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Its been a while since i was able to talk to you all about Miss Joanne and ive been getting withdraw symptoms! 🙂 Renowned for being one of the strictest and least compromising ladies at Strict Women, she certainly made very short work of Simple Simon.  And he certainly IS simple by the way, it just seemed like everything he said he was dropping himself ever further into trouble!

In this movie, Miss Joanne has just walked in on Simple Simon looking at new photos of him having his hands spanked by Miss Rebekah!  Miss Joanne had no idea he had a spanking fetish! She thought it was an open and honest relationship but obviously that’s not the case! But such things are easily remedied! Miss Joanne regularly spanks naughty males as you all know! And if you don’t then you only have to look at this page to see that its the case! And now there is one more bad boys backside that will be added to Her tally!

Here is a short video preview 🙂

As I say, Miss Joanne was really putting him in his place in this video!  There was only one boss in the room and that was HER and he was left in absolutely NO doubt about it!  Miss Joanne may not be spanking him at her full ability and that paddle which is only one of many that she used on him that day may not be the most severe but as you can see from his backside there, there is good reason for his silence when she tells him to shut up! 🙂  And in other parts of the video you can see all the signs that Miss Joanne is getting to him because Her questions are answered by very one tone responses indicating that he is fast reaching the end of his pain threshold! 🙂  But then if he had been a good boy in the first place he wouldn’t be getting that spanking right? 🙂

Anyway you can see the rest of this update along with many more pics and videos from Miss Joanne and many many others now over on 🙂

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

Well for those that didnt know Strict Women were real busy yesterday!  They were shooting new videos with new girls on BOTH sides of the atlantic!  Things are a little more established in the UK where they have been shooting for a few years now but at the very same time as Miss Kaz (or Princess Kaz as she became known as the day went on) was paddling one naughty boy over her knee, 3000 or so miles away in Las Vagas there was another strict woman, this time Miss Celeste paddling another!

Long running members at Strict Women will remember ladies like Miss Amanda, Miss Katelyn and others but recently Lee of Sterntime Movies has started to shoot video for the site and also ready for DVD’s and streaming on Domination Theater and of course at his own site at Strict Video.  Im told the shoot went extremely well in Las Vagas though the naughty boy who had been instructed to report to Miss Celeste for discipline didnt turn up!  A common problem believe it or not in these shoots!  By the way they are looking for new willing victims to be put over strict womens knees over in the USA so if you are anywhere near Las Vagas and would like to take part, give us a shout! 🙂

The UK shoot featured a very sexy young lady called Princess Kaz 🙂  She was VERY sensual and probably one of the very best I have seen as far as ladies who enjoy humiliating guys! Here she is below 🙂

That is Zac on his knees there by the way.  As well he might be!  Under those trousers lies a very swolen and red behind after being put across his new Goddess’s knees! 🙂 He was a little nervous when he first came because although he had done shoots before for Vixen Ladies he wasnt sure if he would be able to take the punishment that a lady from Strict Women would administer!  I guess the reputation of Miss Zoe and Joanne and others go before them! 😉  Anyway, he did great!  He took his punishment real well and is now being rewarded by being allowed to kiss his Goddess’s shoes 🙂  Yep, on his knees at her feet…where all males belong!

Im looking forward to showing more from this Lady here at FemDom Spanking Blog in the near future and of course of Miss Celeste too!  And others still to come!  Lee of Sterntime is shooting another video with another new Mistress called Miss Tiffany shortly and in the UK Strict Women are shooting with another new Mistress for their site who you may know!  Jewel Marcia!  She has featured on a number of sites but as far as FemDom spanking is concerned the only site ive seen her on is Clare Spanks Men so it will be real interesting to meet and her and see what she is like! 🙂  And that is what i am going to be doing this coming Saturday by the way!  I will let you all know how it went when I’m back! 🙂  And show you my usual fan sign of course and then no doubt you will know who i mean! 😉

Meanwhile, why not give Miss Kaz’s new home a visit now at 🙂

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

Some of you may remember Miss Jessica in a movie called ‘Maid Enforcer Agency‘ in which she worked for an agency of strict women who put men in their place and get them to do the house chores?  Well the sequel to this movie stars none other than the gorgeous Miss Zoe who simply excels as she always does to put others in the shade 🙂

This update features mostly a sound caning!  Miss Zoe tends not to have the guy bending over to touch his toes, this is something you will learn about this Lady as time goes on!  She far prefers to have the guy on his knees with his backside in the air because this enables Her to stand over him and deliver that stroke of the cane or strap with far greater force!  And sure…it may not hit its intended target but that’s not her problem right?  If he had simply done as he was told in the first place he wouldn’t be getting spanked right now? 🙂

Here is a short preview clip 🙂

This one was for Josh who was asking for more caning! Cant quite see the cane connect there in the movie of course but its like the hugging skirt isn’t it?  Sometimes leaving this to the imagination works wonders! By the way, there is a fantastic caning preview clip with Miss Zoe including some video from this very video above also, along with some caning pictures here.  Well worth taking a look!  Miss Zoe is as harsh as any Mistress you might see anywhere yet fits perfectly into the domestic scene and can be just as sensual as she is strict even though the spankings are always hard! Don’t miss this one 😉  And by the way, a hot tip!  You can get membership to the Strict Mistress Zoe site at half price if you join Strict Women where you will find 4 more of her movies!

Strict Mistress Zoe

You just have to appreciate the humiliation of this!  Mike is the chauvinist husband who has been making his wife’s life hell.  Not only does he go off to the pub without her permission but he never takes her out anymore, expects her to do all the housework, demands his lunch on the table when he gets home from work and talks to her like dirt.  She has been complaining about this for some time in telephone conversations to her mother and today her mother, Miss Jessica has had enough!  So Mikes wife has been sent shopping whilst Miss Jessica waits at their home to “have a chat” to naughty mike about his attitude problem!  Of course when mike gets in, he is just as rude to Miss Jessica also and she is NOT in the mood to take that sort of nonsense and especially, as Miss Chloe once put it, ‘from a man’!  So before he knows it, Miss Jessica is pulling his pants down in order to put him across her knee and give him the soundest bare bottom spanking he has had in a very long time indeed!  There is nobody tougher in this world than a protective mother and that is just what mike is about to learn!

Strict Mother In Law

Strict Mother In Law Miss Jessica Pulls Mikes Trousers and Pants Down for Sound Bare Bottom Spanking!

The above pic is just a frame capture taken from the video itself by the way.  The pictures in the Strict Women site are way better quality than this but this particular picture just captures that moment of Miss Jessica taking charge to the bewilderment of mike perfectly and so i just HAD to show it! 🙂

This movie includes some of the best over the knee spanking Ive seen a while and it illustrates perfectly why Miss Jessica is as well known in the FemDom spanking world as she is 🙂  Here is a short preview 🙂

Ouch! 🙂  Dont you just love those fast spankings? 🙂  No time to catch your breath in crying out before the next spank comes down! 🙂

Meanwhile, its another busy weekend for me again this weekend!  And next weekend too for that matter!  Im on another shoot with Strict Women with a new girl who will absolutely blow you away!  And she is bringing thong bikini’s with her so I am waiting here with my mouth watering!!! 🙂  You will see her soon…I will make sure i get a fan sign for y’all again! 🙂 Meanwhile, see you all tomorrow for another update from Miss Zoes new site, Strict Mistress! 🙂

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

We have all had them haven’t we?  That jerk manager.  The one that simply can not feel good about themselves unless they are making somebody else feel horrible?  The ones that get off on seeing those who work for them looking nervous as they walk by?  Trust me I could illustrate this with plenty of examples but I don’t want to depress you all by wasting any more time on these people except to say that this movie is one for all of you who have ever witnessed or been a target of these types of people and that now it is YOUR turn to sit back and enjoy watching THEM suffer!  LOL 🙂

This particular bully boss by the way is Dodgy Dave on this occasion who is probably about as far away from those types of jerks as you can get to be fair to him.  In fact you can see he kind of struggles with the character but then you also find these people are fairly insecure people in reality once you strip away their feelings of power and lets face it, for a male bully boss there is probably no situation that would disorientate them more than a young dominant woman pulling their trousers and shorts down, putting them across their knees and then in earshot of the rest of the workforce, spanking their bare bottoms for them right? 🙂 And so it certainly works in this movie and boy does Miss Red really carry the role off well as she tells him to shut his mouth and then continues to spank his backside for him 🙂  Here is a short video preview 🙂

On the FemDom spanking side of this (given that this is the topic that this blog is all about right?), this is a movie you are all going to love 🙂  Its different in many ways from many movies that ive seen but it has this one big thing in common…it really uses the sexiness of woman kind to its full effect 🙂  It is a total role reversal turn the tables type movie in which the subordinate humiliates and overbears on the traditional authority figure and at the same time it shows fully how Miss Red enslaves her new subordinate with all the things that she is given naturally as a woman…her bumps and curves and her femininity 🙂  And all of this is brought out to full effect by the stocking tops, the suspenders, short skirt and so on 🙂  This movie really has everything that you could want.  The clip above doesn’t quite show this because obviously Dave is over her knee and thus covers her stocking tops up but trust me they are there 🙂

You can see much more of this movie now over at 🙂  Or if you want the full video as a download or DVD you can buy it at the FemDom Spanking Store or stream it at Domination Theater or Fetish Video Theater 🙂

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

Domination Theater

Wow…I’m shattered!  I spent all of yesterday in another shoot for Strict Women, this time with the favorite Asian Mistress, Miss Koko who looks a little different these days! 🙂  She has had a boob job done (silly girl) but if you think those breasts might get in the way of that cane then think again!  Miss Koko left the naughty boys at Strict Women sitting very gingerly after she had finished with them!

Here she is as she looks now 🙂

Miss Koko From Strict Women Shoot 20th September

Miss Koko From Strict Women Shoot 20th September

I did manage to get a fan sign in case you are all wondering by the way but I just couldn’t help but publish the pic above as the main one to show you from the shoot! 🙂 She looks so hot there!  This is my fan sign for the day from Miss Koko but unfortunately the sign covers her up quite a bit which is a pity.   Just click on the fan sign thumb to see the full size pic 🙂

I really enjoyed this shoot 🙂  Miss Koko was AWESOME!  She was hard to beat in any event…she always oozed authority from within her but she was in a particularly haughty mood yesterday so i cant wait to show you some of the video when it comes out! 🙂

Meanwhile you can see more from Miss Koko over on Strict Women now 🙂  Meanwhile, I will see you all here tomorrow for another update to the FemDom Spanking Blog! 🙂  Things just keep on happening here in FemDom Spanking Land huh? 🙂

A new day has just dawned and the day sees the dawning of the very first update to the brand new Strict Mistress Zoe site!  And it is one that very much shows a little of the personality behind this Lady!

The video begins with Miss Zoe in bed sleepily ringing her little hand bell that she has to her side to summon none other than Dodgy Dave her new butler!  But of course he is too slow!  Her toast is cold, he brings marmalade instead of strawberry jam and then looks at her like she is an idiot when she scolds him for bringing her orange juice in a glass that is half empty!  And then looks shocked as she gives him a good hard slap across the face! Incredible that he seems to think that he can get away with such things but then as Miss Zoe told him “you’re that stupid you could do a puddle on the floor you are so stupid”.

ANYWAY…such slack workmanship when you serve a lady as strict as Miss Zoe, trust me, NEVER goes unpunished!  And soon Dodgy Dave finds himself over Miss Zoe’s silky knees with his trousers and shorts round his ankles!  here is a short preview clip from todays update video!

And here you get to see one of the angles in Miss Zoe’s personality that you dont get to see so much in the Strict Women site!  This video was filmed in what was only Miss Zoe’s second EVER shoot and you start to see that demanding spoiled girl attitude really coming out well!  I want it NOW!!!  Service should be IMEDIATE!!!  It is what makes Miss Zoe the dream Mistress in just about every submissive males fantasies. But be careful what you wish for because I can tell you from painful experience, Miss Zoe is actually one of the harshest task Mistress’s you will find anywhere!  Over the coming weeks you will see what I mean!  This is only the first update to the site but you will see many more little gems coming out as you grow to get to know Miss Zoe.  The real Miss Zoe just as you may have gotten to know Miss Chloe before her!

I cant even begin to praise this site highly enough.  Trust me, go and join the site now and you will see so much of why so many people are sending Her fan mail right now!

By the way, Miss Zoe’s site has a blog on there that outlines its updates too.  You can visit it here I am told they will be particularly inviting your fantasies in the comments area for you to outline the things you would like to see Miss Zoe do or say and talk about in the site so that you can influence the way in which this new venture in the FemDom Spanking world develops! 🙂  Nothing quite like the personal touch in these sites and its great to see Miss Zoe making her mark there as well as on her naughty boys behinds! 🙂

Strict Mistress Zoe

Untitled DocumentAbsolute hell has beset me here! Im not kidding! I had the week off of work this week where i planned to do so much work on my various websites around the net and what happens? My internet connection with Virgin Media (whose parent company came out this week to suggest they would like to take over Gatwick airport, God help us!) suddenly goes dog slow and then packs up altogether! The odd email gets downloaded but little or nothing else. And to top it all, they tell me that it may not be fixed before Friday at 5:30pm which is presumably the point they all go home for the weekend and which nobody is able to speak to them again till Monday!!! ARRRGGGHHHHH!!!!!!! I am NOT a happy bunny! Anyway….rant over and i feel better now that ive had my little moan for the day 😉

I AM managing to get online in and out (though more out than in) and I did manage to get over and check out the latest update to the Strict Women site so here in one of my friends houses, Im just uploading my thoughts for the day 🙂

Anyway, one thing that does manage to cheer me up some in this stressful week is the Strict Women update which today features one of the sites favorite Mistress’s, none other than Miss Amy 🙂 Feedback on this lady is always so good and I cant really even begin to praise her highly enough for the video she has done 🙂 There is a really great part in this weeks update which you may have seen if you have bought the DVD or if you frequent the Domination Theater or Fetish Video Theater, but its always great to see it again, where inbetween a rapid fire slipper spanking, Miss Amy tells the naughty boy that until he starts to take responsibility for his actions she is going to start spanking him every two days! She doesnt care who is there, who will see it or who knows! And hanging his head in shame you can imagine the look of anxiety on Mikes face but does he learn? Nope! He still blames the other guy for breaking a window because if his house was facing East rather than west the ball would have hit the wall! LOL 🙂 This brings about a real sharp slap across the face from Miss Amy and you can just imagine how the scenario is about to progress! 🙂

Here is a short video preview 🙂

Yes you can see why Miss Amy is one of the favorites cant you? 🙂

Im a bit worried about my internet connection failing me at the worst possible time so im going to publish this live now probably beefore i ordinarily would. There is just so much to say about Miss Amy! But needs must. You can see more of her though now exclusively over at 🙂

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

Well im bowled over at the moment!  Ive just about finished downloading everything in the brand new Miss Zoe site and its every bit as good as I remember it being back when it was being shot! 🙂  There were one or two problems when it first went live with the sign up forms (for which Miss Zoe has promised the webmaster a very sore bottom for by the way when they shoot again in October and is patting her hairbrush against her hand with anger as we speak and Im told the video will be published on the site!)  but those are now resolved so if you had any problems first of all then you can rest assured that you can sign up now 🙂  I wouldn’t advise telling Miss Zoe about those now because those who didn’t make it known at the time will be as guilty in Miss Zoe’s eyes as the webmaster and we will soon be seeing what happens to him! 🙂

Anyway the new Miss Zoe site which is called Strict Mistress Zoe by the way is going to be updated on Fridays so that gives me a good opportunity around Friday/Saturday to add an extra update here cos Miss Zoe has promised that I can get the flash video for this site and the webmaster darent disobey her right now as he is already in the doghouse! 😉

You really cant go wrong with this new Miss Zoe site.  The domination is as intense as Ive seen it ANYWHERE else and then some!  The spanking is hard and Miss Zoe is just drop dead gorgeous!  There are frame captures from the videos inside which number in the thousands of images which are all surprisingly good quality considering the speed of motion when they were taken, hundreds of very high quality full sized images and around about a hundred truly excellent quality video clips!  Not a huge number of clips I grant you but this is a brand new site and its going to be set to grow of course over the coming months 🙂 And if you think it lacks in quantity clips wise, trust me, it MORE than makes up for it in QUALITY in multiples and then some!  Miss Zoe is more intense in these videos than you can imagine and the spanking is real and hard!  Don’t believe me?  Just imagine how much this will hurt!

Ouch! 🙂

Strict Women members will get a special deal where they get membership of the site at about half price which is a nice little bonus for them!  So my advice is to join the two.  You can get both sites then for less than most sites charge on their own!  And Miss Zoe is also the star of the latest update on Strict Women today too!

Here is a special preview video from some of the video available to members of the new Miss Zoe site!

So you will see what I mean about intense? That big where Miss Zoe drags her naughty boy out to the kitchen to wash his mouth out with soap for example is one of those spots that you just dont seem to see on many femdom videos or sites these days yet its only one aspect of what makes this Lady so unique!  And trust me, I thought Miss Chloe was incredible but Miss Zoe simply blows her away!

So if you know whats good for you, go take a look at the nets newest FemDom spanking site, Strict Mistress Zoe!  And see Miss Zoe also at now!

Strict Mistress Zoe

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

More later!  But I just wanted to give you all the heads up on the fact that the brand new Miss Zoe site which ive been telling you all about these last few months has just opened!  You can see it here!

Im looking over the video inside and its blowing me away!!!

Dont miss this one guys!  I will give my comments shortly but for now at least you should go take a look!  She is absolutely INCREDIBLE!

Strict Mistress Zoe