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If you ever wondered what would happen to you if you were married to a strict woman and came home drunk waking her up this movie will give you a pretty good idea! Miss Sandie gives an absolutely excellent performance where she puts hubby across her knee for some well earned discipline after she had been kept awake for hours as hubby made loud noise through the night and then returns home from work to find him sleeping with his shoes on the bed! Boy is he in trouble!

As you can probably imagine, it doesn’t take long for Miss Sandie to pull his trousers and under pants down and order him over her knee and though he protests some in the beginning, as always for a regularly spanked husband, he knows its pointless trying and eventually does as he is told! But you cant blame him for trying I guess.

Of course this naughty boy is really asking for it today! Its one thing when he tries to persuade his strict wife and Mistress not to spank him but another entirely when he actually has the gaul to suggest that she is the one to blame for her lack of sleep and not him as if she had gone to bed earlier she would have gotten more sleep! Boy does this infuriate Her! And boy does she make him pay for it! And quite right too! He clearly needs a few lessons in manners anyway 🙂

See a preview clip below 🙂

Yes…Miss Sandie raging and sure shows it! 🙂  He also suggests in another part that she is hormonal which really cheers her up!  LOL 🙂  Some guys are just really dim sometimes….he chooses the moment he is over her knee and she has a hairbrush in her hand to tell her something like that?  Not the brightest spark… 🙂

Anyway, see more from Miss Sandie now exclusively at! :-)

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys