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Miss Joanne has been a veteran Domme on Strict Women for several years now.  One of the most revered Mistress’s around for around 5 or 6 years even before She made her way into the Strict Women site whilst on the FemDom wrestling network where she had her own site for some years, she has now just appeared in another brand new movie on the Strict Women site called Spanking Secrets 🙂

Now I don’t know whether you can see the TV screen at the back of this video below but you might notice that there is a certain naughty boy having his hands smacked with a slipper by Miss Rebekah?  And guess who it is?  Yes Miss Joannes boyfriend in this movie!  She has walked in on him looking at the pics and is not very happy that he went elsewhere to be punished! She thought they had an open and honest relationship but apparently not!  But one thing we all know about Miss Joanne is that she too is not adverse to spanking grown men’s bare bottoms for them!  OR their hands!  And that is just what is now in store for this guy!

See the short video preview below 🙂

An interesting note on this video by the way is that this was Simple Simons first shoot on Strict Women with Miss Joanne and this was the shoot in which she tested him out and put him through his paces as she does with all naughty boys that she is asked to punish!  Miss Joanne pushed Simon to his pain threshold several times in that movie but noticed and pulled back just in time before he asked to stop!  The next shoot Miss joanne played the part of a Head Mistress in a private school complete with cane and wooden hairbrush by the way and he certainly was NOT so lucky that time!

So to see more of Miss Joanne and friends be sure to go take a look at Strict Women 🙂  Still only $19.95 for 30 days access (around UK£10) making it probably one of the cheapest as well as largest femdom spanking sites ANYWHERE and a price that hasnt gone up for around 5 years!  Now if only we could say that about our petrol, food, electric and gas prices we would be well away huh?  Not to mention beer!!! 🙂  Yes…Strict Women helping you through the credit crunch!  I wonder if THAT could be turned into a good femdom spanking scenario?  Any suggestions as to the Mistress for that one anybody? ‘-)

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

Well its nearly a year since I first opened this FemDom spanking blog and in that time I’ve written about many of the girls who spank the guys out there.  Some more than others.  But one that has always been very close to my heart which Ive never really been able to talk about as much as I would have liked was Miss Chloe 🙂 Her site at may have gone static but I was really pleased when i heard that she wasn’t disappearing into the limelight but would instead be moving over to Strict Women and making way for another of their best Dommes at the site 🙂  But its only when she actually arrived at the shoot that I was feeling happy in confidence that she was still going to be a major part of the FemDom spanking world for some time to come 🙂

And why is she so loved?  Well one look at her says it all really.  But its not just her looks or her unique and hypnotic French accent that takes you back to all of those being spanked by your French teacher fantasies, she is far deeper than that.  As Head Mistress Ritual put it some time ago:

How do we begin to describe Miss Chloe? Drop-dead gorgeous? Obviously. Authoritative? Supremely so. Creative? Most certainly. Charismatic? Very much so. None of these things really capture her main appeal, though. The lady is a force of nature. There is something absolutely electric about her. You never know what she’s going to do next – and you just can’t wait for her to do it.

So you can see why they were so pleased to keep her at Strict Women 🙂  Not least because her loyalty to the site has meant that despite so many other FemDom sites begging her to come and shoot with them, she has refused every single one of them so other than the Strict Women and Miss Chloe’s Slipper site you will not find her spanking naughty boys anywhere else!  And boy does she fill every guys fantasy in THIS her latest video!  Here is a short preview 🙂

In this movie, Miss Chloe is annoyed with her husband because he has turned up to her favorite posh restaurant dressed badly but then further embarrasses her by snapping his fingers at the waitress and is generally rude.  Thus her decision to punish him him or ‘pinish’ as Miss Chloe puts it 🙂 And it has something for everybody there in it, ear tugging for those who call for that and even a few great close up shots of her bottom for those of us (yep i put myself in that class) who like to see her bottom 🙂

So for more of Miss Chloe in the best FemDom spanking videos visit Strict Women now or alternatively visit her own site at Miss Chloes Slipper 🙂

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

Another great update comes online at Strict Women today! This is a brand new video, in high quality clips featuring the gorgeous Miss Rebekah who has decided to administer a good old fashioned domestic FemDom spanking to her servant, Mike, for singing her knickers!

One of Mikes jobs each day is to make sure that Miss Rebekah’s knickers are hand washed and meticulously ironed to perfection. He gets into more trouble than you can imagine if there is the slightest thing wrong with this when he hands those knickers to Miss Rebekah (as he should! How many guys out there would give their back teeth to serve a Goddess like Her?) so you can imagine after singing her knickers with the iron he is more than a little reluctant to hand them over to her when told to do so! Miss Rebekah can be a challenging Mistress when she is punishing you after all!

Well, today he has been summoned to pay the piper I’m afraid and She is not in the mood for any excuses about how her knickers are not available for her to inspect! And when she discovers that they are singed and he is chuckling to himself She is NOT amused! This spanking is going to be one he remembers for a LONG time! And i have a short preview for you all to see 🙂

So a naughty boy is punished over his Mistress’s knee and the world is now back in equilibrium 🙂

Miss Rebekah has always been one of my personal favorites at the Strict Women site 🙂 She is lovely in real life but you cant help seeing that spark of domination that travels her veins as the day goes on where however well she may try to hide it to the outside world, it just comes out so well when she puts a naughty male over her knee! She is one of those ladies who was simply born to be in control I think and it really shines through that somewhat shy demeanor as she slowly simmers to the boil 🙂 This is why I think that the members in the site love her so much and why she has been shooting for Strict Women (though no other FemDom spanking sites out there it has to be said) for so long 🙂 So you can see many more movies featuring this Goddess in the site and every single one of them she is as hot as hell in! Don’t take my word for it though, go on and take a look for yourself 🙂

Meanwhile she is due to return I believe from Spain to the UK shortly so I’m really hopeful that Strict Women will be shooting with her again though I believe there are still 2 or 3 untouched movies that she made for them that are yet to come before us here! 🙂 So go see her now exclusively at 🙂

Oh…there is talk about doing a shoot for the new Miss Zoe site with another girl from Strict Women…hands up who would like to see Miss Rebekah with Miss Zoe spanking the guys? Any other ideas? 🙂

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

For some time now I have been waiting to show you all this hot new Mistress that many of you will already know as one of the worlds premiere spanking models, that of Miss Amy or Amy Hunter as she is also known in many of the other spanking sites she has appeared in such as Northern Spanking and Bars and Stripes which I would place probably at the top of the pile as the best of them.  If you like Ff or Mf spanking then those are I think 2 that you should really go visit because although they are not, unlike sites I could mention but wont, saturated all across the endless stream of TGP’s out there too numerous to mention, they are genuine spanking enthusiasts just like you and I are.

Anyway, rant over for a moment 🙂  And back to Miss Amy!  Here she is in a pic from this movie by the way.  This is not a HQ image from the stills photography by the way, just a frame capture from the movie itself so its not quite as good quality as you would expect from the galleries but it does, I think, really capture some of the tension that Miss Amy has created in this movie 🙂

Miss Amy Scolds Naughty Mike

Miss Amy Scolds Naughty Mike

This is a great scenario that so many of you who like to see family type scenarios are going to love!  It features Miss Amy as Mikes very sexy and incredibly strict older sister who was put in charge of Mike years ago by thier mother when she needed help to keep discipline in the household between her brothers.  But years on Miss Amy is continuing in that veign and to this day Mike must report to her to present her with the household accounts and give her access to all the money he earns as well as ask for her permission before he may spend any of the money he has earned and this will continue to the day he is married!

Today Miss Amy is a strict woman on a mission!  She has discovered that despite her supervision of Mike and the household expenses, that the accounts have gone into the red and the reason for this is that he has been spending money on a new LCD tv WITHOUT her permission!  This is direct disobedience and such disobedience is ALWAYS dealt with in the appropriate way by Miss Amy and that is with a sound spanking over her knee!

Here is a short video preview 🙂

There is far more to come from Miss Amy both at Strict Women AND on this blog by the way 🙂  We are as proud to feature her here as Strict Women are to feature her on the big site! 🙂

Well…with that i will sign off for the day!  I have to go off to work.  See you all Thursday for another update to this blog 🙂  Meanwhile, why not go visit Miss Amy and the other Strict Women over at! 🙂

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

Well ive been busy over the weekend with another shoot for Strict Women 🙂 This one was with Miss Jessica who most of you will no doubt know 🙂  They have shot 4 new movies with her including a very interesting mother in law scenario where she spanks her daughters husband! 🙂  That and the others are still to come of course!

As usual here is my fan sign!  And once again its totally exclusive to this the FemDom Spanking Blog! 🙂

Miss Jessica In FemDom Spanking Shoot on Sat 19th July

Miss Jessica In FemDom Spanking Shoot on Sat 19th July

They are going to be taking a bit of a break from shooting for a couple of months over the summer months but there are several new names to come at Strict Women in the coming weeks between now and then including one who im sure you will all love, Miss Amy who will be getting her video debut on Strict Women and here very soon now 🙂  And all in the higher quality video too 🙂

For more, go visit what is currently the very best femdom spanking site on the net in my opinion, 🙂

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

Well its a busy time at the moment guys!  I am getting ready for another FemDom spanking shoot for Strict Women taking place this weekend!  This time its with Miss Jessica!  Then there is going to be a little break from shoots for a while whilst the summer (remember those?) gets underway here in cloudy rainy UK 🙂  Well…it gets really hot under studio lights in the summer so its a usual thing for them…they stop shooting till it cools down around about end of September to beginning of October 🙂

Anyway, meanwhile, back in FemDom spanking land, there is “trouble at mill” where Miss Rebekka has come home conveniently dressed in a black basque and stockings (as ladies will know is always the case when you walk round the house right? (only joking 😉 ) where she finds her naughty husband with his feet up on the bed chatting on his phone to his friend Daniel about organising a stripper for Dodgy Dave’s birthday party!  Of course we can get to the birthday spanking later I guess but right now there is an issue with that phone call and Miss Rebekka is not in any mood whatsoever to let it slide!  And silly Mike just cant keep his mouth shut, he has to keep arguing.  You would think he would know better by now what happens wouldn’t you but no…Anyway, on the plus side it does wind Miss Rebekka up somewhat so he does get a harder spanking for it!  Maybe that’s why he does it?

And here is a short video preview 🙂

You will notice of course that this video preview is in the new higher quality format 🙂  We ALWAYS get the best here at FemDom Spanking Blog!  😉  But that is an indicator that the videos inside Strict Women are ALSO in this new higher quality video 🙂

You can see more of Miss Rebekka now at Strict Women where her brand new FemDom spanking video is now published! 🙂

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

Those of you who are wondering what the new Strict Mistress Zoe site will be like when it finally opens its doors could do a lot worse than to take a look over two recent movies that have been released on the Red Badger theater at Fetish Video Theater.  The movies are from the new site itself and give an excellent glimpse into Strict Women’s most prized Domme, Miss Zoe.  Sexy right down to the stocking tops pertruding out from under her skirt and stricter than any around for some considerable time, Miss Zoe takes two different naughty boys to heaven/hell and back in both movies!

The first movie is called Strict Sitter and in this one Strict Mistress Zoe is enlisted by her girlfriend to ‘keep an eye’ on her husband while she is away on a trip. Her husband is the one with the eyes, and hands and gets into plenty of mischief which is not tolerated for one second by the gorgeous Miss Zoe, whom he cannot keep his eyes and hands off. Zoe is her usual rare, innovative self, totally in charge from the first slap of his face, thru his strappings and over her knee spankings. One has to figure he loves it, what guy wouldn’t!! But like all hapless, hopeless males, he cannot resist. To be allowed in her presence is more than he deserves, and She darn well knows that!

Here is a short video preview 🙂

This Strict Sitter movie illustrates one of the sexiest sides of Miss Zoe as she demonstrates her ability to tease the heck out of her charge!  She knows full well the power and control that she has over him and as he lies on the floor concentrating on the soreness of his red behind, Miss Zoe imediately takes him from the fires of hell to the heights of heaven once again as she flaunts her sexuality at him 🙂  How can he possibly think of anything other than her when she is like this…despite the fact that she has just beaten him black and blue! 🙂

The second movie is called Bad Report Card and here once again, the incomparable Miss Zoe finds more than ample reason to be enraged, bitchy, stict and punishing. It seems on the last shoot, one of her idiot photgrphers forgot to turn his camera on! Yes he’s a real braintrust. That idiot is not around, but another photographer, who was not even there, sadly for him, IS around. Well somebody has to be punished! Guilt by association is the rule of Zoe Land, and this poor fellow really pays for his numb brained co-worker’s mistakes.

Here is a short video preview 🙂

But you can bet your life he will understand by the time she has finished with him!  This may only be hand spanking but Miss Zoe certainly puts him through the mill when she gets the paddles out!

So for more of the gorgeous Miss Zoe, go see Miss Zoe’s movies here in high quality video at the Fetish Video Theater!  And keep your eyes on this blog for news of when her new site opens!  There are MANY more videos just like these and some even better when the site opens!

As I outline in the previous posting here, Strict Women have today announced that video updates at the site will now be in a far higher quality video clip than previously and having seen some examples of the video to come along with the newer clips I am very impressed with the work that they have been doing!  The announcement in the site for members reads:

At Strict Women we strive to provide our members with the highest possible quality of female domination at the best possible price. To that end, we have recently invested significant funds and time to enable us to greatly improve the quality of our video clips.

You can see the first example of this, today, with Zoe’s Clips. All these HQ (High Quality) Clips are best viewed with your Windows Media Player at either 1x (normal size) or full screen. You are certainly free to 2x it of course, but there will be a bit of quality loss if you do.

Over time, we will be replacing virtually the entire UK video library with these higher quality clips. We are going to redo them all and replace them on the site.

Please bear with us as this WILL inevitably take some time. All videos have to be recaptured, sent between the UK and the USA where they are edited and then encoded and published. But we promise that we WILL get there 🙂

As this transition takes place, there will inevitably be some updates with the lower quality video clips but please rest assured that we will get round to replacing all of these clips with the newer higher quality clips as a matter of priority

Note also that as of some 8 weeks ago, ALL of our shoots will be displayed with these HQ Clips. This means material you have yet to see, but will be published in the coming weeks. Coming very soon, this means Rebekka, Rebekah (some brand new-some replaced), Lady Samantha, Amy and new faces yet to be shot which will be announced in due course will be published in the HQ Format, as will all new shoots henceforth. This, while in the background we are working to replace the existing UK library with HQ.

Please let us know if you have any comments 🙂

Have a great weekend 🙂

The Team at

So great news 🙂  But the best news is that i have managed to get my hands on a free sample video clip.  This one comes from the new and yet to be opened Miss Zoe site but the video file quality for Strict Women will be the same 🙂  And now you will see why it was that they decided to put the new Miss Zoe site on hold in order to make sure that the video there was at this new higher quality 🙂

Here is the free preview video for you all 🙂  It is from a movie called ‘She is Your Boss’ starring the gorgeous Miss Zoe 🙂  Hope you all enjoy it! 🙂

Click Here to Download Movie Clip 🙂

So to see the beginning of this new video standard and keep up with the replacement of older clips, go join them now!

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

Wow, another update to Strict Women where Miss Zoe comes onto the site and Im reminded that soon (I hope) we will start to see that long awaited members site from Miss Zoe appear!  🙂  I personally cant wait.  I was lucky enough to see the video’s there being shot and they are hot as hell!  As is Miss Zoe hot as hell too!  🙂

But for today, Miss Zoe is the star in a brand new video just released onto Strict Women called Miss Zoe Scorned in which she catches her naughty boyfriend looking over a femdom spanking site where strict ladies are spanking naughty males over their knees!  Not a word is said about the spanking but Miss Zoe sure as hell confronts him for looking at other women which she is more than a little annoyed with! But as she confronts him on this he quickly shuts the browser window down only to show a woman in lingerie which makes his situation even worse! But then when she sees it, does he shut up?  No way!  He begins coming up with all sorts of pathetic excuses.  Ever heard that saying that when you are in a hole, stop digging? Well its a good rule of thumb but Mike sure doesn’t understand it and nor has he learned from it!   So obviously he leaves his strict young Mistress with no choice other than to punish him and punish him she does!  Its a very hard femdom style spanking over her knee but also over a char and under a chair and any other position that Miss Zoe feels she wants him to assume in order to dish out that much needed discipline!

As always, here is my flash preview from today’s update 🙂

Chuckle, that’s the thing with Miss Zoe.  It doesn’t matter whether you are naughty or good, you get spanked for being bad obviously but then she might tell you that you are a good boy for not enjoying your punishment as you are not supposed to!  You do not deserve to enjoy your punishment because you were naughty!  Confused?  You will be after this months episode of soap 😉 But soon it becomes clear that whether you enjoy it or not is secondary because Miss Zoe is the one that decides on matters of your discipline NOT YOU and ultimately as long as Miss Zoe enjoys it that is all that matters!  Remember that because should you ever be lucky and privileged enough to find yourself on your knees before THIS Goddess as she pats her cane on her hand deciding how many strokes of that cane she is going to administer to you it really would not be a good idea to suggest to her that you haven’t done anything wrong!  Miss Zoe is superior, she is supreme and she is the one that makes the decisions so though she may not have told you whether you have done anything wrong, that does not mean that you haven’t! And in any event, there are no doubt plenty of things you did wrong that she doesn’t know about that you can consider such a spanking to be discipline for!

By the way, somebody wrote asking me the other week if Miss Zoe does personal sessions and I can confirm after discussing this with her that she will be.  But it is going to be fairly tightly controlled as she can only do certain days when she is shooting in any event.  So if you are interested in getting your bare bottom spanked by Miss Zoe drop us a line!  Sessions can take place between Friday 17th and Sunday 19th October!  But you will have to pay a deposit which will be credited against Miss Zoe’s tribute fee on the day.  Be sure to be aware though, Miss Zoe is STRICT!  And she can be very HARSH!  So if you do not have a high pain threshold then you had best make that clear on the day because Miss Zoe’s idea of a good spanking and your idea may not be the same!  Take it from somebody who knows! 😉  But having said that, She is a true Goddess and you would never forget the experience 🙂

Anyway it seems that from today Strict Women are going to be replacing all the UK video’s in the site with far higher quality video clips over the coming months on an ongoing basis so things are looking pretty good for members of Strict Women right now! They are going to give me a preview clip in the new higher quality video later today from the new forthcoming Miss Zoe site so be sure to check back on this site later today when i will be posting it 😉  Meanwhile, why not pay Strict Women a visit and see how things are getting on! 🙂

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

Been a while since we have seen Mistress Morigan Hell on this site so its great to bring her back 🙂  Today she is starring in Lady of the Manor which is the first of 2 movies she made for Strict Women 🙂  The naughty boy in this one had to go home early so Mike took over (he never fails to take up the opportunity of being put across a ladies knee that guy!) and didn’t do a bad job on the day despite actually being fairly sick.  One’s ability to take a good domestic style FemDom spanking from a lady is always depleted a little when one is sick…not that such a thing would stop Miss Zoe of course!  One guy had a bad back on Saturday and she still made a point of trampling it!  LOL 🙂  But anyway, some Mistresses CAN at least be merciful 😉

Here is a short preview clip from Mistress Morigan 🙂

Meanwhile there is some great news!  On Thursday Strict Women will be updating with FAR BETTER quality video.  They have spent a small fortune on new equipment and you will absolutely LOVE the quality AND SIZE of the new clips! I have seen some myself and it truly is a MAJOR upgrade in the site!  They are currently recapturing ALL of the video shot in the UK as we speak and will be replacing the older clips with the new higher quality ones as time goes on.  Watch this space.  We will try and get a downloadable video for you all to see 🙂

Anyway thats it for now.  You can see more from this one now at :-)

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys