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Miss Rebekka Flexes The Cane

Well here on this May Day bank holiday Ive been a busy boy 🙂 I was at another shoot for Strict Women yesterday with Miss Rebekka 🙂 As always with one of Strict Women’s hottest Mistress’s Miss Rebekka was awesome and once again i managed to get a fan sign to show all you who are my friends here at FemDom Spanking Blog where Mike who has just had that whippy new cane spanking his bottom nervously holds up the fansign at Miss Rebekka’s command 🙂 Mike thought he was going to get away without being paddled yesterday but Miss Rebekka’s new slave bottled out and didn’t turn up so as Miss Rebekka pointed out, there is ALWAYS something to spank a naughty boy for whether you know about their misdeeds or not! 🙂 But can you hear the whistling of that cane now today as a certain disobedient slave who was commanded to report to her at this shoot location is confronted for his disobedience by his strict new Mistress? I wish him well…I know what that a caning like that feels like! I received one from Miss Zoe the other week and he is in for a hard time i suspect 😉

Miss Rebekka has a great site up at and you can arrange private sessions with Her there if you wish 🙂 But in any event, do go visit her…the artistic side of her site makes it a real pleasure to visit 🙂

By the way, Strict Women’s great friends at Dark Star Girls (where you will see a few familiar faces) were also shooting on location and made some great new FemDom wrestling movies with Miss Rose who I had a chat with for a while as she waited for Miss Rebekka to finish wrestling. Miss Rose sends her love by the way and warns all that are here to be on their best behaviour! 🙂

Mike was a little sassy with Miss Rebekka yesterday (thus the caning he got) so it was kind of interesting to see Miss Rebekka’s new way of disciplining a sassy boy?

Spanking The Tongue

Ever seen somebody spanked on their tongue before? LOL 🙂 Well…it makes a nice variation on washing his mouth out with soap but unfortunately that wasn’t possible as he has a bad alergy with soap powder (as in for washing clothes with) so it would have been too dangerous but Miss Rebekka is an imaginative Lady and always finds a way to ‘cut the lip’ and make a naughty boy ‘bite his tongue’ if you will excuse the puns 😉

Unfortunately there is some bad news Im afraid. The difficulty for Miss Chloe to work shoots into Her busy schedule along with exciting new developments in Miss Chloe’s life (including a new job in Paris presenting some show on a tv channel there) will unfortunately mean that Miss Chloe’s Slipper gives its last update on Monday 2nd June when the site will go ‘static’ 🙁 So basically if you join at that date (upon which there will be many new galleries in the update as well as the usual video clip update) then you will get all that the team have ever shot with Miss Chloe. So actually the site will be far better value than it EVER was before! Im told though that the team ARE hopeful of getting more shoots with Miss Chloe and if this happens we will let you know here but for now…

Speaking for myself, I am really sad about this 🙁 Miss Chloe is a great friend of mine as well as so absolutely gorgeous but with all things that end new things begin? And Im told that the new Miss Zoe site (which ive seen in the making and I can tell you it will be absolutely awesome!) should hopefully be opening its door on 9th June which would be the day on which Miss Chloes site would ordinarily update. People who are currently members of Strict Women and/or Miss Chloe’s Slipper on that day will get a special introductory membership price to the new Miss Zoe site!

Well its a May Day bank holiday weekend here in the UK so im going to the pub for lager frenzy in a moment 😉 See you all tomorrow 🙂

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