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Yes we have all seen those scams on the internet.  My uncle is very rich and he wants to transfer millions of pounds to your account but so far he cant because the local branch is on a tea break and so if you first transer all your money to him he can bribe the staff to work and send all his money to you blah blah blah.  Nobody in their right mind gets scammed that way do they?  Well…no thats not quite true.  Dodgy does!  Only he doesnt get scammed for his own money because instead he uses Miss Joannes!  And strange as it may seem, she just doesnt seem very happy about the huge opportunity as you might imagine that she would be?  There is just no pleasing some people is there?  But poor dodgy, despite his good intentions he is now in the situation where he has to explain all of this to Miss Joanne who grows more and more agitated with every word that comes out of his mouth!

So I suspect you can guess where Dodgy Dave ends up huh?  Yep, over Miss Joannes knee for a very sound bare bottom spanking with the wooden hairbrush!  Here is a short preview clip

Miss Joanne is one of my absolute favorite Dommes at Strict Women or anywhere else for that matter! 🙂  She was a firm favorite at the Strict Women site from day one when she arrived and was in fact the first Domme to come online there from the UK.  She was actually a very big name for several years in the FemDom wrestling world but few knew that she also puts naughty boys across her knee and its sure a marriage made in heaven where Miss Joanne is concerned!  It really doesnt take long for you to realise this Lady is for real!

Anyway, for more from Miss Joanne, go see her at now! With Miss Joanne, you just cant go wrong!  Just dont irk her when you get there for your own safety! 🙂

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

Well everybody, i guess many of you knew that it was Kylie’s birthday today huh? 40 years young! And yet she still doesn’t look a day over 25 does she? But its also Ms Dana Specht’s birthday today so I wanted to officially wish her a very happy birthday here on the site!

Ms Dana has been producing some of the very best femdom spanking videos anywhere for several years now and has been a great friend to me and to this site 🙂

This is Ms Dana by the way:

The image above comes from one of her latest femdom spanking movies. You really should take a look at some of these over on her streaming theater at Fetish Video Theater!

So on Ms Dana’s birthday, why not go visit her site at and maybe buy a membership to her site and see what she has to offer 🙂 This is a Lady that puts everything into her site and you wont be disapointed 🙂

Ms Dana Specht