All posts for the day May 2nd, 2008

Imagine the scene! Miss Valkyrie has been working hard all day and returns home expecting dinner to be on the table for her only to find her servant sleeping on the bed! Miss Valkyrie stands in disbelief! She had given him numerous instructions on chores she expected done and NONE of them have been even started let alone completed!

So do you think Miss Valkyrie will let him off? Perhaps scold him? Is this Czech Mistress known for her kindness and compassion towards the male species and in particular the disobedient kind?

Well what do you think will happen? Answers on a post card please to ‘not likely in a million years, he is getting a damned good spanking competition, C/O Femdom Spanking Blog, FemDom Land. The winner will be announced in due course after the naughty boy here gets a damned good caning for his actions (or rather inactions!) 🙂

Here is a short video preview guys 😉

The caning gets harder of course as it should! He deserved it! And not just for that action either! But as you can see Miss Valkyrie who decides to discipline him with a mixture of sensuous spanking and caning certainly teaches him his place! That is, under her!

Well thats it for another few days! Saturday i will be over Mistress Rebekka Raynors knee so i wont be around for a bit 🙂 Poor me eh? Think of me on Saturday guys at about 4pm! 😉 But Monday Im told there is going to be a really special treat for Strict Women members where the long awaited debut of Miss Amy will take place! 🙂 So thats something to look forward to! And trust me, it really IS something to look forward to…I cant even begin to tell you just how good Miss Amy was! And as always we will have something to show you from that so make sure you come back on Monday at the latest. And hey…maybe if i can, i will get a fan sign up for you all to see featuring Miss Rebekka! 🙂

So to see more from this movie, get on over to Strict Women!

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