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As promised to members of Strict Women who were giving such good feedback on the latest update from Lady Samantha, we today see another update featuring one of the nets long time Goddess’s, Lady Samantha! But only today.  For on Monday I’m told that they go back to the schedule where different women appear each update!  And there are quite a few to choose from it seems, not least a number of new Mistress’s which are biting at the bit to appear in the site. Mike who you might remember did shoots with the long time stars such as Miss Amanda, Miss Katelyn, Miss Trudy and others recently did a shoot in the US with a new Lady who is as hot as hell! I haven’t seen the video but I HAVE seen her picture!  And trust me, she is GORGEOUS with a capitol G! Not only that but the Strict Women team are also in discussions at the moment with another big and long time FemDom spanking video producer in the US which, if it comes off, will mean there will be another big run of strict American girls coming into the site!  And also, because that new working relationship will soon come off, we will be featuring some great new movies with some of the hottest ladies in the USA!  Not just the regular girls which that particular video producer loves to use (though those too) but also some new rising stars which you will have to see in action to believe! SO….keep your eyes peeled on this blog for the news as it begins to take place! 🙂

In this video today though Lady Samantha had scheduled a spanking for her servant and husband Mike after he had gone to the bar when he was supposed to have taken her to a resteraunt!  But what happens?  He arrives late for that spanking and asks her if she is ready to go on out to the bar?  Clearly not a good idea as she was already as mad as heck that he had disrespected her not to mention disobeyed her once more by turning up late!

So…what do we have?  Disrespect and disobedience! And what does that equal to a strict woman like Lady Samantha?  Yep spot on!  A very sore backside!  Here is a preview clip 😉

You can see more now from Lady Samantha exclusively at Strict Women!  Dont keep her waiting guys!  You can see above what happened to the last male that tried that little trick!

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

Some time ago many of you may remember how I mentioned that I had been on a shoot with Strict Women and met Lady Samantha! Well today they have just published her video in a movie called Train Itinery Incident! This was actually based on a real incident too! Though not for the victim in the movie which was Dave! Her slave had gotten the train times wrong and then took her onto the wrong train which delayed her for some time before the shoot could begin! So obviously SOME male had to be punished for it, her slave didnt want to be in the movie without a mask on (which never happens in domestic spanking videos right?) and so as it was Dodgy Dave’s turn for a sore backside it was obviously him that was going to pay for this!

The spanking starts fairly light in comparison to later in the movie but here is a preview from todays update 🙂

But then look, lets be fair to her slave here, as anybody who has ever lived or even BEEN to London will tell you, its not as if you can rely on the trains there is it?  So perhaps he can be forgiven.  In any event, it wasnt him that was punished so… 🙂

Anyway, Strict Women are rightly VERY proud of recruiting Lady Samantha to their ranks! So much so in fact that they have offered a reduced price membership which will be available to past members of the site for the until Monday of next week. I have been working hard nagging and nagging at them in order to persuade them to let all of my loyal blog readers here also have access to that membership deal and they have agreed! Heck, this site has been going since around about the year 2000! They update twice a week and have had several weeks in that time where they updated daily! 3 movie clips in an update twice a week over 8 years. You do the maths! And they are cheaper than just about ANY of the other femdom spanking sites out there even at the normal rate which has stayed the same for the last 5 years or so! And now they have reduced it to you, our readers from USD$19.95 to $14.95 for 30 days access. That’s about £8 UK pounds! Try beating that deal! ESPECIALLY with the new higher quality video which you really must see!

But to sign up for that offer you must do so at the special promotional page on the site that is NOT linked up from anywhere else! Go see it at where you will also see a few more pics (all reduced in size of course) featuring the beautiful Lady Samantha!

In the meantime, I’m told that she is going to be in the updates again on Thursday as the feedback from members in the site, so far has been so good!

So go take a look at her now over at Strict Women 🙂  At that price and for all you get,  you can hardly be disapointed 🙂

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Red Badger have recently released a few of their best movies to the world, many of which you will recognise here 🙂 Yes they are shown on Strict Women but if you want to see the full video and not wait for each part to be released at Strict Women you can do so by getting it at the newly refurbished FemDom Spanking Store! OR if you would rather not keep the video file on your pc or buy the DVD perhaps because you do not want your family to see it on your pc (?) or any other reasons then they are also released now at both the Fetish Video Theater and the Domination Theater!

There are around 9 new Red Badger releases this week! Here are just a few of them featured in this spanking flash preview 🙂

In addition to these ladies there are also new releases from Miss Rebekah, Rebekka Raynor and Miss Red 🙂 All the new releases at the FemDom Spanking Store can be found on the ‘new videos’ page here 🙂

But you can also stream the video from Fetish Video theater for the following girls 😉


FemDom Spanking Store

Imagine the scene! It is Miss Jessica’s wedding anniversary and she has been promised a romantic candle lit dinner at a post restaurant! She even goes out and buys a new frock and necklace to go in! So Miss Jessica gets to the restaurant with her hubby and begins eating the most lavish expensive meal you can imagine when he excuses himself to go to the lavatory! But Dodgy Dave does not return! Where is he? Miss Jessica sends the waiter in to check if he is ok but Dodgy has already made his escape leaving Miss Jessica to pay the bill! A bill by the way which she can not pay because she left her handbag (and coat) at home! And so she is left trying to explain this to the restaurant manager and then to the police before she has a 4 mile walk home in 4 inch heels to find Dodgy Dave sat reading a magazine in the armchair?

So what do you think a strict woman does with such a guy? Yes you are right! Whether he EVER gets forgiven or not he is in for the spanking of his life now! And THEN, to make matters worse, Dodgy has the nerve to suggest to Miss Jessica that she is over reacting???

I managed to get my hands on a pic from the shoot 🙂  Yes I know video is better but sometimes people say that they cant view it and it doesn’t hurt sometimes to have a pic in and out right? 🙂  Anyway here tis… 🙂

Miss Jessica Spanks Her Naughty Husband

Miss Jessica Spanks Her Naughty Husband

By the way, this video entitled Restaurant Discipline was only shot a few weeks ago!  Still looking as great as ever but now (you might notice) a little slimmer than she used to be 🙂  And she does look great i must say 🙂  And of course more energy to deliver more stinging spanks!  Not that she ever lacked there before of course!  Miss Jessica was always one of the harder spankers out there trust me!

Anyway, you can see more from Miss Jessica and others now over at Strict Women! And dont forget to look at the new movies on offer also over at the FemDom Spanking Store!!!

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

Yep as the name suggests, we have just seen the publishing of the beginning of a movie featuring Miss Amy that was so good on the day that the sequel has already been shot! This puts her movie up there with the likes of the Strict Sitter movies which were so loved by members at Miss Chloes own site!

In this movie today, Miss Amy is a local college student who works part time as a private tutor to a night school class in English Literature and Mathematics. But Miss Amy has her eye on using not only her own results from university to get that all important job as a private school teacher but also those of her night school students! So when they fail to live up to HER expectations or simply do not do the work she has absolutely NO sympathy whatsoever! Dodgy Dave in this movie seems to think he can soft soap Miss Amy by suggesting she can do his homework which his wife has asked her to set him! But Miss Amy has already been on the phone to his wife to discuss just how far she can go in the use of corporal punishement to sort her husband out and there are NO LIMITS! That means Dodgy is in BIG TROUBLE! He doesn’t know this of course so its going to be quite a shock for him when it comes! 🙂

Of course when she DOES put him over her knee and begins spanking him he suggests that they might be wasting time with the spanking and perhaps he should study so now he must read his book as he is punished!

Here is a short preview video 🙂

Ha ha! I cant help but love the sarcasm in Miss Amy’s voice whilst she spanks him here! A slight burning…how apt? 🙂 Must be much worse for Dave though with the humiliation added to the burning. Can onions feel humiliation? Who knows but the humiliation of being put across a younger girls knee and then feeling the breeze blow across your bare bottom as she pulls your under pants down so she can spank your bare bottom must be up there with the best of them I would think? 🙂 And whilst this may be ‘just a hand spanking’ don’t let that fool you, when the lady uses a cupped hand like that it hurts! Many would say it hurts more than many of the paddles do! But then I had this discussion with Miss Zara once because she was telling another lady the best way to spank a guy and said to cup the hand because it hurts less! Yeah except as I said at the time, I beg to differ! At which point she gave me a warning glare with the words ‘hurts US less’ 🙂 And that is the thing really. An experienced spanker speaking! It hurts the Mistress LESS but trust me, it hurts the naughty boy much more! But then he knew the rules and should not to be disobedient in the first place right? So he has only himself to blame for his predicament 🙂

Anyway Dodgy Dave’s humiliation and yes pain as well in this movie has only just begun! And just wait till she brings the cane out! And she still has another naughty male to spank yet in part 2! 🙂

Anyway, you can see more from Miss Amy now over at Strict Women along with so many more 🙂 So dont delay, visit today 🙂

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

Been real hectic here! I finally got my new Windows Vista pc working. Of course I’m waiting on people to activate different things which is a real pain (wish they would hurry up!!!) but I am now back with most things working which feels great! And my pc is a LOT faster than it used to be. Call me cynical if you want to but I just have this feeling that Microsoft have been deliberately adding all sorts of code to windows xp in order to slow it right down so that we all get tired of the current pc’s and upgrade to a new one with the vista operating system! Anybody else noticed how slow XP is these days? Well thats my theory! Of course a theory is all it is and so i express it as a matter of public interest on this blog in the interests of free speech which does still kind of exist in the UK despite Hariet Harman MP’s best efforts to destroy it! Anyway rant over 🙂

There IS some good news here which is the point of this post Ladies and gentlemen! And that is that after several months of solid working, the Femdom Spanking Store has been re launched with a brand new look! Its now far easier to navigate around and best of all there have been many price cuts!!! Price cuts that is on both Dana Specht’s videos and all the Red Badger videos which includes Miss Chloe and indeed Miss Zoe. Miss Zoe by the way has a new video just released there too which we recently featured here! So if you would like to see the full video you now can by purchasing it at the FemDom Spanking Store 🙂 And of course the price cuts on the videos should help you to beat some of the credit crunch blues 🙂

Oh and I just wanted to show you this great little flash video 🙂 My best friend Anna made this video and I’m really proud of her efforts on it 🙂 She worked really hard on it grabbing video from several movies…some of which you have seen and some of which you haven’t! And I think she did a really bang up job! 🙂

And all because the Lady loves milk tray! 😉

Anyway please do go take a look over the new look FemDom Spanking Video Store! 🙂 And any problems or thoughts or suggestions, be sure to let them know what you think OK? 🙂

See you all again on Monday for another update 🙂

FemDom Spanking Store

For those of you who didn’t know, last month saw the release of a really great new book.  Its name is Spanked! and it features many stories of spanking erotica for just about every single spanking fan in the entire worldwide community and it is edited by a well known spankophile, Rachel Kramer Bussel who also incidentally wrote Yes Ma’am for which you can see a button for opposite!  The new book has its own website by the way at wordpress titled simply Spanked – Red Cheeked Erotica.   Yep no mistaking what the site is about with a name like that huh? 🙂

Anyway, last month Rachel contacted me and left me utterly stunned because she wanted me to review her book here on the FemDom Spanking Blog and also my blog at and join in the month long Virtual Blog Book Tour that she was organising!  Took me by surprise because I just never thought of my little ole blog here as being that well known out there but I just couldnt keep from taking up the offer and getting my mitts on a copy of the book so i could review it!

But this review is going to be different to the others!  I’m under certain rules here!  This is an Fm blog as Jason reminds me and so I’m only going to talk about Fm stories or the Fm (with capitol F) content within this book 🙂  For the FF and mF (still all with a capitol F no matter what is happening in the story) you will see my review on or around Saturday 23rd August at Domestic Spanking Blog ok? 🙂

Anyway there are a few Fm stories in this book to wet your appetite and the stories take on different perspectives right throughout the book so you can read from the perspective both of the Domme as they spank and of the submissive as they submit to thier dominant partner. A nice little touch that!  I personally would have liked to have seen a little more classification of what was in the book so that we can all know in advance what each story contains without having to skim read or jump about to different paragraphs and ruin the story for us as we need to remember that most of these stories are less than 20 pages long at best.  So perhaps next to the story and the author in the content section could have been Fm or Ff or whatever to let you know which was which?  But anyway, despite that I really enjoyed reading through this book 🙂

These stories are very well written and thought through!  And this is something that I think can be taken for granted sometimes as you write more and more?  I have to think up scenarios sometimes for spanking shoots and ideas of bits and bobs to put into the shoot to make it that little bit more interesting because believe me if it were just wall to wall whacking all the time it would be boring as mud!  Now at this point I could easily name a few video producers that fit that category straight off the top of my head but I will resist the challenge!  But lets just say this, I think we have all seen spanking movies out there with little or no storyline right? And that I think is probably one of the biggest reasons why so many of you, like me, will enjoy a book like this!  Because it has everything you want.

You will particularly want to read over the story ‘Indulgences’ by Tenille Brown which is the story of how a very strict woman, Priscilla, who of course will always be MISS Priscilla to the guys out there deals with her husband George when she catches him with a porn magazine!  A particularly nice twist at the end of the story which I wont spoil for you but it illustrates nicely why I say in the above paragraph about the storyline being so important in a movie 🙂

Anyway, click on the banner below for this book! 🙂  You can also see it takes pride of place on my right hand sidebar there on the er….right! 😉  The rest of the book tour for August is just below so you will see what others say on their blogs about this book there below 🙂


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Buy the book!

Screw written warnings and dismissal notices, Miss Zoe has her own way to sort failing employee’s out!  Put them across her knee and spank their bare butts with a hairbrush!  It may not be a method recognised in the ACAS code of conduct for disciplinary procedures in the workplace but as Miss Zoe has noted, it works every time!

So when Miss Zoe’s father, the owner of the big industrial company goes sick she decides to take control at the realm for the day and boy are the workforce there in for a shock!  Brooklyn is called to the office and immediately scolded about his clothing which frankly isn’t actually at all bad.  But Miss Zoe is asserting her authority and to be honest I think the clothing issue was just an excuse as if she ever needed one! LOL 🙂 In any event, he soon finds himself having his trousers and pants pulled down to his ankles and across her lap! 🙂

Here is a short video preview 🙂

Probably one of the harder hair brush spankings ive seen in a long time!  By the way, this was Miss Zoe’s first EVER video!  Not only her first FemDom spanking video but she had NEVER done anything video wise before this day!  And from here she has simply gone on and become better and better! 🙂

As you can see there is very little that Miss Zoe enjoys more than inflicting pain on a male!  You would think the servants she has around her would learn a lot quicker but I guess that’s just part of the life of the hapless male right?  It doesn’t much matter in any event whether it is your fault, Miss Zoe spanked mike in one movie simply because SOMEBODY had to be punished and he was the only male around!

Anyway until Miss Zoe’s new site opens you can see her exclusively at :-) Be sure not to keep her waiting!  You can see what happened to the last guy that did!

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

Dodgy Dave thought his activities of hiding income from the tax authorities would go unnoticed but little did he bank on the sales tax inspector being Miss Rebekka and what her solution for such behaviour would be!  As Miss Rebekka interviews him in his home she discusses a receipt for spanking paddles which he informs her were as props for a spanking site shoot but little did he know that she had seen him on a FemDom spanking site and brought along her own selection of paddles to discipline him! His choice was simple, accept a spanking over Miss Rebekka’s knee or be prosecuted and have his companies assets seized by the fascist police state! 😉

Here is a short preview of the movie 🙂

As a victim of a caning like this one it would be one of those that you would hate 🙂  Many will tell you about how the tip of the cane bites into your bottom if it is measured by the disciplinarian to spank your bottom in that way but trust me, the tip of the cane biting into your bottom is NOTHING compared to the tip of the cane biting into the side of your hip as will be happening here as Miss Rebekka has measured the cane to leave a good few inches over the edge of dave’s behind there! Luckily for him she is not spanking him at full force in this preview but that DOES come as I know well because I was present at the shoot where this video was filmed! 🙂

And of course the video clips are all in the new higher quality format as all are nowadays 🙂

Anyway, to see more from this video and other Miss Rebekka’s videos go see her now at :-)

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

This is a legal update for those of you in the UK.

There are a number of blogs out there that are still arguing that spanking images are illegal under the new anti porn law here and in fact we are one of the few UK blogs that have taken a stance positively stating it is not illegal and why.  Yes there are one or two UK forums arguing the same stance as we are but times for many have been confusing especially for those who have not checked the difference in meaning between the word ‘anus’ and the word ‘buttocks’.

SO for those who are still confused I would highly recommend that you take a look over the latest news release from the very helpful and incredibly knowledgeable Spanner Trust who have been fighting to provide the S&M community in the UK with adequate rights since the case of R v Brown (also known as the spanner case….thus the name of the organisation being Spanner Trust) where the house of lords ruled that consent was not a defence to an assault or battery.  Anyway, unless you are personally involved in spanking or being spanked yourself then the Brown case is nothing for you to be concerned about but for those of you who have emailed about your confusion you should go read the Spanner Trust’s newsletter now at

By the way I emailed them after I received the email on this leaflet today asking them about whether they believed the anus included the buttocks (which is what is spanked after all?) and their reply was as follows:

In our view anus means the hole itself or the surrounding muscle ring as well, and not the buttocks

We’ll clarify this with our next edition

This is in effect what I had been saying in my previous blog post about spanking NOT being covered by the ban so I hope that this can go some more of the way to reassuring those of you out there who may still be worried 🙂

So bottom line (if you will excuse the pun) is that you can carry on reading this blog safe in the knowledge that you are not doing anything illegal in the UK 🙂  Be careful with strap on and CBT but spanking is fine.  If you do visit strap on and CBT sites just don’t download anything whilst you are on the strap on or CBT sites and clear your cache regularly 🙂