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Sorry this is a bit late only i was so tired after the shoot on Saturday that i overslept TODAY as well!  It was 1:30pm when i finally surfaced!  So i didn’t get hardly a thing done before going off to work and I’m trying to catch up now! 🙂

Always Strict Women has updated and it is one of the favorites at the site…not just *my* favorites but many peoples because its Miss Jessica and she is well known for harder spanking! 🙂 And today she deals with her sleazy landlord, Dodgy Dave who is trying to charge her extortionate rent for a room he has for hire not to mention that he thinks she is going to do all his housework for him also!  Boy is he in for a shock 🙂

As always I have gotten my mitts on some video for you! 🙂

Yes…I think he had BETTER learn how to use that cooker!  🙂

By the way, there is another shoot planned with Miss Jessica for 19th July which i have an invite to attend so Im looking forward to that one!  And of course this weekend it will be Miss Zoe and THAT is always a great weekend! 🙂

Anyway thats it for now.  You can see more from this one now at 🙂

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

Well now that I have my breath back I’m here again to show off yet another new fan sign for you all!  And once again you heard AND Saw it here first! I was out all day yesterday at the latest Strict Women shoot with a Lady who is probably one of the nets most popular Dommes both in the UK and abroad!  None other than Lady Samantha who came along with one of her many minions who very kindly helped out on one of the video camera’s there 🙂  They were shooting till gone midnight and i didn’t get home till gone 4am!  Thus the lateness of this post but suffice to say that Lady Samantha or Miss Samantha or however She wishes to be addressed at the moment in time was awesome 🙂 And I’m told her video reflects that perfectly 🙂

Here you can see Strict Women’s new Goddess as she sharply slaps Dodgy Dave across the face for some cheeky remark about whether he can stick his head between her legs as Miss Zoe recently allowed Mike to do in a fan sign photo 🙂  There ya go Dodgy!  I guess you just don’t have the same level of charm huh? 😉

Lady Samantha Wields The Cane Above Dodgy Dave

One thing is for sure, nobody was escaping discipline yesterday!  Not her slave, the victims or me!  I’m still sat more gingerly than my old pet cat Riots fur was! This is another Lady that loves spanking the soft skin on the sides of your bottom or just above of the tops of your legs!  Ouch!  And on Saturday coming I could well be getting whacked again when Miss Zoe shoots again so you can bet your life im going to be SO polite, ultra helpful and obedient next week that she will hardly recognise me! LOL 🙂

Im really looking forward to showing Lady Samantha’s videos now on this site 🙂  They will come shortly along with others like Miss Amy but im told that Anna at Strict Women is working on increasing the quality of the video clips so it may be a few weeks and in any event it takes at least a week to get the raw AVI video over from the UK to California where it is edited but it shouldn’t be too long 🙂  There are some really exciting times ahead from what I hear 🙂

Anyway, must go now.  Time to reach for the arnica cream 🙂

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

Lady Samantha

Its a commonly used saying but it sure holds a lot of meaning when it comes to Miss Rose I can tell you!  This is a lady who is unique in so many ways. Miss Rose is one of the harshest Mistress’s you will find anywhere.  She is strict, she is sultry and when it comes to administering a punishment she is cold, purposeful and frenzied!  The clip we have doesnt really show just how tough she can be (or even close to it) but believe me, this is one lady you do NOT want to irk!

The storyline of the video is that Miss Rose has discovered that she is NOT the only Goddess in Dodgy Daves “miserable life” and this does NOT make her very happy to say the least!  Its clear that Dodgy is in need of some serious punishment and if there is anybody capable of doing that in the absence of Mis Zoe then it is Miss Rose!

Here is a short preview clip!  But as I say, generally Miss Rose is FAR FAR FAR harsher than this!  You will see by Dodgy butt that she has hardly started on him!  This is a cold caning and not one that has been applied, as it should be, over a bottom that has already been strapped!  But you should see him AFTER this spanking has ended!  He does not look so smug at that point let me tell you! 🙂

But dont you just know in the marrow of your bones that the 9 smacks with that paddle are only the begining as she increases the venom in each spank!

Its great to bring Miss Rose back to this site once in a while 🙂 You always see a good spanking where she is around 🙂

See more from this great femdom spanking video now at 🙂  You wont be sorry…well…not unless you face Miss Rose for something you have done wrong anyway! 🙂

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

We have all been there.  There is a traffic jam and some jerk pushes their car in front of ours right on the last second and without any warning to the extent that it nearly causes us to crash!  An ‘accident’ that is easily avoidable.  But most of us keep our cool…at least to the point of not yelling or getting out of the car and physically attacking the other person.  Yes sure we may growl under our breath but that is not real road rage is it?  Well…not road rage compared with Mike’s anyway who has yelled at other drivers and even caused Miss Rebekka to get a ticket because he couldnt keep his big trap shut when the police stopped her car with his wise cracks.

So when the two get home is it really any wonder that Miss Rebekka is angry with him?  Yet he thinks he can just go make coffee and sit and watch the football like nothing as happened?  And the fact she is dragging him to the spanking chair by the ear doesnt give the game away to him?  Thick or what?

Anyway a spanking is exactly what is going to happen and just for a change i thought i would put up some pics today instead of the video so here they are 🙂

You have to wonder about these spankings where the Lady pulls the pants up tight like that?  I always wonder how much if at all it hurts the groin as well? LOL 🙂 But then thats not my problem…I wasn’t yelling at other drivers was i? 🙂

And a real look of determination on Miss Rebekka’s face there as she brings that slipper down stingingly on Mikes butt!  Of course we know she can not have spanked him hard enough because he just keeps on making these mistakes doesn’t he?  But he was probably good for a day or two after anyway 🙂  Nothing like a sore butt to make a guy compliant and well behaved 🙂  But the lady of course has to continue her uncompromising and strict attitude towards him for some time after.  Perhaps that’s where these are going wrong?  They let up after a day or two?  I don’t know…what do you think?

Anyway, you can see the video now at 🙂

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

Miss Rebekah has returned to Strict Women today with vengeance as she begins to discipline Simple Simon to an extent he had clearly not anticipated when he decided to disobey her!  You would think the naughty boys in the site would learn more quickly than they do really wouldn’t you when they are subject to sound spankings from all the ladies there but even as Miss Rebekah is spanking Simple Simon he just can not help himself in putting his hand up to block those stinging slaps as they rain down on his bare bottom!  Now OK, maybe if he had not been told not to do this you could understand it but he is already in trouble and HAS been scolded for this infraction previously during this spanking and yet he STILL does it!  And THEN he does it AGAIN! Tsk Tsk…

Well anyway, Miss Rebekah is more than capable of dealing with any naughty boy as she shows consistently and today at Strict Women is no exception I’m pleased to say 🙂 I don’t have the video today for you where she spanks his hands I’m afraid but I do have some which I think illustrates just why so many of the guys at Strict Women love her so much!  This is a lady who oozes her haughtiness from every pour in her body and takes absolutely NO lip from the guys whatsoever.  Even before she takes a paddle to you or if you have been REALLY bad, the cane, there is just no question as to who is in charge!  Here is a short preview from the update today 🙂

See what I mean?  The way she delivers the command ‘DONT move’ you just know instinctively that she is not one to be disobeyed!  And yet despite this, Simple Simon just continues, even during his spanking which after all is for disobedience to disobey her?  Incredible.  He must like being spanked! 🙂  And this video really is FemDom spanking at its very best 🙂

You can see the rest of this video now exclusively at along with many more from Miss Rebekah and others including the one dealing with Chair Sniffing where she spanks a naughty salesman after she catches him sniffing her chair…something she herself stated clearly recently that a certain politician in Australia should have received publicly when he had been doing this to one of his employees! 🙂

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

Well in the days following Miss Chloe’s site for personal reasons having to go static and no longer update, it is really great to be able to be the first to announce that Miss Chloe IS BACK and yesterdays shoot with the team at Strict Women will ensure Her place in the FemDom Spanking world for some time to come.  And i have another fan sign for you all!

Doesn’t she just look stunning in that red dress as she puts mike in his place there under her foot!  And that new hair style really suits her as well i think 🙂

Time restrictions and personal commitment’s had made it impossible for Miss Chloe to give the commitment to Her own spanking site that could keep it going (thus the reason it went static last week) but Strict Women tell me that she will be welcomed back to the Strict Women site with open arms where she will take up her rightful place as one of the strictest ladies at the site keeping the naughty boys there in line and at heel!  So you can look forward to seeing much more from Miss Chloe in the coming months at this site than you may have seen in previous months 🙂

In the meantime im told that the video machine for Strict Women has come out of surgery now and is working again though a newer baby is going to take on the strain from the older machine which will be far more powerful (Miss Chloe level of powerful in fact!) and as a result you will see FAR BETTER quality video coming on line real soon!  These are exciting times for Strict Women indeed, with the better quality video and shoots planned with both new faces like Lady Samantha, talks on with other famous faces like Niki Flynn and others and of course more shoots planned with some of the more well known faces to Strict Women such as Miss Jessica and others!  Keep your eyes on this page for the news as it happens!

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

Today at Strict Women Miss Sandie stars as the strict company Boss (proprietor, CEO, call her what you will as long as it is with deep respect and reverence or else…!!!) who must deal with the Dodgy double glazing salesman, none other than Dodgy Dave! He seems to think that because she is a woman, he can fluff her off (as Miss Catalina often puts it) with any old nonsense about the windows he is trying to sell her and to get her to sign on the dotted line without even reading the contract! Oh poor soul, how wrong can he be! That just simply is NOT Miss Sandie’s way at all! She has not built that company up from scratch like that by being so naive! And neither is she going to let him think even for a second that she is!

Dont Irk Miss Sandie!

Ahhh the good old fashioned scolding! And a very worried looking Dodgy looks at his new Mistress as she takes him down a few pegs!

Very soon though Dodgy Dave finds himself over Miss Sandie’s knee with a sore behind!

Strict Miss Sandie

Yes a great look of satisfaction on Miss Sandie’s face there! By the looks of it, she has only just started to give her naughty boy this correction but don’t worry, she will certainly leave him very red and sore by the time she has finished and puts him into the corner! 🙂

Unfortunately the video editing pc for Strict Women is feeling very poorly today folks 🙁 It has been taken to the pc hospital and is under the knife as we speak undergoing surgery. Keep the pc in your prayers boys and Girls! We want it working real quickly because I want to have some flash video for you for Thursday PLUS the video for the new Miss Zoe site will need that pc working to be edited and made available in its better quality format!

Anyway tomorrow I am going to another shoot with Strict Women! 🙂 I am on holiday from work this week (yep I’m a winner again! Hurrah!) and I get to meet up once more with the beautiful Miss Chloe who is shooting for the Strict Women site! So see you all hopefully on Wednesday with a fan sign perhaps? 😉

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

When Miss Zara the CEO of a big corporation appointed Australian Mistress, Miss Sapphire to manage her Bournemouth Head Quarters she was less than amused to receive grievance forms about the new Manageress’s rusk attitude and tendency towards man handling them and using the same form of corporal punishment as Miss Zara always used!  And when Miss Zara has to come all the way down from her London office to deal with the 3 twirps she is adamant that Miss Sapphire should now take even firmer measures against the 3 guys who dared to challenge her authority!  And as you can imagine, this is something that Miss Sapphire revelled in!

And so Miss Sapphire decides to line the three up in front of her and explain themselves but as you can imagine, it is only the ring leader, Big Peter who has the backbone to tell her their reasons and how he felt that it was not the first time that Miss Lady Boss (Miss Zara) had appointed a “chit of a girl” (or at least I and she luckily for him (!!!) think that’s what he said) to manage them but as you can imagine this didn’t go down well with Miss Sapphire who after all has full authority from Miss Zara to command any of the males at the workplace to take his trousers and pants down and bend over and to then give them the soundest spanking they had experienced since…well…since the last one which was almost certainly less than 24 hours ago! 🙂

Here is a short preview clip 🙂

If Im honest, Miss Sapphire isn’t one of my favorite Mistress’s but she does work extremely well with Miss Zara who without a doubt is one of the strictest and the harder spanking Mistress’s you are likely to come into contact with 🙂  And when you see the two of them together rebounding off of eachother it really does bring the whole video together well 🙂

Anyway, you can see more from this video now at but also streaming at Fetish Video Theater so be sure to visit soon! 🙂

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

Today at Strict Women Miss Catalina has returned in a new scenario called The Punishment Book in which she keeps a book within which she records all the misdemeanors that her husband Dodgy Dave commits throughout the week! And at the end of the week those misdemeanors are added up and he is spanked for every single one of them! And today is punishment day!

Here is a short video preview 🙂

Miss Catalina is loved by those who like to see the harsher punishments with the most severe of paddles. In fact she even brought her own along with her! Try stopping a Mistress like Miss Catalina from using her own paddles! Practically impossible! 🙂

Yes its been a few weeks since Miss Catalina was shows here or on Strict Women but its always great to see her there and here too 🙂

I will shut up now. As Miss Catalina says, if i can still talk She is obviously not spanking hard enough! 🙂

Remember to come back on Thursday for more from the strict ladies of Strict Women 🙂

See more from this movie now exclusively at!

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

On the eve of the day upon which we would all be getting excited about the launch of the new Miss Zoe site which will now be a few weeks later than originally planned, the guys along with Miss Anna at Strict Women have updated with none other than the gorgeous Miss Zoe to wet everybodies appetite ready for the upcoming launch of her new site in a few weeks time 🙂 And they couldnt really pick a better movie to show Miss Zoe in all her dominant glory than the Damaged Car Incident and that is exactly the one that they chose! Domestic FemDom Spanking at its very best! Haughty, strict, unyielding and oozing domination from every frame 🙂

In this scenario Miss Zoe receives a telephone call from a car body shop to tell Her that Her car which has apparently, unknown to Her been damaged by Her boyfriend and servant Mike after he had taken it without Her permission! The bill was £3,000 and to say she was not pleased is an understatement of truly EPIC proportions! But when he tries to suggest that it might be paid for quite quickly if she begins to work every weekend or every evening of the week this simply angers her even more until she decides to spank the living daylights out of him! Here is a short preview clip 🙂

As you can see, as pretty and as feminine as Miss Zoe may be, She sure knows how to wield that strap and make it hurt!  Biting as it will be there on the small of the back must have left him ruing the day he irked his strict new Mistress for weeks after! 🙂  And so he should too!

See more from this movie now exclusively at!

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys