All posts for the day May 12th, 2008

Always one of the harshest Mistress’s at Strict Women, Miss Rose has returned to the site with vengeance today to teach Dodgy Dave the error of his ways! Miss Rose had given her naughty husband clear orders to remain indoors. He had been grounded for other acts of disobedience and NOW he has dared to go out playing snooker whilst he was grounded! Is he stupid or something? He HAS to know that this is a direct challenge to Miss Rose’s authority and she is not likely to let it pass!

Well anyway he tries to talk his way out of the discipline and Miss Rose does toy with him in this video as though she might be persuaded not to spank him but of course that was NEVER a realistic option for a strict woman like her was it? Here is a preview clip from today’s update 🙂

Yes this is one video where Dodgy was truly sorry for his actions for sure!  Be sure not to miss the rest of this spanking!  Get it online now in the members area of! :-)

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys