Samantha, this is a great update and you can see more of it now exclusively at Strict Women!  And you can see much more besides at the site also! 🙂  So dont delay, visit today!  You wont be sorry 🙂

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

Well i just got back from another shoot with the Goddess of Goddess’s Miss Zoe and I’m exhausted!  Not so much from the  days work or the long drive there and back mind you (I finally arrived home at 3:30am) but from sheer laughter.  You will no doubt see much of why but Miss Zoe in the latest shoot has raised the bar YET AGAIN on Her video!  And because Im sure that Dodgy Dave will agree that “honesty is the best policy” (in joke) when he tried to suggest that he gave Miss Zoe a birthday spanking (as it was her birthday fairly recently) she not only spanked the life out of him but completely and utterly humiliated him by making him wear a woman’s thong, painting his face with lipstick, sticking his underpants on his head and then ordering him with a sharp reminder of the sort of cane stroke across his butt to walk and talk like a lady.  And was that enough for her?  Not a bit of it, she wasnt happy till she had also given him a wedgie or two.  Im not going to spoil the surprise for you or for Miss Zoe’s members by telling you any more but you are all in for a real treat when they begin to publish video from this shoot trust me! 🙂

Oh and of course I got my customary fansign for yall too 🙂  Miss Zoe is so kind to me! 🙂

As you can see, despite being told earlier by our Goddess that he was a useless good for nothing, Miss Zoe has finally found a use for Mike which She said he WAS good at! 🙂  And of course good ideas are always welcome for any Mistress so she reads her copy of the Mistress Manual…not that she ever needed it of course!

Oh and Christmas is going to be catered for at Miss Zoe’s site also with a brand new Christmas scenario where Miss Zoe spanks Santa for bringing her a duff present (and only one!) rather than the pony and 200 pages of other pressies that She wrote down on Her list!  And this is all aside from all the other things that you can expect to see such as mouth soaping, scolding, slapping, face slapping, foot domination, trampling, face sitting and of course good old fashioned HARD FemDom spanking, caning, paddling and belting both over the knee and in any other position that Miss Zoe commands 🙂

Every time that I think this Lady has hit the pinnacle of perfection as to how high ANYBODY could possibly go, She proves me wrong AGAIN and AGAIN!

Miss Zoe will be shooting again real soon so there will be another day upon which the naughty boys who read this blog or see Her on Her site can book their private sessions to experience the Miss Zoe experience.  Don’t worry…she doesn’t bite!  Or at least she hasn’t YET but then who knows what is yet to come…Ive given up trying to second guess this Goddess’s inovative nature, I am after all, as She points out, a male, so I accept, as should the rest of us males that it is beyond me 🙂  But for private sessions at least (though obviously NOT for her OWN slaves, She does respect limits 🙂

So see you all tomorrow for my take on the latest update on Strict Women 🙂  And you can, of course, see more from Miss Zoe at her site now at :-)

Strict Mistress Zoe

Way cool, Miss Amy is back at Strict Women!  A firm favorite with members there since she first appeared back in July, Miss Amy has been getting fan mail coming through her ears practically from numerous Strict Women members wanting yet more!  And today she is back and spanking her brother once more 🙂

Of course Mike is not actually her brother…you knew that right?  But in this video he plays her brother and Miss Amy has discovered that without her express permission (which he must always get) he has gone out and bought a huge plasma tv and blown the next mortgage payment putting them in arrears with the bank!  And you have to of course sympathise with the poor old bank cos not only are none of their friends in the other banks giving them any money but when people like Mike don’t pay the money they owe back…well…it makes things a little difficult for them?  And so they have to rely on another bunch of clowns known as politicians to put things right for them 🙂  But hey…don’t knock it!  At least it keeps the idiots minds off of banning the next politically incorrect irritant to them like Christmas or mince pies or whatever!  😉  Question is, how is Miss Amy going to deal with Gordon Brown for buying huge plasma screens to show televisual depictions of a bonfire on guy Fawkes night because the man who is charged the leading the ‘free’ world away from disaster (As apparently the USA and Europe are now following his lead…cannons to the right of them, cannons to the left of them, into the valley of darkness rode the rest of the world!) does not want dangerous bonfires at the firework displays as if fireworks themselves were not dangerous?  ANYWAY…sarcasm to a side (grin) I cant help but wonder how Miss Amy would deal with that?  Any ideas?  Perhaps we can persuade Strict Women to shoot that as a sequel to Budget Spanking? LOL 🙂

Anyway…all joking to a side… 🙂  This is a really great movie 🙂  Don’t take my word for it, just ask any strict women member and pretty much all of them will tell you how great it and particularly Miss Amy is 🙂

Here is a short video preview 🙂  Again…the quality of this video is far higher in the Strict Women site as we have reduced the bandwidth of these videos here on this blog.

Meanwhile I’m off to a shoot this weekend with Miss Zoe!  Hurray!!! 🙂  Long day as they always are but there are some great scenarios planned for the day so it sounds like its going to be great fun!  Miss Zoe always is!  She certainely has fun anyway! But there are going to be a number of guys wandering around on Sunday with VERY red and sore bottoms!

See you all back here tomorrow for an update on Miss Zoe’s site! 🙂

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

Phew, the weekend is over and didn’t it ever fly by?  I managed for the first time in a few weeks to get out to the pub this weekend which was nice 🙂  Next weekend I will be going back to another shoot, this time with Miss Zoe and I cant wait! 🙂  It was her birthday last week so maybe I will get her a birthday cake for the shoot! Anybody got any suggestions for scenarios for Miss Zoe?  You never know, She may decide to do one of them! 🙂

Anyway, today Miss Chloe is back as the big star at Strict Women where she is punishing her naughty husband after embarrassing her at the restaurant! You really would think he would know better by now wouldn’t you with the number of spankings he has had and by all the women who have spanked him but apparently not!  So today he is getting a good paddling from Miss Chloe 🙂

There is a fairly unique part in today’s update which was really nice to see in which Miss Chloe shows her constant innovative ways of disciplining males where she finds a hand bell and announces that this is how she will summon her naughty husband for the next week!  He too will learn what it is like to be treated like a dog.  Miss Chloe will not call him anymore, she will simply ring that bell and he had BETTER come running when he hears it or else!  And he clearly knows what that means! 🙂

Here is a short FemDom spanking preview for you all from today’s update at Strict Women 🙂  By the way, Strict Women have slightly reduced the bit rate for these flash video previews as they had a huge shock with a massive bandwidth bill this last week which had built up since they were giving us such high bit rate flash video.  The video in the site is still at the top high quality bit rate but for this blog I don’t think you will notice much difference to be honest and it will enable us to continue to publish these previews here 🙂  And hopefully the spanking flash video will load a little quicker for you all too 🙂  So let the woman spanking man video proceed without any further ado…. 🙂

You just cant help but melt when you hear that gorgeous French accent can you? LOL 🙂  Notice too how Miss Chloe ALWAYS seems to go straight for the soft skin when she spanks!  Not only does she always spank hard but she clearly wants it to HURT as much as possible! 🙂

Anyway you can see more from Miss Chloe in this movie exclusively at  If you would like to see much more from Miss Chloe then you need to go visit Her Own site!  And that is at 🙂  Alternatively get her DVD’s now at FemDom Spanking Store or watch some of her movies in her streaming video theater at Domination Theater 🙂  This particular movie is called Rudeness Will Be Punished by the way and you can buy its DVD here though you can actually get a media center and this will play the windows media format videos on your TV so if you have one of those you can see it on your TV today if you wanted to 🙂

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

FemDom Spanking Store

Once again Friday has come around, end of the week and we look over to Miss Zoe’s site to see what She has uploaded for us all for the weekend!  And boy has she given us a treat!  This one features my favorite Mistress in jodhpurs (is that how its spelt?) or riding trousers if it IS spelt wrongly as she spanks Dodgy Dave to within an inch of his pain threshold and beyond!  And not satisfied with that she berates him as she does so!

Just prior to this scene in the video below Miss Zoe gave Dave a real hiding with a riding crop which snapped 3 times on his bared buttocks!  Dave likes to think of himself as a pretty hardened guy (which he is by the way when it comes to the spankings) but Miss Zoe very quickly had him writing about on that stool yet he dare not move because a good swift kick in the butt followed by a command yelled at the top of her voice to get back in position would scare the life out of most guys!  Yet as we see at the end of the last of the clips for today’s update Miss Zoe has that very soft and sensual side also!  Right up to the point when she begins yelling again! 😉  Here is a short preview clip 🙂

Such great camera angles there!  Of course it was yours truly operating the camera’s on this movie so they would be right?  Just look at her breasts bounce there as she paddles Dodgy’s butt! 🙂  Pure genius in a glass!  Fluke of course, but don’t let on to others that I told you that! 🙂

There is another great part in today’s update at as well where Miss Zoe gets onto Dave’s back and rides him as a human pony making him say nay and giving him a few hard whacks with that same broken riding crop which left him in dread from where she broke it on his butt before!  OK Miss Zoe is certainly not a Mistress for the feint hearted but I believe she is probably one of the most entertaining Mistress’s Ive seen anywhere!  And if you are not the one that she is spanking you don’t have to fear how hard she is spanking anyway right? 🙂

By the way, I am going to another shoot on Saturday (a week tomorrow) with none other than this very special Lady Miss Zoe!  Anybody got any scenarios they would like to see? 🙂  I will suggest them to Her and if She likes them maybe they will shoot them and we can eventually publish them all here for you! 🙂

Anyway, you can see more from Miss Zoe at her site now at 🙂

Strict Mistress Zoe